Curriculum & Assessment

“Our curriculum is everything we say and everything we do.”

At St. Anne’s Church Academy we provide a thematic, modular creative curriculum that engages and inspires our children whilst ensuring National Curriculum coverage. Our curriculum is taught in a two year rolling programme and through 21 learning themes through the 7 years. Each class undertakes 3 learning themes a year with a history, geography or science basis. The structure of our learning is that we study our learning theme for approximately 10 weeks, then undertake an assessment week followed by a super teach week.

Underpinning our entire curriculum are our Values for Life and the skills of English and Mathematics. The children at our school are given every opportunity to use and apply their skills in these areas when studying a theme. We also believe on building on our children’s Key Skills which give them skills for life in communication, enquiry, social skills, improving & evaluating, information processing, reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking.

Children learn best from quality first hand experiences. Planned into each of the themes are enrichment days – either a theme based trip or an in school workshop (WOW experience) devised to extend and inspire the children’s learning and widen their experiences. We try to make our learning as real-life as possible and encourage children to become experts in their field of study.

To ensure positive behaviour and effective learning throughout the school, we run the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) approach alongside our Creative Curriculum. This ensures that we develop children’s well-being and encourages them to become reflective learners.

We believe that the social and emotional aspects of learning should be a key focus for our work with the children and understand that the factors that can hold back the learning of our children include children’s difficulties in understanding and managing their feelings, working co-operatively in groups, motivating themselves and demonstrating resilience in the face of setbacks.

We continually assess our children to find out what they know and determine what they need to know next in order to continue their learning journey. The most beneficial form of assessment is immediate discussion with our young learners and this is a key part of our learning approach. We use written feedback to guide our children further and offer advice as to how to continue to improve or embed their best thinking. Three times a year we collect summative data as to where children are against age-related expectations. This information is used to ensure that all children are making progress and where necessary accelerated progress is being made to narrow the gap. Our end of Key Stage One (Year Two) and end of Key Stage Two (Year Six) data is available to view.

Through the combined use of the SEAL approach, Key Skills, our values based curriculum and quality assessment practices, we enable our precious and unique children to continue to learn to love and love to learn.

Please look at class pages on this website for exciting information about what your child has been learning this year so far.  If you would like to find out more information, please contact your child’s class teacher or Mrs Emma Hardy-Smith (Deputy Head and Curriculum Lead).

Year 1 and 2 Learning Themes


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