Our Church Academy – Christian Distinctiveness

Our Christian Distinctiveness

Our Ethos and Values

Our Christian values and vision are at the core of everything we do.  They provide the foundation upon which children can develop as individuals and aspire to be the best they can be at St Anne’s church academy . This links to our ‘Learning without Limits’ ethos where we believe no child should ever have a limit put on their learning. We passionately believe that everyone is capable of extraordinary and incredible things. We believe that each child should aim to be the best they can be and we aim to provide them with a range of opportunities to achieve this.

St. Anne’s Vision

‘Learn to Love…Love to Learn’


This is based upon the message in the book of Corinthians.

“Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love Never Fails – 1 Corinthians 13”     


Click the link to view our vision   Learn to Love

We believe that everything we do within the school and for our wider school community comes from love. Love for others, love for ourselves, love for God and love for the world which God created and everything in it.  We believe that it is when children feel loved, safe and secure they can learn. We strive to ensure all our children feel this within our school. We seek to develop the highest levels of academic achievement and personal well-being within a loving Christian context. We aim to provide a stimulating learning atmosphere in which the potential of all can be realised. We recognise and cherish our role within the wider community and seek to build strong links between home, school and local community.


Worship and Daily prayer

Our daily worship is an integral part of the school day. Worship takes place as a whole school or in classes. Worship is led by the Principal and church leaders. Worship is a time to come together as one and grow spiritually through the experiences of prayer, stillness, song, stories and reflection. We end each week with a celebration worship. We celebrate our wonderful learners and thier achievements.

Go in peace to ‘Learn to Love and to Love to Learn’ is said at the end of every worship following our closing prayer.

Children are encouraged to write their own prayers which are then shared at the end of the school day. We also say a lunchtime prayer before leaving the class. Each class has its own book of prayers written by the children in that class and this is kept on display in the reflection area of the classroom.

For more details about worship, please read the Worship page.


Reflection areas

Within each classroom, there is an area for quiet reflection where children can sit and reflect and develop their spirituality. Each one is individual depending on the staff member who created it. Children add their own thoughts and comments to the class reflection areas. Children write their own questions and add their prayers.

Developing Spirituality

The children explore a variety of opportunities throughout the curriculum which help to educate and develop their spirituality. We aim to teach our children to reflect , consider and question and develop their spirituality by using the UP , IN and OUT approach. Please see the link below for more details.


Children are encouraged to look UP( window) in their devotion to God through prayer and worship . They look IN (mirror) as they care for themselves and others around them  and they look OUT (door) with their love for the world as they try to help others and look after the world.

Children have reflection journals where they spend time after a focussed period thinking about a particular value reflecting on the impact it has had on their attitudes and behaviours.