Classes 2023-2024 -

Year 5 @ WW 2023-24

Terms 3 and 4

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas with your children and are looking forward to a routine with school life again. Here is some information about our learning over the next two terms.

LEARNING THEME : Why is the world unfair?
This learning theme has history and science as the main focus with interesting concepts being addressed such as slavery, inequality and social justice.

Maths: Our maths for term 3 include multiplication and division where we work on short written methods to solve problems. Then we move onto area and scaling. All of this relies heavily on a good knowledge of times tables so we it will be helpful if you can support your children in learning their times tables so that they are confident in recalling facts quickly and correctly. In term 4, we will be learning about decimal fractions which is the main focus of the term.

English: The children will be developing their reading comprehension skills as well as improving their vocabulary through our new class text called ‘ The Terrible Thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne. The book has been a popular one in previous years with Year 5. The main theme that the author wants to get across is that people should be free to be themselves in whatever way they want. In writing, the class will develop further all the skills needed to write stories, biographies, balance arguments and will work towards presenting a speech. Much of the learning on the speech presentation will be based on the famous speech of Martin Luther King which will link nicely to the history learning.

Religious Education: In term 3 our focus in on the teachings of Jesus and we will reflect on what we can learn from the many parables in the bible. In term 4, we focus on Salvation and the Easter story. We investigate in detail the death of Jesus and consider who we think was responsible for his death as well as taking time to think about the impact of it.

Science: We learn about the solar system and where we are in space. The children will find out how the earth moves and how this creates day and night as well as the seasons. In addition, we find out why the moon looks different at different times as we learn about the phases of the moon. We build on our scientific investigation skills as we learn about forces including gravity, friction and air resistance.

History: The concepts of slavery, inequality and social justice are explored throughout terms 3 and 4 via learning about events and people who challenged inequality such as Martin Luther King, the Bristol Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks. The space race and the moon landings are also examined which the children find fascinating.

Geography: We will learn about the states of America linked to Martin Luther King’s speech to enhance their understanding of this event. In addition, we will be learning about position of latitude, longitude, hemispheres, Arctic and Antarctic circles. The children will learn about Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones (including day and night).

Music: In term 3, we will be finding out about musical theatre and the history of it and working towards creating our own musical theatre scene. In term 4, we focus on melody and select a section of a tune which we learn to loop.

Computing: We will learn how bit patterns represent images as pixels. We will create a safe online profile and tinker with 3D design software. We will also aim to modify the design of a 3D object using CAD software.

Art: Our focus in abstract art which we learn about through studying the work of Peter Thorpe. We will aim to produce a final piece of our own which displays emotions linked to Martin Luther King’s speech.

DT: We will learn about pulleys, levers and cams and how they are used in DT. The children will be making a solar system model which incorporates the knowledge learned in science.

PE: The children will enjoy developing their dance skills in term 3 as well as playing handball. In term 4 they develop balance and footwork skills which they will apply to playing netball.

PSHE: Our focus in term 3 will be on Dreams and Goals for the future. The children will think about what they might like to do when they grow up and what they will need to do to achieve this. They then have the opportunity of the Interview Challenge where a member of staff from Priory Secondary school spends the day at St. Anne’s giving the children mini interviews. This has been a huge success each year and the children love it! In term 4 we learn about being healthy and explore the dangers of smoking, mis-use of alcohol and the issues raised by social media and how it portrays specific body types.

Term 3 Starts Thursday 4 January 2024
Ends Friday 9 February 2024

Term 4 Starts Monday 19 February 2024
Ends Thursday 28 March 2024


Welcome to Year 5 @ West Wick.


We are so excited to get to know you all and we are looking forward to investigating our new learning enquiry together.

Year Six Residential 2024 Information

Please see below the initial letter of interest and Mendip Presentation shared with parents and carers.

Please note the date on Mendip’s presentation is incorrect as the presentation could not be altered.

Mendip Residential Presentation

Initial Interest letter Sept 24 camp

Term 1 & 2 Overview of learning

Our first Learning Enquiry is “How are you helping to look after the planet?” During this enquiry, we will be investigating mini enquiry questions which include “How can we be more sustainable?” “Why do we need to be sustainable?” “Why are the rainforests important?” “If we damage the world, what is the impact?” “How were the Mayans sustainable?” Please see our Knowledge Organiser to find out more information about our Learning Enquiry for Terms 1 and 2.

Year 5 terms 1 and 2 How are you helping to look after the planet Knowledge Organiser


In Maths this term we will be focussing on place value, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding, and using negative numbers. This term we will also explore addition and subtraction as well as starting our unit of multiplication and division.



We have started off our English learning by looking at the poem ‘Conker’ from ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane. The children have performed and analysed this poem, selected their own natural objects on our nature walk and written acrostic poems in the same style. We have also started our class text “The Boy in the Tower” by Polly Ho Yen in our Reading Lessons.



Our science focus this term is “Why is it important to look after our world?” We will be exploring different life cycles including animals, flowering and non-flowering plants and we will also be looking at animal classification systems.



Our RE focus this term is Understanding Christianity. Within this unit, children will cover the concepts of God, Creation and the Fall on a timeline of the Bible’s ‘Big Story’. They will describe how and why Christians might pray to God, say sorry, forgive and ask for forgiveness. They will also make links between what stories in the Bible say about human beings, and pupils’ own ideas about how people should behave



Our PE lessons are on a Monday and Thursday. Please come to school in PE kit on these days. We will be looking at Tag Rugby from our Complete PE curriculum and focussing on Agility and Coordination in our Real PE Lessons.



This term our Music focus is on South and West African Music. So far, the children have learnt a call and response song called “Shosoloza”, traditionally sung by men of the Bantu people who lived in Zimbabwe and travelled to South Africa to work in diamond and gold mines.



In Art, we will be exploring the celebrated artist “Henri Rousseau” and his famous painting “Surprise”. We will be learning about different types of mediums and experiment with composition.



In computing, we are looking at different types of Search Engines. This will help to support the children when they use the internet to research different curriculum subjects. We will also cover the topic of E-safety and what it means to have access to the internet.


Our learning review meetings will be held after school on Monday 9th October and Thursday 12th October.

Friday 13th October is a training day for staff and the school will be closed for pupils.

Term 2 starts on Monday 30th October.