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Busy Bees @ Hewish

Welcome to  Busy Bees @  Hewish

Class Teachers: Mrs Poole and Miss Telford

LSA: Mrs Davison and Miss Rodwell

Welcome back to Term 5.   We hope you had a restful Easter break and found some sunshine.

Our enquiry question this term is ‘What do other countries look like compared to ours?’  We will start this term with a visit from ‘Eddie the Explorer’.  He will be explaining what an explorer is and unpicking some of our vocabulary, for example, ‘environment’, ‘compass’ and explaining all about maps.  Every couple of weeks, Eddie will be reporting back from different habitats around the world to help the children to understand what the homes, animals, plants, weather and climate are like in other parts of the world compared to ours.   Eddie will be exploring all the parts of our town before he arrives so he can talk about the beach, the woods, the parks and the town in greater detail.  It is important to find out about our environment before we start to compare it with other environments.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in a map of their neighbourhood, the children have enjoyed sharing their maps.

Please find attached our knowledge organiser for the next two terms.  We have included some texts that we will be using but we will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction books to explore our world. We will be investigating the polar regions, the oceans, the rainforest and the deserts.  If you have any books you would like your child to share with the class, please bring them in, we will look after them.   Thank you.


FS terms 5 and 6 knowledge organiser


Please continue to listen to your child read at home at least three times a week.  If your child can hold a sentence in their head from their book and then have a go at writing the sentence as well that would be brilliant.  Please remind them of a capital letter at the start of their sentence, clear finger spaces and to put a full stop to show their sentence is finished.



Welcome to our new children and their families. Please see the attached knowledge organiser for parents. This contains information about your child’s learning during terms 1 and 2.
FS terms 1 and 2 What makes me unique and belong knowledge organiser
Our learning enquiry question for Terms 3 and 4 is ‘What makes living things grow and change?’  Please click on the link below to view our knowledge organiser to see what we will be covering and to support your child with the new vocabulary.  Many thanks.
FS terms 3 4 Knowledge Organiser

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