Classes 2018-2019 -

Year 5@Hewish 2018-19

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Week 5

We have had a wonderful week, completing and editing our adventure stories. As a whole, the crew have impressed me with the way they are beginning to explain their findings in maths and specifically addition and subtraction. However, the most important piece of learning this week had been around how to be safe when online. Plenty of the children have shared that they are regular users of the internet so our focus has been around the SMART message and how to make sure we are being safe and kind when online.


Week 4

A very busy week for the crew  with four of us involved in a cycling competition and half the class meeting the author Matt Dickinson at Worle school.  Matt was very kind and anawered every question that the children asked.


Week 3

This week we have been exploring the vocabulary used in addition and subtraction,  learnt the reasons why people choose to live near volcanoes and planned our stories about an adventure on a volcano.

Week 2

Thank you to Ben from Explorers Education for visiting and sharing his next adventure with us. He will be diving around the coast of Britain and keeping us updated about his findings.

Week 1

What a wonderful week we have had, exploring how to ‘learn like a champion’. The children have learnt how the brain makes connections and shared their own personal ways of how they learn like champions. Next week, we will begin our learning theme, ‘What happens when the world gets angry?’

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Year 5 crew parental information sheet 2018