Termly Overview -

Term 5 and 6

‘For the lord gives wisdom; from his mouth came knowledge and understanding’

Proverb 2:6

Our curriculum will support children to develop a very rich vocabulary. Through clear, planned progression, the curriculum has woven knowledgeskillsvocabulary and concepts throughout all the enquiries studied.  Take a look and click our termly knowledge organisers to see how we do this through an enquiry led approach.

Term 5 and 6 Curriculum Knowledge Organisers

EYFS – Would you be friends with a pirate?
Year 1 – What made Weston super? Year 2 – What is life?
Year 3 – Can things grow in a desert? Year 4 What does it mean to be human?
Year 5 – Why were the Vikings so vicious? Year 6 – Should we adapt?