Classes 2018-2019 -

Busy Bees @Hewish 2018-19

‘To learn and relearn with the children is our line of work. We proceed in such a way that the children are not shaped by the experience, but are the ones who give shape to it.’

(Malaguzzi, 1997:86)

‘…play is enjoyable, but it is also intellectually and emotionally challenging.  …when play fades away, so does learning of the deepest kind.’

(Bruce, 2001:1)

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Term 1 -Week 6


Exciting news!  We will be hosting an evening for parents about how we teach phonics and maths in the Early Years on Tuesday 6th November from 4.30-6.00pm in the hall at West Wick.  There will be lots of practical ideas about how you can support your child with their learning as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We have some lost named uniform. Please could you check your child’s uniform to make sure that they have their own jumper or cardigan.  Please don’t forget to book an appointment for our Learning Review Meetings. Please see the school newsletter for details. Many thanks.

We hope you have been enjoying reading the Tapestry observations about your child’s learning.  If you have any problems please talk to either Katie Bebb at the West Wick office or see one of us at the door and we will support you in accessing their diary.

This week, we have supported the children to develop their fine motor control.  They have been playing in the finger gym, hammering golf tees into pumpkins and having a dough disco to aid their development.  At the beginning of the week,  we took advantage of the good weather to develop  gross motor control by using the trim trail, bikes, sand tray and large chalks.



In maths this week,  the children found that a wolf had left a footprint in our classroom! We explored how we could use non-standard units to measure the footprint and then compared the length of the  footprint to our own. The children used mathematical language to compare and describe their findings. In your child’s book bag,  you will find a home learning sheet which will enable you to support them to embed and extend the learning they have been doing in school.


In RE this week. we have learnt about the first part of the story of Moses.

In PE we have been focusing on throwing and catching.  The children are really proud of themselves changing independently, thank you for helping them to do this.

Have a super weekend!

Term 1 – Week 5                                                                         Thank you God for the harvest!

NOTICES: We have some lost named uniform. Please could you check your child’s uniform to make sure that they have their own jumper or cardigan.  Please don’t forget to book an appointment for our Learning Review Meetings. Please see the school newsletter for details. Many thanks.

This week, the children have had fun innovating the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ with their own characters and house designs. The children were very imaginative and had great ideas, for example, ‘The Big Bad Gingerbread Man and the Three Little Mice’ and houses built of flowers, jelly and iron.

In maths, the children have continued to build their understanding of numbers and how they can be represented. They have played lots of dice games and are becoming able to ‘subitise’ this means recognising an amount without having to count. For example, when they see the pattern of dots on the dice they can quickly say the number.


Today in RE, the children have learnt why Harvest is a special time for Christians and in their groups wrote beautiful Harvest prayers. They have had great fun making bread, singing Harvest songs and making observational drawings of different types of pumpkins and squash.




A great week of learning Busy Bees!

Have a lovely weekend!


Term 1 – Week 4

NOTICES: The children had their photograph taken for the Mercury ‘New Reception Classes’ so do look out for it in next Thursday’s addition! Our Learning Review Meetings will be in the last week of term on Tuesday 16th October and Thursday 18th October. I am looking forward to seeing you and talking about your child and how they are settling into school.

Home Learning – The children will be bringing home on Monday  a copy of the story map for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ together with the words. Please enjoy joining in with them as they tell you the story using the story map and actions.

It has been a great week of learning!



Have a lovely weekend!

Term 1 – Week 3



NOTICES – Please could all children have a PE kit in school next week – thank you.

We have some lost named uniform. Please could you check your child’s uniform to make sure that they have their own jumper or cardigan. Many thanks.

Well done Busy Bees for completing your first full week in school. The children have been amazing and settled really well into the routines of a full day at school.

This week, we have been thinking about how we keep ourselves safe in school. The children went on safety walks around the school to find and discuss things that help keep them safe. We also collaboratively formed our class and school rules. We thought about how we respect ourselves, others and the environment and what this would look like and sound like. The children are so caring and came up with very mature and empathetic ideas – so proud of you Busy Bees. I know you are going to make our classroom and school a very happy place to learn!

In phonics, the children have been learning to orally blend and segment words. We have used ‘toy talk’ to develop this skill. For example, the would ‘cat’ in toy talk would be /c/a/t/. The children move their ‘robot arms’ to represent each sound they hear.

In maths, we have been recognising and ordering numbers to 10 and beyond. We have also been matching the correct number to a set of objects eg. 6 to a set of 6 bears. The children have been using their fingers to represent the sounds they hear or the number of frogs, buns, fish etc. Watching Numberblocks on ceebeebies is a great way of supporting the learning the children are doing in school.

Finally, we have also begun reading our key text ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and thinking about how the pigs could stay safe from the wolf.

We are so impressed and proud of the children and all they have achieved in their first full week at school.

Have a lovely weekend!


Term 1 – Week 2     

NOTICES – Please could your child have a coat in school everyday – Many thanks.

The Busy Bees have settled well into school life. They are getting to know each other,  the classroom and school routines. They  enjoyed staying to eat their lunch and having an opportunity to meet the other children and staff in the school.


This week, the children have learnt through their play together and we have begun making observations of their learning. The Tapestry online learning diaries will be going live very soon. You will receive an email which will enable to you set up an account and password for your child.

We look forward to seeing the children on Monday for their first full day in school. Have a great weekend!




Term 1 – Week 1

Welcome  Busy Bees!

We would like to welcome the new Busy Bees and their families to St. Anne’s. We are looking forward to meeting you all and embarking on our exciting learning journey!

Best wishes from all the staff at St. Anne’s

Well Done Busy Bees!

It has been a fun packed week welcoming the Busy Bees to St. Anne’s. It was really lovely to meet so many families and children on home visits this week. Thank you for making Mrs Davison and I so welcome.

The children have enjoyed meeting their new classmates and finding out about some of the things they will be learning at school. Next week the children will be staying for lunch and going home at 1.00pm.

Have a great weekend!