Classes 2018-2019 -

Year 6 @Hewish 2018-19

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Welcome to the Year Six Crew 2018-2019.

Please download our Welcome Sheet, Home Learning Take Away menu and Learning Overview below.

Take Away Menu T1&2

Welcome Sheet for Parents Term 1and2

Learning Theme overview for parents T1 and 2

Term 2 Week 5

‘Super Teach’ has been the focus of our learning throughout the week. Informed by assessments from last week, we have revisited area and perimeter as well as many grammar objectives that needed a little tweaking!

This week the crew were also really excited to finish their warning stories. Below are three beautifully published examples of how using a modelled text to innovate own writing can really be successful.

Term 2 Week 4

Our fantastic Year Six crew have approached assessment week with great attitudes, even begging to get going with their maths paper on Wednesday (much to the St Anne’s Maths Leader’s delight!) They still found the time to be creative and innovative though, continuing their warning stories (soon to be finished and published) as well as designing some new breeds of carnivorous plants! To see the photos, please follow Mrs Webb’s class Twitter account @AllyWebb10 

Term 2 Week 3

We have seen some absolutely fantastic writing from the crew this week. By using our modelled text and sticking carefully to a specific brief, the children have shown excellent control over their writing whilst at the same time innovating their own thoughts and ideas. Continuing our learning theme ‘What happens when the World gets angry?’ we have learned about viruses and disease this week. The crew found out what happens when the world was angry enough to release the dangerous Ebola upon its unwilling victims and made thoughtful comparisons to other natural disasters we have already studied. 

At the end of last week, we were visited once more by Ben Peters of Explorers Escape who shared his videos and findings with the children from his latest exploration, inspired by some of their questions and interests. He has provided the school with a pack for every child which includes free admission to the Bristol Aquarium as well as a fish and chip tea! They are asking for a small donation towards future explorations and education programs in return. Please see the website below for more information about their amazing and inspiring work. 

Explorers Escape Website

Term 2 Week 2

Another busy week for the crew. This week they have continued to tackle fractions, have written fantastic descriptions based on our core short text ‘The Caravan’ and learned about how to plan for a sustainable future in a world endangered by global warming.

The crew also enjoyed a second visit from Ben Peters of Explorers Escape at the end of the week where they learned about some of the wanders of our British oceans as well as the harm the human race is doing to our seas. 

We celebrated Children In Need today by wearing spots and donating to this worthy cause. The crew enjoyed PE at PCSA with Dave Turner too.

Term 2 Week 1

Year Six returned with a fantastic attitude to their learning this week, beautifully demonstrated on our trip to Hutton Moor where they learned key life saving skills in an epic two hour water session laden down in pyjamas. They also took part in some first aid training, learning basic CPR, how to treat shock and what to do in an emergency.

Continuing the theme of safety this week, Year Six took part in a workshop with representatives from Tarmac who spoke to them about keeping safe on busy roads. They even got to sit in the cab!

The crew also discussed family members that had lived through the war and began some art work inspired by Remembrance Sunday.

Week 7

What a busy week! The crew impressed us with their class worship on responsibility on Monday and have worked hard this week to end the term on a high. On Thursday, we visited Life Skills where the children participated in a whopping 19 scenarios intended to help them with tricky situations. Please ask your child about this or use the link below to allow them to show you what they did and saw using the 360 degree tour.

Life Skills Website


Week 6

We have had yet more examples of fabulous home learning creations this week. In maths, the crew have mastered BODMAS, showing that they can follow the order of operations to calculate accurately. The pictures below depict our learning about volcanoes this afternoon; the crew watched some powerful footage of pyroclastic surges and learned the parts of a volcano.

Week 5

This has been an amazing week for home learning. Please see our image section below for some of the fantastic natural disasters that have made their way into our classroom this week!

In  maths we have been tackling long division. The crew have coped really well with this new method and are persevering. We have also introduced Times Tables Rockstars. Please ask your child about this and support them at home by allowing them access to ipads or computers if possible. We really want all our crew to be confident in multiplication facts up to 12×12. 

In our writing, we have focused on choosing precise language in order to describe. Please read Niamh’s beautiful description of the ‘Ruined City’. 

The sun’s beautiful golden beams of light shines through the cracks of the dead, broken city like blood in my veins. The brown, murky water flows through the wreckage of the once noble city. Steam rising up and dust flowing through air makes my mouth taste bitter and my head feel dizzy. The deafening silence fills my mind with terror as I sit and watch through my bedroom window the city that was once my home being swallowed by Mother Nature herself. 

Week 4

This week we have seen some really successful maths – all of the crew are now confident multiplying larger numbers and decimals and have been applying these methods to word problems. In English we have begun our core text, Floodland, which is set in an imagined flooded Britain. This week, children were invited to consider whether or not the father of the main character, Zoe, should have left her to fend for herself on the island of Norwich. Ask your child their opinion!

Also this week, the crew engaged in some practical geography to understand more about how tsunamis occur and the damage they cause.

Week 3

What a fantastic week of learning the crew have had so far. On Thursday, the children wrote explanation texts which were of a really high quality, based on the learning in geography and English over the past two weeks. 

James also gave a fabulous demonstration of how a volcano erupts using a model he made at home. He explained the reaction really well and the class enjoyed watching!

Week 2

The Crew have had another exciting week of learning. On Thursday, Years Five and Six were visited by parent and explorer Ben Peters who inspired us to learn all about The Great British Reef – a project his team are undertaking over the next term (see pictures below). We will be contacting some of his team of experts so that they might answer our burning questions about what lies beneath the surface of our local seas. Already the Year Sixes have devised thoughtful and interesting questions that will further their learning on the subject.

This week, our children led their very first Parliament sessions. Feedback from staff and pupils was fantastic with comments such as, “They were kind and helpful,” and “Excellent leadership.” They were also praised for the way in which they spoke to the children in their groups. Great oracy skills Year Six!

Week 1 – Learn like a Champion

It has been a fantastic first week back. The Year Six Crew have come back to school with fantastic attitudes to their learning. Successes this week have included presenting maths to ensure learning is clear and can be followed, re-drafting writing to improve and kick starting our learning theme ‘What happens when the World gets angry?’

Staff are going to be making phone calls, e mails and face to faces with parents to celebrate children who have impressed them either in terms of behaviour, learning or upholding our values. Have you had a POSITIVE PRAISE call yet? 

Positive Praise doesn’t just come from staff either; below are two comments written by members of the crew about their peers in a bid to get them nominated for Friday Worship’s Learner of the Week.