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Year 1 @ West Wick 2023-24

Welcome to  Year 1 @ West Wick

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Term 3 and 4

Happy New Year and welcome back to our class page. Our learning enquiry this term is

What are things made of?

As scientists, we are going to be learning about materials and their properties.  We will look at toys modern and old and what they are made of and we will chose materials based on their properties to solve different problems. 

As historians, we are going to use toys to develop our awareness of the past and how toys, games and playing has changed within living memory.  We will be learning how to find out about the past, use a variety of different sources to help us answer and ask questions. We would LOVE to see some of your old toys, or toys that your parents would have played with, and talk to you about games that you played to enhance our learning. If you are able to any toys or stories with us please speak to one of the Year 1 crew.

As writers, we will be using familiar and some new texts to enhance our thinking, we will be continuing to look at sentence structure, using capital letters, full stops, question marks and finger spaces in all of our writing and looking more closes into word classes, focusing on nouns, verbs and adjectives.

As Mathematicians, we will continue to work on place value, firstly with a focus on numbers 10-20, and then applying our knowledge to addition and subtraction and finally leading onto recognise and represent numbers all the way to 50! We will also be measuring length, height, mass and volume. This term we will be introducing Daily 10! This is 10 questions which we will complete every morning against the clock! Our only competition is our previous selves and it’s a great way to get that brain working first thing in the morning.

As theologists we will continue looking at Christianity, we are going to begin to look at how the values and believes, compare and overlap with other religions. We will be asking ourselves the question: How should we live our lives. Thinking and reflecting on how what we do affects others, which rules help us to be the best versions of ourselves, how values are important to us, and how stories from other religions can help us to reflect on our own behaviour.

In PSHE continuing to become reflective in our learning.  This unit is dreams and goals, a great one to start off the new year! We will be thinking about how to set a goal and the steps that we might need to take to achieve it. As well as being able to recognise all of our small successes with our success coins.

As always the Year 1 crew are available to help and support, please let us know if there is anything that we can do.

Term 1 and 2

Welcome to Year 1.
Our learning enquiry this term is ‘What does nature mean to me?’
As scientists we will be learning about animals including the human body. We will be looking at different animals and their features and deciding if they are a mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, or bird.  We will also be looking at seasonal changes and what happens to the trees and plants around us.
As geographers, we will be using some field work skills to identify human and physical features of the school grounds around us.  We will also be looking at the weather and keeping a weather diary.
As artists we will be learning about the artist Gustav Klimt, thinking about the colours of autumn and creating some autumn art.
As designers we will be designing and creating bird feeders to entice wildlife into our garden.
For more information and to see our key vocabulary please have a look at our knowledge organiser.

Year 1 terms 1 and 2 What’s around me KO

Our PE days will be Mondays and Fridays.  Children will need to come to school on these days wearing their PE kit.

When wearing PE kit, we expect children to look smart and feel proud that they are part of our St Anne’s family. Therefore, it is important they wear the correct PE kit. No branded sportswear should be worn.

Children should wear

Black or white trainers should be worn where possible.
White plain T-shirt or white T shirt with school logo
Plain Black shorts / Black leggings/ Joggers
Black or white daps/ trainers
School PE hoodie or a school jumper with logo