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Year 5 @West Wick 2019-20

The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr Seuss


Keep up with your learning – Year 5 Summer 2020

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Calling all budding singers – Looking to the rainbow challenge!

Don’t forget to read the help me guide and see the resources attached to get involved in this challenge!

As a Church school we spend time every day in the act of Worship where the whole school comes together as a community in a time to reflect, pray and sing. As a school, we LOVE singing and the children are always enthusiastic about new songs.
I am sure you will have seen many videos being made of choirs singing in isolation in various forms on the news or social media. Each one is wonderful and so we have decided to create a St. Anne’s whole school singing video with a beautiful song which links nicely to the Christian value of HOPE.
The song we have for you to perform is called Looking to the Rainbow. It has been written especially for schools to perform during the Covid-19 lock down by Nick & Becky Drake (Worship for Schools Organisation).

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Term 5

As we start Term 5 very differently to how we would have liked, remember to keep smiling, stay safe and continue to share your wonderful learning with us via our communication platforms. We really hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the Easter break and spent some time making wonderful memories with your loved ones. We are missing you very much and hope we can return to some form of normality very soon.


Term 4

Today, we have sent out a link via email and text asking you for your  permission to create a google classroom account for your child/children. To enable us to provide our children with an online learning platform, we need gather this information as quickly as possible before sending out instructions, guidance and logins to support you with using this if you are a family who is self-isolating or in the event of the possibility of a school closure.  If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher or Mrs Hardy-Smith.

We really encourage our children to use Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars outside of school also. This (alongside regular reading) replaces homework. We also mentioned top marks to some children at our learning review meetings. This website has many games that support our recent fractions learning.

Links to the website can be found below:


Term 4 Week 4

Despite being a very unsettled week, the Year Five crew have continued some fantastic learning this week. We saw some amazing writing based on our short story The Caravan and hope to see this continued in home learning over the coming weeks.

We ended the day with a mini Design Technology project which saw the children create ways to keep Barnaby Brocket floating happily and safely. We were blown away by their creativity and amazing ideas.

Term 4 Week 3

We are so proud of our Year Five Crew who last week undertook interviews with James Wilmot from the Priory Learning Trust for jobs they might like to try when they are older. They spoke confidently about themselves and were able to highlight key skills that would help them in their future. 

Term 4 Week 2

What an amazing Book Week we have had so far in Year Five. Our children are clearly inspired by what they read because they have written some fantastic short narratives to create suspense this week. Below is Gabriel’s for which he has earned himself Learner of the Week.

Dreading another real-life dream, James examined the flickering light blazing in the pitch black. Gloomy shadows choked him like a deadly cage. Beside him, the abandoned spaceship waited patiently. The mounting walls of the warehouse flooded his mind, nightmares echoing in the enormous space. 

The crew thoroughly enjoyed their celebration of reading activities this week, especially dressing up as their favourite book characters as well as sharing well-loved stories with younger children in parliament. 

We have also continued our practical learning in science this week with two investigations, one into air resistance and the other water. Children investigated how the weight of a spinner would affect the speed of its fall and later in the week explored how different shapes fared when dropped in water-filled cylinders.


Term 4 Week 1

The crew have come back after the break with a great attitude to their learning and have enjoyed some practical science this week to start our new inquiry ‘Can things fall up?’ We found out the difference between weight and mass, measured various classroom items in newtons and discovered the point at which gravity overtakes the force of an upwards throw on a ball.

In English, we are very excited to have begun work on narrative, descriptive writing. Some of the examples below show how our children can ‘hug’ the text, using similar sentence structures but changing vocabulary in order to alter the authorial tone. (Please click on the image to read an enlarged version).

Term 3 Week 6

A fantastic end to a busy term today with the crew really mastering their ability to multiply fractions by whole numbers. It was great to see the whole crew so positive after many of them were in the pit earlier in the week! We have finished our explanation texts – our crew certainly know how to write in this genre and look forwards to the exciting narratives we have planned for next term.

The children explored how to keep safe online as part of their work on safer internet day earlier this week and today enjoyed using the new I pads to research important space missions. Ava and Kyra discovered NASA’s plans to send a probe to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, in order to determine whether colonisation would be possible and Jude and Josh learned why the sad disaster of the Challenger flight was doomed.  We were very impressed with their sensible attitudes to using the new technology and their rigorous ‘checking’ procedures in order to determine whether a website or video was appropriate or not.  Have a fantastic half term.

Term 3 Week 5

What an exciting day of science we have had today! The children were absolutely buzzing about their enquiry based science thinking and engineering tasks today. We started off our new enquiry question: should man go to space? We looked at pictures of both fictional and real rockets and analysed their design features. We then designed our own balloon rockets, using isometric paper to carefully create ‘exploding diagrams’ of how our designs would fit together. The next step was to make the rockets – this led to a lot of learning through trial and error, with the children adjusting and evolving their designs as they encountered problems (there were many popped balloons at this stage!!) Finally, we had an afternoon of fun launching our balloons. This stage in the process also encountered many problems but we worked as a crew to over-come them and all of the children managed to make their rockets travel at least a little way! We will evaluate the individual designs in tomorrow’s learning theme lesson and I’m sure they will all be able to explain what they would do differently next time. Great, practical learning – thank you Mrs Webb for planning such an inspiring day!

Term 3 Week 4

The Year 5 crew have been fantastic in their fractions learning this week and they should all be super proud of their perseverance and determination – we certainly are!

We have continued to reflect on the enquiry question ‘What’s Out There?’ but from an artist’s perspective this week. We have analysed the art of the contemporary painter, Peter Thorpe, and then had a go at painting abstract space backgrounds in a similar style. The children have been thinking about composition and where best to place objects in the foreground of their pictures.  Here are some pictures of them enjoying exploring abstract painting techniques:

Term 3 Week 3

It has been another busy week and the Year Five crew continue to engage with our learning theme centered on space.  We are currently re-drafting explanation texts which pull together all our learning about space from the past three weeks and have just discovered the terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket. In maths, we continue to tackle fractions. This week we have been using manipulates (concrete equipment) to show how fractions with different denominators can be added and subtracted. 

Fantastic quality of learning seen below by Oliver and Jack showing presentation of learning for the culmination of our current enquiry ‘What’s out there?’ and a brilliant opening paragraph to an explanation text ‘What’s in space?’

Term 3 Week 2

Another exciting week has flown by, this one ending with our WOW morning on Thursday when we were visited by the Explorer Dome. The crew were treated to an exciting session in which they learned about star constellations, got up close and personal with the Sun and many other planets and were given the opportunity to know what it feels like to star gaze under the night’s sky. 

Children then created some fantastic pieces of learning in order to synthesize their understanding of the topics covered. This was a great addition to our learning theme – we are only two weeks in and already the children are talking like space experts.

In maths this week, we continue to tackle fractions. Please keep practising your times tables facts at home using TT Rockstars. They will help so much with our fractions learning. 

Term 3 Week 1

Happy New Year and welcome to Term Three. We have kicked off with a bang with massive enthusiasm for our new space-themed learning enquiry, ‘Where is Space?’ This week, children have synthesized what they already know and have learned about the key players in astronomy. Ask your child about the heliocentric model of our solar system. We used fruit to understand the sizes of the planets also.

In Maths, we have begun our term of fractions. The crew have made a really good start to understanding equivalence this week but it has highlighted the importance of knowing multiplication tables off by heart. 

We also started reading our class text, ‘The Terrible Thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket’ and children are already speculating about what that terrible thing might be!

Term 2 Week 7

We have continued our focus on RE this week. We looked at some Christmas adverts and asked ourselves what the real meaning of Christmas is. Year five learnt that 1/3 of children in the UK don’t realise that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus and that 3/4 of the population of the UK do not think that the birth of Jesus is important in their Christmas festivities. They have tried to fix this by creating their own adverts explaining the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas and why it is an important celebration.

We all really enjoyed our Christmas Day at St Anne’s, eating delicious Christmas dinner and taking time to socialise and play games with each other in the afternoon.

All of the Year 5 crew wish everyone a very merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Term 2 Week 6

We are nearly at the end of term but we aren’t stopping. This week there has been a strong focus on RE where we have been exploring questions such as ‘What would a Messiah be and look like’ and ‘Was Jesus the Messiah?’ The Year Five crew threw themselves wholeheartedly into our science activity today which required them to consider different materials and their effectiveness for keeping water hot.  We heard some excellent scientific explanations of why certain materials would be more suitable than others based on their properties.

Term 2 Week 5

This was our last week of our amazing learning theme this term. We finished off with some fantastic discussions entitled, ‘What did the Mayans do for us?’ where the children considered the best inventions to come out of the Mayan Civilization.  Children also enhanced their computing skills by researching specifically why the Mayan Civilization declined. They discovered that, as historians, it is often impossible to answer a question with absolute confidence unless enough evidence exists as proof.

In maths, we continue to tackle perimeter and have spent some time revising formal methods. Please continue to support children at home by asking them to show you how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

In PE today, we enjoyed learning a new game of Scorpion Handball. Before attempting this, we needed to hone our core muscles with some skills-based drills!

Term 2 Week 4

This week we have tackled assessments. Some of the children have found the arithmetic quite a challenge and so we would like to encourage our children to continue practising these skills at home. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplciation of larger numbers has been taught discretely but continuation of this outside of school would really help those who are finding it difficult to switch between the four methods.

The crew have been busily rehearsing for their class worship on Monday and are looking forwards to sharing this with you.

In English, we are writing discussion texts to decide what the best legacy left to us by the Mayans was. Try talking to your Year Five at home to find out more about this group of people.

Term 2 Week 3

This week we have moved onto a new enquiry in our learning theme: What impact did the Mayans have? The crew have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this learning question, with many children sharing that they now know so much about this culture of peoples despite starting from a complete lack of knowledge of their existence!

In ICT this week, we have worked on saving work in the correct place and producing good quality word documents. Does your child use a laptop or PC at home?  Ensuring they know how to open and save files is an essential skill that we would really like them to practise if possible. 

Through PSHE, we have explored how unkind words and actions can make us feel and the crew made their own snakes and ladders game, focused around a situation they created. Our children are very knowledgeable about what to do in this situation and how potential actions could make things worse.

Term 2 Week 2

It has been an extremely busy week but we ended on a high today by celebrating Children in Need. 

We have been really impressed with the quality (and presentation) of writing this week, inspired by our learning theme work on Greta Thunberg’s speech about climate change. It really seems to have resonated with them and they have drawn upon prior learning incredibly well.

In maths, we continue to tackle multiplication. Please support with this at home – we are using the formal long-multiplication method that is universally taught in accordance with the National Curriculum. Some of the crew are finding this quite challenging but are persevering well.

Term 2 Week 1

The Year Five Crew have launched themselves back into learning this week by perfecting their Spark Speeches relating to our class text, Boy in the Tower. Children have written and performed speeches to either encourage or discourage growth of the ‘bluchers’: spore-dispersing plants that eat their way through buildings and rubbish. 

We were particularly impressed with our children in maths this week, where they have delved into the relationships between dividend, divisor and quotient (answer).  Ava’s work below shows a fantastic understanding of related division calculations.

Term 1 Week 7

We have enjoyed the last week of term by continuing our enquiry question: what is it like to live in a rainforest?  We have looked at the effects of deforestation and the reasons behind it. The children designed thought-provoking posters warning of the dangers of deforestation and suggesting ways that we can help combat the speed with which it is happening.


In English, we have continued studying our quality text Boy in the Tower and have thought about techniques to persuade an audience. The children have been planning a short speech which they will practise and deliver to the rest of the class, thinking carefully about their oracy skills.

In maths we have been fine-tuning our skills in using formal written methods for addition and subtraction. 

We wish you all a well-earned and relaxing break whatever you’re doing over half-term and look forward to seeing you in two weeks.

Term 1 Week 6

We’ve had a crazily creative week in year 5 this week – and it’s only Tuesday! The children kicked off the week with a ‘wow’ day on Monday, designing and then creating their own model tree houses. We are considering the learning enquiry: What is it like to live in the rainforest? The answer, according to year 5, is luxury! Their tree house designs included hot tubs on balconies, cinema rooms and decked out platforms for admiring the spectacular views. As Mrs Hardy-Smith said – it’s top-end travel!

We were so impressed with the mature way that the children handled the wood-work tools – they all worked hard on their skills of cutting, joining and fastening a selection of materials. They thought carefully about how to improve and strengthen their designs and talked about what they would do differently next time. 

Here are a selection of photos of the children at work and some of the finished tree houses. We hope you’re impressed!

Term 1 Week 5

Another busy week in Year Five. We have seen some fantastic writing (see Twitter feed) where children have innovated a modelled text to write their own short stories. In maths, we have been continuing work on consolidating our ability to add and subtract with a focus on missing numbers.

In PE, we are exploring the creative side to ‘Endball’ by using different types of balls and changing the rules. Below is one of today’s drills aimed at improving reaction and response when catching. 

Term 1 Week 4

What an exciting week we have had so far. We have been conservationists this week with a strong focus on our responsibility to our changing World. Earlier in the week, we discussed important issues such as climate change protests (an issue that is currently dominating the news) and today we visited the Wild Place Project. Children took part in a workshop entitled Amazing Madagascar where they learned about the species that live there and how various different lifestyle choices are affecting their environments. We were surprised that planting rice fields was one of the main reasons that some species were facing extinction on the island.

Also this week we continue to work on our writing skills through our short story ‘The Old Mill’. Children will be writing their own shortly. In maths, we are honing our addition and subtraction skills.

Term 1 Week 3

This week we have continued our class text, Boy in the Tower. It was lovely to see the crew excitedly discussing what could be causing the buildings to collapse at the end of today’s reading session. They are very engaged!

In maths, we continue to attempt mastery of rounding using increasingly larger numbers. The crew have also explored ‘where are the greenest places on Earth?’ this week and should be able to tell you the meaning of the word ‘biome’ as well as the features of a tropical rainforest and where in the world they can be located.

Pictures below depict our engaging research session where children used reliable websites to learn about rainforests in order to complete their chosen challenge.

Term 1 Week 2

This week the Year Five Crew have been exploring what it means to be green as part of the launch of our learning theme. They have learned some fantastic vocabulary to expand their lexicons so please ask them about this at home!

In English, we have started reading our core text, Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho Yen which the children are very excited about already. We have also written some fantastic spine poems using the vocabulary from our learning theme sessions. In maths, we are honing our understanding of place value. You can help at home with this by asking the children to partition large numbers in different ways.

Term 1 Week 1

What an absolutely fantastic first week we have had. Thank you to all our children for being patient while we get to know them – we have both mastered the names now and are confident going into Week 2 that we know all of your amazing children.

We used an inspiring poem this week to write metaphors about being a learning champion and were bowled away by the quality of understanding and creativity. In maths, we have begun working on place value and really unpicking numbers so that we understand how they are made up. 

Welcome to Year 5 @ West Wick. Mrs Coulton and Mrs Webb are really excited to be joining you this year. We hope you have had a fantastic summer. Please don’t forget to bring your book reviews with you in our first week back. We are eager to find out what you have all been reading over the summer.

The class Twitter account is linked to Mrs Webb’s teacher account. Please access this either via the website or follow @AllyWebb10