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Year 3 @West Wick 2018-19

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Term 1 – homework

1.10.18 This weeks spellings Word List Week 4 

Help with this weeks spelling can be found at:

24.9.18 This weeks spellings Word List Week 3

Term 1 Nandos Homework Grid

This weeks spellings Word List Week 2



In Maths we have been learning all about Place Value and using a different variety of strategies and resources to work out the value of the place.


Viking Shields

The Year 3 Crew have this week finished their Viking shields – Wow year 3, they look incredible!


The Anglo Saxons

In the next sessions we have been finding out about the Anglo Saxons.

“Anglo Saxons invaded England and fought with the vikings” George

“The Anglo Saxons were Settlers” Elsie

“I learnt that the Anglo Saxons invaded small towns and villages because they wanted their belongings” Max

“In Anglo Saxon times England was called Angle-Land” Izzy


The Vikings and Romans 

We have been writing our own exciting viking adventure stories and created a mystical beast to battle against Erik the Viking and his men.  Today we are publishing our stories ready to present to  the year 1 crew later this week.


Today we had visitors to talk about the Vikings.

Thank you to Tony, Alison, Andy and Lorraine from Weston Museum for inspiring us with your enthusiasm and love of learning.

“I found out that they liked to weave willow sticks to make fences for their gardens. They mixed water and cow poo together and squished it with their feet!” Izzy

“You can take off the flowers from the stinging nettle and eat them. It tasted fizzy.”

“I found out that the ships they sailed were called Viking long ships. The Vikings sat on boxes that were full of their belongings that were mostly stolen!” Jamie

“Their shields stand out so that their enemies can see them. ” Jamie

“I now know that the  Vikings used to burn chalk on a fire  and then use the paste to white wash the wall of their houses to keep them dry.” Mia

“Viking shields are very because they were made of heavy wood and they had lots of metal on them to decorate them.”  Evie

“I now know that some of the Viking words were German.” Evie

” They used to blow a horn at the beginning of a battle. ” Jay

” Children made chess out of real animal bones.” Jay


This week the children will be designing their own viking and Roman shields in teams.

The DIG!

This week the children experienced through a WOW day learning about the past. We became archaeologists for the day searching for buried treasures.  We found objects ranging from the stone age 2.5 million years ago to the Anglo Saxons in 1066.


The children have come back to school with huge smiles on their faces ready to continue loving learning.  It was so lovely to see them after our long sunny summer break.

Today we have unpicked our three new school rules.

Respect yourself.

Respect others.

Respect your environment. 

We will be using these to set out the clear high expectations in our school. Together we thought about what it looks like and sounds like.

As part of our learning the children enjoyed thinking about what makes them a good ‘Learning Champion’. We looked at champions from around the world including J. K. Rowling, Tim Peak and Mo Farah.  The children then decided on how they could use their qualities to become their own leaning champion.

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