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Year 2@Hewish 2018-19

Welcome to Year 2 @ Hewish!

The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.
John Lubbock.

Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 12

This week in Year 2 our rehearsal for the forthcoming Christmas nativity play continues, which has been a great opportunity to look at the structure of this type of writing as a form of guided reading, to use the content for discussion and as a test of comprehension. Next week however we hope to be script free and so if you able to practise lines at home this weekend, that would certainly support our crew effort.

Whether a star, apprentice, wise man, king, or director year 2 crew members are trying hard to impress. We are looking forward to showing off our production on 11th December.


In mathematics this week we have been counting, comparing and selecting correct money. The festive season is an excellent time to practice this skill when out and about, so please feel free to ask your crew member what coins and notes you could use when purchasing Christmas shopping. (Please note we keep pounds and pence separate at present and refer to amounts as £__________ and _______pence, year 2 do not include a decimal place.)

This has been an exciting yet challenging area of learning, but the crew have taken this challenge with relish, and Miss Matthews and I are very proud of their dedication to master this important area of learning. After all, who doesn’t want to know what they can buy with their pocket money?!


The praise for year 2 continues as we move to share our learning in English this week. Every child in our crew worked hard to write a newspaper report, based on the structure of a real life BBC report about a kidnapped shark. This linked well with our learning around Meerkat Mail and our shared write around the kidnap of Sunny the Meerkat by the Jackal!

We concluded this week with some work on our oracy skills by presenting the key facts from our reports to one another using well-chosen words and stem sentences. Your year 2 crew member might like to present to you this weekend to share their learning and their presentation.

Learning Theme(Geography focus)

We have travelled to Australia and New Zealand this week. Next week we will have a final visit to North and South America and say goodbye to Where In the World Am I? moving to learn about the celebration of Christmas.


Year 2 crew impressed their teaching crew with their understanding of both the Christian and Hindu creation stories when discussing the differences between them and the similarities.


We continue to dance and enjoy cricket coaching.

Thank you to everyone who attended or supported St Anne’s at the Christmas Fair. It was lovely to see so many of you.

Mrs Stone

This week!

Here are some pictures from a busy and exciting week!


Here are some photos of our learning from last term, which reflect how Year 2 crew learn to love, and love to learn!

Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 9

What an exciting week we have had! We have had a visit from the NSPCC teaching us about children’s rights and trusted adults who are here to help, we have also enjoyed fundraising for children in need by wearing spots, as well as continuing with our learning.

This week in Year 2 we have been learning to:


In maths we have begun to apply addition to a motivating! Year 2 have learned to count pounds and pence. If you are able to support this learning at home by talking about money and letting your crew member count it, this would develop their understanding, ready for more learning around money next week.


This week year 2 innovate their own stories based on the language and structure of Meerkat Mail. The writing has been clear, well-structured and very impressive. Please do feel free to come in and take a look.

Learning Theme

This week year 2 crew learned about France and China and located Europe and Asia on the world map and globe.

Science, RE, PE

In science we have investigated habitats, and we have continued to dance around the world, and play cricket in PE. In RE we are learning about creation in different faiths and learning to make comparisons.

Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 8

This week in Year 2 we have been learning to:


In maths we have continued with addition bridging ten, and have learned to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number.

Can your year 2 crew member tell you which number to subtract? (The big one or the little one?)

We have continued to use base 10 to support our understanding.


This week we re-told the story Meerkat Mail, a story that the whole crew have enjoyed. The children worked hard to sequence the story and use the language which they had immersed themselves in through re-reading, and varied literacy tasks. They prepared detailed story maps, and produced some outstanding writing. Please do come and take a look next week!

Learning Theme

This week year 2 crew located the world’s 7 continents and 5 oceans producing a map with a key.


Science this week involved learned about both condensation and insulation, and making use of the scientific skills of prediction, observation, investigation and noting results. Year 2 were pleased to learn that Swiss scientists discovered the value of insulating glaciers with blankets, and felt certain


In RE we have looked at why our world is special and at the creation story. We have also learned about why we wear a poppy, and remembrance day. Please have a look at our crew display.


This week we danced into North America, learning how to line dance. We also spent time learning cricket from a professional cricket coach!

Need to know:

This terms spelling rule patterns are:

Mrs Stone and Miss Matthews

Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 7

This week in Year 2 we have been learning to:


This week in maths we have been learning to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. We have used column addition pictorial models to support this learning. The pictorial model for addition looks like this:

When subtracting, we have used a similar method. We have drawn the number we are subtracting from using base 10, and crossed out the ones before totalling the remaining quantity.

As we are now into half term, our keen mathematicians may want to practise at home by setting themselves some number sentences! If they do this, please them in to show us when we return to school.


This week we embarked on an exciting adventure with Sunny the Meerkat, from the Kalahari desert. Year 2 prepared a postcard from a place they were familiar with, and completed their first ever character profile of Sunny. They progressed ot write impressive innovative story section, which I will put together into the Year 2 Meerkat Mail story book over the half term holiday and share with them, and parents when we return.

Learning Theme

Year 2 crew discovered where the hot and cold climates of the world were in relation to the equator this week. We played some games to establish which hemisphere we lived in and then completed our own map with corresponding key.


This week we have set our investigation for when we return to school. In week 1 of our new term we will consider this scientific question: how does ice melt inside a jacket(insulator)?


In RE Year 2 have continued to look at Hinduism and compare this with Christianity.


This week we re-capped our Indian dancing and year 2 crew progressed to creating their own dances in small groups. The crew worked well, and proved to have some real dance talent in their number!

When we return we dance into New Zealand and South Africa!


This term we have looked at rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences.  This has linked with our school value this term; responsibility. Our crew finished the term by representing in a poster how it looks when we respect one another and work as a team, being mindful of our responsibility.


Next terms spellings:

The crew have had a fantastic first term and have worked very hard. Thank you to them all and have a well earned rest.

Mrs Stone and Miss Matthews

Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 6

This week in Year 2 we have been learning to:


We have been adding and subtracting in multiples of 10. We added 10 to other numbers to 100.


We learned about Antarctica and the features of a non-chronological report. We finished the week by writing our own non-chronological report on Antarctica.

Learning Theme

We used maps and aerial photographs to find where we were in the world. We were all excited to find our school between the main road and railway line. Next week we head off around the world!

Linking to Brunel we enjoyed some bridge design with different materials.


We learned about the weather and found out that rainfall is not always the same in one place, it does vary, but within our school it did not vary very much.

We also conducted an ice experiment and looked at where ice melted most quickly…it was on the radiator. It melted least quickly by the door.


This week we danced around the world to India, and successfully mastered Bollywood dancing.

We have worked very hard and look forward to sharing our learning with our families at our learning meetings.

Need to know:

This week we are learning common exception words These are the words we just need to learn by sight, rather than using phonics.













Year 2 Crew @Hewish week 5

We find ourselves at the end of another busy week in Year 2. This week we have been learning to:


Use the commutative law (17 + 3 = 20, so 3 + 17 = 20), and the inverse (17 + 3 = 20 so 20 – 17 = 3). We have also looked at how number facts are related. Please ask your year 2 crew member to explain this to you – it helps their learning and they have been proud of their ‘easy maths’. Realising that there is a connection between the numbers also supports future mathematical development and fluency of calculation.


Our crew have worked so hard this week to re-tell the story of the snail and the whale. While we developed a story map, and shared ideas for each section prior to writing, each story is different and is told again in your year 2 crew members own words. They have worked hard to improve their writing, and Miss Matthews and I have been extremely impressed!

Learning Theme

This has been a busy week for year 2 learning around our learning theme. We had a visit from Farmlink on Wednesday and used maps and compasses to go orienteering, linked to our work around where in the world am I? The crew had great fun consolidating and deepening their understanding of maps, orientation, and mapping. Have a look at our photos!


This week year 2 have monitored the weather around school and collected data to support their investigation of the question: does rain fall vary in different areas around school? More will follow next week, when we analyse our year 2 crew data!

We continue our learning in RE, PE, music, art and PSHE, and hope to have some performance pieces to share in the near future.

Well done year 2 for a fantastic week of learning!

Mrs Stone

Year 2 @ Hewish week 4!


This week we have continued comparing numbers using <, >, and =.We have learned to count in 2, 3, 5 and 10s. We have also learned to count our pocket money!


In English we used persuasive language and varied sentence starters. We used our persuasive sentences to convince Mrs Dadds that it is safe to play football at break time.


We have framed a crew question: ‘does a different amount of rain fall in different areas around school when it is raining’? We will take this forward with a scientific investigation designed by us as a crew next week!

Learning theme

We have sketched UK landscapes showing physical and human geographical features, and learned about the characteristics of the four countries of the UK including which flag and flower belong to which place.

PE, Music, Computing and RE  

We have continued with learning around dance and movement, rhythm, melody and harmony, being safe online and uses of technology and Hinduism this week.

We have worked hard again this week, so we are a little tired but are really proud of our achievements.

Thank you, from

The Year 2 Crew! 

From our teachers;

This week the children have worked very hard as a team to support one another and to focus on their learning. We would like to say well done, we have been very impressed. Please encourage your year 2 super crew member to keep it up!

Thank you!

Mrs Stone and Miss Matthews.  

Need to know:

This week’s rule is the ‘y’ sound spelt ‘dge’ and ‘ge’ at the end of words.










Year 2 @ Hewish week 3!


In mad maths challenge we have worked on doubles. We have looked at 10s and 1s particularly swapping 10 ones for 1 ten. We have compared numbers using < > and =.


In English this week we have used descriptive language to describe the snail, the whale and the harbours.


We learned about weather stations. They have a thermometer, a windmill, a wind vane and a rain gauge.


We have continued with dance and movement.

Learning theme

We have sorted human and physical geographical features, and really secured our geographical understanding in this area.


This week we listened to our crew song and found, clapped and moved to the beat. We compared the beat with an African folk song and talked about the ways the music was different. We thought about structure, timing, beat and how loud or quiet the song was at different points.


This week we learned about Hindu worship and compared it with Christian worship in and out of school.


We are learning how to be safe online and how to use a computer, thinking about e-safety and safe searching. We will continue this learning over the coming week before we begin to experiment with creating, saving and printing our documents.


This week we learned about responsibility and through some team games, involving oracy, verbally structuring ideas, we thought about being responsible in our outlook, especially in kindness to others, and then sorted priorities as a group, agreeing the order of importance. Some magnificent arguments were made and the crew was surprised to notice how much agreement we found between us. It was lovely to learn that year 2 crew thinks looking after our planet and being kind and caring are the most important areas of responsibility.

Thank you for reading about our learning!

The Year 2 Crew!    

Need to know:

This week’s rule is the ‘s’ sound spelt c before e, I and y.











Year 2 Crew @ Hewish – Week 2!


This week in maths we have been learning to partition numbers. Partitioning numbers is when you split them into 10s and 1s. We have learned to prove our maths with dienes blocks.

As super challenge we used a part, part, whole model to change the way we partitioned the 10s and 1s (50 is 5 tens and 0 1s, or 3 tens and 2 tens, or 30 and 20).

We have worked really hard and impressed the year 2 teaching team!


In English we were writing to the snail and whale, asking questions and using a question mark. They wrote back, sending us a postcard. We then wrote in role as either the snail or the whale.


We learned some movements to support ball skills, had fun with a team game, and learned a dance as a penguin or polar bear. We had a dance off which was a favourite thing this week for many of us.

Learning Theme

This week we created UK maps, labelling the seas, countries and capital cities of the UK.


We learned about weather change in different seasons, and made a chart to show the changes.


We learned a new song and played musical games to find the beat.

We have had another fantastic week, worked very hard, and enjoyed our learning!

Thank you for reading all about it!


The Year 2 Crew

Need to know: This our spelling rule will be the ‘r’ sound at the beginning of words spelt ‘wr’. The words to practise are:











Welcome back to school!

Oh the Places You’ll Go – Class Poem

Oh the places we go video

Year 2 Crew @ Hewish – Week1!

It has been a pleasure to welcome the new Year 2 crew into this fresh academic year at St Anne’s Church Academy at Hewish. The children have had a wonderful first week learning like champions, and have set thought about what a champion leaner is like in year 2 as well as setting their own class expectations. The class have hit the ground running with their learning in English and Maths this week, with focus on counting by grouping, and counting in 2,3,5 and 10s, which helps to create deep mastery understanding of early multiplication and division. Our crew have learned, published and innovated poetry this week, and our class recital of ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr Seuss, is available for you to watch on our website.

Miss Matthews and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our crew for their enthusiasm and dedication this week. We are both very much looking forward to working with such a fantastic crew!

Sam Stone (Year 2 class teacher)

Need to know: Next week our spelling learning for the week is going to be based on the ‘n’ sound spelt ‘kn’ and less usually ‘gn’ at the start of a word. Practising these words with your child at home will help support their learning in school and give them confidence to use the words in their writing.

The words to practise are: