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Children at St. Anne’s are expected to wear the school uniform which is maroon and grey. We believe that by wearing uniform the children develop a sense of pride in and identify with their school. We encourage all children to look smart during their time at school.

All uniform with a school logo on can be purchased from NK Sports in Worle high street. It can be purchased in the shop or through the internet using a delivery service or via ‘click and collect’. Phone: 01934 511005. E-mail enquiries@nksports.co.uk  Web www.nksports.co.uk

Boys:             Maroon round neck sweatshirt with school logo

White polo shirt

Grey trousers (long or short)

Girls:              Maroon round neck sweatshirt/ cardigan with school logo

White polo shirt

Grey pinafore dress/ grey skirt/grey trousers (long or short)

Summer dress in maroon/red check

P.E:                 White T-shirt with the school logo

Black shorts

Black daps/trainers

Maroon hoody with the school logo (This is optional and can only be worn for PE)

(This should all be kept in a named P.E. bag)

Swimming:    Swimming trunks/One piece costume (no Bermuda shorts or bikinis)

Swimming hat (for boys/girls with longer than shoulder length hair)

All children will also need a school book bag.

Black shoes (or sandals in the summer) should be worn. They should be in a sensible style (no trainers or long boots) with an appropriate style heel which allows children to walk and run in school safely. Children should always have a waterproof coat and are encouraged to wear a sun hat during the summer months.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery to school in case it gets lost or damaged. We believe that the safest place for jewellery and personal possessions is at home. If a child has pierced ears then studs may be worn. These should be removed for P.E. or where this is not possible children are encouraged to bring in earing tape to cover the earrings. We would not expect to see children with dyed hair or with ‘extreme’ haircuts/styles.

All clothes and personal belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name, preferably using sewn-in labels.