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Year 2 @ West Wick

Welcome to  Year 2  @ West Wick

Class Teacher: Mrs Treasure

LSA:  Mrs Duddington

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Term 3

Remote learning offer for term 3 -Year 2

Home learning core subjects Term 3

year 2 term 3 Spelling lists based on spelling shed


Term 2

Year 2 term 2 Spelling lists based on spelling shed

Home learning offer- Curriculum Term 2

Home learning core subjects Term 2

Year 2 terms 1 and 2 Who is the Greatest Explorer KO

Who is the greatest explorer?

This term the year 2 crew will be continuing to answer the question ‘Who is the greatest explorer’.  We will be looking at space pioneers and asking ‘can you explore space?’  As scientists we will be performing simple tests to answer questions.  We will be sending a rocket mouse into ‘space’ by squeezing the air out of different sized containers.  Which mouse will go the highest and why?  As designers we will be researching and designing our own moon buggies.  The children will bring their designs home and, if they wish, use these designs to build a moon buggy at home. It would be lovely if you could send a photograph of your child with their design and model to me so that they can show their friends in school.

We will then move on to answer the question ‘How much of the world is unexplored?’ 95% of the ocean floor is unexplored – why is that?  We will ask ‘what would an unexplored place look like?’ and as geographers we will study physical features, for example, volcanoes, valleys, coasts, mountains, etc.  We will revisit hot and cold places in the world and look at the different plants that might grow there.  As artists we will design and sculpt our unexplored plants using artist’s wire and mod roc.

We will finish our learning theme this term by asking ‘would you rather explore the past or the future?’


In our English lessons, we will be using powerful adjectives to write a descriptive piece about the moon.  We will imitate, innovate and then invent our own story of The Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) remembering to use our writer’s toolkit to help us to write our sentences correctly.

We will be reading the book ‘Where the wild things are’ and using this book to help us to write our own story narrative.  We will be using apostrophes to mark where letters are missing in spelling and to mark singular possession in nouns: the boy’s boat.  We will also be using direct speech.


In Maths this term we will be continuing with addition and subtraction, moving onto 2 digits by 2 digits through using the column method and tens and ones. We then move onto money, where the children will begin by recognising and counting using pence then pounds before making the same amount, finding the change and comparing different amounts of money. Finally in this term, we start to look at multiplication (2, 5, 10s) in particular understanding that multiplication is groups of  (i.e. 3 x 2 is 3 groups of 2) through using and drawing arrays.



In PE this term, we will be developing our social skills whilst learning to praise and encourage others, organise roles and responsibilities and listen and support others.  Our FUNs skills this term are jumping and landing and the seated balance. We will be practising these skills in our gymnastic lessons too.


We will be recognising and celebrating similarities and differences. We will be learning to describe conflicts that might happen within families and friendship groups and how words can be used in hurtful and kind ways. We will be learning to recognise how conflicting situations make us feel and discussing strategies to help when these situations occur.  We will also be looking at the value of trust and how important it is not to break someone’s trust.


We will be finishing our learning about ‘belonging’ and what it means to different faiths.  We will then be turning our attention to the topic of Incarnation and finding out why Christmas is so important for Christians.

Term 2 Week 2

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all of our photographs on Twitter this week.  We have had lots of fun, especially during our science investigation to find out which material was waterproof.   Next week we will be making rocket mice and launching them into ‘space’ to investigate which one will go the furthest and why?  If you have any empty, clean milk cartons of varying sizes please could you send them into school this week?  Thank you in advance.

We will be learning about space pioneers and answering our next enquiry question ‘Can you explore space?’

In maths we will be counting in pounds and pence and trying to make the same amount with different coins.  It would be great if you could continue to practise this at home.

I have put the spelling lists for term 2 at the top of this page.  Please practise week 3 spellings with your child at home and continue to read every day if possible, it really does make a huge difference to both their reading AND writing.

Many thanks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 2 Week 1

We hope you have had a lovely October half term break and are keeping well.   Our first week back has gone so quickly because we have been very busy in school.

We have learned about two more explorers this week: Ranulph Fiennes, who walked from the North Pole to the South Pole, and Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who were the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.  Several people had attempted to reach the summit of Everest before but had failed.  We used our new vocabulary (summit, avalanche, altitude sickness, mountaineer, oxygen, pioneer and conquered) in our writing to inform our readers.  We learned how to set out a newspaper front page with a main heading, subheadings and captions and wrote the main facts about Hillary and Tenzing’s ascent to the summit of Mount Everest.  We also wrote instructions using imperative (bossy) verbs about how to keep safe when climbing Mount Everest.  Today the children have written some excellent diary entries pretending they were Edmund Hillary.  They all remembered to write in the first person using a capital I.

We continue to enjoy our daily phonics session and I am pleased with the impact this has had on everyone’s reading.  Please keep reading at home.  If you are having difficulty accessing bug club please email me and I will look into it.  There are so many lovely books on bug club that have been assigned for your child.

Next week’s spellings are:

The /l/ or /ul/ sound spelled -le at the end of words











Please help your child to practise these at home.  These spellings have been sent home with your child this week.

In Maths this week we have been adding and subtracting two digit numbers with exchange.  We know that we need to start by taking away the bottom number from the top number in the ones column.  It has been really helpful for children to draw the dots to represent the ones and sticks to represent the tens.  This shows them straight away the value of the number.  After addition and subtraction we will be moving on to money.  In preparation, please could you familiarise your child with the different coins and notes you may have at home.

In RE we have looked at the holy communion and what it means to Christians, we also looked at what Christians drink and eat at a holy communion and how this represented Jesus.

In PE we have concentrated on different jumps and safe landings.  We have also run a 400 metre cross country.  As many of us cannot walk to school we are going for a walk every afternoon on site so we can take part in the Gold Modeshift Stars award. If your child goes for a walk at the weekend we can add this to our survey too.  I am sure they will let me know as there are badges to be won!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 1 Week 7

We have achieved so much in the last four days of term.  The children have even tackled column subtraction with exchanging (in my day we called it borrowing a ten!) We will need to revisit this after half term but I am sure the children can talk you through it practically as they have had a lot of practise going to the ‘bank’ and exchanging a stick of ten for ten ones.

In English we have been looking at the difference between fiction and non-fiction (fact) books.  We have used a contents page to find out information about the explorer, Robert Falcon Scott.  We have learned about main headings, sub headings, captions and produced our own fact file about Robert Scott and his team who reached the South Pole in January 1912.  Unfortunately, Scott was beaten to the South Pole by a Norwegian, Roald Amundsen.  Scott and his 4 team members all died on the return journey from cold, hunger and exhaustion.  We found out that one of the first explorers to reach the North Pole in 1909 was Matthew Henson, an African American, who learned the language and survival skills from the native people in order to help his team members survive. The children are loving learning about the different explorers and are so knowledgeable already.

We had a virtual tour of the Captain Scott Museum in Cambridge and saw Scott’s original diaries, sleeping bag, shoes, sled and other artefacts.   The children then had to sort pictures into primary and secondary sources.  They decided his diary and photographs taken at the South Pole were primary sources and books written by others about his adventures were secondary sources.   They have loved being real historians this week.

I have really enjoyed speaking with you all by telephone this week and updating you on your child’s progress.  I feel I know you a little better now.

Over half term would you be able to help your child learn to tell the time please?  We are working on this skill in class but if you are looking for an idea for a Christmas present a watch that helps to tell the time might be a good present.  Last year every day a different child was our time lord and wore the class watch but unfortunately I am unable to do this at the moment because of the restrictions in place.

Please keep practising times tables on TT Rockstars, spellings on Spelling Shed and if you run out of reading books there is always a good choice allocated for your child on their Bug Club account.   I have sent home a list of Year 1 and Year 2 sight word spellings  for them to practise.

Our spelling rule for Term 2, week 1 is the /r/ sound spelled ‘wr’ at the beginning of words.











Have a great half term break.

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 1 week 6

Yet again, what a wonderful week of learning we have had in year 2. Your children are coming into class with big smiles on their faces and are always so eager to learn.

In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction , in particular 10 more and 10 less and how to set out using the column method. The children all know that when you are looking at ten more and ten less than a chosen number, the ones never change! Today, we took the learning further and introduced the children to adding with exchanging in the ones, your children blew me away with their resilience and determination towards learning this new skill.

We wrote our own stories following on from our work this term on the greatest explorer,  your children’s handwriting and presentation is amazing and the pride that they took with their story writing made me feel very proud as their teacher, they were using the vocabulary that we have been learning such as ‘plummeted’ ‘undaunted’ ‘ unhitched’ ‘spectacular’ and ‘hoisted’ taken from their learning this term.

In reading, we have finished our work on ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and we wrote in role as one of the children from the book, which the children loved doing and again used some beautiful adjectives that they had used when writing their adventure stories.

In P.E, we continued to be jungle animals and thought about how that animal may move, we used benches this week and through using these learnt movements the children navigated themselves along the bench ‘jungle river’. The children have loved Real Gym this term.

We have been geographers again this week and we completed an orienteering course around the school fields through using our compasses accurately. The children loved learning outside and worked so well as part of a team to crack the secret code.

In R.E, we wrote beautiful acrostic poems about what it means to be apart of a family, your children really are so thoughtful and loving.

We have set up a timetable Rockstar’s battle between ourselves and the years 2 crew in Hewish! simply log onto TT Rockstar’s, using your personal logins, that are in your child’s reading records, and play TT games (2/5/10s)  to earn points.  Come on WW, we can do this!

Please continue to use spelling shed to help your child learn their weekly spellings. Next weeks spellings are some common exception words from the year 2 list.



Thankyou for continuing to read with your child at home, it really does make such a difference.

We hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 1 Week 5

We have completed a lot of learning this week.  We link back to previous learning every day and this really helps to make the learning stick.  The children have fantastic memories at this age.

We have been very impressed with the quality of their writing this week.  They have innovated the whole story of ‘The Great Explorer’ with some very interesting changes, adjectives and adverbs.  Next week the children will be writing their own story based on the following story structure of an opening, a build up, a problem, a resolution and an ending.  Perhaps they could plan their story with you over the weekend.  This ‘hot’ write will be completely independent but the children will have all the tools in their toolbox to be successful writers.

We continued our whole class reading comprehension about ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson.  The children were able to sequence all the places the snail visited and describe what he saw and heard in each place.  They used some of the adjectives from The Great Explorer work when describing the icebergs which was lovely to see.

In Maths this week we have been finding number bonds to 100, finding the difference between two numbers by making jumps on a number line and finding 10 more and 10 less than a given number with great success.

In RE we have continued our learning about ‘belonging’ and we discussed  some special memories and occasions, the children then drew and wrote sentences telling me about a special time in their lives.

In PE we went to the jungle.  We moved like different animals – stretching high on tip toes to be giraffes, pulling ourselves along the floor as alligators, moving like a bear in the pike position and jumping like tree frogs on all fours to name a few.  Your children loved this lesson and are very exited for next week.

We have loved being scientists and geographers this week.  In science we observed ice and wrote questions that a scientist may ask about the ice.  We then set up an investigation to find out where our piece of ice would melt the quickest.  The results were very interesting and surprised the children.

The children have sketched the continents of Africa and Europe on a globe and painted the oceans, north and south pole.  They then learnt about the position of the equator and the hemispheres and labelled their globe.  They took this knowledge outside and drew chalk globes and labelled them on the playground.

I can see a marked improvement in everybody’s reading this week.   It makes such a difference to both their reading and writing ability, we have started an incentive to encourage the children to read at home, whether it be on bug club on using their reading books that we send home – thank you for your continued support with this.

Our spellings for next week are:

The /n/ sound spelled kn and gn











Have a great weekend.

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 1 Week 4

This week seems to have gone faster than any other week.  We have been very busy and the children have worked extremely hard.  Today the children wrote their opening of their innovated story of ‘The Great Explorer’ but before we began we put our tools in our writing toolbox.  The children told me what we needed to do to be a successful writer even down to the individual letters that they sometimes get muddled and which letters have to sit on the line.   If your child is writing at home perhaps you can remind them of their toolbox below.  Thank you.

In Maths this week we have been adding three single digit numbers, adding numbers in any order,  using related facts, for example if 7 + 5 = 12, then we know 5 + 7 = 12 but we also know that 12 – 5 = 7 and 12 – 7 = 5.  We also saw patterns in numbers, for example, if 1 + 9 = 10 then 10 + 90 = 100.   Knowing number bonds to 10 really helped children to see this pattern.

In Geography we have been learning about the seven continents and the five oceans.  The children have loved singing the songs that help them to remember the size of the continents and oceans from the biggest to the smallest.  See if they can sing the songs  to you.  If you google the 7 continents song and then the 5 oceans song they are the first clips that come up.

In our whole class guided reading session we have been using the book ‘The snail and the whale’ to help us find the adjectives that described the features of shimmering ice and coral caves, shooting stars and enormous waves.  It was great to see some of the children remembering these adjectives and using  them in their story writing this week.

We watched a very funny film from Nessy about a newt vibrating that taught us all about the difference between an adjective, a noun and a verb.  We have also looked at question marks and exclamation marks too and when to use them correctly.

In RE this week we have been looking at different roles within the family and in PSHE we have unpicked what responsibility means. Next week we are going to reflect on things that make us happy, the children will be discussing ‘What makes you happy?’ and  ‘What makes a special occasion?’. We would usually invite the children to bring something from home to share, but as this isn’t possible at the moment if you would like to email me with a picture of something before Tuesday that would be lovely.

In phonics we have looked at some of the alternative spellings for igh, ie, i-e, y, i.  When your children are reading at home see how many of the alternative ways to spell this sound they can find.

Our spellings for next week are:

The /s/ sound spelled c before e, i and y.











I hope you had a lovely weekend

Mrs Treasure

Term 1 week 3

Wow, how have we got to the end of week 3 already! What another fantastic week of learning we have had this week.

We have started a new book titled ‘The Greatest Explorer’. The children have been learning to orally retell the amazing story through story maps and actions. I have put some photographs of our class story board on twitter. Ask your child to have a go at retelling the story of Tom and his adventures, the children have really enjoyed learning the story this week.

In guided reading we have started looking at the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’  and will continue to do some guided reading activities on this book over the rest of the term. It’s personally one of my favourites of Julia Donaldson’s books.

In maths, we started to look at comparing and ordering numbers. We started by looking at this using images and objects and discussed the terminology such as greater than, less than and equal to. We then looked at ordering numbers shown as both digits and words. Today, we looked at counting in 2, 5 and 10s. I have sent home a 100 square number grid with your child. Over the weekend, ready for Monday, it would be great if you could please encourage your child to use the square to practise counting in 2/5/10s, including starting at different points on the square. E.g starting at the number 20 count forward in 2s. Starting at 35 count backwards in 5.

In theme this week we were geographers and we looked at keys and symbols on a map and then had a go at plotting our own birds eye view map of our school grounds.

In R.E we continued to discuss what it means to belong and the children drew pictures of people in their family and why they are special to them – you really do have some very thoughtful children. We then cut out paper people representing our families and attached them all together to show we are all part of the St Anne’s family.

In real gym, we continued looking at balancing and we used low beams to practise our balances from last week. The children came up with some fabulous balances and really thought about holding the position through keeping their heads up and using their arms to help them.

Next weeks spellings contains the / j / sounds spelt with a g.



I have also sent your child home with a book mark with their name on it. On the back of these book marks there are a list of questions that you can ask your child when reading with them, to really help with comprehension – understanding what they are reading.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to see your children on Monday.

Take care

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Term 1 Week 2

What a lovely, jammed packed full of amazing learning, we have had in year 2 this week!

We have continued to learn our beautiful poem, entitled ‘Bluebell’, which the children have really engaged with and learned to  recite the whole of the poem, using pictures and actions beautifully.  Please follow me on twitter @KTreasStAnnes  to see the full video, your children were amazing!

We then went on to think about writing our own acrostic poems about an owl and though about adjectives  to describe the owl and adverbs to explain how the owl moves, the children came up with some fabulous imaginative words, they really did amaze me. From this we wrote our own poems, which the children will publish next week and I will again share via twitter,  I cant wait to show off their incredible work with you.

In maths we continued to look at place value and understand how many 10s and 1s there are in a 2 digit number, for example the number 32 has 3 tens and 2 ones, using part, part, whole models.  The children first understood this using pictures, diennes and counters then they had a go at drawing their own part, part, whole models to really cement the learning.

In art, the children drew an owl to accompany their beautiful acrostic poem, we also talked about what colour we wanted our owl to be and how we could make these colours.

In P.E we started our real gym lessons, the children had to think about what it means to balance and practised different balances, then played a game of mirror, mirror with their partners.

In R.E we looked at what it means to belong and the children drew some beautiful pictures of different places where they felt they belonged, such as being at home with their families, out of school clubs and teams. We also discussed our value of Thankfulness and the children shared things that they were thankful for, they talked lots about how they feel thankful  to have such  a lovely school to come to.

Next week’s spellings contain the /j/ sound spelled with  -ge at the end of words. Please practise these at home with your child as much as you can, we will continue to practise these in class as well, but it really does help them in their spelling check in on a Friday if they have been practising at home as well. You can use the spelling sheet i sent home and/or spelling shed to help your child.



Your child would have their book changed Friday, if required, and sent home with a new book, don’t forget you also have bug club if you need more books, there are also some lovely comprehension questions which follow the books on there also, it really is a great resource. If you need help with log ins please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Mrs Duddington.

Below is a link to a document with a list of resources should your child have to take time off of school, for a prolonged time, due to being unwell. I will also pop this onto google classroom, there are links to different resources you can use with your child that will be similar to what we are learning in school this term.

Home learning offer September

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing your amazing children on Monday!

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington

Week 1

We have had a lovely first few days in our Year 2 bubble.  We have talked about our expectations and have drawn up our new class charter together, The children have discussed their dreams for year 2 and what they are looking forward to.  Your children are amazing!

We are in the process of learning a beautiful poem entitled ‘Bluebell’.  The children thought of pictures that Mrs Duddington could draw to help us learn the poem and some accompanying actions too, I’m looking forward to seeing how much they remember on Monday- see if they can show any of it to you!

We have learned how to graduate colours by adding more and more blue to our white base to find the best blue to infill our sketches of bluebells.

In Maths we have been looking at number and place value.  We have used a lot of representations to help us understand two digit numbers.  I have been very impressed with everyone’s mathematical knowledge.

Tonight your child will have brought home a levelled reading book and a reading record book.  Please write the date and a brief comment when you read with your child.  Their reading book will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  Inside their reading record book your child has a login for Bug Club to access online reading books.  The school code is wmhc.  I have assigned the correct level of reading books for each child.

Please keep practising the two, five and ten times tables at home on timetables rock stars. The spellings for Spelling Shed will be uploaded each week on Monday morning and we will have a spelling test on a Friday in class.  We will be practising the spellings every day in class but it would be useful if your child gets a little support with their spellings at home too, they have been sent home with a sheet with all the spellings for term 1.

Next week’s spellings contain the /j/ sound spelled with -dge and -ge at the end of words:

badge, edge, bridge, dodge, smudge, lodge, fudge, wedge, judge, ridge.

Please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or Mrs Duddington if you have any worries/concerns.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Treasure and Mrs Duddington


Please see below the link to our knowledge organiser for Terms 1 and 2.  We will be starting to look at our first learning enquiry ‘Who is the greatest explorer?’ week commencing 14th September.

Year 2 terms 1 and 2 Who is the Greatest Explorer KO