Forest School 2018-19

Enjoy watching our Forest School video and seeing what we get up to – Enjoy!


October 1st 2018

Today, the children learnt that we needed oxygen, a spark and fuel to make fire, the children displayed lots of perseverance and a great attitude when using the ‘flint’ lighters, and all managed to create sparks!

The children gave the adults some super explanations on what they had learnt over the last 4 weeks of Forest School – today’s session was rounded off with marshmallow toasting – yum!

September 24th 2018

During this session, the children discussed senses and what it might feel like if some of these senses were taken away – they were blindfolded and had to help each other using the rope to move around the trees. “It was tricky not being able to see but I helped other people and they helped me”.

The children then moved further into the wood and were split into 2 groups, they each gathered natural materials to build a den! “We are using leaves for the roof to camouflage it so it looks like a tree”.

September 17th 2018

Today we explored habitats, the canopy and talked about arachnids. Suggestions were shared about what we would find in the canopy – owls, buzzards, woodpeckers and the types of things they would eat – small birds, worms and insects.

Liz posed the question – Can a plant live on another plant? The children discussed their ideas and came up with different answers. Fungi, Ivy and moss were shared and the children found examples of these in the environment.

Exploring the environment and the different habitats, the children collected spiders, snails, worms, millipedes and studied them under a magnifying glass. We learnt that a snail has 1 foot and which insects would be an arachnid.

The children used nets to explore the lake and see what lived in this type of habitat. Snails, newts, and toads were found. Discussions around the difference between a frog and a toad were explored – a spotty belly and smooth skin lead us to believe we had found a toad!

September 10th 2018

Our first week back at Forest School of the new academic year – it was fabulous to be back in the great outdoors!

Our first group spent some time getting to know the new surroundings and met Liz, they then played some ‘getting to know you’ games and had fun playing ‘hide and spy’.

The children then got into small groups and were given a sheet of items to hunt for in the environment – finding some of the items was a challenge but they all managed it – one of the children said that their best find was tiny seeds inside a leaf! A great first week back 🙂