Classes 2020-2021 -

Year 5 @ Hewish

Welcome to  Year 5  @ Hewish

Class Teacher: Mr Phillips

LSA: Mrs  Hall

You may notice some differences to our class website page form now on. Rather than provide a weekly update, the page will be constantly developed through the use of our twitter account which you can access at the side of this page. You do not need to be a user of Twitter to see use this as the feed updates on here every time I send a tweet. If you would like to follow me on twitter, you can find me at @IPStAnnes

Important updates will continue to be placed on this page also so please keep checking daily / weekly for any key messages.

Our Online Learning Offer

If any of the children are unable to come to school (self-isolating or for any other reason), our initial online learning offer can be found here:

Home Learning Offer

Please visit our Google classroom page for daily maths and English lessons as well as additional lessons. We endeavour to make these as close as possible to what is happening in class.

This term’s knowledge organiser can be found here:

Year 5 terms 1 and 2 How green is our planet KO

Useful links:

How Green Is Our Planet?

In term two, the year 5 crew will continue to learn about the rainforests and the impact human beings are having on our natural world. Our enquiry questions will help deepen our understanding and identify solutions to the key problems facing our rainforests.

Enquiry Questions

  • What’s it like to live in a rainforest?
  • How do we stop them decreasing?
  • What impact did the Mayans have?


As geographers, we will learn about the layers of the rainforest and become experts in the causes of deforestation.  We shall consider the challenges faced by governments and people who live in the rainforests, and learn about Greta Thunberg and the impact her actions have had on the current generation. We will also consider the links between deforestation and climate change, and how our individual actions can make a difference.

As scientists, we will be explaining the classification of different mammals and comparing the stages of the life cycles of plants, mammals, birds, insects and amphibians.

As artists, we will learn about Henri Rousseau’s artwork and his love of the rainforests. We will improve our mastery of painting by using vivid colours to create jungle flowers in the style of Rousseau.

As historians, we will explore the Mayan civilisation and acquire an understanding of how their developments impacted our world.



Our writing units will continue to link with our Learning Theme so that our knowledge and opinions on new topics are showcased. We will be learning to write a persuasive letter about the impact of deforestation and what we can do to make a change, and then how to formulate a discussion about the impact of the Mayan civilisation.

Our SPaG learning will feed into our writing units and will include: subordinating conjunctions, adverbs of degree and fronted adverbials, dashes and colons, modal verbs, relative pronouns and parenthesis

We will continue our twice weekly reading comprehension lessons based on our anchor text, “The Boy in The Tower” by Polly Ho-Yen.


Our maths topics this term are:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Measure: Perimeter Area
  • Statistics & Assessment


It is essential that the children have a secure understanding of all their multiplication and division facts of the 12 times tables. Please ensure they share their weekly times tables challenge sheet with you and practice regularly on TTRS.



Our topic this term is ‘Creation and Fall’ and we will be exploring the question: Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?  We will also be discussing human beings place on earth with a focus on Psalm 8. At Christmas our focus will be ‘Incarnation’ and we will be discussing the true meaning of Christmas.


Our Jigsaw piece in term two is ‘Celebrating Difference’. In Year 5 this will include lessons about cultural differences and how they can cause conflict, racism, rumours and name-calling, types of bullying, material wealth and happiness, and enjoying and respecting other cultures.



In PE this term, we will be developing our creative skills by responding imaginatively to different situations, adapting and adjusting our skills within a game, and making movements or tactics so they are different from or in contrast to others. These skills will be put into action through the games of ‘Seated Volleyball’ and ‘Scorpion Handball’.


Week 8

We have had a really positive week this week, continuing to develop our multiplication and division skills. To help quicken their skills, it is imperative that all children are regularly practising their skills. To that end, we have purchased and provided apps for the children to use and practice at home.

For time tables, they should use Times Tables Rockstars

To practise spellings, the children can use Spelling Shed

We have also purchased Bugclub which has an extensive array of online books for children to read.

All children have usernames and passwords in the reading records to enable them to access these at home.

Thank you for supporting your children with their home learning. In addition ,our PE  days remain on Monday and Friday. Please allow your child to come to school on those days dressed in their PE kits.

To view the spellings we are focussing upon this term,  please click below:

Term 2 Spelling Overview

Week 6

Although it was different, it was nice to be able to speak to so many of you this week as part of our learning reviews, and to share the successes of your children. Hopefully, it will not be too long before you are all able to come and visit the classrooms and see the children’s achievements and work.

Week 5

It’s been a very interesting week as the children have showed how settled they are in school. This is great as it shows that in spite of all the extra safety measures we are undertaking,, we have a happy and settled crew who are now well settled back into the routines of school life.

As leaners, the y continue to develop with new concepts being introduced and some form the first few weeks being repeated. This style of over learning helps children to remember and secure their understanding. You can help us by asking the children what they have learnt today instead of what they have done. The latter question may get the answer of maths, English and art whilst the former question should elicit answers such as we learnt how to find missing numbers in a problem, how to identify and use adverbials of manner, and how to paint in the style of Rousseau. Your children should also be able to tell you what a biome is and be using key vocabulary associated with their learning theme. A copy of the vocabulary being developed can be found by clicking here.

Year 5 terms 1 and 2 How green is our planet KO

We have also been challenged to a Times Table Rockstars by our friends in Year 5 at West Wick so please encourage the children to  take part at home this week.

Week 4

This week we have been exploring the second key question from our learning theme – Where are the greenest places on earth?

The children have developed their atlas reading skills, using the index to locate countries along the Equator and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. From this, they were able to learn the locations of the world’s tropical rainforests in preparation for next week’s more focussed look into the rainforests. They have also begun to create some wonderful story plans for next week’s writing.

Each child should have come home with a reminder of their log in details for TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Together with Bugclub, these three apps form the children’s home learning offer along with 20 minutes reading three times per week. Thank you for your support with this.

Week 3

The children have worked really hard this week, developing further their knowledge of rounding and learning to calculate with negative numbers. As geographers, they have all pledged to make a difference as part of learning what it means to be green. Expect to see children turning taps off whilst brushing teeth and taking a keener interest in recycling! As artists, we have begun to analyse the works of Henri Rousseau whilst in English, we have immersed ourselves in a story entitled ‘The Old Mill’ .



We have explored the use of search engines and shown the children how to become more aware of the reliability of websites as well how to narrow their searches using key words. We will continue to develop their  e-safety knowledge. As all young children can be very impressionable, this week’s e-safety message is a reminder to continue to model correct use of he internet and home, including social media, so that our young children grow to develop their skills in a safe and respectful way.


Week 2

Our first full week has culminated in some wonderful poetry (examples of which you can see below). The children have also extended their ability to manipulate larger numbers , reading and writing them as well as ordering. There has definitely been a ‘can do’ mindset, especially with presentation.

Next week, we will begin our anchor text which is called ‘Boy in the Tower’ as well as our first learning theme, ‘How green is our planet?’ The first week looks at what it means to be green.

We have produced these handy knowledge organisers which will give you a flavour of what the learning theme entails as well as listing the key vocabulary the children will be taught and expected to know during the coming term. Please display this on the ‘fridge’, ‘wall’ or somewhere handy so that you can refer to it during the term.

Year 5 terms 1 and 2 How green is our planet KO


Our second e-safety guide is Fortnite 2. This is a really helpful guide about a game that is often discussed by children in school. As last week, please notice the recommended age restriction and maybe have a conversation with your children about why this restriction is there.  Read the guide through this link.

What parents need to know about Fortnite

Week 1

What a wonderful start to the term we have had. The children have really impressed with their enthusiasm and smiles. We have been thinking about what will make us a fantastic crew as well as learning how the brain works. This week and next week we will be creating poetry based upon a poem called conker. On Friday, the children collected items from our school environment to use as the stimulus for their poems and art. Watch out for their poems next week.

Keeping children safe online – the website National Online Safety publishes a wealth of material aimed at helping parents and carers to keep children safe whilst online as well as producing handy guides to a variety of popular games and apps. We will provide regular links to the guides to enable you to learn about the suitability of such apps for your children. Please note the age restrictions and the content included in deciding whether these are suitable for children. One of the most popular apps at the moment is TikTok.  Read all about it here.

What parents need to know about TikTok