Classes 2020-2021 -

Year 3 @ Hewish

Welcome to  Year 3 @ Hewish

Class Teacher: Mrs Cockram and Mrs Fowler

LSA:  Miss Hookham and Ms Sims

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Spellings Term 3 Weeks 15-20

Term 3 and 4 knowledge Organiser – Could you live without electricity Knowledge Organiser

Our Year 3 Online Learning Offer –

Term 3 – Term 3 – Remote learning offer for term 3 -Year 3

PE days – Tuesday and Friday – Children can come to school in a school PE kit.

Term 3 

Could you live without electricity?

During the spring term, as scientists we will be exploring electricity, light and sound. We will thinking about what would happen if we cut off all the power whilst learning about different types of electricity, how to stay safe around electrical appliances and the science behind electricity its self. We will be exploring famous scientists such as Thomas Eddison, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei and Benjamin Franklin.  We will be learning how to construct a simple electric circuit using switches, buzzers, bulbs and batteries. Do you know the difference between a battery and a cell?  By working scientifically, we will be investigating conductors and insulators and  bulb brightness.  Lastly, we will be learning how light travels and understanding  that dark is the absence of light.  Using this knowledge, we will be exploring the dangers of light, reflective materials and how shadows are formed.  As designers, we will be applying this knowledge whilst creating our own shadow puppet shows.


In English this term, we will be reading our anchor text ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. We will be continuing to develop our reading skills by retrieving information, inferring the text and exploring new vocabulary such as avalanche,  snow drift and chasm. During our writing sessions, we will be learning to write in role as Ivan,  to use direct  speech and how to write our own quest story using a range of descriptive devices such as conjunctions, adverbs and fronted adverbials.  Towards the end of term, we will using our scientific knowledge to write an information text on electricity and light. We will be learning to use headings, sub-headings, diagrams and captions to engage our reader.


During maths, we will be consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division whilst learning to use the standard written method. We will be continuing to practise and consolidate our knowledge of our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Don’t forget to practise using TTRS. We will also be learning to recognise pounds and pence and how to use this knowledge to add and subtract money.  Lastly, we will  exploring statistical data and learning to read, interpret and record data using graphs and tables.


In RE,  we will be discussing ‘Why do religious books and teachings matter?’  Throughout this unit, the children will be exploring different religious texts such as the Bible and Qur’an, discussing the similarities and differences between these religious texts and understanding how religious beliefs can be represented in different ways.


Our PSHE focus this term is ‘Dreams and Goals’. Throughout this unit, we will be learning to identify obstacles and challenges whilst admiring and learning from those who have overcomes them. We will be identifying our own dreams and ambitions and considering the steps we may need to take to achieve them.  The children will be learning to identify and reflect upon their own strengths, frustrations and learning journeys whilst learning the power of positivity and resilience.


We will be keeping our minds and bodies active whilst developing our cognitive skills. We will be learning to order instructions, movements and skills and to  judge a performance by learning to explain what we are doing well and identifying areas for improvement by providing constructive and specific feedback..  Our FUNs skills this term are balancing on a line and and coordinated ball skills. We will be practising these skills in our gymnastic and dance lessons too.

Term 2


Spellings Term 2 Weeks 8 – 14

Spellings Term 1 Weeks 1-7

Term 1 and 2  Knowledge Organiser–> Year 3 terms 1 and 2 Who Settled Here First KO

Our Year 3 Online Learning Offer –

Term 2 – Remote learning offer for term 2 -Year 3 November 2020

Term 1 – Year 3 Home learning offer September

Who settled here first?

This term the Year 3 crew will be continuing to learn about the Stone Age.  As historians we will be finding out about the differences and comparing the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age and we will be looking at how settlements changed during this time.  As scientists we will be looking at the human body and learning about the skeleton and muscles, and how they support and protect us and make us move.  We will also be learning about nutrition and what you need for a healthy balanced diet.  As geographers we will be studying the formation of caves and comparing the Skara Brae  and Cheddar landscapes.  As designers and artists we will be developing our weaving and cave art skills.


In maths we will be finishing off adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers using the standard written method.  We will the move on to our Multiplication and Division unit, we will revise equal groups and arrays.  We will also be learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables  You can practise these on Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)


In our English lessons, we will be continuing to develop our sentence structures by learning to use a range of conjunctions, fronted adverbials and how to use and punctuate direct speech. We will be learning to write an engaging setting description, write in role as Ug, perform a play script and how to write become news reporters reporting the discovery of Skara Brae.


Our topic this term is Incarnation and we will be exploring, ‘What is the Trinity?’  The children will be learning to understand more about God, his messages and his power.  We will be comparing the difference between a ‘Gospel’ which tells the story of life and teaching of Jesus and a letter.


We will be recognising and celebrating similarities and differences. We will be learning to describe conflicts that might happen within families and friendship groups and how the words we use effect others. We will be learning to recognise how conflicting situations make us feel and discussing strategies to help when these situations occur.


In PE this term, we will be developing our social skills whilst learning to praise and encourage others, organise roles and responsibilities and listen and support others.  Our FUNs skills this term are jumping and landing and the seated balance. We will be practising these skills in our gymnastic lessons too.


Term 1 2020

Week 7

Only four days in school this week but we have been just as busy! 


We have been reviewing chapter 3 of The Iron Man, sequencing events that happened and writing our opinions on this very exciting chapter.  We have been inferring characters feelings and acting out scenes from the end of the chapter.  We have also been trying to predict what might happen in chapter 4 and 5.


In maths we have been adding 2 and 3 digit numbers to a 3 digit number and learning to exchange 10 ones for a 10, and 10 tens for 100! And how to note down our thinking using pictures and the Standard Written Method.

Our Value – Thankfulness

Our value this term was Thankfulness.  We have thought a lot over the term about what we are thankful for and why.  This week we have filled in a reflection Journal and thought about counting our blessings and what those blessing are.

Bug Club

All the children’s levels have been reviewed and their bug club allocations updated and ready for the two week break.

Have a lovely two weeks off, I hope this sunny Autumnal weather lasts!!

See you back in school on Monday 2nd November 2020

Week 6

This week we started our new English learning on writing an instructional text on ‘How to look after a Stone Age pet’. Look out for or immersion  using the Talk For Writing text as we retell one about ‘How to look after a pet mammoth’. Apparently, you need a whistle and a disguise!


This week we are learning how to use the standard writhing method to solve subtraction problems of 3-digit numbers using exchange. It’s quite tricky but we are practising and getting really good at it!


In RE we wrote beautiful prayers about thankfulness. Take a look.

Week 5 


In maths this week we have been practising using the standard written method to add and subtract 3-digits and tens. We even had a go at exchanging. It was tricky but we have finally got it!

We finished our ‘Stone AgeBoy’ wrong this week with beautiful descriptions and endings to our stories. What a great text to excite and motivate us with our learning in the Stone Age.

Theme Learning

Wow, we now learning about the 3 time periods from the Stone Age. Watch this space to find out more.

Week 4

What a busy week again!

We have been continuing to read the Stone Age Boy, we have introduced the year 3 crew to subordinating conjunctions to add additional informative information to their writing.   We have read to the end of Chapter 2 of the Iron Man in our reading sessions. The children are really enthusiastic discussing what they think will happen next and whether the Iron Man will be caught by the trap.

In Maths we have been consolidating our learning on place value and practising our number bonds to 10 and how we can use them to help us with other number bonds to 20 and 100.  The children really enjoyed playing ‘Hit the Button’ and beating their personal best score and being accurate.

As Historians this week we have been learning the difference between primary and secondary sources of information and sorting different examples into categories.  We have also been finding out about The Cheddar Man, who lived in Cheddar 10,000 years ago!

Week 3

What a busy week its been! The children have settled in well and are taking their learning in their stride. We have continued to have high standards with presentation practising our handwriting and setting our maths out correctly.

This week we have been historians learning about chronology and looking at the past. First we started with our own personal chronology and moved on to finding out about British History.  Our topic ‘Who settled here first?’ has inspired the children to want to learn more about history. We can’t wait to become archaeologists and find our more!

In Maths, we have continued to work on our place value adding and subtracting 1 more, 10 more and 100 more. Its been great fun using practical equipment to support our understanding.

This week we started our new text ‘Stone Age boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We looked closely at the characters and predicted what might happen in the story. We drew story maps and wrote character descriptions. we can’t wait to find out what happens to Om and the little boy in the story.

Week 2 

This week the  year 3 crew have been embedding our school rules ensure we respect ourselves, each other and our environment whilst keeping each other safe.  The year 3 crew have also shown great determination and preservation this week whilst practising their cursive handwriting and presentation. Great perseverance shown by the whole crew.

In our writing lessons, we have innovated our magpie poem focusing on sparrows and doves. We have been exploring some amazing vocabulary and have learnt to use onomatopoeia and alliteration to engage our reader too!


During our reading lessons, we have launched our first anchor text – The Iron Man by Ted  Hughes. To begin with, we explored the front cover and made exciting predictions and today, we’ve read chapter 1 and practised retrieval key information from the text. We love the way Ted Hughes has used a range of powerful adjectives.

In Maths, we have been exploring hundreds, tens and one whilst learning to recognise the value of a digit, partition and draw accurate pictorial representations.  Don’t forget to practice your times tables using TTRS.

Week 1

Back to School Road Sign | ROQ

It is great to be back! We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the new year 3 crew back into school this week and are so proud of how they’ve adapted to our new normal. We have talked about our expectations and have drawn up our new class charter together whilst recognising how we can keep ourselves and others safe during PSHE. It has been so lovely for us to start to get to know each member of our crew over the past three days- you’re children are amazing.

During our  first two weeks, we will be continuing to reconnect through our recovery curriculum. We launched our first text ‘the Lost Words’ and have been imitating the Magpie.  The year 3 crew have enjoyed tackling challenging vocabulary during our English lessons and developing their shading skills through art.


We have been so impressed with the amount of determination, perseverance and enthusiasm among the year 3 crew – you’ve blown us away.

This week your child will have brought home a levelled reading book and a reading record book.   Reading books can  be changed on a Monday or Friday.  Inside the cover of the reading record, each child has a login for Bug Club to access online reading books.  The school code is wmhc.  We have assigned the correct level of reading books for each child.    Also within the reading record book there is a sticker that gives your child’s login details for Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed.  Please keep practising the two, five and ten times tables at home.  The spellings for Spelling Shed will be uploaded each week. We will be practising the spellings in class but it would be useful if your child gets a little support with their spellings at home too.

Mrs Cockram & Mrs Fowler