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Year 4 @Hewish 2018-19

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TERM 2 Week 4

Our trip to Caerleon in Wales was fantastic and we learned so much about life as a Roman Soldier.  The children got to see the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre and a reconstructed Barracks room with all the soldiers’ beds and equipment, weapons and armour.  We also learned about the way the Romans brought so much to Britain such as writing and keeping clean by bathing!

TERM 2 Week 2


We have worked hard this week on our understanding of persuasive writing and had to use our imagination to unpick a letter from Claudius Maximus which was trying to persuade us to join the Roman army.

We also had great fun at being scientists and tested rocks of different types for different properties including their hardness and permeability.  We now understand why marble and granite are used in kitchen worktops sometimes, 








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Hello and thank you for visiting the YEAR 4 at Hewish class page.  

Welcome back everyone. I really hope that you all had a wonderful summer with your children and that they are ready and eager to return to school.  We have had a good first week where we spent time getting to know each other and I have introduced the class to our new  whole school rules based on the value of respect.

Respect yourself

Respect others

Respect the environment

Nice and simple and should be easy to remember. Please use the link below to find out information about the Learning for Terms 1 and 2.

I  see the journey of a child’s education as a partnership between parents and teacher and I look forward to working with you all to achieve the best outcomes possible for your children.  I hope to see as many of you as possible at your child’s Learning Review meeting in October but in the meantime should you wish to ask any questions please do pop in or email me .

Welcome Sheet and Learning Theme info 2


Weeks 1 -3 

 Our learning theme has been interesting and the children have experienced what it might be like to be an archaeologist with their own dig to find artefacts and puzzles hidden in sand.  Great fun!  We have had visitors who taught us lots about the Viking invasion of England and why they were successful.  The children learned how to write their names in Viking Runes and had fun pretending to be a warrior on a ship blowing the horn to let people know they had arrived.  We know where the Vikings came from and where they settled and are finding out more about their long boats this week.

In English we have started The Saga of Erik and the Vikings which we are using to write our very own versions of Viking quest stories. The children enjoyed creating their own idea of a ferocious beast that would attack them as Viking warriors on their voyage across the seas. Do ask your child about his/her story.  Spelling tests are every Friday morning and hopefully your child has come home with spellings to learn. 

In Maths we have been learning all about place value and the working on developing their understanding of numbers up to 10,000 and have learned about rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 or 1000 among other things.

In Religious Education, we have been learning about the story of Creation . We have drawn some lovely pictures about nature  as well as taking time to reflect on what we can learn about God from looking at some of the most stunning and beautiful things in nature.


We learned how the Vikings would announce their arrival.


Learning about Viking writing in Runes

Learning how they used a loom to weave

We found out how sheep’s wool was spun so it could be used to weave clothes.

We learned how they built fences.



We also learned how archeaologists work and how they piece together things that they find.













WEEKS 4 and 5

It has been a busy two weeks. Our maths lessons have included learning how to use the written method to add 3 and 4 digit numbers and solve problems by applying skills learned. In English we have finished Viking Quest stories which are excellent and it was good to see children using their imaginations to create

their version of Erik the Viking.

We have introduced the children to a great online website called TT Rockstars which will be a fun way to learn their times tables so please can you encourage  your child to use this as much as they can. They have been given login details which have been stuck into their partnership book.

We have made Viking longboats too which look amazing. Great teamwork was seen to achieve the end goal. Here are a few of our boats.









The children have been mastering the written method for subtraction and working hard on their 3 and 4 times tables.  We have finished writing some amazing non -chronological reports about the Vikings which the class worked on in teams of experts in different aspects of Viking life. They then presented this work orally as a team as if they were TV presenters. In addition they have been learning about the Iron Age era  and have discovered that life in a hillfort was tough. Children had lots of jobs and worked hard as part of the family.


TERM 2   Week 1

Welcome back! The year 4 crew have been learning about multiplication this week and mastering different ways to represent it.  They have written playscripts based on the book ‘Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age and had fun acting out their scripts. They also learned how to use apostrophes for contractions and for possession.

We also had a special visit from a war veteran, Rob French who shared his experience, understanding and the importance of Remembrance day. It was lovely to see the Year 4 Crew deepen their understanding by asking Rob inquisitive questions. Thank you to those children who also wore their various uniforms on Friday – you all looked great.

As part of our Learning Theme we all had a go at Stone Age cave drawings using charcoal. They looked fabulous and the children are keen to try a second or third draft next week.

In PE, we had a fantastic gymnastics coach who put the children through their paces, making them work super hard to use the correct techniques for rolling, jumping and landing.

Learning to land properly