Classes 2023-2024 -

Year 3 @ WW 2023-24

Welcome to  Year 3 @ West Wick

Class Teacher: Mrs Cockram

Support Staff: Miss Airey, Mrs Mages, Mrs Navarra

Our PE Days are Tuesday and Thursday– children can come to school on those days wearing their PE kits. On a Thursday we will be swimming.

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Term  One Wednesday 6th September 2023 – Thursday 12th October 2023

Spellings – For Term 1 we will be revising key spelling patterns and rules from KS1. A list will be sent home with your child each week and we will carry out a spelling check every Tuesday. In Term 2 we will then be working through the list below (Term 1 Weeks 1-7).

> Term 1 Overview Spellings

This term our enquiry will be  ‘How has electricity impacted our lives?’

We will be exploring where electricity comes from, its journey to our homes and discovering how electricity has changed our lives and how we can use it safely. We will be learning how to construct a simple series electric circuit using switches, buzzers, bulbs and batteries. Do you know the difference between a battery and a cell?  By working scientifically, we will be investigating conductors and insulators and  bulb brightness.  Lastly, we will be learning how light travels and understanding  that dark is the absence of light.  Using this knowledge, we will be exploring the dangers of light, reflective materials and how shadows are formed.


In English this term, we will be reading ‘Too Small Tola’ by by Atinuke. This book includes three charming stories about a young girl who lives in a flat in Lagos, Nigeria. We will be learning to explore different cultures, compare lifestyles and reflect on how life is different around the world. We will be continuing to develop our retrieval and inference skills and upskilling our sequencing and order skills to ensure we are able to closely refer to the text.

During our writing sessions, we will be exploring the Pie Corbett text ‘The Nightmare man’. We will be learning to write a suspense story using techniques such as show not tell, ellipses and dramatic connectives. Towards the end of term, we will be exploring the poem ‘Dark’ By James Carter identifying different poetic features, techniques and further developing our speaking and performance skills.



This term we will focus on mental arithmetic skills for addition and subtraction and our knowledge of place value.  We will revisit number bonds to 10/20 and efficient strategies for adding and subtracting smaller amounts. We will then move onto consolidating our understanding of place value up to and including three digit numbers. We will be learning to count in hundreds and manipulate three digit numbers to secure our understanding. In addition to our daily lessons, there will be weekly arithmetic practice and an expectation that all children are fluent in their times table and division facts by the end of the year.



We will put our scientific skills to the test as we explore forces and magnets. We will explore new concepts such as friction and investigate how magnets attract and repel. As artists, we will study the work of Andy Warhol and the creation of Pop Art. We will be learning to identify warm and cold colours and how to create our very own paint palette.


Our first unit – ‘What is it like to follow God?’ asks us to think about the significance of God’s messages, his behaviour and lessons learnt through the teachings of the bible.  We will begin to understand the importance of a covenant and the impact it has upon others.  We will study the story of Noah and the Ark and explore the relationship between promises and actions. In reflection, we will consider the positive benefits of having a healthy relationship with God and how the teachings of God may make a difference to our lives today.  Our whole school values are: Thankfulness (Term 1) and Respect (Term 2).



Our term one Jigsaw unit is ‘Being Me in My World’. These sessions will allow the children to learn and reflect on their place in both our community and the wider world. We will start by setting our whole school and class expectations before thinking about goals for the year ahead.


In Term 1,  we will be developing our fundamental movement skills focusing on footwork, coordination and static one leg balances. We will also be swimming at Hutton Moor. In Term 2,  we will explore different ways of travelling, balancing and creating rotations in our Real Gym lessons.