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Governance of The Priory Learning Trust

St Anne’s Church Academy is part of the The Priory Learning Trust. The Governance of The Priory Learning Trust  document sets out how the trust is governed, and how the roles of members, trustees and governors fit together.

Governance of St Anne’s

Governance is an important aspect of school life and our 9 governors who are all unpaid volunteers represent many aspects of the local community.   The duration of the Term of Office for a governor is normally 4 years, free training is available and all governors commit to undertaking relevant training as appropriate throughout the time they are in office.

Our  Full Academy Council (Governing Body) meet termly,  and governors may also  be asked to sit on panels or committees including the Head’s Appraisal Panel,  Admissions Panel, Health and Safety Crew, the Pay Committee and the Complaints/Disciplinary panel.

Governors also visit the school to look at learning.

The responsibilities of the Academy Council  include:

To support and challenge the Principal and other staff to ensure a safe, stimulating, supportive, challenging and fulfilling school experience for all students and for them to attain the highest standards and outcomes possible so they can become the positive, contributing citizens of the future

To provide advice, feedback and performance data to Trustees on the functioning of the Academy

To work effectively alongside the Trust Executive to ensure effective governance and high standards, including improvement in performance as necessary

To assist the decision making of the Principal and Academy Leadership team in pursuit of Trust and Academy objectives, ethos and strategy and to hold the Principal accountable for performance

To ensure compliance with legislation, statutory regulations, Trust directives and Trust policies and identify and report on any risks to the Trust

To act, on behalf of Trustees and with the Trust Executive and Principal, as proxy employer of staff working at the Academy in all matters delegated through the Scheme of Delegation.

To receive, review and challenge student performance data and other information provided either by the Academy or Academy Council committees/sub-committees and/or the Trust Executive and request, commission or require action as a result

Review the impact of the Academy on student outcomes in line with Trust targets and to inform Trustees of any risks arising from this scrutiny

Act as a link between the Academy and its stakeholders


We welcome ideas for fund-raising for the school and also value your feedback on ways to continually improve governance at St Anne’s Church Academy.




Category of Governor Appointed by


Term of Office Responsibility Attendance


Pecuniary Interest
Caroline Bullock Secondary Link Trustees 15/9/21-14/9/22 STEM NA Employed TPLT
Andy Pearce foundation Trustees 05.09.19-05.09.23 Cultural 2/5
Mrs Emma Hardy-Smith Principal Duration of Principal appointment 5/5
Annable Coles  Parent Parents 7/04/22- 8/04/25
Mr Sam Walker Foundation Diocese 29/4/22-28/4/26 Communication 4/5
Mrs Kate Sargent  Foundation Trustees 05.09.19. – 05.09.23 Chair and Safeguarding 5/5
Joe Collinson Parent Parents 7/04/22- 8/04/25 12090634 Shaparack ltd



Governors who served in the last 12 months:

Name Pecuniary Interest Attendance 2021-22
Amanda Loach Staff at SACA 5/5
Mr Geoff Dixon Employed TPLT 2/4
Lorraine Brawn Staff at SACA 4/5
Mark Duddington Wife employed at SACA 5/5
Chris Wardle Gemma Wardle, Wife, Owner, Riva Gifts 4/5
Marina Mugford Brown 5/5
Lorraine Dinsmore
Tom Yacomeni 3/5
Sue Williams