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Sports at St Anne’s 2015-2016

“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.”

  • – Paul Arden

Many thanks to all those who have helped throughout the year – Mrs Fell, Mr Cooksley, Mrs Few, Miss Smith, Miss Edwards, Miss Simms and all the parents, grandparents and helpers that help at the multi skills days. The biggest thank you goes to Mrs Youhill who regularly gives her time to come and support the children.


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THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE CHILDREN OF ST. ANNE’S      We have come to the end of a wonderful sporting year at St Anne’s. I really don’t know where to begin as the children have achieved so much this year.A round up so far – back in October 2015 we had our first event in Cross Country when Tilly and William finished 1st in their races and Bonnie and Luke finished in the top ten. Three of the runners went on to represent North Somerset at the county finals. William finished 4th, Tilly finished 7th and Luke 10th in their respective races. We came 4th in Sports Hall Athletics and qualified to represent North Somerset at the Winter County Games. We were crowned North Somerset winners in Archery and then came 2nd in the Spring County Games where we represented North Somerset. That now brings us up to Term 6 and what a term we have had. It has been so busy with our children excelling themselves again.

YEAR SIX LEADERS . Our School Games Crew and Pep Crew have done a fantastic job through out the year. They have provided fun and games at lunch time for the rest of the school to take part in. The School games Crew have organised  lead a football and Basketball tournament for Key Stage Two children. In term six they lead fun football games for Key Stage One classes. The Pep Crew have organised and lead fun games for key stage one children to play.  They have also made it competitive by including team races which the children love .

IMG_3477 IMG_3476 IMG_3475 IMG_3478 IMG_3333

IMG_3332 IMG_3331 IMG_3330 IMG_3483 IMG_3482 IMG_3481 IMG_3480 IMG_3479

SPORTS COACHES During Term 6 we were lucky enough to have lots of Sports Coaches join us in school to teach the children different skills. Glenn Dickson and Lee Seviour from Weston Rugby Club have been showing Busy Bees and Year 1 @West Wick and Hewish the tactics of playing Rugby. Year 3 and 4 have been learning the art of cricket with Rhys Crocker from Weston super Mare Cricket Club. They have also been working with Jon Mason from Churchill Fencing Club. Year 2 have been busy learning how to play tennis with Dean Cope from Congresbury Tennis Club. Year 5 and 6 have been working with Sasha O’Neil learning the techniques of Gymnastics. Year 6 have been working on their dance moves for their Jungle Book play with Bella Febry, a student from Priory School and they have been shooting arrows with Paul Maines from Gordano Valley Archers. They have also been learning about healthy life styles/living with Weston Seagulls. There have been lots of fantastic learning opportunities for the children from these wonderful coaches.


IMG_3320 IMG_3244 IMG_3243 IMG_3242

IMG_3241 IMG_3323 IMG_3322    IMG_3321


IMG_3473 IMG_3472 IMG_3471 IMG_3470 IMG_3467

IMG_3466 IMG_3474 IMG_3355 IMG_3354 IMG_3352 IMG_3346 IMG_3345 IMG_3343 IMG_3342 IMG_3356


IMG_3068 IMG_3067 IMG_3066 IMG_3065 IMG_3063 IMG_3061 IMG_3069

CROSS COUNTRY Our top runners from the cross country event from way back in October were invited to run in the North Somerset Team at the County Event. Due to the weather being so wet the original date was postponed to April. Three of our runners took part and they all ran really well on what turned out to be a perfect day for Cross Country. Well done to Tilly who came 7th, William who came 4th and Luke who came 10th in their age group races.

cross country 3  cross country 2 cross country 1 cross country

BOYS CRICKET On Wednesday 8th June a team of Year 5 and 6 boys took part in the School Games Level 2 Cricket event. At Nailsea Cricket Club the team played two games in their pool group losing both. They then went on to play two more games in the plate play offs, losing one and winning one. The whole team showed good skill on their batting and fielding making some lovely catches and hitting great fours and six’s. They were unlucky in losing wickets to their opponents. Well done to Haydon, William, Joe, Sidney, Noah, Clayton, PJ and Charlie. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event

IMG_3092 IMG_3091 IMG_3088 IMG_3086 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_3083 IMG_3081 IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3076 IMG_3074 IMG_3073 IMG_3072 IMG_3071 IMG_3070 IMG_3094 IMG_3093    IMG_3502

GIRLS CRICKET On Thursday 9th June a team of Year 5 and 6 girls took part in the School Games Level 2 Cricket event at Nailsea Cricket Club. The girls played three games in their pool group winning two and losing one which put them in the semi-final against High Down. This game was very close, with the girls winning by one run. The girls calmed their nerves to go into the final against Crockerne. Again this game was very close with every run counting and Crockerne needed 4 runs off 2 balls. Bonnie held her nerve and bowled lovely to take a wicket. Crockrene now needed 9 runs off the last ball. The last ball flew past the batter to crown the St Anne’s team as North Somerset winners.

IMG_3133     IMG_3130 IMG_3128 IMG_3126 IMG_3125 IMG_3124 IMG_3123 IMG_3121 IMG_3120 IMG_3117 IMG_3116 IMG_3115 IMG_3114 IMG_3113 IMG_3112 IMG_3111 IMG_3109 IMG_3108 IMG_3104 IMG_3102 IMG_3101

GIRLS CRICKET COUNTY FINAL As we were the winners we were then invited to represent North Somerset at the county Finals at Street Cricket club. This meant we were one of the top ten girls’ cricket teams from across four counties. We played three games in our pool group winning one and losing three. We then went in to the play offs to determine our final position, with us winning our final game. The girls played lovely cricket, fielding and batting with skill. Unfortunately we lost important wickets from some great catches that our opponents made. The whole team had a wonderful team spirit and supported each other really well and we finished in 7th place. Well done to Bonnie, Alice, Lottie, Nevaeh, Tegan, Izzy, Rubie Tilly and Melissa. Thank you to Rhys Crocker from Weston super Mare Cricket Club for all the wonderful coaching that he has given all the children to enable them to succeed.

IMG_3300  IMG_3298 IMG_3296 IMG_3297 IMG_3292 IMG_3290 IMG_3288 IMG_3285 IMG_3284 IMG_3283 IMG_3299

GYMNASTICS On Monday 13th June our Year 3/Year 4 gymnastic team took part in School Games Level 2 event. The girls had to perform a floor routine and a vault. The girls had been practising in our after school gym club to perfect their routine. They took to the floor and vault with confidence and timed their moves perfectly and finished in second place. Talia achieved the highest individual score. Well done to Talia, Olivia, Iona T, Rio and Yakira.

On Monday 20th June our Year 5/Year 6 team of gymnasts took part in a School Games Level 2 event. Again the girls had to perform a floor routine and vault and had been practising hard. They performed with style and composure and finished in 5th place. Well done to Ella-Mae, Nelly, Chloe, Lauren and Chanel. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at these events

IMG_3157 IMG_3156 IMG_3153 IMG_3152 IMG_3150 IMG_3149 IMG_3146 IMG_3145 IMG_3142 IMG_3141 IMG_3140 IMG_3169 IMG_3214 IMG_3213 IMG_3212 IMG_3204 IMG_3202 IMG_3201 IMG_3219   IMG_3167     IMG_3222

QUAD KIDS ATHLETICS On 16h June a team of Year 6 children took part in the School Games Level 2 event at Priory Academy. Each team member had to complete a 600m and 60m sprint race, a standing long jump and throw the vortex to score points for the St Anne’s team. The children worked really hard at each event to do their very best and they encouraged each other to do well. We finished winners in the small school category which meant we were off to the county finals.

IMG_3200 IMG_3198 IMG_3192 IMG_3189 IMG_3188 IMG_3187 IMG_3186 IMG_3185 IMG_3184 IMG_3183 IMG_3181 IMG_3178 IMG_3177 IMG_3176 IMG_3175 IMG_3174 IMG_3173 IMG_3172 IMG_3170

QUAD KIDS COUNTY FINAL From our great team work and motivation we qualified to represent North Somerset at the County finals in the Summer County Games at Bath University on 6th July. At the games the best of four counties came together to compete. We completed the same four events as we did at the level two stage. The children ran, jumped and threw to their very best ability. Their support for each other was fantastic and we finished in 5th place. Bonnie had 3rd highest girl individual score and William had 2nd highest boy score. Well done to Bonnie, Kayisha, Izzy, Rubie, Laura, Clayton, Hayden, Joe, Sidney, William and PJ. Thank you to Dave Turner for giving the children wonderful coaching and to Mrs Youhill for helping at his event.

IMG_3397   IMG_3357 IMG_3361 IMG_3358 IMG_3371 IMG_3370 IMG_3395 IMG_3394 IMG_3393 IMG_3392 IMG_3391 IMG_3390 IMG_3389 IMG_3387 IMG_3386 IMG_3385 IMG_3383 IMG_3382 IMG_3380 IMG_3379 IMG_3378 IMG_3377 IMG_3376 IMG_3375 IMG_3374 IMG_3373 IMG_3372

CRICKET   We entered a competition that was run through the Cricket board and won tickets to watch England’s Ladies Cricket team play the inter-nation final against Pakistan in Taunton. Year 4 class had the wonderful experience to go to the event. As well as watching the match, the children were able to take part in cricket activities around the ground and they even learnt how a cricket bat is made from a lump of wood and they used peddle power to make their own fruit smoothies. At the end of the match the England team took time to meet and chat to the children and sign autographs, which they all loved. Year 4 class entered an acoustic poem competition, well done to Lucy, Emily and Ewan who won tickets to go and watch a cricket event at Taunton Cricket Ground.

IMG_3264 IMG_3263 IMG_3262 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3275 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3265 IMG_3266

SPEED STACKING DAY  On Friday 1st July we held a speed stacking day where Shane German came in to teach staff and children the techniques of speed stacking. Each class took a turn to stack cups into a tower and unstack in the quickest time. Each winner in each class received a medal. Everyone had great fun learning the skill of stacking the cups in the quickest way possible.On Friday 1st July we held a speed stacking day where Shane German came in to teach staff and children the techniques of speed stacking. Each class took a turn to stack cups into a tower and unstack in the quickest time. Each winner in each class received a medal. Everyone had great fun learning the skill of stacking the cups in the quickest way possible.

IMG_3328 IMG_3327 IMG_3326 IMG_3325 IMG_3324 IMG_3319 IMG_3318 IMG_3317 IMG_3316 IMG_3315 IMG_3314 IMG_3313 IMG_3312 IMG_3311 IMG_3310 IMG_3309 IMG_3308 IMG_3307 IMG_3306 IMG_3305 IMG_3329

KEY STAGE ONE MULTI SKILLS DAY On Thursday 7th July key stage one took part in a multi skills event held at each site. Shane German and Kim Hazeldene came to the West Wick site in the morning where Busy Bees and Year 1 took part. The children were put into groups. Each group had a turn at a game station where they scored points for their team. In the afternoon it was the turn for the children at the Hewish site. All the children had a wonderful day and enjoyed using their sporting skills and learning new ones while taking part in the game stations.

IMG_3441 IMG_3439 IMG_3438 IMG_3437 IMG_3436 IMG_3435 IMG_3428 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3427 IMG_3426 IMG_3425 IMG_3424 IMG_3419 IMG_3418 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3416 IMG_3408 IMG_3407 IMG_3404 IMG_3403 IMG_3442

NETBALL We played our now traditional two end of year matches. One of these being when last year’s Year 6 children came back to play our present Year 6 children. This is always a fun game and it is always lovely to see the Year 7 children and catch up on their first year at secondary school. Their old netball skills came flooding back but the Year 6 team stood strong and they won 8-6. Thank you to all the Year 7s that came back.

Next it was our fun Mums vs the children game which is always played with great enjoyment. It provides a lot of laughs and some very unusual foot work from the Mums! The children played a good game and dodged around the mums brilliantly. We played 2 games and it was a overall  win to the children of 8- 6. Thank you to everyone that took part and thank you to all the parents’ support for netball throughout the year.



School Games Sports Day at St. Anne’s – Thursday 26th May 2016

Well what a fabulous School Games Sports Day we had! The sun was shining and the chilly wind stayed away. The children had a wonderful time racing and cheering,waving flags and being part of a team. It was really lovely to have the whole school together, the children from West Wick arrived in the morning and stayed all morning with us. At lunchtime our family and friends stayed for a picnic on the field. It really was a day of sunshine, smiling faces and super sport! Our School Games Crew done a fantastic job of helping to organise the day. 

SCHOOL GAMES SPORTS DAY FESTIVAL With the Dance Festival starting off the term with a bang our School Games Sports day finished it off with an even bigger one. The sun was shining brightly on what was going to be a fun packed day of sporting activities. Busy Bees and Year 1 @West Wick came to Hewish to join us for the morning’s fun and games for Key Stage 1 and the whole school family picnic lunch. The children paraded onto the field waving their School Games flags and we opened with the dance festival team performing their free style dance from the “Weston Rocks” Festival. The children in each class were put into coloured teams. Then each class took it in turn to run their races in a supermarket sweep theme scoring points for their coloured team. The children filled their baskets with delights and we even had French bread sticks for the relay batons! The winning team was the blue team. After our family picnic it was the turn of our Key Stage 2 children. As the children paraded on to the field waving their school games flags the air was electric with anticipation for the forthcoming races. The dance festival team once again opened the School Games Festival with their dance routine. The children competed against each other within their classes. We had the traditional sprint race, hurdles, javelin and relay. We also included a School Games Medley Race which showcased some of the school games events that the children have taken part in, which included swimming, rugby, hockey, football and tennis. In both the morning and afternoon activities the parents and younger siblings were also able to show their running skills in fun races. Thank you to the School Games Crew who worked tirelessly all day to ensure our School Games day was such a success. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends that came to cheer on their children. The whole day was filled with our children having a wonderful time.

IMG_2980 IMG_2978 IMG_2976 IMG_2970 IMG_2993 IMG_2966 IMG_2942 IMG_3013 IMG_3015 IMG_2959 IMG_2960 IMG_2964 IMG_2941 IMG_2939 IMG_3017 IMG_2969 IMG_3049 IMG_3047IMG_3045IMG_3040IMG_3038IMG_3034IMG_3031IMG_3052IMG_3050IMG_2948IMG_3028IMG_3027IMG_3022IMG_3021IMG_2956IMG_2947IMG_3030IMG_3008IMG_3019IMG_3020IMG_3010IMG_3008IMG_3005IMG_3004IMG_2997IMG_3011IMG_2988IMG_2984IMG_2944IMG_2938IMG_2946DSC08177DSC08178


SPORTS COACHES During Term 5 we were lucky enough to have lots of Sports Coaches join us in school to teach the children different skills. Glenn Dickson and Lee Seviour from Weston Rugby Club have been showing Busy Bees @West Wick and Hewish, Year 1 @West Wick and Year 2 @Hewish the tactics of playing rugby. Year 5 have been learning the art of cricket with Rhys Crocker from Weston super Mare Cricket Club. Year 1 and Year 2 @Hewish have been playing football with James Howiantz from the FA Football Skills Coaching Team. Years 3 and 4 have been very busy learning how to play tennis with Dean Cope from Congresbury Tennis Club. They have also been learning the art of Golf  and Year 2 joined them in swinging their clubs at golf with Rob Moss from Mendip Springs Golf Club. Year 6 have been working with Dave Turner from Weston Athletics Club learning new skills in Quad Kids Athletics and Bella Febry, a student from Priory School has been dancing with Year 3. There have been lots of fantastic learning opportunities for the children from these wonderful coaches.


IMG_2775 IMG_2809 IMG_2808 IMG_2807 IMG_2806 IMG_2803 IMG_2802 IMG_2801 IMG_2798 IMG_2797 IMG_2813 IMG_2727 IMG_2725 IMG_2723 IMG_2721 IMG_2720 IMG_2718 IMG_2717 IMG_2716 IMG_2715 IMG_2714 IMG_2713 IMG_2728


IMG_2779 IMG_2778 IMG_2777 IMG_2776 IMG_2775 IMG_2774 IMG_2780IMG_2882IMG_2881


IMG_2794 IMG_2792 IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2789 IMG_2795 IMG_2787 IMG_2786 IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2783 IMG_2782 IMG_2781 IMG_2788


IMG_2883 IMG_2886 IMG_2888

DANCE FESTIVAL Term 5 kicked off with a bang with a group of Year 3, 4 and 5 children taking part in the North Somerset Dance festival “Weston Rocks”. The children had been practising hard since Christmas to perfect their dance moves. They had to preform two dances one under the title of “Weston Rocks,” this could have been a dance to reflect Weston in any way that you wanted to, from the coast line to a Rock n Roll song. The children chose to do a Rock n Roll song. The second song was a free choice dance and they chose to a modern street dance routine. All the children looked and danced wonderfully. Thank you to Bella who choreographed the dances.

Picture 192                     Picture 188

IMG_2734 IMG_2736 IMG_2731 IMG_2752 IMG_2751 IMG_2747 IMG_2746 IMG_2741 IMG_2739 IMG_2738


From our wonderful win at the level 2 School Games Archery event and being crowned North Somerset Champions, we proudly went to the Spring Games Level 3 County Games where we represented North Somerset. The team again had to perform three disciplines of Target, Clout and Flight. The wind was playing fun and games with the arrows but our team held their nerve and concentrated hard. They stayed positive and focused as they were now competing against the best from across four counties. They represented their school and North Somerset brilliantly to finish second. This is a fantastic achievement for all the children and we are all very proud at how well they did in both competitions. Thank you to Paul Maines from Gordano Valley Archers for the wonderful coaching that was provided for the children that helped them to be so successful.

IMG_2772 IMG_2758 IMG_2755 IMG_2763


Wednesday 4th May Year 1 @West Wick went along to Worle Community School to take part in a Multi Skills Festival. The children took part in many different games stations lead by Year 10 and 11 students from Worle Community School. They ran, jumped, skipped, hopped, dribbled footballs and hockey balls and threw bean bags and balls into hoops and at targets. They took part in lots of different activities to challenge them and learnt new skills throughout the afternoon. They all had a wonderful time and lots of fun was had by all. Thank you to all the team of helpers that came along to the event.

IMG_2859 IMG_2858 IMG_2857 IMG_2856 IMG_2855 IMG_2853 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2845 IMG_2844 IMG_2843 IMG_2842 IMG_2841 IMG_2840 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2837 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2826 IMG_2827 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2820 IMG_2818 IMG_2816 IMG_2860

NETBALL AND FOOTBALL On Wednesday 4th May we hosted a return after school football and netball game against Herons’ Moor Academy. A team of year 3 and 4 footballers and year 5 and 6 netballers played a game each. The football team played well but were up against a strong Herons’ Moor team. We passed the ball well but found it hard to get past their defence. We kept our heads up and battled on to score some good goals. The final score was a win to Herons’ Moor of 14- 4. The netball team played some lovely netball passing the ball and keeping a good shape of play. The defence worked well at keeping Herons’ Moor attackers away from the goal with a final score of a win to St Anne’s 11-1. On Tuesday 24th May we also hosted a home netball match against Locking School. The whole team from netball club played two games against Locking. Both games were very close with end to end netball being played which showed in both final scores. The mid court players worked hard to gain control of the ball. St Anne’s won both games 6-5 and 5-4. Well done to all the children that played in all the games and thank you to all the parents for their support.


IMG_2862 IMG_2861 IMG_2868 IMG_2864


IMG_2900 IMG_2899 IMG_2898 IMG_2897 IMG_2894 IMG_2895 IMG_2896

ROUNDERS On Tuesday 17th May a team of year 5 and 6 children took part in a School Games Rounders Festival at Uphill Cricket Ground. This was a trial event to see if it could be added to the school games’ calendar next year. We played two games in our pool group and won both which meant we went in to the winners’ pool group. In all the games we played really well, scoring some great rounders and made some wonderful catches to get our opponents out. We lost our two games in the winners’ pool group to finish in third place. Well done to Bonnie, Tegan, Laura, Lottie, Ella-Mae, Clayton, Haydon, Sidney, Joe, William, Charlie R and Mason. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event.


SWIMMING GALA On Thursday 19th May a team of year 4, 5 and 6 took part in the School Games level 2 Swimming Gala. There was a mixture of individual and team races and the children chose which races they would like to do. The whole atmosphere at pool side was very energetic and loud with everyone cheering on their team mates. The children of St Anne’s had great fun competing in their races and swam really well. Well done to Luke, Jacob, Jack R, Noah, Tilly, Leonie, Hollie, Grace, Imogen, and Emily. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at this event and for the parents for their support.


TENNIS AND GOLF   On Tuesday 24th May a team of Year 3 and 4 children part in the Tennis and Golf School Games Level 2 event at Bristol Grammar School playing fields. We had a tennis team from each year group. Each team played two games in their pool group. The Year 4 team won and lost a game and the Year 3 team lost both their games. Both teams performed lovely rallies and scored some points from great shots. We had mixed year groups in the golf team. The team showed great support for each other at each of the Golf stations. At the stations they had to use different golfing skills of drive, chip and putt the ball to score points for their team. The golf team came third. Well done to William, T, Daisy, Sophie, Emily, Luca, Zach, Ellie, Sky, Yakira, Clayton, Addy, Rosanna, Oliva N, Emilia, Samuel, Jack R, and Ewan. Thank you Dean Cope (Tennis Coach), Mrs Youhill and Mrs Few for helping at this event.


IMG_2921 IMG_2920 IMG_2919 IMG_2918 IMG_2916 IMG_2915 IMG_2914 IMG_2913 IMG_2911 IMG_2922


IMG_2931 IMG_2930 IMG_2929 IMG_2928 IMG_2927 IMG_2925 IMG_2924 IMG_2909 IMG_2908 IMG_2907 IMG_2906 IMG_2905 IMG_2903 IMG_2902 IMG_2901


 SR16_Logo_2016        Sports Relief Friday 18th March 2016

We started our day by all donating £1 which was in return for us all to wear our sporty clothes to school. We learnt in Worship that the money we have all raised today will go towards helping children who are less fortunate than all of us. We watched a film about a 10 year old girl called Champa who lives in Bangladesh with her family, her father was killed in a road accident and her family have very little money. Champa and her brother have to work as Litter Pickers, they get 50p a day for picking up 6 kilograms of plastic waste from the streets of Daka. In the film we learnt that through Sports Relief Champa is able to attend a centre where she can learn, dance and be with her friends for a few hours a day. She loves this time of day as its the only time she really feels safe. This costs £20 a year. We also learnt that through Sports Relief funding Champa is able to go to school occasionally this costs £100 for a year.  After watching the film about Champa we all realised how lucky we are but also how we can help children all around the world by raising money. Thank you for all your donations today, we are very grateful.

For Sports Relief Day Key stage one teachers play a friendly netball match against the Key stage one teachers.This has now become a bit of a sports relief day tradition. All the children come out to cheer their class teachers on. It is a wonderful atmosphere as everyone wants to win. All the old net balling skills that they learnt at school come flooding back , with  some very unusual footwork creeping in .Key Stage One teachers were keen to win after loosing at the last game . They did take an early lead but the key stage two teachers weren’t going to be denied in keeping their title of winners. Final score a win of 4-3 to Key Stage Two Teachers . Thank you to everyone who took part and parents who support this event with a donation.

P1080412 P1080400 P1080400P1080397 P1080385 P1080377 P1080369

Each class also enjoyed a half an hour session of Tag Rugby this took place throughout the day…we all used a lot of energy!

P1080423 P1080418


HOCKEY . Year Four with Abi 

IMG_2684 IMG_2685 IMG_2687 IMG_2691 IMG_2693 IMG_2694 IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2697

RUGBY . Year Four with Glenn

IMG_2708 IMG_2707 IMG_2705 IMG_2704 IMG_2702 IMG_2701 IMG_2710

NETBALL. On Wednesday 24th February a team from Netball club took part in a friendly tournament at Worle School. This was a practice event ready for the School Games Tournament. We played 2 games in our pool group winning both of them which lead us to the semi-final against Worle Village winning 3-0. Then it was on to the final against St Georges School. This was a very close match as with our first game against them in the pool group. Our defence stood strong to push our attackers up to goal, with our great mid court play. The goals were being scored end to end and it came down to who could get the last goal in before the whistle. The final score was a loss to St Anne’s of 3-4.

NETBALL On Friday 4th March the School Games Level Two Netball Tournament was held at Bristol Grammar School Playing Fields.   We played 2 games in the small school pool group. Winning one and drawing one. We only missed going into the final on goal difference. In both games our shooters were on fine form popping the ball into the net with ease. We passed the ball with skill to show our lovely game play. Well done to Bonnie Izzy, Imogen , Laura, Tegan , Kayisha, Tilly, Alice and Ella-Mae. Thank you to Mrs Youhill for helping at these events

IMG_2585 IMG_2584 IMG_2583 IMG_2581 IMG_2577 IMG_2588IMG_2610

NETBALL AND FOOTBALL. After School Matches  On Tuesday 8th March the School Netball team played an away match against Yatton School. We played two games winning one and losing the other.  Both teams played well. As this was our first after school game the children were a little nervous but as soon as they started playing and got into their stride they began to pass the ball lovely. The mid court play worked well to take control of play and to get the ball into our attacking end of the court to score those all important goals . Well done to the whole of the Netball team.

Wednesday 16th March we took a Netball team and a Year 3 and Yearr 4 Football team to play after school matches at Herons Moor Academy. The Football team were very excited and went straight in to play full steam ahead. St Anne’s passed the ball well and defended lovely. At Half time the score was very close with only one goal in it. Into the second half and Herons Moor scored two very quick goals. We didn’t let that stop us and soon got the goals back with a final score of a draw of 6 all. Well done to Jack D, Rio, Luca T.C, Clayton, Talia, Emily, Jai, Luca M, Jack R and Addison. Our netball team played a lovely game of netball against the Heron’s Moor Team. We showed lovely skill with our passing and game play. Our defence were on fine form stopping the Heron Moor attackers getting at goal. Final score a win to St Anne’s of 6-1. well done to Bonnie Kayisha , Lauren, Amelia, Izzy and Joe.

ARCHERY AND HOCKEY. On Thursday 17th March we took a team of Archers and a Hockey team to the School Games Level Two Event at Worle Community School.

Hockey Our Hockey team played 3 games in our pool group winning one and loosing two. We played lovely, passing the ball well and showing good Hockey skills. We had many shots at goal but sadly just going wide too many times. We had a good team sprite and supported each other brilliantly. We then went in to the plate play off’s where we played a further 2 games. In these two games we drew one and lost one. Well done to Alice, Ella-Mae Chloe, Charlie and Jacob.

Archery Our two Archery Teams had to perform 3 Archery skills. Target, Clout and Flight. They had 2 goes at each challenge to score points for their team and to get an individual score. Each of the children held their nerve and concentration brilliantly and showed brilliant support for each other. I am so proud to say that our A team came 1st and our B team came 2nd. We went into this event defending our title of North Somerset Champions and I am happy to say that we retained our title from our win at the event. In North Somerset Luke was the 2nd highest placed boy,and Mason was the 4th highest boy .Brooke was the highest placed girl and Eleanor was teh 2nd highest placed girl  This is a fantastic achievement for all the children. Thank you to Paul Maines from Gordano Valley Archers for the wonderful coaching that you provided for the children.  Well done to Brooke, Tilly, Eleanor, Chanel, Luke, Charlie.H, Mason and Ted.

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RUGBY On Wednesday 23rd March we took part in a School Games level Two Rugby Tournament at Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club. We played 3 games in our pool group drawing 1 and loosing 2. The team passed the ball well keeping their attacking line and scoring lovely tries. We held a good defensive line when our opponents were on the attack and we took many tag belts. The whole team played lovely. Well done to Charlie.R, Jacob,Mason Ethan, Ewan, Finley, Ella-Mae, Brooke, Tilly,and Melissa. Thank you to Mrs Youhil for helping at this event.

IMG_2670 IMG_2682 IMG_2679 IMG_2678 IMG_2677 IMG_2676 IMG_2673 IMG_2672


Term 3 is a busy sporting time for St. Anne’s. There are sporting events taking place that we are delighted to be taking part in and we are benefiting from having professional coaches in school to team teach and deliver PE sessions with our staff.

SPORTS COACHES.  In Term 3, Sasha O’Neil has been working with Busy Bees. The children have been learning lots of new Gymnastics skills. Glenn Dickson has been showing Year 4 the tactics of playing Rugby. Year 5 have been playing and learning Hockey skills with Abi Shorney. In Term 4, Year 4 will be playing Hockey; Year 1 and Year 2 will be playing football with James Howiantz from the FA football skills coaching team and Paul Maines will be working with Year 5 in Archery. There has been lots of fantastic learning for the children from these wonderful coaches.

YEAR THREE  Gym with Sasha . 

IMG_2599 IMG_2596 IMG_2591 IMG_2592 IMG_2600

SCHOOL KIT BAGS I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Ford. and Mrs. Youhill for their very generous gift that they have made and given to the children – 20 kit bags! These will be used to transport our school sports equipment to events and competitions. So very helpful and kind, thank you Mr Ford. and Mrs. Youhill


GYM  Sasha O’Neil has been working with Busy Bees

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DODECATHALON On Wednesday 6th January, a team of Year 3 and Year 4 children took part in the School Games Dodecathalon at Hutton Moor. In this event they took part in 12 different activities, including Archery, Kurling, Hand Badminton, Hockey, Speed Stacking, and Sprint Racing. At each station they collected points for their team. They needed good team work to balance, run, throw balls and bean bags. The children all took part with great enthusiasm and worked lovely as a team encouraging each other to do well . Well done to Niamh, Kate, Jack, Rio, Alexa, Talia, Ethan, Finley, Ellis and Ewan. The children all received a medal for taking part.

Quotes from the children .

” I felt really proud as our kit looked so smart and we were representing our school ” Niamh

“I enjoyed the Dodecathalon as there were lots of events . My highlight was the Archery because it was really fun ” Kate .

Ellis Poem.

I enjoyed playing all the different dodecathalon games,

Shouting and calling other people’s names.

The activities on the floor

Made everyone want to do more.

But finally it was time to go,

Everyone was sad but they didn’t know.

For St Anne’s it was a great success, we all had a great time and it was the best

” I really like the Curling , I learnt that the target was reached by accurate sliding. I enjoy taking part in events because it keeps me physical and healthy ” Ethan

IMG_2344 IMG_2324 IMG_2330 IMG_2339 IMG_2340 IMG_2341 IMG_2342

SPORTS HALL ATHLETICS On Wednesday 13th January, a team of Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the School Games Sports Hall Athletics at Hutton Moor. This is always a wonderful, fun and energetic event with adapted field and track events from summer athletics to take place in a sports hall. This is a great way for children to enjoy athletics all year round. The children jumped in the vertical jump, standing long jump, triple jump and speed bounce. They threw balls and javelins. They ran sprint and long distance races, completed obstacle races and had the all-important final event of the relay races. The children competed with wonderful enthusiasm and team spirit, cheering on their team mates to do well in each event. A morning and afternoon event was held with 22 Schools from across North Somerset. We secured a fantastic 2nd place in the afternoon event and 4th place over all. We were the highest placed small School. I am so proud to say that we qualified as one of the four Schools to represent North Somerset at the Level 3 County finals at UWE University on Monday 1st February. This was a brilliant achievement for the children as they are one of the top 12 schools from across four Counties.  On the day they competed against Schools from across four counties. The children ran, jumped and threw with wonderful determination. They should be very proud of their achievements and how far they got in the competition. The whole day was a wonderful experience. Well done to Bonnie, Kayisha, Imogen, Izzy, Daisy, Nevaeh, Tilly, Melissa, Alice, Hayden, Clayton, William, Joe, Sidney, Luke Charlie, Mason, Jacob and Ted.

Quotes from the children.

“I enjoyed taking part in the under and over as hurdles is my favourite athletic event. The highlight was when we found out we had come 2nd in the afternoon events “Alice

“I loved taking part in the event and I got the chance to show off my different skills and learn more things every time ” Charlie.

“I really liked sports hall athletics. My favourite event was the triple jump. As a school we participated really well. Mrs Hodges helps us to do well and be the best we can be. Mr Turner gave us inspiration and taught us to discover talents within our selves. We all had different talents and they helped us to succeed. We were over joyed to come 4th over all” Imogen.

” I found it fun and very hard at the same time. I have learnt that sport is hard but lots of fun . I thought that all the schools did really well. ” Nevaeh .

IMG_2355 IMG_2354 IMG_2358 IMG_2379 IMG_2372 IMG_2371 IMG_2363 IMG_2361 IMG_2360 IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2387 IMG_2389 IMG_2391 IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2397 IMG_2402 IMG_2404 IMG_2409

IMG_2480 IMG_2476 IMG_2482 IMG_2484 IMG_2504 IMG_2500 IMG_2496 IMG_2493 IMG_2490 IMG_2486 IMG_2506 IMG_2511 IMG_2522 IMG_2524 IMG_2529 IMG_2532

MULTI SKILLS EVENT On Wednesday 20th January Year 1@Hewish had a fun afternoon at Worle Community School taking part in a Multi Skills event. The children took part in different game stations, where they ran, jumped, threw balls and bean bags into hoops and buckets, and dribbled balls with their feet and hockey sticks. The game stations were led by Year 10 and Year 11 Worle School students. The children learnt new skills and extended existing skills when taking part in the fun activities

IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2432 IMG_2431 IMG_2420 IMG_2418 IMG_2417 IMG_2413 IMG_2412 IMG_2448

RUGBY On Wednesday 3rd February a team of Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in a fun Rugby event at Worle School. Locking School and St Anne’s attended the event. Locking School had two teams, which meant that we played two games. This was a friendly event to enable the children to practice ready for the School Games event next term. The children played well and showed good attacking and defensive skills, keeping their line when doing both. St Anne’s won both their games. Well done to Bonnie, Tegan, Izzy, Hayden, Clayton, Joe, Charlie and Jacob. Thank you to Mrs. Youhill for helping at this event.

IMG_2546 IMG_2535 IMG_2536 IMG_2538 IMG_2541 IMG_2543

SPORTS COATS .  A big thank you also to Landscape Gardening, who maintain our grounds, for kindly donating the lovely jackets for the children to wear to sporting events. The children wore them to the Rugby event for the first time. They kept them lovely and warm between games .



Children have been busy taking part in the lunch time clubs and after school clubs, learning new skills in all kinds of sports.

GYM…Sasha O’Neil our Gymnastic Coach has been working with Year 1 and 2 throughout Term 2 and have been learning the techniques of gym. Busy Bees will work with Miss O’Neil in Term 3.

DANCE...Bella Febry has been dancing with Busy Bees and Year 2. They have been creating dances linked with their class themes. Busy Bees theme was Autumn and Christmas and Year 2 have been travelling into space.

CROSS COUNTRY  O n 22nd October 48 children from years three, four, five and six  took part in the level 2 school games cross country at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. This was  wonderful to take  so many children to a sporting event. We had a team of six boys and girls from each year group. The year three / four races were for fun and an introduction into cross country. Tilly and Talia  finished in the top 10. The children ran very well pacing themselves around the track.   The  year five boys and girls races were the first to be run. The children all ran well and we had Luke finish in the top 10 for the boys and Tilly won the girls race . The year six races came next , both teams were up for the challenge and again we had Bonnie finish in the top 10 for the girls and William won the boys race.  these four runners will go on to represent North Somerset at the county finals next year . Well done to  all the children who ran ran brilliantly and tried their very best. Thank you to everyone that helped at the event and for all the parents who came to support the children.

Quotes from the children .

“I enjoyed representing St Anne’s and coming 1st for the School. I was proud of my friends for taking part as Cross Country is a tough event. I loved my friends cheering me on. I love this event because it is my favourite sport” William.

“My highlights were I finished the race even though I have never ran before. I enjoyed running with my friends and to see my friends achievements “Yakira.

“I was proud to have participated in this event and coming eighteenth in my age group. I have learnt that if you’re determined and push your self , you can archive greater things . “Alice

“I enjoyed coming 28th because it is better than I did last year. I’ve learnt that everyone that sprints at the start will end up at the back. ” Charlie.

“I love taking part i Cross Country . It was really fun. I am looking forward to representing North Somerset with Luke and William .” Tilly

” I really enjoyed liked it. It was challenging but I enjoyed it ” Rosanna.

” I enjoyed doing Cross Country . It was fun and exciting. It was very challenging and hard work but it was very rewarding at the same time . ” Leonie.

IMG_2238 IMG_2217 IMG_2210 IMG_2240 IMG_2200  IMG_2191


SCHOOL GAMES SMALL SCHOOL FOOTBALL EVENT On Thursday 19th November a team of Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in the School Games Small School Football event. We were put into a pool group of four teams and played three matches, with St Anne’s winning two out of the three games. The players worked well as a team passing the ball well around the pitch. From the pool group stage we went into the play offs for the plate. The team was on fine form and took an early lead against Wraxall. We kept up the attack to win the game 3-0 and then went on to the final against Allsaints. St Anne’s came up against a strong defence but kept battling to attack at the Allsaints goal. Allsaints came back at the St Anne’s team and managed to slip past our defence to score. We kept up the pressure to the final whistle when the final score was a win to Allsaints of 3-1. Well done to Bonnie, Tegan, Melissa, Clayton, Hayden, Sidney, Joe, William, Charlie and Jacob. Thank you Mrs Youhill for helping at this event.

Quotes from the children 

“I enjoy taking part because I like trying things out and giving things a go. ” Charlie

” I like playing as a team. The more we play the better we are as practice is good for all of us. we showed really good effort ” Bonnie

IMG_2312 IMG_2244


ATHLETICS…Dave Turner has been in working with Year 5 and 6. The children have been taking part in Sports Hall Athletic PE lessons with Mr Turner. They have been learning the skill of standing long jump, standing triple jump, indoor hurdling, javelin relay and push passes. These are all activities of Indoor Athletics.

IMG_2315 IMG_2318 IMG_2320 IMG_2322


NEW AGE KURLING On Wednesday 23rd September a team of Year 3 and Year 4 children took part in a School Games New Age Kurling event at Nailsea School. This event was being trialled to see if it could be added into the PE Association calendar next year as an event, so we were all new to this sport. The children took on the challenge of this new sport with good spirt and it was very noticeable how they were improving with each game. Each team were put into pool groups and played three games. From the first round of games, teams qualified for either the winner pool group or friendly pool group play offs. We qualified for the friendly play offs and both teams were triumphant as winners from each of their pool group play offs. Well done to Luke, Charlie, Brooke, Ella, Shelby, Darcie, Samuel and Eva. Thank you to Mrs Edwards-James for helping at this event.

Quotes from the children 

I thought Kurling was amazing. I enjoyed rolling the stones into the circle ” Samuel

“I enjoyed playing with my friends. I learnt how to glide the stone across the floor ” Brooke

IMG_2180 IMG_2161 IMG_2173

TAG RUGBY TOURNAMENT On Friday 18th September the “Love Weston” group, within North Somerset Tourism, and Weston Rugby Club organised a Rugby Tournament to celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup. Schools were invited to bring two teams along to the event. Each team were given a country that is taking part in the World Cup and we were given Japan and Wales. Each team were put into pool groups and played 3 games each. We then played in either the Cup or Plate play offs. Each child was given a medal and a hot dog for taking part, which went down very well! The children had a wonderful afternoon and the atmosphere was electric with everyone cheering on their teams. Well done to Japan team: Alexa, Olivia, Ellie, James, Samuel, Ethan, Jai and William; Wales team: Emily, Lucy, Olivia, Finley, Ewan, Zachary, Luca and Floyd. Thank you to Mr Cooksley for helping at this event and for the parents’ support

Quotes from the children 

I enjoyed playing Tag Rugby . I was a bit anxious at first but when i started playing I had great fun ” Lucy

” I learnt you don’t stop to let the other team pull your tag ,you just run and go for it ! ” Olivia 

“I enjoyed taking part in the event because it taught me lots about the tournament and i really enjoyed the experience. I have benefited from going to sporting events by meeting people and trying completely new things in sport ” Ellie

” My highlight of the Tag Rugby event was when we got to play other school and represent St Anne’s. I really liked it because it gave me confidence.” Floyd.

” I enjoyed working as a team and taking part as a team . ” Jai

“I learnt that you have to throw the ball backwards and not to throw it forwards. I enjoyed playing with my friends ” Zachary .

“I enjoyed playing Tag Rugby because you run around , which is my favourite way of getting fit . ” Samuel .

IMG_2152 IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2142 IMG_2156

DANCE Bella Febry, a Year 11 pupil at Priory School has been joining us on a Wednesday afternoon for work experience @Hewish. She will be working with a different class each term to teach dance. The session will be linked with the theme each class are learning about. In Term 1 she has been working with Year 1 and they have been composing a dance linked with their theme of ‘Travelling in Space’. In Term 2 she will be working with the Reception class and their theme will be ‘Christmas’, and with Year 2 whose theme will be ‘Space dance’

GYMNASTICS Sasha O’Neill, a Gymnastic Coach from Gemini Gym Club has been working with Year 4. The children in Year 4 have had a very enjoyable time taking part in the gym lessons. Each term Sasha will be working with a different class so that all the children will have the opportunity to do gymnastics in a PE lesson. In Term 2 Sasha will be working with Year 1 and Year 2 and Carolyn Devereaux will be working with Year 1 @ West Wick

IMG_2125        IMG_2134  IMG_2135

RUGBY A new after school rugby club started in Term 1, which has been great timing with the World Cup being played at the moment. We are very lucky to have a very experienced Coach from Weston super Mare Rugby Club come in to take the club. Glenn Dickson is from New Zealand and has played for Northampton Saints. In Term 1 Glenn also worked with Year 4 children to give them coaching for a tournament that they took part in. He also worked with Years 5 and 6 in their PE lessons.