Classes 2018-2019 -

Year 4 @West Wick 2018-19

Term 1

The Year 4 Crew are looking for voluntary parent helpers to support us with our reading. If you are interested please inform Miss Bradley or Mrs Sheppard  ASAP and we will send out all the information required.

Week 6 

Wow I can’t believe we only have one week left of this term!

This week the Year 4 crew have been presenters and presented their non-chronological reports on the Vikings – it was as if they were on Newsround. Links/QR Codes to come soon.  Following on from this, we have been planning our own non-chronological reports either on the Iron Age or a topic of our choice. We will be writing and publishing these next week to display in the learning street for visitors to read.

In maths this week, we have been learning how to use the standard written method for subtraction when subtracting 4 digit numbers. The Year 4 crew have really been challenging themselves by solving missing number problems. Next week we will be learning how to use the inverse operation to check our addition and subtraction calculations.

On Thursday we shared and presented our E-Safety PowerPoints with Busy Bees, Year 1 and Year 3. We are now experts and understand how to be safe online.

We were super impressed to see so many children playing Times Table Rockstars at home – keep it up as by the end of Year 4 we need to know all of our times tables from 1 x 1 to 12 x 12.

Don’t forget to practise the homophone spellings for Monday next week.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Week 5

Another busy week for the Year 4 Crew.
In English the Year 4 crew have been journalists  learning how to write a non-chronological report on the Vikings in preparation for presenting and videoing our reports next week – watch this space!

What fun we have had in maths this week! We’ve been learning how to add three and four digit numbers using the standard written method. We are now able to answer questions which involve carrying as well as solve missing number problems. We practised these skills today on the playground to consolidate our understanding.  Ask us to show you at home! Next week, we will be learning how to use the standard written method for subtraction.

The Year 4 crew have also been given a username and password (written in their partnership books) for Times Table Rockstars – please follow the link  below and start practising at home!

Lastly, in science this week we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We now know the difference between them.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Check out these fabulous sketches of Iron Age Weapons!


Week 4 

It’s the end of September already – time really does fly by when you are having fun. It’s been great getting to know the Year 4 crew over the past four weeks and I am thoroughly looking forward to what the rest of the term has to bring!

This week we have been editors and publishers during our English lessons and have finished our quest stories. I have been so impressed with the dedication and perseverance the Year 4 crew has shown to ensure their writing is of such high quality.  We have been learning how to include direct speech in our writing ensuring we include all the correct punctuation when expressing how a character feels.  It has been lovely to see so many children taking pride in their work and producing something they are proud of. Keep it up Year 4!

In Maths we have been learning how to count back through zero to include negative numbers.  Quiz the crew as ask them to count back from 10 past 0 .  We have also been practising our times tables too – Can you practise our 3’s, 4’s and 5’s with us?

In computing this week, we started our E-Safety PowerPoints and learnt how to change the colour and size of font, insert pictures, change the background and also started including animation. We will be finishing these next week – watch this space!

This weeks spellings are words starting with the prefix Im-. Don’t forget to practise these for Tuesday.

We’ll  look forward to seeing you Monday – have a great weekend!

Week 3

What an exciting week we’ve had in Year 4. On Tuesday, we had a very special visit from Tony, Alison, Andy and Lorraine from the Weston Museum who taught us more about the Vikings. We looked at how the Vikings used to live and what made them so successful. It was very interesting. Thank you for inspiring us with your enthusiasm and love of learning.

In Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of rounding and we are now able to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We are also continuously practising our times tables in class as we tackle the KIRF challenge. Can you help us with this at home?  Next week, we will be learning how to order and compare numbers beyond 1000 and how to count backwards through zero to include negative numbers.

In English this week we’ve innovated the story of Erik and the Sea Dragon and have started to write our own quest. Next week we will be finishing our stories and publishing them – watch this space!

Lastly, the Year 4 crew were artists today. Inspired by the artist Chuck Close, we created a huge portrait of Erik the Viking. We used the grid technique and carefully chose light and dark oil pastels to give the full effect.

It’s been great to see so many children completing their home learning again this week. Don’t forget to practise the spellings for Tuesday 25th – we’ve been learning how to use the prefix in- e.g. incomplete inability etc.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week 2

In Maths this week we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 using our understanding of place value. At first we found it challenging but persevered and are now able to explain our thinking.

In English we started reading The Saga of Erik the Viking – ask us what’s happened so far! We have also been discussing the key features of a quest story in preparation for writing our own next week.

Following on from this,  we now know where the Vikings came from, where they settled and why they came to Britain.

It’s been great to see so many children complete home learning this week. Don’t forget to practise the spellings for Tuesday 18th – we’ve been learning the different ways of spelling the sound /or/ spelt  augh and au.

Hope you have a great weekend and we will look forward to seeing you on Monday morning.



Week 1

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

The children have come back to school with huge smiles on their faces ready begin their next learning journey.  It has been lovely getting to know the children this week whilst we’ve been learning how to become learning champions. On Monday, we became scientists and unpicked the ingredients of a good Year 4 learner. The children came up with ideas such as happiness, perseverance, confidence and determination.

This week we have unpicked our three new school rules.

Respect yourself.

Respect others.

Respect your environment. 

We will be using these to set out the clear high expectations in our school.

Yesterday, we were historians and became archaeologists for the day looking at artefacts from different periods of history.  We are looking forward to starting our new learning theme this term – They came, they saw, they conquered. Who were they?

Please see our Year 4 Crew parent information –  Welcome Sheet and Learning Theme info 2[453]