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Year 2 @ Hewish

Welcome to  Year 2  @ Hewish

Class Teacher: Mrs Poole

LSA:  Miss Matthews

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Home learning offer September

Year 2 terms 1 and 2 Who is the Greatest Explorer KO


Term 1 Week 4

This week seems to have gone faster than any other week.  We have been very busy and the children have worked extremely hard.  Today the children wrote their opening of their innovated story of ‘The Great Explorer’ but before we began we put our tools in our writing toolbox.  The children told me what we needed to do to be a successful writer even down to the individual letters that they sometimes get muddled and which letters have to sit on the line.   If your child is writing at home perhaps you can remind them of their toolbox below.  Thank you.

In Maths this week we have been adding three single digit numbers, adding numbers in any order,  using related facts, for example if 7 + 5 = 12, then we know 5 + 7 = 12 but we also know that 12 – 5 = 7 and 12 – 7 = 5.  We also saw patterns in numbers, for example, if 1 + 9 = 10 then 10 + 90 = 100.   Knowing number bonds to 10 really helped children to see this pattern.

In Geography we have been learning about the seven continents and the five oceans.  The children have loved singing the songs that help them to remember the size of the continents and oceans from the biggest to the smallest.  See if they can sing the songs  to you.  If you google the 7 continents song and then the 5 oceans song they are the first clips that come up.

In our whole class guided reading session we have been using the book ‘The snail and the whale’ to help us find the adjectives that described the features of shimmering ice and coral caves, shooting stars and enormous waves.  It was great to see some of the children remembering these adjectives and using  them in their story writing today.

When hearing readers this week several children have stopped and said, “Oh there’s an adjective’ or ‘that’s an adverb isn’t it?’  We watched a very funny film from Nessy about a newt vibrating that taught us all about the difference between an adjective, a noun and a verb.  We have also looked at question marks and exclamation marks too and when to use them correctly.

In RE this week we have been looking at different roles within the family and in PSHE we have unpicked what responsibility means.  The children wanted me to set them a responsibility challenge.  I said maybe they could be responsible for tidying their bedroom – watch this space!

In PE we have tried balancing on one leg and picking something up whilst balancing on one leg and even doing squats on one leg. It is so much harder to balance on one leg with your eyes closed.

In phonics we have looked at some of the alternative spellings for igh, ie, i-e, y, i.  When your children are reading at home see how many of the alternative ways to spell this sound they can find.

Our spellings for next week are:

The /s/ sound spelled c before e, i and y.











Have a lovely weekend.  I think it is going to be sunny.

If you have any concerns please telephone the school and I will call you back.  I really miss seeing parents face to face.

Mrs Poole

Term 1 Week 3

Wow, how have we got to the end of week 3 already! What another fantastic week of learning we have had this week.

We have started a new book titled ‘The Great Explorer’ by Chris Judge.  The children have been learning to orally retell the amazing story through story maps and actions. I have put a photograph of a child’s story map on twitter. Ask your child to have a go at retelling the story of Tom and his adventures, the children have really enjoyed learning the story and new vocabulary this week.

In whole class reading we have started looking at the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’  by Julia Donaldson and will continue to do some reading activities on this book over the rest of the term.   Julia Donaldson is the master of rhyme and this book is one of my favourites.   The children wrote about the parts of the story they liked/disliked and also wrote about what puzzled them and linked this book to other books they have read.

In maths, we started to look at comparing and ordering numbers. We started by looking at images and objects and unpicked mathematical vocabulary such as greater than, less than and equal to. We then looked at ordering numbers shown as both digits and words. Today, we looked at counting in twos, fives and tens.   Can you please practise the two, five and ten times table at home with your child and counting forwards and backwards from any number in these multiples too, for example, count in twos from 12 or count backwards in tens or fives from 50.  Thank you. Their knowledge of times tables definitely speeds up their working out, especially for multiplication, division and problem solving questions.  It is such a valuable skill to have early on.

We have learned some map skills this week and learned what it means to be a geographer.  The children found as many symbols as they could on a map and used the key to write down what they meant.   We thought we had found a petrol station but when we looked at the key the picture of a half-filled glass with a handle turned out to be a pub!  The excitement to be the first group to find our school on the map was overwhelming!  We had several false alarms as children found the symbol for a school (Sch) in several places on our map but these turned out to be St Georges and Castle Batch School.  We then looked more closely at what was around our school, the railway line, a main road and lots of fields and we found St Anne’s.  The children then drew an aerial view of our school after finding it on Google Earth.  A brilliant time was had by all.  I love maps and I am so happy that your children do too!

In R.E we continued to discuss what it means to belong and the children drew pictures of people in their family and why they are special to them .  One of my favourites was ‘My Nanny because she teaches me sewing.’

In real gym, we continued to practise our balances. The children came up with some fabulous balances and really thought about holding the position through keeping their heads up and using their arms to help them.

Next weeks spellings contain the / j / sounds spelt with a g.



Term 1 Week 2

What a lovely, jammed packed full week of amazing learning!

We have continued to learn our beautiful poem, entitled ‘Bluebell’, which the children have really engaged with and learned to  recite the whole of the poem, using pictures and actions beautifully.  Please follow me on twitter @BPooleStAnnes  to see the full video, your children were amazing!

We then went on to think about writing our own acrostic poems about an owl and thought about adjectives  to describe the owl and adverbs to explain how the owl moves, the children came up with some fabulous imaginative words, they really did amaze me. Next week we will be writing our poems and I will again share via twitter,  I cant wait to show off their incredible work with you.

In maths we continued to look at place value and understand how many 10s and 1s there are in a 2 digit number, for example, the number 32 has 3 tens and 2 ones, using part, part, whole models.  The children first understood this using pictures, diennes and counters then they had a go at drawing their own part, part, whole models to really cement the learning.

In art, the children used their skills of graduating water colours to infill their sketches of bluebells and had a go at sketching an owl with different shading techniques.

In P.E. we started our real PE lessons and developed our skipping, galloping and side-stepping skills.  We even managed a 180 degree turn whilst side stepping.  Thank you for sending in labelled PE kit for your child.  They all looked so smart.

In R.E we looked at what it means to belong and the children drew some beautiful pictures of different places where they felt they belonged, such as being at home with their families, out of school clubs and teams. We also discussed our value of Thankfulness and the children shared things that they were thankful for, they talked a lot about how they feel thankful  to have such  a lovely school to come to.

Next week’s spellings contain the /j/ sound spelled with  -ge at the end of words. Please practise these at home with your child as much as you can, we will continue to practise these in class as well, but it really does help them in their spelling check in on a Friday if they have been practising at home as well.  These spellings will also be stuck in your child’s reading record book on Monday so they can practise them independently.   They can also use Spelling Shed to practise their spellings.



Your child’s reading books will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  Please use bug club if you need more books, there are also some lovely comprehension questions which follow the books on Bug Club; it really is a great resource. If you need help with log ins please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Miss Matthews.  Some parents are finding Bug Club does not work on their phone/ tablet.  Apparently,  if you access Bug Club through Google Chrome it does work.  The school code is wmhc.

Below is a link to a document with a list of resources should your child have to take time off of school, for a prolonged time, due to being unwell. I will also pop this onto google classroom, there are links to different resources you can use with your child that will be similar to what we are learning in school this term.

Home learning offer September

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing your amazing children on Monday!

Mrs Poole and Miss Matthews

Term 1, Week 1

We have had a lovely first few days in our Year 2 bubble.  We have talked about our expectations and have drawn up our new class charter together.  The children have also told me and Miss Matthews what they expect from us: to be happy, kind, playful, joyful,  healthy (not allowed to eat chocolate but we can’t promise that!)  They also asked us to challenge them and be  ‘just a little bit strict.’  We feel we know them so well already but we are really excited to learn more about each unique child.   Your children are amazing.

We are in the process of learning a beautiful poem entitled ‘Bluebell’.  The children thought of pictures that Miss Matthews could draw to help us learn the poem and some accompanying actions too.

Here is our story map.  I wonder how much they can remember after one day!

story map

We have learned how to graduate colours by adding more and more blue to our white base to find the best blue to infill our sketches of bluebells.

In Maths we have been looking at number and place value.  We have used a lot of representations to help us understand two digit numbers.  I have been very impressed with everyone’s mathematical knowledge.

Tonight your child will have brought home a levelled reading book and a reading record book.  Please write the date and a brief comment when you read with your child.  Their reading book will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  Inside their reading record book your child has a login for Bug Club to access online reading books.  The school code is wmhc.  I have assigned the correct level of reading books for each child.  We have looked at the choice of books available on Bug Club today in class and the children are very excited to read them all!  Also within the reading record book there is a sticker that gives your child’s login details for Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed.  Please keep practising the two, five and ten times tables at home.  The spellings for Spelling Shed will be uploaded each week on Monday morning and we will have a spelling test on a Friday in class.  We will be practising the spellings every day in class but it would be useful if your child gets a little support with their spellings at home too.

Next week’s spellings contain the /j/ sound spelled with -dge and -ge at the end of words:

badge, edge, bridge, dodge, smudge, lodge, fudge, wedge, judge, ridge.

Please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or Miss Matthews if you have any worries/concerns.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Poole and Miss Matthews.

Please see below the link to our knowledge organiser for Terms 1 and 2.  We will be starting to look at our first learning enquiry ‘Who is the greatest explorer?’ week commencing 14th September.

Year 2 terms 1 and 2 Who is the Greatest Explorer KO