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At St.Anne’s, we use social media to showcase learning and celebrate achievements whilst widening our lines of communication. The widespread availability and use of social networking applications bring opportunities to understand, engage and communicate with our wider audience in new and exciting ways. It is important that we are able to use these technologies and services effectively, safely and flexibly however, it is also important to balance this with our duties to our school community, partners, our legal responsibilities and reputation. As a school we use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a professional manner to enhance learning opportunities, to communicate with our families and those within our local community and to build stronger partnerships with those within the Priory Learning Trust.

Key Principles

•Encourage social networking sites to be used in a beneficial and positive way by families and staff.

•Everyone at St. Anne’s withholds the responsibility to ensure that they protect the reputation of the school whilst treating colleagues, members of the school, families and staff within the Trust with professionalism and respect.

• Celebrate successes and achievements at St.Anne’s by networking with other academies, staff and pupils within the Priory Learning Trust whilst communicating with authors, athletes and successful partnerships working collaboratively across the Trust.

• Safeguard pupils, staff and anyone associated with the school from the negative effects of social networking sites; Safeguard the reputation of the school from unwarranted abuse on social networking sites.

•Set out the procedures that our school  will follow where it considers any  inappropriate or unlawful act of using social networking sites that may detriment the school, its staff or its pupils, and anyone else associated with the Academy.