Classes 2022-2023 -

Year 4 @ Hewish





Welcome to  Year 4  @ Hewish

Class Teacher: Miss Appleford

Class LSA: Mrs Hall



Term Five


Welcome to Term 5! We’ve got such an exciting term of learning ahead! Our enquiry question for this term is:


How do animals survive?

This term the year 4 crew will be scientists and geographers investigating what living creatures need to survive, the way our bodies digest food and which parts are involved, what makes us different to other animals. We will also be looking at different types of animals and how animals adapt to their environment in order to survive.

As artists, we will be exploring the work of Picasso. The Year 4 crew will be studying the features of the face and learning how to draw portraits.



This term, we will begin reading Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We will be discovering some adventurous vocabulary and continue developing on our comprehension skills through this fantastic novel.

In our writing units, we will be revisiting writing to entertain by looking at the traditional tale of ‘The King of the Fishes’. We will be creating our own wishing tale. As well as this, we are going to be learning how to perform poetry and have a go at writing our own Kenning’s poems.



Term 5 will start with a unit on money. Year 4 will be applying their knowledge of decimals to money. We will look at how to estimate the cost of items, accurately add, subtract, multiply and divide amounts of money and solve problems with money. We will also be learning how to identify, compare and accurately draw angles and shapes.


Our RE unit this term is ‘What does it mean to belong to a religion?’. In this unit we will be finding out about Hinduism. The year 4 crew will find about what it means to be Hindu by learning about their gods, festivals and traditions.


Our church value is: Service



Our Jigsaw unit this term is ‘Relationships’. We will be delving into the different feelings that we experience when we interact with others and how to deal with them. This unit covers different types of relationships, the loss of special people and celebrates that special people that we have in our lives.



The year 4 crew will continuing to develop their coordination, throwing and catching through rounders/cricket this term. We will be learning about batting and fielding and developing our team working skills. Our RealPE unit will focus on agility and static balance.