Classes 2023-2024 -

Year 4 @ Hewish 2023-24

Terms 3 & 4

Class Teacher: Miss Appleford

Support Staff: Miss Reeves, Mrs Yea, Miss Rodwell and Miss Sims


Welcome to Year 4! We have such an exciting year of learning ahead of us and we can’t wait to get started!


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday – children may come in wearing PE kit on these days.


Term Three


Welcome to Term 3! We’ve got such an exciting term of learning ahead! Our enquiry question for this term is:


How is the natural world unpredictable?

This term the year 4 crew will be geographers, scientists, historians, designers and artists exploring the wonders and disasters of the natural world. We will be looking into how mountains and volcanoes are formed, exploring how fossils are formed and how earthquakes come about. Over the next 2 terms Year 4 will discovering whether man or the natural world is more dangerous.


Science: Rocks

As scientists, we will be investigating different types of rocks and how they are created. We will look into their different properties and ways in which we can classify and group them. We will be learning about one of the most crucial parts of the natural world – soil! We will explore different types of soil looking at what it is made from and what job it does in the natural world.



In term three, our anchor text will be ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick, a brilliant story about a girl surviving in a devastating world where the sea levels keep rising. We will be continuing to develop our comprehension skills of retrieval, inference, comparing and contrasting and summarising. In term 4, we will be applying all of these skills to non-fiction texts.

As writers, year 4 will be getting bossy with instruction writing. We will be learning about how to write effective instructions to teach you how to trap a stone giant. Later on in the term, we will be creating persuasive leaflets on the volcanic island of Indonesia. We will be researching key facts, collating testimonials and using our persuasive toolkit to convince you that Indonesia is the next holiday destination for you! In term 4, we will be writing a disaster story, using the video ‘The Lighthouse’ as our inspiration.



As mathematicians, we will be building on our measuring skills through looking at Perimeter and Area of shapes. Throughout this term, we will continue to practice our times tables, starting with a study of the 7 times tables. We will be linking known facts with new facts to strengthen our understanding and give us the tools to use this knowledge for problem solving.  Later on in the term, we will move on to linking all of our known multiplication facts and the relationships between them. This will prepare us for our times table check in Term 6. We will be working very hard in school to increase the speed of recall for all facts. Keep using TT Rockstars at home, practice makes perfect!


Our third unit is ‘People of God’, where we will be exploring the children of God and the messages sent to them from God. We will look at the ways God has made promises to his people by learning stories in the Bible where God has made a covenant, such as Noah and the Flood and the ways people who follow God also make promises, such as marriage vows.

Our value this term is friendship.



Our Jigsaw unit this term is ‘Dreams and Goals’. These sessions will allow the children to reflect on and express their dreams and ambitions. We will learn how to be reflective and use positives to combat disappointment, as well as be resilient and keep on setting goals for ourselves. To help us persevere we will learn how to set small steps to achieve a big goal. Finally, we will share our successes and celebrate what we have already achieved.



This term year 4 will be developing their dynamic balancing skills and coordination. Our PE lessons will have a social focus this term to develop sportsmanship skills and communication. We will also be building our skills around Invasion games with a focus on dodgeball. We will be continuing to develop our footwork to be able to dodge and avoid.