Year 4@Hewish 2017-18




Week 3 – The children have had a wonderful time this week learning how to work in groups and were totally inspired by The Big Bang Science Fair at the Tropicana.  We learned about visual reality and how it is used in real jobs, forensic science, robots, microscopy work and of course how to make slime!  There was so much to see and do that we were all want to go back again.

“This is so much fun being a real scientist.”




“The robot is teaching us to dance.

Maybe he can teach you Mrs Clark!”








“OK, I am ready to make slime and find out the science behind it.”








“I want to be a scientist!”








This week was a very busy week for Year 4 as we had lots of visitors in as part of Safety Awareness week.  The children learned so much about how to keep safe in all sorts of situations from being at the beach, and by the sea to using the internet correctly and being safe online.  We had people from the RNLI, the Air Ambulance, the Police and someone who worked with us on Mindfulness.  The children were engaged and excited and really took on board the importance of what was being explained and taught in all the sessions. They also had a PE session led by a Team GB athlete who inspired them all to be healthy and active.  On top of all of this, we took part in our class worship presenting our ideas about Perseverance.


















TERM 3  Week 3   We had a fantastic time this week with an Egyptology expert.  The children spent time learning about  the importance of the River Nile, the pharaohs and gods and the mummification process.  It was  interactive and great fun.  Lots of laughter filled the hall when we pretended to mummify Anastasia.  The children were very good at wrapping her in bandages from head to toe!


Our mummified Pharaoh!







We had some fabulous costumes.

Getting to grips with mummification.








TERM 3  Week 2

Our first full week back in class has been a very enjoyable one.  We have started our new learning theme ‘Pyramids- Just a pile of rocks…or are they?’ by looking at some photographs of ancient artifacts and being archaeologists trying very hard to piece together information.  Not an easy task! However, the children thought carefully about what their artifacts might have been used for and asked lots of sensible questions.

We have started a new book in class which we will base our English learning around called The Egyptian Cinderella.  The children can explain so much about the story in so much detail that they have just written in role as if they were the main character.

In maths we are challenging ourselves with our 11 and 12 times tables and some of the crew are getting pretty good! We are also learning to multiply using the formal written method.

On top of all this the  crew have enjoyed music, designing Egyptian Gods which they will make clay models of and rugby.  What a busy week!


TERM 2 Week 5 

Can we make weston more super presentations         Click here to see pictures of the day.

It’s been a very busy week preparing our Business Presentations for Michelle Michael who owns the Grand Pier.  The children spoke brilliantly and explained their ideas to make Weston super Mare even more super than it is now.  Most of the children felt the town would benefit from having a Tropicana type swimming pool complex again but with a Spa attached for the adults.  Others thought a climbing centre would be fabulous.  Maybe one day, we will get them both.  It was so nice to see children working as teams and cooperating brilliantly.

Here are a few of the powerpoints the children.

Olivia, Penny and Rowan’s powerpoint

Ben Abi Laras powerpoint

The improvers team- Katie, Toby, Kameron, Gj

Disco Super splash team

ReubenSam Alfie

Super spool Ria’s team

weston waves group b new version

Weston Waves Bronson’s group

” I was so nervous and really not sure that I could do it but I have surrised myself.”  Toby

” I am pleased with the way we made the powerpoint.  I’ve learned to do slide transitions and animations to make it fun to watch.”  Katie.

” Working with other people is hard but I learned it can be good too because we all shared our ideas.” Anastasia.

” I worked with people I didn’t think I would work with well but we did in the end.”  Ella

” I liked meeting Michelle Michael.  She asked us questions about our business ideas.”  Harrison




WELCOMImage result for inspirational quotesE BACK!

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and managed to have some fun in the sun.  The Year 4 team ( Mrs Clark and Mrs Hall) are looking forward to getting to know the new Year 4 crew and working together to have a fantastic year.


We have had a great time getting to know each other this week and have had fun playing games and community builder activities as well as learning.  We discussed what we need to be like as learners and thought carefully how to be a Champion Learner.  The children seem to have grown up over the summer and have come into Year 4 with great attitudes which has allowed them to produce some fabulous work this week. Well done Year 4 crew!

TERM 1 WEEK 3 – Calling all helpers! Year 3 and 4 crews are off on a trip on Thursday to Weston Museum and seafront to carry out some Geography and History work.  We urgently need helpers who are able to come along for the day.  Year 4 need one adult more! Year 3 need a few! Please speak to any off the staff to let them know if you can help and have the necessary checks.

The year 4 crew have been developing their skills across the curriculum this week in many areas.  We have been actors, artists, problem solvers, mathematicians and writers.  The children acted out scenes from our text The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and really remembered lots from the story. Also this week we have been learning about perspective in Art and used scenes from Narnia to draft and redraft our work and used water colours to finish off the final draft.

Georgia’s Narnia


Katie’s Narnia

TERM 1 Week 4

We had an interesting trip to the newly refurbished museum in Weston super Mare on Thursday this week.  The children were so interested in all of the exhibits and asked lots of questions.  There is a fantastic section all about Weston in the past which let the children see up close what clothing was like then as well as many other things.

We then interviewed members of the public to find out their thoughts on what they like about living in Weston and what they think would make Weston even better. |The children were so polite, confident and clearly enjoyed interviewing people.

Our trip ended in the sunshine with the children having fun on the beach creating sand sculptures.

Term 1 Week 7

We have had a fun time learning how similes and metaphors help to make poetry more interesting.  We analysed the poem ” The Sea” by James Reeves as it is full of metaphors and compares the sea to a dog really well.

IMG_2153[1]  Click link to see Year 4 performing the poem.

IMG_2154[1] Click here for more Year 4 Crew performing the poem.


TERM 2 Week 1

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a restful week off.

We have had a busy first week and the children have enjoyed learning in many areas of the curriculum.

In English we have started a new book called Gregory Cool and we have spent time getting to know the characters and learning how to infer meaning and use retrieval skills in reading.  Please can I ask that you spend ten minutes each day if possible to check your child’s reading and understanding.  It really does make a big difference.

In maths we are learning to multiply and divide. We took our time exploring what it really means to multiply and to divide using apples, counters, pens and people.  I think we’ve got it now! Further work was to learn our 9 times table which we are pretty good at now. Keep practicing at home.  We will be focusing on the 6, 7 and 9 times tables this term.

We had a visit from a local town councillor, John who knows much about Weston super Mare in the past.  He spent time sharing facts with the children and answered their questions. The children were fascinated and loved soaking up more facts about Weston’s history. Look at the concentration on their faces.









Our PE this term is gymnastics which is taught by one of our experienced sports coaches and is always fun and tiring. Our other session of PE will be handball. Please can you ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school all week as it is a really important part of the curriculum and they enjoy lessons so much especially with the coaches.

We are developing our Computing skills in coding  by using a program called Scratch.  The children are starting to create sets of instructions in code to make a character move around a scene. Some are also adding in sounds and music.

Until next time…