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Year 5 @ West Wick


Welcome to  Year 5  @  West Wick

Class Teacher: Mrs Hewitt (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Manning (Thursday and Friday)

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Term 2: Monday 4th November – Friday 18th December 2020

Remote learning offer for term 2 -Year 5 November

Please visit ‘Google Classroom’ for daily maths and English activities and resources.

Spellings: Term 2 Spelling Overview

Knowledge Organiser – Year 5 terms 1 and 2 How green is our planet KO


How Green Is Our Planet?

In term two, the year 5 crew will continue to learn about the rainforests and the impact human beings are having on our natural world. Our enquiry questions will help deepen our understanding and identify solutions to the key problems facing our rainforests.

Enquiry Questions

  • What’s it like to live in a rainforest?
  • How do we stop them decreasing?
  • What impact did the Mayans have?


As geographers, we will learn about the layers of the rainforest and become experts in the causes of deforestation.  We shall consider the challenges faced by governments and people who live in the rainforests, and learn about Greta Thunberg and the impact her actions have had on the current generation. We will also consider the links between deforestation and climate change, and how our individual actions can make a difference.

As scientists, we will be explaining the classification of different mammals and comparing the stages of the life cycles of plants, mammals, birds, insects and amphibians.

As artists, we will learn about Henri Rousseau’s artwork and his love of the rainforests. We will improve our mastery of painting by using vivid colours to create jungle flowers in the style of Rousseau.

As historians, we will explore the Mayan civilisation and acquire an understanding of how their developments impacted our world.



Our writing units will continue to link with our Learning Theme so that our knowledge and opinions on new topics are showcased. We will be learning to write a persuasive letter about the impact of deforestation and what we can do to make a change, and then how to formulate a discussion about the impact of the Mayan civilisation. Our SPaG learning will feed into our writing units and will include: generalisers, adverbs of degree and fronted adverbials, dashes and colons, modal verbs, relative pronouns and parenthesis. We will continue our twice weekly reading comprehension lessons based on our anchor text, “The Boy in The Tower” by Polly Ho-Yen.


Our maths topics this term are:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Measure: Perimeter Area
  • Statistics & Assessment

It is essential that the children have a secure understanding of all their multiplication and division facts of the 12 times tables. Please ensure they share their weekly times tables challenge sheet with you and practice regularly on TTRS.



 Our topic this term is ‘Creation and Fall’ and we will be exploring the question: Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?  We will also be discussing human beings place on earth with a focus on Psalm 8. At Christmas our focus will be ‘Incarnation’ and we will be discussing the true meaning of Christmas.


Our Jigsaw piece in term two is ‘Celebrating Difference’. In Year 5 this will include lessons about cultural differences and how they can cause conflict, racism, rumours and name-calling, types of bullying, material wealth and happiness, and enjoying and respecting other cultures.



In PE this term, we will be developing our creative skills by responding imaginatively to different situations, adapting and adjusting our skills within a game, and making movements or tactics so they are different from or in contrast to others. These skills will be put into action through the games of ‘Seated Voleyball’ and ‘Scorpion Handball’.



Week 7

The whole crew have shown super focus and determination this week as they completed a number of assessments. Their attitude has been spot on and we could not be more proud of how hard they have worked since September.

It seems fitting that in our final week of term one, the crew share their highlights of Year 5 so far. There were so many but here are a selection:

  • Being back with the rest of the class and our friends.
  • Our PSHE lessons, particularly the newspaper tower challenge.
  • Writing suspense stories and free writing.
  • Reading ‘Boy in The Tower’ and finding out about the Bluchers.
  • Learning about long multiplication, weekly arithmetic lessons and times tables challenges.
  • ‘The Lost Words’ poetry project at the start of the term.
  • Learning about the rainforests including art work and the mood boards.
  • Exercises and skills at the start of each PE lesson.


Over half term, please encourage your child to read and practice the spellings recorded in their red books (these are revision words from Year 4).

We wish you and your family a lovely half term break and are very much looking forward to seeing all the children back in school for the start of term two.

Mrs Manning and Mrs Hewitt


Week 6

This week our focus in class has been ‘effort’ – what it means, what it looks like and how we can go about giving things a go even they appear difficult. Needless to say, the crew have risen to the challenge and produced some fantastic learning across all subjects this week.

10 Best Quotes for my kids images | quotes, inspirational quotes, me quotes










Some of our many highlights include becoming experts with our spelling words (despite them being super tricky!), being fantastic team players in PE, and reflecting honestly about the quality of our non-fiction fact files. Learning is always most effective when the children can spot their successes and identify next steps.

In maths, we have revised multiplying three digit by one digit numbers and have started to learn the formal method for multiplying two digit by two digit numbers.

We have finally discovered what the ‘Bluchers’ are in ‘The Boy In the Tower’ and made connections with plot similarities to the current pandemic. The whole crew are gripped by the story and constantly questioning what has happened and what will happen next.  Our Science linked well with the deadly spores of the Bluchers as we learnt about plant adaptation and reproduction.

Please see twitter for pictures of our learning this week.

Information for Home

  • Please encourage your child to complete TT Rockstars and the Spelling Shed  assignments set.
  • After half term, Year 5 can come to school in their PE kit every Wednesday and Friday and remain in it all day. Please see the newsletter for further information.


Week 5

The crew have written some fantastic stories this week whilst innovating the story ‘The Old Mill’. Mrs Hewitt was on the edge of her seat when reading the writing – the use descriptive language and suspense techniques was brilliant!

The suspense has continued to build in our class book ‘The Boy in the Tower’ and the cries of “Come on Mrs Manning – read another chapter” right before home time are indicative of how the book has us all gripped. The children are becoming more accurate when retrieving information from the text, and are starting to explain their viewpoints in greater detail using evidence from the text.

The children are becoming more confident using a wide range of mathematical language in their maths talk – this week our focus has been on addends, minuends and subtrahends as part of our addition and subtraction unit.

Other highlights include creating our own ‘National Geographic’ front covers about tropical rainforests, discussing the rights of children in PSHE, developing our ball control and agility skills in PE and starting a thankfulness pumpkin to reflect our school value this term.

The thought and interest shown by the children throughout all their learning continues to blow us away – we can’t wait for next week!

Information for Home

  • A copy of the letter emailed on Friday is also available here: Term One Home Communication.
  • Please encourage your child to complete TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed  activities.


Next week in English we will be editing and improving our suspense stories, writing fact files about the rainforest and continuing to read ‘Boy in the Tower’.  In maths we will be starting ‘Multiplication’.

Week 4

Another brilliant week of learning and thinking by the Year 5 crew. They enjoyed completing their mood boards to reflect the question, “What does it mean to be green?” and have started to develop their geographical knowledge of longitude and latitude, biomes and features of tropical rainforests.

In English, the children have continued to work incredibly hard to improve both the quality and presentation of their writing. The next chapters of our book, ‘The Boy in the Tower’ have enthralled us and raised so many questions. The maturity and empathy shown whilst discussing mental health conditions in response to the character of Ade’s mum was incredible. The children represented the problems, symptoms and advice they would offer with great thought.

We have also had lots of fun in P.E. developing our agility, reaction times and ball skills. Our team work and positioning in the game ‘End Ball’ has really improved!

Learning at Home

Reading: Continue to read every day.

TT Rockstars: The children have been asked to spend 3-5 minutes up to 4 times a week on TT Rockstars – please encourage them to do this.

Spelling Shed: A spelling assignment has been set for this week which children need to complete. They now have a small red book with their weekly spelling list stuck in – please remind them to practice at home.

Next week in English we will invent our own suspense story. Our whole class reading book ‘The Boy in the Tower’ will continue for the rest of this term. In maths our focus will be  ‘Addition and Subtraction’. 

Our Learning Theme enquiry question is ‘Where are the greenest places on Earth’? and we will be creating front covers and factfiles about the rainforest inspired by ‘National Geographic’.

Week 3

“It may not be easy but it will be worth it”

This week we have discussed the importance and power of having a ‘growth mindset’ to help us have a positive and determined attitude towards our learning. This short film is a great introduction to growth mindset and well worth another watch at home to talk about with your child:

We launched our Learning Theme with the question, ‘What does it mean to be green?’ and exploring a wide range of vocabulary associated with the colour green such as viridescent, glacous, harmony and renewal before creating mood boards in response to the enquiry question. The children were  incredibly thoughtful about what being ‘green’ means to them, with a definite focus on the environment and sustainability. We will share our finished mood boards next week!

In English, ‘The Old Mill’ generated much excitement and some fantastic first pieces of descriptive and suspense filled writing. The launch of our whole class book, ‘The Boy in the Tower’ was met with great excitement and plenty of groans when Mrs Manning wouldn’t read the next chapter ‘yet’! The opening chapter raised plenty of questions and we enjoyed developing both retrieval and interpretation skills through character explorations of Gaia and Ade.

Learning at Home

Reading: Continue to read every day.

TT Rockstars: The children have been asked to spend 3-5 minutes up to 4 times a week on TT Rockstars – please encourage them to do this. Mrs Hewitt will have the iPads available in the Year 5 classroom every Tuesday lunch time for those children who are unable to complete at home.

Spelling Shed: A spelling assignment has been set for this week which children need to complete. Our spelling focus is words ending in –cious and the list has also been sent home. Mrs Manning will have the iPads available in the Year 5 classroom every Thursday lunch time for those children who are unable to complete at home.

Next week in English we will continue with ‘The Old Mill’ suspense story. Our whole class reading book ‘The Boy in the Tower’ will continue for the rest of this term. In maths our focus will be negative numbers before starting our new unit on ‘Addition and Subtraction’.  The next Learning Theme enquiry question is ‘Where are the greenest places on Earth’? If you are able to look at a world map to start thinking about this then that would be fabulous!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Week 2

This week has seen the Year 5 Crew master a whole class performance of the ‘Conker’ poem and explore the language and structure of the poem in greater depth. They have expanded their vocabulary, improved their presentation skills and created their own versions of the poem after much careful thought. Their learning and enthusiasm has been an absolute joy!

In maths the children enjoyed the challenge identifying and ordering numbers up to six digits, and persevering with greater depth activities. They continued to show enthusiasm and interest in our PSHE learning, particularly when discussing what makes a good friend and sharing their experiences of showing gratitude. One of your highlights has been creating messages of appreciation and motivation which can be given to fellow crew members throughout the year.


Learning at Home

Reading: Continue to read every day.

TT Rockstars: The children have been set individual challenges to complete over the next week. Please encourage them to spend a short time each day practising.

Spelling Shed: A spelling assignment has been set for this week which children need to complete. Our spelling focus is words ending in –ious and the list has been sent home.

Keeping Children Safe Online

The website National Online Safety publishes a wealth of material aimed at helping parents and carers to keep children safe whilst online as well as producing handy guides to a variety of popular games and apps. We will provide regular links to the guides to enable you to learn about the suitability of such apps for your children. Please note the age restrictions and the content included in deciding whether these are suitable for children. One of the most popular apps at the moment is TikTok.  Read all about it here: What parents need to know about TikTok

Next week in English we will be starting our new writing unit about suspense stories whilst in reading we will begin our whole class text ‘Boy In the Tower’. We will continue with place value in Maths and start our weekly times tables challenge. Our first Learning Theme enquiry question is ‘What does it mean to be green?’ Please discuss this at home ready to share your ideas next week. Have a lovely weekend.


Week 1

Spellings – Term 1 Spelling Overview

It’s been absolutely fantastic seeing the Year 5 Crew this week and welcoming them back to school life. They should be incredibly proud of how they have risen to the challenge of new routines and shown such determination to ‘be the best they can’ in all areas of their learning. Some of our highlights include: getting to know 31 fabulous children, fantastic lessons with mature discussion around our safety, well being and the importance of our school rules, and exploring the ‘Conker’ poem which we are studying as part of our whole school ‘Lost Words’ project.



Learning at Home

All of the children  were shown our fantastic range of upper key stage two books this week. They have each selected a book and signed it out in our class reading log. When complete, they will place the book to a basket in the classroom before it is returned to the shelves by an adult. Please ensure your child continues to read daily at home and encourage them to talk about their chosen book – the characters, plot and any new vocabulary they come across. Reading widely and often will support your child in all areas of their learning.

The children have also been given a ‘Reading Record’ where both they and you are invited to record your comments. Inside the book are their log-ins for TT Rockstars and Bug Club. Bug Club is an online reading service and we will be allocating specific books for everyone to access at home in the next few weeks,

TT Rockstars: By Year 5 children are expected to know all times table and division facts up to the 12 times tables. Rapid recall of these facts helps enormously in the upper key stage 2 maths curriculum so please encourage them to practice daily. Weekly times table challenges will start the end of next week.

Spelling Shed: We will be starting the Year 5 spelling curriculum from the 14th September and the word lists for term one can be found at the top of this page. Children are expected to practice these words at home on a weekly basis.

Next week in English we will be performing the ‘Conker’ poem and writing our own acrostic poem inspired by nature. In maths we will be learning about place value which will include recognising numbers up to ten thousand. We will continue with ‘Return to School PSHE’ activities and will start our first Learning Theme week commencing 14th September.