Classes 2020-2021 -

Busy Bees @ West Wick

Welcome to  Busy Bees @  West Wick

Class Teacher: Mrs Martin and Mrs Binns

LSA: Mrs Morris and Mrs Gray

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Term 3

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Our new learning theme will be, ‘Who lives in a castle like this?’ Please see our knowledge organiser below for information about all the fantastic learning we will be doing.

FS terms 3 and 4 who lives in a castle like this


Term 2 – Week 6

Our Busy Bee classes have been really enjoying the festive season learning lots of Christmas songs, role playing the Christmas story, playing in the Christmas shop and making lots of lovely Christmas crafts for you to enjoy.  It is such a magical time of the year and it is certainly our favourite time of year with the children, who despite all the worries society face at the moment remain positive, cheerful and full of hope.

We are continuing with our phonics learning and have now completed the second phase which we are consolidating in class.

Home learning:  If you find yourself at home with your little one you can support their phonics learning by making sure they are fluent with the sounds and words we have taught them so far. Here is a list of the sounds and words so you can practice them with the children.

S,a,t,p,i,n,d,m,,c,k,ck, b,e,r,u,o,f,g,h and l.

Red words ~ I, the, no, go, to, into

You can use these sounds for them to read simple words such as pin, hat, leg etc and to write the same words.  If your child is confident reading and spelling words then try simple sentences using the red words.  For example, I go to the pit. The sad man. Pat the dog etc

In maths this week, we are using the loveliness of Christmas to look for repeating patterns.  We have make paper chains, patterns for wrapping paper and made repeating patterns with Christmas decorations.

Home learning:  using decorations that you have at home see if you can make repeating patterns with your little one.  Can they say why it is a pattern (or not) and ask them to draw a representation of the pattern.  You could also have a go at making your own wrapping paper, cards or gift tags using repeating patterns. You could take an early evening stroll around your neighbourhood to see what repeating patterns you can see in the Christmas lights.

Finally, this week we have been thinking about the little animals and how winter affects them.

Home learning: why not make some fat balls for the garden birds and record which birds you see in your garden. You can also find lots of lovely Christmas books online to share together including ‘one snowy night’ and ‘Mog’s Christmas’.

Have a lovely week and stay safe.

Term 2 – Week 5 

Christmas has arrived in the Busy Bees classes this week and what fun and excitement we have had.  Both classes have had a Christmas shop where the children could purchase Christmas decorations and ornaments to decorate the tree.  The shop has also been our main focus for maths learning about money and to support the children at home why not set up your own little shop and using 1 pence and 2 pence coins and have some fun while learning about money!

Our main focus for this week has been about why we celebrate Christmas and the children have been listening to different versions of the Christmas story and making links between Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus and their own birthday celebrations.  The children have also been dressing up and retelling the Christmas story which has been amazing and very magical.

Christmas also involves lots of creativity and fun and the children have their own craft area where they can make things while learning new skills and techniques.  We hope some of the things they make will remain family favourites for years to come!

Next week we will be thinking about Christmas traditions and to support your child we would like you to talk to them about the things you do in your home at Christmas time.  For example, in my home we save one present for everyone to have at tea time which we say is from the tree.  We also enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch but have a slightly different pudding in that we have an ice cream figgy pudding and we always finish lunch by playing the After Eight game (look it up ~ it’s great fun).  Please feel free to write these things down or post them on Tapestry as an aide memoire for the children and bring them in on Monday.

Home learning offer:

  • Talk about Christmas in your family and write a letter to Santa. Try to include an act of kindness toward others.
  • Using Christmassy things you have around the house make some repeating patterns and record them for Tapestry. You might make some paper chains or use coloured baubles to make your patterns.  Why not make some Christmas biscuits and colour them so you can make a colour repeating pattern.
  • Enjoy Christmas craft making together. There are lots of ideas for crafting with children on Pinterest or go traditional with cotton wool snowmen or toilet roll angels!
  • Read Christmas stories together or make up your own stories about your Elf on the Shelve. Record them for Tapestry!

Please continue to read every day with your little one.  They are doing amazingly well and your support is key.  There are lots of books on Bug Club for you to read together as well as the books we send home.  Don’t forget to use the book to support their spelling too.  Use magnetic letters or write with glittery pens, words from the book as the books they are reading support the phonics we are doing in school.

Please stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Term 2  – Week 4

Home Learning – If you need to stay at home with your child, please use these activities to continue their learning.

Sounds learned so far are:
(s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, ck, e, u, r, h, b)
This week’s sounds will be:
(f as in fish, ff as in huff, l as in leg and ll as in bell, ss as in mess)
Red words learned so far are, I, the, to, go, no, into.
Reading at home
Every time you read with your child, please write a comment in your child’s reading record. Please read each reading book three times with your child. When they have read their book three times please write this in their partnership book and we will change their reading book in school.
• The first time you read support them to sound and blend the words to read them.
• The second time, encourage your child to read the sounds in their head ‘Fred in your head’ and then say the
whole word. For example…
a c/a/t (children sound these in their head) – Your child then reads out loud ‘a cat’.
• The third time you read the book with your child, encourage them to try and read whole words so they read
• EACH TIME YOU READ – Book talk – read and talk about the book to support your child’s understanding and development of new vocabulary.

Letter names – Please practise letters names with your child at home. It is important that your child knows the names of the letters as well as the corresponding sounds. There are lots of fun ways of doing this including, alphabet puzzles, songs, games, letter hunts etc.

Please use the fun Read Write Inc ditties on the letter formation sheet to practise letter formation with your child eg. ‘all around the apple and down the leaf’. Encourage them to practise writing the sounds and red words they have learned in playful ways, for example, using water and brushes, chalk, making books and cards.

In maths, we will be learning about money. Why not help your child to set up a shop using their toys at home and use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to buy items from the shop. Writing their own prices is fun and supports the development of number formation. Help your child to learn the name of the coins and count out the corresponding number of pennies equivalent to each coin to support them to understand the value of the different coins. Coin rubbings and making their own coins are fun activities to help children learn about money. Making signs and labels for their shop would be a really playful way for them to practise their writing skills.


We will be learning about the Nativity story next week. Please read/share on line the story with your child and talk to them about the characters and events in the story. To help them to get to know the story really well, they could make stick puppets and draw pictures of key events in the story. Please support your child to sequence the key events in the order they happen in the story. You could cut up some pictures and ask your child to retell the story using the pictures. Your child might like to make their own book of the story and this would be a great opportunity for them to practise their writing skills. Here is a link to the story online: CBeebies Christmas Nativity  and 

Poetry Basket – The children are really loving learning the poems this term. Here are the words to this week’s poem entitled ‘Breezy Weather’.

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the leaves fall, we all fall together.

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the wind blows, we huddle together.

Have a great weekend!

Term 2 

Home Learning – If you need to stay at home with your child please use these activities to continue their learning.





Sounds learned so far are:

(s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, ck)

This week’s sounds will be:

(e as in egg, u as in umbrella, r as in red and h as in hut)

Red words learned so far are, I, the, to, go, no, into

The children are now bringing home a reading book matched to the sounds that they have learned so far. It is very important that you read daily with your child and support them to read the words by blending the sounds together in the order they appear in the word. They are also learning ‘red’ words. These words cannot be sounded out and need to be learned as whole words. On TUESDAY 24TH NOVEMBER at 4 pm we will be holding a phonics and maths workshop via zoom. The link will be emailed out to everyone. Please join us as this workshop will enable you to support your child’s learning at home.

BUG CLUB – Everyone has been allocated a login for our online reading scheme ‘Bug Club’. Please use the books in the scheme to support your child’s reading progress at home. It is really important that you choose books that match the sounds your child has learned in school.

Please continue to read to your child as often as possible. Don’t forget it is great to share non-fiction and poetry books as well as stories.

We are learning a poem in class from the Poetry Basket. Why not practise at home with your child it is great fun. Here are the words:

A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he heard, the less he spoke.

The less he spoke, the more he heard.

Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?


If you need to be at home with your child, why not have fun doing some craft or art activities around the poem. Here are some possible ideas:


In RE, we will be learning that Christians believe that God created our beautiful world and we should be ‘caretakers’ of our world. Here is a link to the story of creation online:

Why not ask your child to draw and talk about what they are going to do to look after their world.

In PE this week, we will be learning to work with a partner. Why not practise throwing and catching with your child or make a pattern of movements for them to copy eg. Jump, hop, clap.

Our maths learning this week will be recognising and ordering numbers to 5, 10, 15 or 20 in and out of sequence. We will also be looking at one more and one less.

Activity ideas:

  • Number hunt and then order the numbers you have found.
  • Putting numbers in the wrong order and asking your child to sort them out for you.
  • Counting out objects and taking one away to find one fewer or adding one to find what is one more. Relate this to a number line so your child starts to understand numbers that are more or less than each other.
  • Roll a dice and find one more or one less than the number by counting dots, objects etc. Please encourage your child to record what they discover.





What a lovely warm and autumnal week we have had. The children have enjoyed listening to the story of Leaf Man and have been busy creating their own characters and telling stories with them. There has been lots of amazing ‘leaf art’ and we have learnt several short poems with an autumn theme.

Next week we will be looking at the stories ‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis, available on YouTube  and ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson available on YouTube  If your child is not in school then please listen to these stories together. Maybe you could find your own sticks and think up your own ‘not a sticks’ or create your own stick man characters. There are lots of arts and crafts you can do with a stick and we would love to see your ideas on Tapestry!

In Maths this week, we have been recognising numbers out of sequence and then ordering them. To help consolidate the children’s learning why not make your own number cards or use ones you have and place them around the house. See if your child can find them all (reading them as they go) and then reorder them into the correct sequence. You could then play a game where you turn over a number and see if they can guess which number you have turned.

Next week, we will be looking at the parts of numbers to 10. If you find yourself at home with your child why not choose a number each day and see if you can find all the different ways of making that number. For example, find 6 conkers and divide them into their parts ~ 3 and 3, 4 and 2, 1 and 1, and 2 and 2. Encourage them to record this by drawing the parts and whole and then ask them to show and explain to another family member what they have done.

Next week is Children in Need week and in school we will be looking at kindness towards each other. This is something you could highlight at home by supporting your little one to carry out an act of kindness. There are so many things we can do and they can be as simple as smiling at someone you pass in the street (at a safe distance of course) or complimenting a sibling or sending a paper heart to a loved one. Please remember to record these for Tapestry anything like this that you do at home.

In RE this term we have been learning through the creation story. Your home learning challenge this week is to support your child to think of all the things in our world they are grateful for and write a short prayer together. Maybe they could decorate around the prayer to make it look really special.

In Phonics this week, we have learnt the sounds ‘I’ as in ink, ‘n’ as in net, ‘m’ as in mat and ‘d’ as in din. Our sight words are ‘I’ and ‘to’. If you are reading with your child and you see the words ‘the,’ ‘I’ or ‘to’ remind them it is a sight word and ask them to read it off by heart. Next week we will be learning ‘g’ as in gate, ‘o’ as in orange, ‘c’ as in cat and ‘k’ as in king. Note that ‘c’ and ‘k’ make the same sound. Our sight word will be ‘go’.

On Friday this week, we will be sending each child home with a reading book and diary. Please support your child by helping them sound out each letter and blend them together to say the word. Each book has helpful tips and questions to support their reading at the back and front of the book. They will need to read this several times so it might be nice for them to show off their new skills to other family members over Facetime or maybe they could pretend to be their teacher and read to their teddies! Please return the filled in diary and their reading book on Monday. We will then issue them with a new book and quarantine the returned books. To supplement the reading books school have subscribed to Bug Club and information for you to log on will also be sent home on Friday.
To support your home learning we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us on Zoom so we can support you with teaching your child to read and to share how you can support them with their maths. We would like to do this on Tuesday 24th November at 4pm. We will send you the link nearer the time. If you have any questions please email us or catch us on the door!
Have a lovely weekend

Term 2 – Week 2

What a great first week back we have had. The children have settled back into the routines of school and have enjoyed the shared experience of having a hot lunch together in the hall.

A really big thank you for supporting the children with their half term homework, we were overwhelmed by how brilliant they were and the children were so proud of their efforts.

This week we introduced the sounds s,a,t,p and the sight word ‘the’. The children have been immersed in listening for these sounds and to sorting collections of things which have these sounds in them. Next week we will be introducing the sounds i as in ink, n as in net, m as in mud, d as in dog and the sight word ‘to’. The sight words are words they must learn to read off by heart as they are not decodable.

Home learning: Practice saying these sounds and writing the corresponding letter. Look for objects which have these sounds in them. Play a memory game with the sight words or make a little snap game with them.
With the sounds we have learnt we can read the words ‘as, at, sat, tap, in, pin, mat, pat and din’. please practice saying the individual sounds and blending them together to read the words.

Next week we will be using the story of Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert to help us make up our own stories using our own ‘leaf creations’.
Home Learning: collect leaves and make your own leaf character. Support your child to make up their own story about their character. Write it down as they tell it and post it on Tapestry for us to share with their friends.

In Maths this week we will be ordering and recognising numbers to 10. We will be going on an Autumn Number scavenger hunt and playing lots of games which require the children to recognise the numbers.

Home Learning: There are lots of games you can play to encourage number recognition such as Hop scotch or snakes and ladders. You could get creative and make your own number lines using paints, natural materials or by piping numbers onto biscuits!

Wednesday of this week is of course Remembrance Day and we will be supporting children to understand why it is important to remember and looking at what the poppy represents.

Home Learning: get creative and make your own poppy display to put in your window.

We will shortly be sending home letters with login details for Bug Club. This is an online selection of reading books which will correspond with your child’s knowledge of phonics. Each book has details of how you can support your child to develop their reading skills. Please look out for the Bug Club letter in your child’s book bag soon! We can not stress enough how important it is that you read with your child at home. It really will support their progress.

Thank you for all your continued support. If you have any questions or need any support please contact their teacher through the school email and we will be happy to help.


Term 2 – Week 1

This week in school, we will be exploring Autumn and the wonderful harvest of goodies it produces. We will be reading lots of stories about autumn animals and some you might enjoy looking at include Percy the Park Keeper and Bramble Hedge. If you find yourself at home why not share some of these classic tales and make your own hedgehogs, trees and flowers from leaves and sticks you find out and about.

In phonics, we will be introducing the sounds ‘s’ as in snake, ‘a’ as in ant, ‘t’ as in tap, ‘p’ as in pig and the sight word ‘the’. Please support your child to find objects around the house with these sounds in them. When they are confident with each of the sounds they can practice reading the words, at, as, pat, tap and sat by blending the sounds together. To support your child with their handwriting why not get out the shaving foam, paints or oats and practice writing the letters and words together.

Maths this week, will be focusing on the ways we can make the number five. To support your child at home count out five objects that are of interest to your child and then find different parts of the whole. For example, 4 cars and 1 car altogether make 5 cars ~ 4 is the part, 1 is the part and 5 is the whole. You can do this with 2 and 3 and 5 and 0 or even with 1,2 and 2 and then you can show them the written calculation 4+1= 5. 1+2+2=5

This week is also Bonfire Night and we will be sharing the story of Guy Fawkes with the children to help them understand why we celebrate with fireworks. Then we will share the Hindu story of Diwali and comparing the way they also celebrate with stories and fireworks. If you would like to support the children with this there is a BBC video at  Maybe you could make your own firework pictures at home and share them with us on Tapestry!

Finally, we hoping you will be able to get out and enjoy lots of fresh air and exercise but if the weather doesn’t allow for this there are lots of exercise routines on Boogie Beebies and Cosmic Yoga for kids is a great mindfulness class for your little one!

Week 5

It was lovely to speak to so many of you for our learning review meetings and to hear how much your children are enjoying school.  Thank you for your positivity and support.

This week the Busy Bees have been exploring 2D shapes.  They have looked at the properties of the shapes and we have been encouraging the children to talk about the shapes they see. They have made pattern pictures with the shapes, made models with shapes and looked for shapes in our school environment.

Home learning:  If you would like to support your child at home why not go on a shape hunt around your home or local area.  Maybe you could record on your phone or an iPad what you find and see how many shapes your child can name. You might also want to create a picture by drawing around shapes you find in the house.  We would live to see your creations on Tapestry!

In phonics this week we have noticed how confident the children are becoming when they blend and segment sounds in words.  This shows us that they are almost ready for learning to read!

Home Learning: Please encourage them to sound talk by selecting simple objects such as a pig, boat, cow, fish, book etc. You can play a version of I spy saying, ‘I spy with my little eye a p i g.  Can they then take a turn to sound talk an object for you to find?

We have had enormous fun this week innovating the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the children have chosen their own characters for their story.

Home Learning: Why don’t you ask your child about their characters for the story?  Maybe they could share their ideas with you!


Next week in school the children will be acting out their stories for our final challenge based on The Three Billy Goats gruff and in maths we will also be exploring pattern.

Have a lovely weekend

Term 1 – Week 4

We have had a fantastic week in Busy Bees this week! This week we have been designers looking at different bridge designs and designing and creating our very own bridges to support the goats in crossing the river. To support us with our designs we have learnt about different types of bridges and their blueprints. We really enjoyed using a variety of materials from sweets to cable reels to help us create our bridges!


Home Learning:

If you would like to support them at home why not ask them to think about different bridges that they have seen on their journeys. Lots of our children could recall having seen Bristol Suspension Bridge before. Next week we will be beginning to innovate the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff by listening and learning to an alternative. We will then be creating our own characters to cross the bridge. We can’t wait to hear their ideas!

Home Learning:

In Maths we have been learning how to compare numbers to 5 using the vocabulary greater than, more than, less than, fewer than, equivalent and the same. Next week we are going to be learning about 2D shapes. If you would like to support at home encourage them to learn the different 2D shapes, their names and begin to identify their simple properties. You may also want to encourage your child to find the shapes in their everyday life such as out on a walk or around the home. Support them to find shapes around them and to draw them.

Home Learning:

In phonics we are continuing to blend and segment sounds using our ‘robot arms.  There is a lovely video using the techniques we use in school.  Just follow this link


Religious education:

This week we are exploring the word precious and what things are precious to us. This is a really lovely opportunity to share the different things that are precious to all of us including them and why they are so very precious!


Term 1 – Week 3



The Busy Bees at West Wick and Hewish have been enjoying what might be the last of the summer sun using the garden to retell the classic tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They have used puppets and masks as props for the storytelling and it has been lovely to hear the children using their voices to be the big bad troll and to hear them trip trap and use the repetitive language of the story.

Home Learning:

If you would like to support them at home why not ask them to tell the story and you could act it out together.  You could even make your own puppets or draw the characters from the story together.  We will continue to use the story next week so lots of practice will really help.   Next week we will be learning about bridges and the children will be using a variety of different materials to design and make their own bridges for the Troll.  What can you find around the house to make a bridge?

In Maths we have been sorting lots of different objects.  We have sorted by shape, colour and size as well as lots of other categories such as by hair or by fur, by number of wheels and by type of dinosaur.

Home Learning:

To support your child why not let them choose their favourite collection of toys and see if together you can sort them.  For example they might have a collection of animals which they could sort by how many legs (or no legs) they might have!  Sorting is an essential skill for addition and subtraction so when they have finished sorting support your little one to count how many are in each group and then count them altogether to find the total number of objects. Next week in school we will continue to sort objects and compare the quantities in the groups to say which has the most/greatest amount and which has the fewest/least amount.

Home Learning:

In phonics we are continuing to blend and segment sounds using our ‘robot arms.  There is a lovely video using the techniques we use in school.  Just follow this link

Religious education:

This week we have been exploring the creation story and the children have been thinking about the beauty all around them.  What a wonderful opportunity for you to take the children on a walk or bike ride and look at nature and wonder at its beauty.  You might even make a little collection of acorns, conkers or shells that you could make into a picture and bring to school.

Term 1 – Week 2

This week, the Busy Bees have had great fun in the sun meeting all of the children in their class, getting to know their names and forming friendships. The children are settling well into their new classroom routines and growing in independence and confidence. They have enjoyed exploring the learning environments both inside and outside.

We began the week, counting, ordering numbers and representing amounts using dots, drawing or writing numerals. We have also explored rhyming stories and poems. The children listened carefully to identify rhyming words and think of their own rhyming strings. Phonics teaching has continued daily. The children have taken part in lots of games and activities to support them to both break words into the individual sounds and then blend the sounds together to say the words. Please continue to read as often as possible with your child and talk about the meaning of some of the words in the story. Encourage your child to join in with stories and retell them to you in their own words.

Next week, you can support your child at home by playing dice and number games. It is fun to count sounds, claps, jumps, hops etc! Encourage your child to name and order numbers to 10 and beyond. We will also be starting to learn about our key text ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. If you have the story at home, please share it with your child and encourage them to join in the story with you. They will love ‘trip trapping’ over the bridge! You can also find versions of the story online. Here is a useful link to find the story:

Finally, please encourage your child when they play to mark-make in lots of different ways, for example, using water and brushes, chalk, sticks, pencils etc.

Have a great weekend!

Term 1 – Week 1

Welcome to the Busy Bee class

It has been wonderful to meet the children and families this week and we have had such a lovely time playing together and getting to know the children.  Some of the lovely things they have been doing include painting, threading, drawing pictures of themselves and practising writing their names.  They have started phonics and have been listening to the sounds in words through different games and activities.  In maths, we have been counting and recognising numbers with lots of different objects.

In our lovely EYFS gardens, the children have been getting to know their teachers and the other children in the class.  They have been exploring the environments and we have seen lots of new friendships develop which has been lovely.

Next week in maths, we are focusing on counting. Please have fun with your child counting collections of objects such as pennies, cars, dinosaurs, dolls etc. Make sure your child gives each object one number only and support them to put objects in a line to help them count accurately. Play lots of dice games such as ‘snakes and ladders’ or roll the dice and count out the same number of pennies. Counting stairs on the way to bed or steps in the garden can be fun! Putting numbers in the right order is really helpful too!

We will also be learning about words that rhyme. Please read your child rhyming stories and poems and point out the rhyming words. It can be a fun game to put strings of rhyming words together and see how many you and your child can think of. An  example might be, park, dark, lark, bark etc.

Don’t forget to encourage your child  to mark-make in lots of different ways when they play, for example, using water and brushes, chalk, sticks, pencils etc.

Have a super weekend!