Classes 2020-2021 -

Year 3 @ West Wick

Welcome to  Year 3 @ West Wick 

Class Teacher: Miss Bradley

LSA: Mrs Fox

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Week 4

What a great week! The year 3 crew have blown us away this week with their ready to learn attitude.

During RE this week, we referred back to the Story of Noah and the promises both God and Noah made to make the world a better place. We then discussed things we could do to make the world a better place and wrote our own promises.

In maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of place value by adding 1, 10 and 100 more or less, writing numbers in numerals and in words and practising our times table and number bonds.

Whilst continuing to read the Stone Age Boy, we have introduced the year 3 crew to subordinating conjunctions to add additional informative information to their writing.  We have been so impressed with the handwriting this week – everyone is trying really to ensure their letters are formed correctly and on the line.  We’ve also read to the end of Chapter 2 of the Iron Man in our reading sessions. The children enthusiastically discussed why they thought the trap didn’t work and what they thought was going to happen to the Iron Man next.

As historians, we have been learning the difference between AD and BC, primary and secondary sources and different time periods of the Stone Age; Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.  We now know how we find out about the past!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Bradley

Week 3

This week we launched our first enquiry – who settled here first?  We have asking ourselves ‘How do we find out about the past and is it true?’ As historians, we discussed new vocabulary such as chronology, archaeology and era,  the difference between BC and AD and created our own  chronological timelines.

We then looked at and organised a British history timeline and discovered the Stone Age was approximately 2. 6 million years ago.  We also had a great discussion around  the corona virus and how the pandemic will remain part of British and national history.

As archaeologists, we learnt to examine and observe historical artefacts.  We thought carefully about how each artefact might have been used during the Stone Age and how life has changed.

In our reading sessions this week, we have been continuing to read the Iron Man learning how to explain the meaning of new vocabulary such as peering and stumbled as well as continuing to develop our retrieval skills. We are becoming experts at retrieving information from a text.  In our writing lessons, we have read the Stone Age Boy and learned to use expanded noun phrases identifying nouns and powerful adjectives.

Lots of practical maths this week, learning to order and compare three digit numbers. We have been using comparative language such as more than, greater than, less than and equal too. We have been so impressed with the children’s three digit number recognition. Well done year 3.

In PE, we are developing our personal skills. We have been focusing on trying several times and challenging ourselves further. Our FUNs skills this term is footwork. It has been fantastic to see so many children trying to master the backwards hopscotch with alternating hopping.  The determination amongst our crew is incredible.

What a fantastic week.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Bradley

Week 2 

The year 3 crew have really impressed us this week.  We have been embedding our school rules ensure we respect ourselves, each other and our environment whilst keeping each other safe.  The year 3 crew have also shown great determination and preservation this week whilst practising their cursive handwriting and presentation.

In our writing lessons, we have continued to imitate our lost words poem,  explored more vocabulary such as devilish, malicious and majestic and written our own version of Magpie.  We have learnt to use onomatopoeia and alliteration to engage our reader too!

During our reading lessons, we have launched our first anchor text – The Iron Man by Ted  Hughes. To begin with, we explored the front cover and made exciting predictions and today, we’ve read chapter 1 and practised retrieval key information from the text. We love the way Ted Hughes has used a range of powerful adjectives.

In Maths, we have been exploring hundreds, tens and one whilst learning to recognise the value of a digit, partition and draw accurate pictorial representations.  Don’t forget to practice your times tables using TTRS.

As artists, we have been continuing to develop our use of tone and shade whilst sketching twigs and creating our own missing magpie sketch. I’ve been so impressed with the children’s concentration, accuracy and the care they’ve taken with their drawings. Well done year 3.

Have a superb weekend!

Miss Bradley


Week 1


It is great to be back! We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the new year 3 crew back into school this week and are so proud of how they’ve adapted to our new normal. We have talked about our expectations and have drawn up our new class charter together whilst recognising how we can keep ourselves and others safe during PSHE. It has been so lovely for us to start to get to know each member of our crew over the past three days- you’re children are amazing.

During our  first two weeks, we will be continuing to reconnect through our recovery curriculum. We launched our first text ‘the Lost Words’ and have been imitating the Magpie.  The year 3 crew have enjoyed tackling challenging vocabulary during our English lessons and developing their shading skills through art.


We have been so impressed with the amount of determination, perseverance and enthusiasm among the year 3 crew – you’ve blown us away.

Tonight your child will have brought home a levelled reading book and a reading record book.   Reading books can  be changed on a Monday or Friday.  Inside the cover of the reading record, each child has a login for Bug Club to access online reading books.  The school code is wmhc.  I have assigned the correct level of reading books for each child.  We have looked at the choice of books available on Bug Club today in class and the children are very excited to read them all!  Also within the reading record book there is a sticker that gives your child’s login details for Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed.  Please keep practising the two, five and ten times tables at home.  The spellings for Spelling Shed will be uploaded each week. We will be practising the spellings in class but it would be useful if your child gets a little support with their spellings at home too.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Miss Bradley