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Keeping safe

We aim to help children learn about keeping safe at home, school and beyond!

The health, safety and well-being of all of our children are of paramount importance to all of the adults that work at St. Anne’s Church Academy.

We are very proud to announce that over the past year we have attained the Modeshift STARS Bronze award for our road safety and sustainable travel initiatives. We regularly have different events and activities in school to help children to become more aware whilst out and about.

Following on from receiving our Bronze award, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that St Anne’s Church Academy has been nominated for the regional Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards.

The award ceremony was held at SS Great Britain and we had the privilege of taking a small group of children from both Hewish and West Wick to the awards. At the event the children were encourage to create and plan new ways of reducing car use on the journey to school.

We are incredibly proud to announce that St Anne’s Church Academy has been crowned

North Somerset School of the Year 2018.

We have been recognised for showing best practice in the promotion of walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable travel for the journey to and from school and achieving our Bronze Modeshift Stars Travel Award in July 2018.

Our most recent event was Friday 9th November 2018. Tarmac Southwest kindly spent the whole day at our Hewish Campus with one of their lorries, helping the children understand how to be safe around large vehicles. The children were able to climb into the cabin allowing them to see for themselves the lorry driver’s view. Tarmac Southwest explained to the children that if they cannot see the driver, he cannot see them. The children (and adults!) had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves while learning a valuable lesson around road safety.  We would like to say a big “Thank You” to Tarmac Southwest for their time. There are some photos below of the children enjoying the visit.

We have our road safety week, Monday 19th November – Friday 23rd November, with an array of exciting activities, competitions and events encouraging and teaching the children how to be safe road and pedestrian users.

We encourage our families of our Hewish Campus to take advantage of the parking arrangements we have negotiated by working in partnership with the Full Quart to provide additional parking to enable children to walk to school as well as using our own minibus service. We strongly encourage as many car users as possible to use the Full Quart at collection times to avoid congestion and promote pupil safety during these times. Below you will find a minibus slip which you can hand into the office at Hewish if you would like your child to have a space on the minibus.

Full Quart Minibus – Request a Seat

Please take a look at our Travel policy and Travel leaflet below

School Travel Plan leaflet_Hewish June 2018

School Travel Plan leaflet_West Wick June 2018

Please take a look at the links below. They have some very helpful family friendly advice and guidance on how to stay safe as a pedestrian and as a road user, whether you are cycling, scooting or driving.

Have a go at some of our fun road safety activities below and bring them into school to share with your teacher.

Spot the Difference and Zebra Crossword

Spot the Hazards – Road Safety

Word search 1 – Road Safety

Activity log

Spot the Hazards – Road Safety

Have a look at the photos from Tarmac South West Road Safety visit;


Have a look at the short video our West Wick Busy Bees have made about keeping safe