Classes 2020-2021 -

Busy Bees @ Hewish

Welcome to  Busy Bees @  Hewish

Class Teacher: Miss Haspell

LSA: Mrs Davison

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Term 1 – Week 3

The Busy Bees at West Wick and Hewish have been enjoying what might be the last of the summer sun using the garden to retell the classic tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They have used puppets and masks as props for the storytelling and it has been lovely to hear the children using their voices to be the big bad troll and to hear them trip trap and use the repetitive language of the story.

Home Learning:

If you would like to support them at home why not ask them to tell the story and you could act it out together.  You could even make your own puppets or draw the characters from the story together.  We will continue to use the story next week so lots of practice will really help.   Next week we will be learning about bridges and the children will be using a variety of different materials to design and make their own bridges for the Troll.  What can you find around the house to make a bridge?

In Maths we have been sorting lots of different objects.  We have sorted by shape, colour and size as well as lots of other categories such as by hair or by fur, by number of wheels and by type of dinosaur.

Home Learning:

To support your child why not let them choose their favourite collection of toys and see if together you can sort them.  For example they might have a collection of animals which they could sort by how many legs (or no legs) they might have!  Sorting is an essential skill for addition and subtraction so when they have finished sorting support your little one to count how many are in each group and then count them altogether to find the total number of objects. Next week in school we will continue to sort objects and compare the quantities in the groups to say which has the most/greatest amount and which has the fewest/least amount.


Home Learning:

In phonics we are continuing to blend and segment sounds using our ‘robot arms.  There is a lovely video using the techniques we use in school.  Just follow this link


Religious education:

This week we have been exploring the creation story and the children have been thinking about the beauty all around them.  What a wonderful opportunity for you to take the children on a walk or bike ride and look at nature and wonder at its beauty.  You might even make a little collection of acorns, conkers or shells that you could make into a picture and bring to school.

Term 1 – Week 2

This week, the Busy Bees have had great fun in the sun meeting all of the children in their class, getting to know their names and forming friendships. The children are settling well into their new classroom routines and growing in independence and confidence. They have enjoyed exploring the learning environments both inside and outside.

We began the week, counting, ordering numbers and representing amounts using dots, drawing or writing numerals. We have also explored rhyming stories and poems. The children listened carefully to identify rhyming words and think of their own rhyming strings. Phonics teaching has continued daily. The children have taken part in lots of games and activities to support them to both break words into the individual sounds and then blend the sounds together to say the words. Please continue to read as often as possible with your child and talk about the meaning of some of the words in the story. Encourage your child to join in with stories and retell them to you in their own words.

Next week, you can support your child at home by playing dice and number games. It is fun to count sounds, claps, jumps, hops etc! Encourage your child to name and order numbers to 10 and beyond. We will also be starting to learn about our key text ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. If you have the story at home, please share it with your child and encourage them to join in the story with you. They will love ‘trip trapping’ over the bridge! You can also find versions of the story online. Here is a useful link to find the story:

Finally, please encourage your child when they play to mark-make in lots of different ways, for example, using water and brushes, chalk, sticks, pencils etc.

Have a great weekend!

Term 1 – Week 1

Welcome to the Busy Bee class

It has been wonderful to meet the children and families this week and we have had such a lovely time playing together and getting to know the children.  Some of the lovely things they have been doing include painting, threading, drawing pictures of themselves and practising writing their names.  They have started phonics and have been listening to the sounds in words through different games and activities.  In maths, we have been counting and recognising numbers with lots of different objects.

In our lovely EYFS gardens, the children have been getting to know their teachers and the other children in the class.  They have been exploring the environments and we have seen lots of new friendships develop which has been lovely.

Next week in maths, we are focusing on counting. Please have fun with your child counting collections of objects such as pennies, cars, dinosaurs, dolls etc. Make sure your child gives each object one number only and support them to put objects in a line to help them count accurately. Play lots of dice games such as ‘snakes and ladders’ or roll the dice and count out the same number of pennies. Counting stairs on the way to bed or steps in the garden can be fun! Putting numbers in the right order is really helpful too!

We will also be learning about words that rhyme. Please read your child rhyming stories and poems and point out the rhyming words. It can be a fun game to put strings of rhyming words together and see how many you and your child can think of. An  example might be, park, dark, lark, bark etc.

Don’t forget to encourage your child  to mark-make in lots of different ways when they play, for example, using water and brushes, chalk, sticks, pencils etc.

Have a super weekend!