Classes 2020-2021 -

Year 1 @ Hewish

Welcome to  Year 1 @ Hewish

Class Teacher: Miss Houlihan

LSA:  Mrs Loach


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Term 1

Home Learning Offer September – Year 1

Week 4

Another week has flown by and what a successful week of learning it has been!

In Religious Education this week we have been learning the Christian creation story from the bible. We took time to look at some abstract art that each represented a different part of creation. We then created our own art pieces showing our understanding. We reflected on Gods creations and our favourite part of the story. We were amazed at how many different and incredible things there are in the world.

In PHSE this week we have reflected on our rights and responsibilities as learners. We know that we have the right to learn and that we are responsible for our learning behaviours. We thought about what good learning looks like and sounds like and drew pictures of our friends learning together.

In English this week we have been thinking of different action verbs of a bird, moth or cat, such as pouncing, swooping, fluttering and hunting. We acted these out and then selected words that made sense to use with our chosen creature. We used these action words in our written sentences.

Our phonics sounds this week have been ow (cow), ow (snow), oi (spoil), er (term and winter), ear (fear). Next week’s phonics sounds will be air (fair), ure (pure), ay (play), ou (shout), ie (pie).

In Maths this week we have been comparing amounts using the vocabulary more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, equal to, and equivalent. We have been learning to use the greater than, less than and equal symbols, and have played some fun dice and card games. We have also been ordering not consecutive numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest.

We have really been enjoying looking at what the children have found in nature around them.
Please keep collecting items for our nature display.

We have been identifying common English trees and using our scientific observational skills to look at the differences between then. We enjoy reading leaf man where we were able to pick out some of the common English leaves that we recognised. We then took inspiration from this book to create our own artwork using items from our nature display.

In physical education we have been developing our ability to listen and follow instructions, move safety and practise different footwork skills, such as hopscotch, galloping, side stepping and skipping. We have also been making up a dance sequence and have tried to incorporate our footwork skills into the routine.

If you get time over the weekend why not have ago at practising correct letter formation on lined paper, read your book or practise your phonics sounds. Most importantly, enjoy your weekend.




Week 3

We have had another super week in the Year One Crew.
In Religious Education this week we thought about our wonderful world and all the amazing things in it. We asked the question is everything in our world good? We also asked do humans always look after the world. We looked at some pictures and discussed our thoughts and feelings. We sorted the pictures into things that make us feel happy and things that make us feel sad. We were really sad to see how much litter was in the sea on one of the pictures and how this can impact negatively on God’s creatures. We really liked the picture of a young plant shooting up from the ground. It reminded us of how we are all born, grow and change.

In PHSE this week we have been thinking about the different ways that we can keep ourselves and others safe in school. We all thought of ways to make everyone feel special.

This week we have been asking our enquiry question ‘what is outside my window?’ We have learnt the difference between a human and physical feature and that the view out of a window can change over time as humans develop things. We debated whether humans building is a good or a bad thing? We decided that sometimes it is good for example we need houses to live in or pipe to bring fresh water but we were concerned for the animal habitats that may be destroyed in human development.

We have been identifying common English flowers and the parts of a flower. We used magnifying glasses to make scientific observations of different flowers. We then did observational drawings.

In maths we have been counting forward and backwards and finding one more and one less than a number.

In English this week we have been learning to be descriptive in both our spoken and written sentences. We have thought of adjectives to describe creatures from our book Moth.

We have continued to read lots this week and the sounds that we have focussed on in phonics have been oo (look)
oo (zoo) ar (car) or (borm) and ur (purse). Next week’s sounds will be ow (cow), ow (snow), oi (spoil) er (term) and
ear (fear).

Please continue to listen to your child read and read to them daily as this really makes a big difference.

If you’re out and about this weekend, please pick up as many leaves as you can for next week!
Have a fantastic weekend!






Week 2

Wow, this week has been full of fantastic learning!

In religious education this week we thought about the beautiful world that we are a part of. We went on a sensory walk and thought about how we use our senses to experience life.

In maths this week we have been developing our counting strategies as this helps us make sure we are accurate when finding amounts. We then used counters to represent amounts from within a story. We used counters to represent pictures on wrapping paper. But there was a problem! Numbers kept going missing from the number line! Not to worry the year one children solved the
mystery and found all of the missing numbers.

We looked at how an oak tree changes through the seasons and enjoyed mixing paint to create autumn colours for our autumn tree. We learnt about the many creatures that enjoy living in the oak.

In English this week we used our knowledge to write about different creatures that live in an oak tree. We worked hard to start each sentence with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.

This week in phonics we have been focusing on sounds ng, ai (snail), ee (sheep), igh (light) and oa (goat). Next week’s sounds will be oo (zoo), oo (look), ar (car), or (born),  ur (burn). Books will be changed on Monday and Friday. Please support your child to read their book daily. Bug club is up and running for access to a range of books. Books have been allocated for your child.

We would love it if your child would bring something they have found in nature to add to our class collection.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Week 1

What an absolutely amazing week of learning the Year 1 Crew have had! They have impressed me immensely with their positive attitude and readiness to learn moving into ir new classroom. The children enjoyed exploring their new area and even spotted our fairy door. We’re very lucky in Year 1 as the fairies gave us a worry jar so they can take our worries away each day. We’ve been working really hard to learn the new routines for our classrooms and remind ourselves of our three school rules:

Respect ourselves

Respect others

Respect the environment

This term’s learning theme is ‘What’s around me?’ This weeks enquiry was based on the poem ‘Acorn’ from The Lost Words poetry book. We learned about how a tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak and the changing seasons. We put our new knowledge to the test while on a nature walk and identified different trees, leaves and berries.

Next week we will be looking at the oak tree as a habitat and autumn leaves. See how many different shades of autumn leaves you can collect and bring to school to share with the crew. I can’t wait to see the fantastic work Year 1 does this week!