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‘Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known’

Carl Sagan

The road map demonstrates the science curriculum as it progresses through the school from Reception to Year 6.



 Science at St. Anne’s will be fun, child- centred and interactive.   During the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, the principal focus of science is to experience and observe. Children will be encouraged to be curious and ask questions about the world around them. Most of the learning will take place through practical and first-hand experiences.

In Key Stage Two, children will develop a deeper understanding of a range of scientific concepts. This will take place through exploring, testing and developing ideas as well as analysing relationships, observing changes and noticing patterns. Children will be encouraged to select appropriate ways to answer questions
and will carry out fair tests, drawing conclusions from their findings. Children will be taught key scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary through sequences of coherent and connected lessons.