Diocese of Bath & Wells

As a Church Academy we belong to the family of church schools within the Bath & Wells Diocese.  For more information about the Bath & Well Diocese, please see the link on the right hand side of this page.

The Bath & Wells Diocese have shared these prayers for those involved in the Refugee Crisis as part of their communications with others about ways to best offer support and share ideas for doing so within communities.

Imagine by Kayisha


A life where everyone is free

A cruise ship of migrants playing happily

A community singing in harmony

Praying blissfully in contentment


War was extinct

And was never brought to life again

The deafening sound of darting bullets had disappeared

Burnt in the bonfire of every soldier’s heart

While they share their love with their faithful family


A family crying with happiness

The fluffiest of a blanket elegantly keeping them warm

And the heat of a mug of tea warming every soul in the world

Clutched by hands as if in prayer


An atmosphere of happiness and joy

In the heroism of a saviour

All the charities were praised for helping the only survivors

As they travel around the world searching and searching

And every lost spirit hopefully that no one will be lost in despair


The frozen hearted were melted into warmth

As if a forest fire could save lives not kill

The intelligence of a brain

As no one realises what they could do to make a difference

And the last tear of the lost

As it streams down their cheeks never to be seen again


The laughter of children

And trap it in a box for everyone to hear

The sins of war

As it dissolves into the past

And the glowing colours of a rainbow

As it shows everyone can live in sympathy


If only I could trust by Joe

If only I could trust the Prime Minister to provide travel

Saving precious energy of all these people

If only I could have confidence in the government to provide defences

For refugees in need of help

If only I could believe in adults to provide blankets and clothes

For freezing Syrians on the docks

I only I could rely on charities and banks to make sure ALL of the donations

Proceed to the defenceless migrants

If only I could have credence in the news reporters to advertise noble stories

Stories of successful migrants and children

If only I could have faith in God to return peace to the world

And rescue every defenceless

If only I could trust…..


Imagine by Imogen


A land full of laughter and joy

A child chuckling and begging for more

A dance, held in the streets

When once a war

With death and pain


Thousands of Syrians smiling and cheering

While ferries took them back to the place they call home

Partying, hugging and crying

When once a war

With death and pain


A party held for days on end

With no time to sleep

Just dance, eat and drink

When once a war

With death and pain


Being trapped inside an empty cage alone

And the door comes open and you are free

Free to live a life once more

When once a war

With death and pain


Please follow the links to the Bath & Wells Diocesan webpages:

Bath & Wells webpage Responding to the refugee crisis – practical guidance


Bath & Wells webpage Bishop Peter’s response to the refugee crisis


Bath & Wells webpage Bishop Peter’s pastoral letter


As a school, along with St Andrews VC Primary and Banwell Primary School,  we have collected toothpaste, brushes and combs to help create wash bags for refugees.

We hosted a Bath & Wells Diocese Roadshow on Thursday 18th June 2015 at our West Wick Campus.  The worship was led by the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Rt Revd Peter Hancock.

Our Year 6 children spent Friday 19th June 2015 at Wells Cathedral to celebrate the end of their primary education as they move onto their new secondary schools.