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Governance of The Priory Learning Trust

St Anne’s Church Academy is part of the The Priory Learning Trust. The Governance of The Priory Learning Trust  document sets out how the trust is governed, and how the roles of members, trustees and governors fit together.

Governance of St Anne’s

Governance is an important aspect of school life and our 16 governors who are all unpaid volunteers represent many aspects of the local community.   The duration of the Term of Office for a governor is normally 4 years, free training is available and all governors commit to undertaking relevant training as appropriate throughout the time they are in office.

There are two standing committees one which focuses Finance, Personnel and Estates and the other which focuses on and monitors Teaching, Learning and Ethos in the school.  All governors serve on one of these two committees which meet every quarter and any governor may also be asked to serve on other sub committees such as the Head’s Appraisal Panel,  Admissions Panel, Health and Safety Crew, the Pay Committee and the Complaints/Disciplinary panel.

Governors also visit the school to look at learning.

The responsibilities of the Board of Governors include:

  • Developing the strategic plan for the school.
  • Determining aims, policies and priorities of the school.
  • Setting statutory and non statutory targets.
  • Monitoring and evaluating standards in teaching, learning and pupils’ attainmentand ensuring the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements.
  • Appointment of staff and ensuring the effective implementation of a range of personnel procedures, including staff and Head Teacher appraisal policies.
  • Strategic management of the budget ensuring probity and that there are effective financial monitoring and reporting procedures in place.
  • Securing high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour.
  • Ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is suitable to age, aptitude and ability, which prepares them for adult life.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff.


We welcome ideas for fund-raising for the school and also value your feedback on ways to continually improve governance at St Anne’s Church Academy.



Category of Governor Appointed by


Term of Office Committees Attendance




Responsibility Registered pecuniary interest
 Mrs Jenny Thorpe DBE Foundation
Mrs Ellie Gray DBE Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 24.07.13 – 23.07.21 TL&E, Full 3/5 3/3 Safeguarding and Child Protection including Looked after children Proprietor, Little Farm Childcare

EYFS LSA St Anne’s

N.S Early Years Local Leader of Education

Warden, Church at St Anne’s

Rev Matthew Thomson DBE Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 24.07.13 TL&E, Full 3/5 2/3 Collective Worship Vine Trustees,

New Creation Churches

Governor at St Andrew’s School

Mrs Susan Wilkinson DBE Foundation Diocesan Board of Education 26.09.14 – 25.09.18 TL&E, Full 5/5 3/3 Vice Chair, Chair of T,L&E, Maths Trustee – St Anne’s PTFA
Mrs Lisa Dadds Staff Duration of Head teacher appointment TL&E, FP&E, Full 5/5 6/6 Head Teacher
Mrs Lorraine Brawn Staff Elected by Staff 01.04.13 – 1.10.21 TL&E, Full 3/5 2/3 Year 4 Teacher, St Anne’s
Mr Mark Duddington Parent Elected by Parents 10.10.14 – 09.10.18 FP&E, Full 4/5 3/3 Health & Safety None
Mrs Victoria Butterfield Parent Elected by Parents 2.11.15 –1.11.19 TL&E, Full 4/4 3/3 Trustee of Priory Learning Trust
Mr Sebastian Blackshaw Parent Elected by Parents 2.11.15 –1.11.19 FP&E, Full 2/4 3/3 Member of Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development
Rev Tom Yacomeni DBE Foundation Board of Governors 12.09.17-12.09.21 FP&E, Full None
Mr Chris Wardle  Parent Chair of Governors 2.11.15 – 1.11.19 Full 3/4 0/3 None
Mrs Tricia Brabham Clerk to Governors Full, T&L&E, F,P&E Minute Taker None

Instrument of Government: Foundation = 9, Staff = 2 (inc HT), LA = 0, Co-opted = 1, Parent = 3. Total Governors= 15        Plus 2 Associate Members

Governor Pen Profiles

To find out more about our governors, click on a name to view their profile:

Chris Wardle  Ellie Gray   •Jenny Thorpe   •Lorraine Brawn  

Lisa Dadds   •Mark Duddington  

Matthew Thomson   •Seb Blackshaw  

Sue Wilkinson  Victoria Butterfield   •Sam Walker