Classes 2018-2019 -

Year 2@West Wick 2018-19

Term 1

Week 6

This week the children loved immersing themselves in their learning by becoming bridge designers and engineers like Brunel. They worked in teams and had to overcome problems like wobbly arches and collapsing roads.  This activity helped the children to understand some of the complexities faced by designers and there was lots of discussion about  how to make improvements and solving problems – great team work Year 2 crew. Check out the photos on twitter.

In English , the year 2 crew have been learning about the features of a non- chronological report by reading reports and analysing the different elements . They then went on to write reports about Antarctica in a group and then independently .

In maths , the year 2 crew have been adding and subtracting and consolidating their knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 100. The children love Mad maths minutes on a Friday and this week every single member of the crew beat their previous score !!!!

The year 2 crew have been learning the names of the 7 continents by singing songs and by dancing dances form different continents – this week it was Asia with some Bollywood dancing .

Lastly, in RE the year 2 crew have started thinking about the question – why is our world special ? We listened to the Christian creation story and shared our thoughts .

The year 2 crew are looking forward to sharing all their fabulous  learning with you at the Learning review meetings next week .

Week 5 

I cannot believe I am typing week 5 ! Where did September go ? The year 2 crew have all been fantastic learners this week . In English we have sequenced , retold and written the story of The Snail and the Whale whilst focusing on quality presentation . The children want to publish their stories and share them on our class pages so watch this space . We used spelling scribbles to consolidate our spelling of our weekly words – the children loved them.

In maths the children have been using  commutative law and inverse to find related facts ( ask your children what the commutative law is !)  We have called this week’s maths LAZY maths because if we know one fact 15 + 5 = 20 we know other related facts like  5 + 15 = 20 , 20 – 15 = 5 .

The year 2 crew had  a great visit from Liz from Lower Stock farm who taught the children about birds eye view , maps and keys and we had fun using a compass to navigate .  We used the rhyme ‘Naughty elephants squirt water’ to remind us of the cardinal compass points .

Have you checked out my Twitter feed to see a video of the children in their dance lesson concentrating hard to show how their bodies would move through the sea ?

Week 4

What a busy week for the year 2 crew ! We have been learning how to write persuasive letters and even wrote to Mrs Dadds to persuade her to travel to the 4 countries of the UK – I wonder whether she has been persuaded ?

In Maths we have been practising our maths fluency with our mad maths minutes – finding number bonds to 10 against the clock and finishing our place value unit – we can now order and compare numbers to 100.

The children have looked at the work of Georgia OKeefe and have been trying to create Autumnal artwork inspired by her Tree and leaves pictures . Watch this space to see the finished articles. To deepen our knowledge of the seasons and seasonal weather patterns , we are compiling weather charts and measuring the temperature each day ( it was chilly this morning) and even presenting our own weather forecasts . IMG_0475 IMG_0477

In RE , we have been finding out about Hinduism and we have been learning about Hindu worship .

Sadly , we said goodbye to one of our crew today – good luck Afia , we all wish we were coming with you to Mauritius !

Week 3 

We have had another very enjoyable and busy week in year 2 . In English , we have been developing our use of descriptive vocabulary to describe characters and settings from our class story and in maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones in order to solve problems . The children have been using their oracy skills in maths by focusing on reasoning and explaining  – comments like ‘ 42 is greater than 34 because it has more tens so must be a larger number , ‘ can be heard from all pupils .

The children have a secure knowledge of the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and can identify human and physical features. They thoroughly enjoyed developing their sketching skills this week whilst copying images from the UK . ( Check out the photos on my twitter feed above )

Well done to Emmanuel for being chosen to be this week’s learning champion for his consistently mature attitude towards his learning  .

The year 2  crew have been recognised on our recognition board this week for being responsible and  for following instructions .

Please can I ask you all to check your child’s school jumper as we have a few missing ones already – please  name your child’s jumpers- it really helps.

Have a great weekend .

Week 2

The year 2 crew have had a very busy week of learning . In maths , the children have been practising partitioning two digit numbers in different ways using a range of manipulatives  .


In English , our learning has been based on the story the Whale and the snail and the children have been expressing their opinion of the story, asking questions of the characters and writing postcards and letters from the snail  . The wonderful writing produced by the children is thoughtful and imaginative  . Here is a small selection for you to enjoy.

The children have been learning the 4 countries of the UK and learning the names of the capital cities and in PE they were penguins !!

The spelling list has come home with your children – please help them to practise some or all of the spelling words . Year 2 spellings – cursive print term 1    

Have a great weekend .







Week 1


We have all had a fantastic first week getting to know each other and the class routines. We have been learning how to learn like champions and always try our absolute best , persevere and keep trying  .

We started our week with a team building activity creating towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows – it was very sticky and the spaghetti kept breaking but the winning tower was Ada’s -a massive 35 cm !!!

The year 2 crew have unpicked the new 3 school rules : RESPECT YOURSELF , RESPECT OTHERS and RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT  and have decided that in year 2 you will see children being kind and listening politely when others speak and you will hear kind words , compliments and phrases like ‘ I can’t do it yet !’.

Today , we launched out learning theme with a very exciting aeroplane flight landing in two contrasting destinations : Beijing and the Congo . Children learnt how to count and write  in Mandarin ; how to use chopsticks and made decorative fans and flags . We also found out the Great wall of China is over 2000 miles long .

Find out about Year 2 @ West Wick by reading our parent information learning theme plan Where in the world am i(info for parents)


Mrs Hardy-Smith is looking forward to seeing her class again in September!