Classes 2022-2023 -

Year 5 @ West Wick

Welcome to  Year 5  @  West Wick

Class Teacher:  Mrs Kelly/ Mrs Brawn

LSA: Mrs Fox


Our Learning Theme for terms 5 and 6 is ‘Why is it important to look after our world?’

Our mini enquiry questions are:

How can we be more sustainable?

Why do we need to be sustainable?

Why are the rainforests important?

If we damage the world, what is the impact?

How were the Mayans sustainable?


In English Reading our class text is ‘The Boy in the Tower’ by Polly Ho-Yen.

In English Writing we have created beautiful poetry based on a poem called Conker. Next we will be using our persuasive writing skills to create leaflets about ways we can all be sustainable.  We will also be writing information pieces and  narratives.


In Maths we are revisiting topics such as long multiplication and short division as well as statistics and properties of shape. We are focusing on recognising our mistakes as this helps us to learn.


We are learning about where are food and clothing come from as well as discovering where the rainforests are in the world in relation to the equator and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Additionally, we are finding out the impact of the damage humans are causing to our world.


These two terms are all about life cycles and classification of living things. Our TAPS assessments are based on comparing life cycles of different species and carrying out a human growth survey!


During term 6 we will be learning about the Mayans and how they were sustainable.

Art and DT

In term 5 we have been researching the artist Henri Rousseau and refining our mixing skills. The learning cycle will culminate with our own multi-layered creations using paint and other material to create the background, middle ground and foreground that feature in many of Rousseau’s art pieces.


We are learning about the Jewish religion and traditions.

Mendip Residential Presentation 2022

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