Classes 2018-2019 -

Busy Bees @West Wick 2018-19

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.”   Charles Schaefer


Term 1,  Week 6

In class this week the Busy Bees have been very busy thinking about what they want to be when they grow up!  They have been listening to stories, dressing up and learning about what different jobs involve! The children have had some wonderful ideas that have ranged from being superheros to mums (I would argue that is the same job!) and from astronauts to zoo keepers.

We have been really working with the children on their fine motor control and the children have been playing in the finger gym, hammering golf tees into pumpkins and doing a dough disco to aid their development.  They have also used the few days of sunshine we had at the beginning of the week to work on their gross motor control by using the scooters, balls, golf equipment and big playground chalk.  We are really seeing the impact of this in the children’s mark making which they are all enjoying very much.

In maths this week we have been focusing on non standard measurement and as well as measuring lots of objects they also measured some wolves footprints as part of a challenge from the three little pigs! Please check your child’s bag as there is a homework sheet for you to continue the learning at home.

In RE this week we have learnt about the first part of the story of Moses.  In PE we have been focusing on throwing and catching.  The children are really proud of themselves changing independently, thank you for helping them to do this.

We hope you have been enjoying reading the Tapestry observations about your child’s learning.  If you have not logged in yet or if you have any problems please talk to either Katie in the office or see one of us at the door and we will support you in accessing their diary.

Exciting news!  We will be hosting an evening for parents about how we teach phonics and maths in the Early Years on Tuesday 6th November from 4.30-6.00pm in the hall at West Wick.  There will be lots of practical ideas about how you can support your child with their learning as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Have a lovely weekend.


Week 5

This week the Busy Bees have been making up their own stories using the structure of ‘the three little pigs’ tale.  They have had some amazing ideas for characters including three little ninja’s and the big bad Pokémon, the three little dogs and the big bad butterfly and the three little diplodocuses and the big bad tyrannosaurus rex! They also explored houses around the world and looked at materials for building houses other than the traditional straw, sticks and bricks and next week we are going to be building with some of their more unusual ideas!

In maths this week we have been doing lots of counting and the children are beginning to record their maths pictorially in lots of ways including on whiteboards, with playground chalk and even in the sand.  They are enjoying playing maths games and making number puzzles with their friends and we have been working on them talking about their maths and explaining their reasoning in maths.

This week the children attended our beautiful Harvest worship where they enjoyed singing harvest songs and finding out about how we can support our community.  They also made their own harvest bread, we hope they enjoyed ( and maybe even shared!) the bread they  made and brought home today.

Have a wonderful weekend

Week 4

This week has been all about the ‘Three Little Pigs’!  The Children have had fun listening to and retelling the story with some beautiful puppets.  They have built houses big and houses small; houses out of Lego and houses made from real bricks. They have been architects, designers and builders and we have been so impressed by their creativity and imaginations.

The late September sunshine has provided us with some lovely opportunities to develop our core strength as we have played in the garden on the scooters and bikes.  We also have explored a range of small equipment such as stilts, launchers, discs and balls as well as played in the water tray and created wonderful worlds for our dinosaurs.

We continue to learn to toy talk ready for reading and are tuning into sounds by playing some fun games and activities.  We have also been playing with numbers and have been focusing on ordering them and recognising them out of sequence.

Have a lovely week end!



Week 3

Our first full week of school has been fantastic with all the Busy Bees settling really well and enjoying their learning at St Anne’s.

This week we have been doing lots of early phonics in the form of ‘toy talk’ and it is great to see how well the children are tuning into sounds.

The children have also been thinking about staying safe in school and we have been meeting the people and things that keep us safe in school.  We have also been learning our school rules and thinking about how the two things link.  Our school rules are:

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Respect the environment

We have been unpicking these rules with the children and it has been lovely to see how they are really applying them in their learning and in their play.

In Maths this week we have been counting collections of objects, looking at recognition of number and ordering numbers in their play.  We have also been playing lots of listening games and enjoying the garden and the Learning Street where they have been role playing with their new friends.

Today the children had their first PE lesson where they fully changed into their PE kits, please ensure all clothes are fully named.

Have a great weekend.

Week 2

This week the children have stayed for lunch and been out to play in the playground and they have been absolutely superb. They have shown good manners; they have played together beautifully and we have been really proud of their attitude to learning.  What a great start to school Busy Bees.

In school this week the children have been practicing writing their names using the correct letter formation and they have been making ice creams to sell in the garden.  They have also been counting collections of objects accurately and they have been using lots of numbers in their play.  For example they were building a wall for Humpty Dumpty in the construction area and they had to build it using 20 bricks.

Next week all the children will be in full time and we are looking forward to introducing our key text ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Please remember the children will need a coat in school every day as the weather is changeable but we will be outside! We will also need PE kit in school next week.

Thank you for all your support in helping us to make the children’s start in the Busy Bees so positive and happy.  Remember if you are ever worried please speak to one of us as we are here to help and we want happy children and parents!

Have a lovely weekend!



Week 1

Welcome to all our new Busy Bee children and families, it has been lovely getting to know you this week.  Thank you for making us so welcome on the home visits.

The children have settled really well on their first two days, it is lovely to see them already starting to come in independently and confidently.  They have enjoyed exploring and playing in the classroom and the garden, starting to build friendships and getting to know new faces.

We look forward to next week, have a lovely weekend.