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Year 6 @Hewish 2019-20

“Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs.”

Nelson Mandela

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Calling all budding singers – Looking to the rainbow challenge!

Don’t forget to read the help me guide and see the resources attached to get involved in this challenge!

As a Church school we spend time every day in the act of Worship where the whole school comes together as a community in a time to reflect, pray and sing. As a school, we LOVE singing and the children are always enthusiastic about new songs.
I am sure you will have seen many videos being made of choirs singing in isolation in various forms on the news or social media. Each one is wonderful and so we have decided to create a St. Anne’s whole school singing video with a beautiful song which links nicely to the Christian value of HOPE.
The song we have for you to perform is called Looking to the Rainbow. It has been written especially for schools to perform during the Covid-19 lock down by Nick & Becky Drake (Worship for Schools Organisation).

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Term 5

As we start Term 5 very differently to how we would have liked, remember to keep smiling, stay safe and continue to share your wonderful learning with us via our communication platforms. We really hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the Easter break and spent some time making wonderful memories with your loved ones. We are missing you very much and hope we can return to some form of normality very soon.


Term 4

Today, we have sent out a link via email and text asking you for your  permission to create a google classroom account for your child/children. To enable us to provide our children with an online learning platform, we need gather this information as quickly as possible before sending out instructions, guidance and logins to support you with using this if you are a family who is self-isolating or in the event of the possibility of a school closure.  If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher or Mrs Hardy-Smith.

Term 4 Week 2

It was book Week this week, with the children dressed in some fantastic costumes on Thursday. They’ve all received  a book token to be used in part to claim a new book. The children have shared their learning this week in the photo’s below.

Term 4 Week 1

We launched into Term 4 with our PSHE focus on ‘healthy me’. The crew explored ways to keep body and mind healthy.

Term 3 Week 5

This has been a really busy week. We have finished our class text, The firework makers daughter and have also planned our own  Greek myths based upon all our learning so far. The crew have developed their chronology of major events during the Ancient Greek period as well as learning about triremes and the reason why none have ever been found(ask the children)! In addition, the children have all made Greek dips, investigated digital roots and Pythagoras on number day, and devised their own investogation into how to extract the colour from smarties on Science day.  Looking forward to sharing all of their brilliant learning with you next week at our learning review meetings.

Term 3 Week 3

The Week began with our wonderful visit to life skills where the children learnt over 300 facts that will keep them safe in and out of the home. This was an invaluable experience for all. We were very proud of their behaviour. Many ofthe guides took the time to seek me out personally to comment on the politeness and excellent behaviour of the children.

The children have all been provided with homework books this week. There are three books which consist of ten minute exercises. I will be instructing the children which activities to complete so they spend a maximum of 30 minutes per week on these activities. The answers are in the back so that parents and careers can check the work. I will endeavour to provide a home learning club every Friday lunch time for those children that wish to complete the tasks in school.

Term 3 Week 2

A great week for the crew where we have discovered more about Greece as well as developing further our knowledge of percentages.

Term 3 Week 1

We have had a lovely week back in school. Our new learning  theme is called ‘Who holds the power?’ We will be studying elements of Ancient Greece so to begin the theme, we have located Greece. The class have been amazed to learn that there are over 6000 Greek iskands. Of these six thousand, 227 of them are inhabited. Subsequently, Laras has discovered that Indonesia has 17,000 islands! We have also begun our new anchor text, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. Our crew are showing excellent skills of inference but they do need to be encouraged to refer to the text. This is our key focus currently. In maths, we have been studying percentages which could come in handy in those January sales! On Friday, we had our first handhball srssion. Pictures below. Our PE sessions continue to be Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school all week.


Thank you to all of you who supported our ‘Carols by Candlelight’ evening on Thursday. I’m sure you’ll agree that it was , and always is, a truly wonderful night. In class thumps week, we have begun our ‘Christmas around the World’ focus. We have looked at Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and India. Below are some of the cards made during our focus on Japan.

Week 11

This week, the children have completed their letters from Flanders Field. The way they have captured the emotions as well as demonstrated their writing skills is really impressive. The letters are on display outside of our classroom. Please visit us and read them.

Week 10

We have continued our focus on World War 2 by learning where in the world key events took place. The children have also begun to compare and contrast a variety of  texts in order to create written work based upon the poem, ‘Flanders Field’.

Week 9

The past two weeks have seen the crew learning how WW1 was seemingly resolved and how the Treaty of Versailles amongst other issues contributed towards WW2. In amongst this, all the children have produced some wonderful remembrance art. Some can be seen below. Please view our gallery which is just outside the classroom..

Week 6

This week has seen us getting to grips with long division. I’ve been really impressed with the way the children have used the inverse operation to check their calculations. We have also been preparing for our family worship on Monday. Please remember to arrive at 2:25 in time for a prompt 2:30 start.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Week 5

This week has seen us developing as historians as we discover the Great War. The children have made their own decisions upon life in the trenches based upon pictorial and film evidence. They have applied similar skills to either prove or disprove the story of the Christmas truce.

Week 4

We have had a wonderful week with each one of the crew striving to be the very best version of themselves. In maths, we’ve explored algebra whilst in history, the crew have researched the countries involved in World War 1. In our anchor text, Letters From The Lighthouse, the children noticed that a postcard from Olive didn’t really explain the situation she found herself in so they’ve  written the real story in role. On the front, they’ve drawn what Budmouth Point would look like from the information in the text.

Week 3

As we look forward to our school camp next year, reminder letters have been sent as we need to confirm the number of attendees with Mendip Outdoor Pursuits. In maths, we are exploring negative numbers whilst in English, we have written a discussion entitled, ‘Is it wrong to kill a King?’

Week 2

This week, we launched our new anchor text – Letters from a Lighthouse. As well as using the text to support our learning in English, it will also form part of our new strategy entitled DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. Increasing opportunities to read and explore vocabulary is one of the most effective ways to develop children’s understanding throughout the curriculum. Please continue to support us by finding time for your children to enjoy reading at least three times per week. The children have also begun to learn about Kings and Queens since 1066 and have been fascinated to learn the contrasts and similarities (as well as the ghastly details!) about some of them.

Please also remember that the children’s homework is via both Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars.

Week 1

How lovely to see all the children again this week. We have spent the week thinking about ways in which different people and animals learn and behave to see what we can learn from their behaviours. As a result, the children have created stone stacks which they have decorated with their own key attributes of a leaner.

You should have received the welcome letter and new knowledge organiser for this term. Please keep ( stick on the fridge) and refer to these during the term. You can access another copy here.

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