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Year 3 @West Wick 2019-20

Welcome to  Year 3 @ West Wick 

Class Teacher: Miss Bradley

LSA: Mrs Fox

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Keeping up with your learning Summer Challenge!

You have blown us away with your enthusiasm and engagement throughout school closure whilst continuing your learning online. We are so proud of you.  Thank you for all of your support. To keep you busy over the summer period, we have listed a few exciting activities which you may enjoy in preparation for Year 4. Please see the link below for more information;

@WW Year 3 into 4 Summer Challenge 2020 Keeping up wiht your learning

Calling all budding singers – Looking to the rainbow challenge!

Don’t forget to read the help me guide and see the resources attached to get involved in this challenge!

As a Church school we spend time every day in the act of Worship where the whole school comes together as a community in a time to reflect, pray and sing. As a school, we LOVE singing and the children are always enthusiastic about new songs.
I am sure you will have seen many videos being made of choirs singing in isolation in various forms on the news or social media. Each one is wonderful and so we have decided to create a St. Anne’s whole school singing video with a beautiful song which links nicely to the Christian value of HOPE.
The song we have for you to perform is called Looking to the Rainbow. It has been written especially for schools to perform during the Covid-19 lock down by Nick & Becky Drake (Worship for Schools Organisation).

Information for parents, children

Term 5

Spellings –> Spellings Term 5 Weeks 27-32

Term 3 and 4 Knowledge Organiser –> Can things grow in a desert Knowledge Organiser

As we start Term 5 very differently to how we would have liked, remember to keep smiling, stay safe and continue to share your wonderful learning with us via our communication platforms. We really hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the Easter break and spent some time making wonderful memories with your loved ones. We are missing you very much and hope we can return to some form of normality very soon.

Miss Bradley and Mrs Fox 🙂


Term 4


Spellings –> Spellings Term 4 Weeks 21-26

Term 3 and 4 Knowledge Organiser –> Could you live without electricity Knowledge Organiser

Week 4

Despite it being an unsettling and challenging week for all, the Year 3 crew having continued to amaze us with their positivity, bravery and courage as they’ve continued with their fantastic learning.

The children loved our science morning on Monday learning about the different sound and light waves. A great learning experience to finish our enquiry ‘what does silence sound like?’ It was so lovely to meet up with our other Year 3’s from Hewish too. A massive thank your to PCSA for coming to join us.

This week has been assessment week where there children have sat reading, maths and spelling papers. WOW! We have been so impressed with the results and the huge improvement made within our crew since Christmas.  Well done to all of the Year 3 crew- we are so proud of you.

Whilst being designers, we launched our new enquiry ‘Can we make a battery powered product that is fit for purpose?‘. We started the week analysing and deconstructing different light sources before developing our own ideas and coming up with our final designs.  Thank you for your contributions towards this project – we will continue this when we return to school.  Our next English unit, will be focused around developing our persuasion skills to persuade dragons den to invest in our products – exciting!

In maths, we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of fractions. We have now learnt how to represent tenths as a decimal, count fractions on a number line and have started to learn how to find fractions of amounts.

It has been an extremely challenging week and we would like to thank you all for your continuous support, kindness and comments. Children who have been absent this week have been greatly missed and we will miss you all during this time of school closure. We hope you all stay well and healthy and continue to communication and share your fantastic home learning  with us. We are here if you need any support.

Miss Bradley and Mrs Fox

Today, we have sent out a link via email and text asking you for your  permission to create a google classroom account for your child/children. To enable us to provide our children with an online learning platform, we need gather this information as quickly as possible before sending out instructions, guidance and logins to support you with using this if you are a family who is self-isolating or in the event of the possibility of a school closure.  If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher or Mrs Hardy-Smith.


Week 3

A big thank you for all of your generous donations today in aid of sports relief. The children thoroughly enjoyed their active day raising awareness of sports too.

In Maths, we have started our fractions unit. We have been exploring the part and whole relationship, identifying equal and non equal parts, recognising unit and non-unit fractions and learning to count in tenths too.  We have seen so many more children pushing themselves to tackle greater depth challenges which has been fantastic. Please continue to remember to practise your times tables at home as well!  Next, we will be learning to identify tenths as a decimal,  recognise fractions on a number line and begin to calculate fractions of amounts.

In RE, we have been learning about the significance of Maundy Thursday and it’s importance within the Holy Week.  We have discussed the following questions –
How Jesus has Served Others?
How Christians Serve Others?
Examples of how Others have Served Me?
How we Could Serve others?
The children came up with thoughtful responses which we have displayed in our Re curriculum book to share with you during school visits.

In English, this week we published our Leon and the Place Between story endings and finished the book to find out what really happened.  As a crew we decided, that our own version might have even been better!  Throughout the rest of our English lessons, we have been developing our retrieval skills whilst learning interesting facts about Andy Warhol which has linked beautiful to our art lessons where we have been identifying warm and cold colours whilst exploring Pop Art images in preparation for our art and DT project.

During our PSHE lesson this week, we discussed drugs and the dangers around safe and unsafe drugs. As a crew we learnt that all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.  We also learnt and discussed what we would do if we found or came across and unfamiliar substance and how we would reach out for help from a trusted adult.

The Year 3 crew have been thoroughly enjoying their french lessons and have been learning how to greet people in French, name animals and tell stories. Quiz us if you like!

The children have been asked to bring in a light source and a shoe box as part of our DT project next week. If you have any questions please pop in and see us.

Have a good weekend : )

Week 2 

Wow – another wonderful week for the Year 3 crew. This week we celebrated World Book Day filling the week with bed time stories, stop and read, books swaps and much much more! It was lovely to see all of the Year 3 crew dressed up as their favourite book characters on Thursday. We discussed – ‘ Which book  means the world to you?’ and the children came up with such thoughtful responses. We created a beautiful display sharing these books by creating our very own versions front covers.  Thank you to all of our families for all of the effort you put into your children’s costumes – they really did look fab!



In English,  we have also been authors this week writing our own story endings to Leon and the Place between. We have been learning to use a wide range of descriptive devices such as adverbs, fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions over the past few weeks so this has been a great opportunity to put these into practice. The children are looking forward to publishing their endings to create our very own version of Leon and the place between. Watch this space.

In RE, we have been learning to explain the significance of Palm Sunday and its importance during the Holy Week.  The children wrote fantastic explanations and drew beautiful drawings to illustrate their thinking too!

We have been budding musicians this week too! We have been learning to understand the language of music – reading sheet music whilst learning to play the glockenspiel.  We have also been using our knowledge of pitch to help us distinguish the difference between notes.

In Maths, we have completed our length and perimeter unit and we are definite experts now. The children have learnt how to calculate the perimeter or shapes using 1cm squares as well as recognising patterns when calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes with equal and unequal lengths. Next, we will be moving on to fractions – exciting!

As scientists, we have been learning to explore sound, pitch and volume by designing and creating our own musical instruments. We have been exploring how we can make different sounds whilst using our prior knowledge of how sounds travels and how we can hear it! We have answered our enquiry ‘What does silence sound like?’

Next  week  – we are celebrating Sports relief on Friday! Please come into school either wearing red or a sports kit and a bringing a small donation would be really appreciated.  ‘ It’s Game On!’

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Week 1 

Despite he wet and windy weather, the Year 3 crew have had a cracking first week back. We kicked off the week by launching our next enquiry ‘ What does silence sound like?’ we explored how sound is made and how it  travels through different mediums such as an ear and we found out how  different sounds are made by different pitch, frequency and volume.  As scientists, we learnt the names of the parts of the ear whilst explaining how we hear and created our own sound waves and descriptions too! Fantastic learning from each member of the Year 3 crew 🙂 Do you know what Leonardo de Vinci and  Galileo Galilei are famous for?

In English, we launched our new text – Leon and the Place between by Graham Baker-Smith. We  have been learning  to use a wide range of descriptive devices such as prepositions, fronted adverbials and adverbs to describe the circus and what it would be like. The children have learnt lots of new and interesting vocabulary such as acrobats, vividly, and impatiently. We are still really focusing on our handwriting to ensure it is neat and legible so please check in with this whilst we are at home too as we like to be reminded.

A fantastic well done to Maisie, Francesca, Isabelle, Kyle, and Archie for taking part in the multi-skills festival this week. You all really pushed yourselves outside of your comfort zone and came back with gleaming smiles which was fantastic to see. Well Done!

In Maths, we have continued our unit of length and perimeter and have found it a little bit challenging but with repeated practice we are definitely becoming more and more confident with converting mm, cm and  when adding and subtracting lengths. Next week, we will be learning to measure and calculate perimeter for the first time – watch this space.

In PSHE, we launched our new unit of healthy me! This term we will be learning how we can keep our minds and bodies healthy to promote a healthy, active and happy life style.

In RE, this term we will be covering salvation and the Easter Story. This week we looked at the palm cross, the Friday cross and the Sunday cross and thought about how these represent different occasions in the holy week.

Don’t forget next week is world book day! Have a fabulous weekend!

Term 3

Spellings –> Spellings Term 3 Weeks 15-20

Term 3 and 4 Knowledge Organiser –> Could you live without electricity Knowledge Organiser

Week 6

and as quick as a flash term 3 has finished! Wow – what an incredible term the Year 3 crew have had. A cracking start to 2020, with copious amounts of fantastic learning and knowledge being learnt every single the day. The children have made so much progress this term we couldn’t be prouder.

A massive thank you to all of the lovely families that attended learning review meetings this week – the children absolutely loved sharing their learning with you!

This week we have been exploring – ‘How do shadows demonstrate our imaginations?’  The children made shadow puppets, created their own story plots and rehearsed and presented their shows to a great audience. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring light, how it travels and how we can create shadows. We have learnt such a wide range of scientific vocabulary so please quiz us over the holidays using our knowledge organiser!

In our writing sessions this week, we edited, revised and published our information texts and created a Year 3 Encyclopaedia.  The year 3 crew have learnt so much scientific knowledge this term these have been just wonderful to read.  We have learnt how to use a wide range of conjunctions and adverbs to draw our reading in whilst also using diagrams and labels to illustrate our writing to providing additional information too!  Great job Year 3!

In our reading sessions, we have finished reading the Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. Wow – what a great ending!  The Year 3 crew have really enjoyed reading such a rich and fantastic text! We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as shuffled, flung and snapped and learnt how to recognise themes throughout the story whilst also recognising how a character changes.  Next term, we will be focusing out reading sessions our reading sessions around non-fiction texts.

In Maths, we have been learning how to measure in mm, cm and m whilst also learning to convert between different metric measures. The children have been fully engaged and have demonstrated a fantastic understanding. After the break, we will be continuing with length and perimeter for two more weeks!

In PSHE, we have been creating flower gardens of hopes and dreams for children / people with particular impairments or difficulties. The children have been super creative and thoughtful whilst creating and explaining their reasons for their choices. Fantastic team work too!

In computing, we have been celebrating E-Safety week whilst learning how to stay safe on the internet and who we can turn to for help. The children listed their own trusted adults and came up with create solutions to how they would solve problems involving themselves, friends or others whilst using the internet.  This is such an important issue please discuss this with your children at home too!

Well… it is safe to say we have been completely blown away this term by each and every member of our Year 3 crew. We couldn’t be prouder. Please enjoy a well-deserved break and we will look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 24th February ready to tackle Term 4!

Week 5

Another cracking week for the Year 3s! The children have been budding scientists this week whilst celebrating science day on Tuesday, fast thinking mathematicians with maths day Friday as well as celebrating children’s mental health week too – recognising  ‘Find your brave’ .  What  a busy week!

This week we have been exploring shadows whilst seeking the answer to our enquiry – ‘How do shadows demonstrate our imaginations?’  We have learnt new vocabulary such as opaque, translucent and transparent. We investigated how shadows change sizes as the light source moves.  The children developed their observing and measuring skills brilliantly whilst measuring using cm and m and explaining their observations using scientific vocabulary.  Next week, we are exploring how we can use shadows to create puppets  to tell stories.

To embed all of the scientific knowledge we have learnt this term, we have been learning to write information texts. We have been learning to use headings and subheadings when categorising information as well as how to use a glossary and diagrams and labels.  The children have also been learning to use and include adverbs and conjunctions in their writing to draw the reader in. The children are super excited to present and publish their final pieces – watch this space!


In Maths,  we have been learning to read and interpret pictograms, bar charts and tables. A fun filled maths day – Friday! We hit of the day with out times table Olympics and learnt to solve problems involving statistics and then carried out our own investigation by creating a survey, gathering data and presenting our findings. Thank you for all of your generous donations too!

This week the Year 3 crew starting learning French – we began with seasonal greetings! We thoroughly enjoyed it and are fluent french speakers in the making for sure!

Another fantastic week at swimming, with many children experiencing new things for the very first time! The children are representing the school fantastically and are thoroughly enjoying learning new skills.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


Week 4

How are we over half way through term 3 already? Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

During English this week, we have been learning to use apostrophes for omission and conjunctions whilst learning to write in role as Ivan from the Ice Palace. The children have written wonderful letters  whilst adopting the role of Ivan superbly! This week during our reading sessions children have been learning to retrieve whilst learning lots of fantastic vocabulary such as chasm, ghastly and avalanche. The children are all so engaged in our whole class reading sessions which is fantastic. We are really enjoying the Ice Palace.

In Maths, we have finished our unit on money whilst learning to add and subtract pounds and pence as well as find change. The children have been really trying to take care with their learning to ensure it is presented neatly and how wonderful it looks too!

As scientists, we have been exploring how light travels and how a light spectrum is formed. We have also been investigating reflective materials whilst deciding which material would be most suitable for a new book bag to ensure children are safe walking to and from school in the dark.  Did you know dark is the absence of light?  We have also been learning about UV radiation and how we can protect our eyes. We are currently seeking the answers to ‘How can shadows demonstrate our imaginations?’ We have a very special visit this week from the north somerset music service too. We learnt how different instruments can make different sounds which will help us greatly as we gone on to learning how sound travels later throughout terms 3 and 4.

In PE, we have been developing out cognitive skills to ensure we can follow instructions explicitly and recognising what we are doing well. It’s been fantastic to also see the children developing their creative and social skills whilst creating circuits together to practise the skill of balancing on a line – even with their eyes shut!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Week 3

This week we have been seeking the answer to our new enquiry, ‘How do we make a bulb brighter?’  The children have been fully indulged in their science learning whilst exploring electric circuits, conductors and insulators and how to use a switch. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as electrons, protons, neutrons, transmit, conduct, insulate and much much more! The year 3 crew can now confidently identify materials which are conductors and insulators,  create a complete and incomplete circuit and understand how to use a cell/battery, bulb, buzzer, motor and switch interchangeable. We can even use electricity symbols to draw and represent our understanding too!

In English, we have been learning to use fronted adverbials when describing a setting and how to punctuate direct speech when writing a dialogue.  The children have really shone whilst using a range of descriptive devices and alternative said words to describe how s character is speaking. The children are thoroughly enjoying our ‘Dark’ text and have been super authors whilst concentrating on their presentation and handwriting skills throughout each lesson too!

In Maths, we have started our unit on Money. We have learnt to recognise pounds and pence, covert pounds to pence and vice versa and how to add money. The children have used and consolidated their understanding of place value whilst applying it this concept. It has been great to see so many children working efficiently and pushing themselves on to the greater depth challenge.  Next week, we will be learning how to subtract, find change and solve problems.

In Re, we reflected on the values of Muhammad (pbuh) and considered what a Muslim might believe from a religious story. We listened to the ‘ Night of the Power’ and then thought about how this story related to our own lives and considered the consequences of being trusted or mistrusted.

The children are thoroughly enjoying their swimming lessons this term. Lots of children have been tackling new challenges and really pushing themselves out of their comfort a zones. Miss Bradley is SUPER impressed!!

Wishing you another wonderful weekend – stay safe and warm 🙂

Week 2

Wow another exciting week in Year 3! Despite the disruptive weather, we have remained calm and focused all week.

This week we have all been in the learning pit whilst trying to tackling the standard written method for division. The children have learnt how to divide two digit numbers by a one digit number using a variety of different methods including sharing and the bus stop. The children have learnt lots of new mathematical vocabulary and have show great perseverance.

In writing this week, we read our new text ‘ Dark’ by Lemony Snicket. The children have been writing in role as Laszlo considering his thoughts and feelings during the night when dark approaches. We have also been learning to use a range of conjunctions including fronted subordination. The children have really consolidated this knowledge this week and we are beginning to use a comma without being prompted too – super!



During our whole class reading sessions this week, we have started our new text ‘Ice Palace’ by Rob Swindells. Although we are only a few pages in, the children are hooked. We have thought carefully about new vocabulary and how the author has used imagery to encourage the reader to read on.  We can’t wait to find out what happens next.


In PSHE this week, we shared and discuss our own dreams, ambitions and hopes. It was so interesting to hear what each child wanted to be when they grew up as well as how they wished the world to be a better place etc. We created our flower garden of hopes and dreams to watch our ambitions grew as well as discussing how we could achieve them and how we would feel afterwards.


In PE , we’ve been developing our balance skills – learning how to balance on a line. It was fantastic to see so many children using their cognitive skills to push themselves on to the next challenge! A fantastic first week at swimming too. The children represented the school so well too!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Welcome Back and  Happy New Year.

We are really looking forward to seeing the Year 3 Crew making more fantastic progress throughout Terms 3 and 4.

Throughout terms 3 and 4 we will be answering our next enquiry – Could you live without electricity?

Week 1 

Happy New Year! What a fantastic first week back after the Christmas break the Year 3 crew have had. We have hit the ground running with our Term 3 and 4 enquiry  Could you live without electricity? The children have been super engaged whilst researching famous scientist, learning how electricity is formed using protons, electrons and neutrons, the different types of electricity and the dangers of using it within our households.  The children have been learning lots of new vocabulary too! Don’t forget to use the knowledge organiser to practice at home too!


In RE, this week we have been learning and discussing special items and what makes an item special to us. We then used this understanding to consider how and why the Quran is important to Muslims, the importance of the Quran itself and how it is looked after. We then used this understanding to make comparisons to other items we consider to be special important justifying our views from a religious and non-religious perspective.

We have been budding mathematicians this week whilst learning how to use the SWM for multiplication. The children have been using the multiplication facts to help them solving challenging two digit x one digit questions.  Many of us have even started to use the short method rather than the expanded too.   The children have shown so much perseverance and determination when climbing out of the learning bit. Well Done Year 3.

In English this week, we have been poets. We have been learning to use our artistic skills to create calligrams, use alliteration to attract the readers attention and write and present shape poems. The children have really shone through this week using a wide range of creative skills. What a great start to the term!

In PE this term – we will be developing our cognitive skills whilst developing our coordination and learning a range of dynamic balances. Can you try any of our challenges at home too? Don’t forget your swimming kits for Monday!!

Hoping the rain doesn’t come back – have a wonderful weekend.

Term 2

Spellings–>Spellings Term 2 Weeks 8-14

Week 6 and 7

Wow another fantastic and what seems like a bit of a bonkers week for the Year 3 crew. The children have worked extremely hard this week learning many new skills such as sewing. We used our DT skills to design, create and evaluate a felt Christmas decoration. The children were so focused and showed great determination and perseverance throughout our Christmas day which led to fantastic results too! We hope you like them.  A big thank you to Michelle for helping us out  an extra pair of hands was really appreciated.

The children finished publishing and creating their King of Winter calendars  ready to take home too! They really are beautiful and we hope you enjoy reading the fantastic descriptions which they have written on the back.

The children thoroughly enjoyed decorated the Christmas gingerbread specially baked for the Year 3 Crew by Jacob’s Grandad (Chris). Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity – the children absolutely loved it!

A massive well done to all of the Year 3 crew that took part in the KS2 Christmas Carol concert on Thursday. It was wonderful to hear you singing with such confidence and joy. A big thank you to all of the families and friends which joined us too – we hope you enjoyed it.

A fantastic and cheerful lead up to Christmas – we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!


Week 5

Another wonderful week for the Year 3 crew as we begin to get into the Christmas spirit. We are celebrating each day with a happy and health well-being advent calendar this year please ask your children about this too as this really does embed our school values.

This week has been super learn week where we have been revisiting concepts, ideas and knowledge which we have previously learnt. In Maths, we have been revising addition and subtraction using the SWM, using number facts, answering multi-step word problems and our times tables too! It has been great to see children in the learning pit- climbing out with big smiles on their faces when they succeed – this is what we like to see!

We have been absolutely blown away this week, by the high quality of learning which has been taking place in the Year 3 classroom. The writing this week has been fantastic. We have been learning to write a discussion text dicussing ‘Where would you rather settle Cheddar Gorge or Skara Brae?’. The children researched and came up with fantastic reasons for and against each destination and used a wide range of sentence signposts to express their opinions, signal a different view point and add additional information. It was also lovely to see children being able to apply these skills when we went on to the invention stage of our T4W process and applied everything we had learnt over the past two weeks in discussing ‘Should Edgar be invited to our  School Christmas dinner?’ – Great writing by all. Well Done Year 3.

We have also started our computing – programming learning unit this week. We have been familiarising ourselves with scratch learning how to programme commands to ensure our sprites follow instructions and we have been using a range of motion, costume, sound and control tools to created repeating algorithms.

After learning all about Stalactites and Stalagmites last week, we’ve been watching our very own stalactite form over the last week. We used salt and water and watched the water ‘percolate’ and the salt dry to create a stalactite. How fascinating!

RE the Year 3 Crew  have been writing kennings poems about  ‘God the Father, God the Son -and God the Holy Spirit with Mrs Cockram. 

Another great week filled with lots of learning.

We are inviting all parents , careers and friends to our celebration of learning next Thursday (12th) 2.30-3.00pm @ WW in the Year 3 classroom to share with you what we have learnt through our enquires during Terms 1 and 2. We hope to see lots of you there.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Week 4

Wow! What a fascinating week we have had in Year 3. We have be learning geographical vocabulary whilst being geographer and learning how Cheddar cave was formed and how stalactites and  stalagmites  are constructed. We have been using words such as erode, collide, percolates and  limestone. The children have been so engaged it has been wonderful. We are loving our latest enquiry – ‘ Where would you rather settle Cheddar Gorge or Skara Brae?’

We have continued this discussion during our English lessons where we have been learning the key features of a discussion text,  comparative  language and how we share opinions using generalises. We have imitated our text map so please continue learning this at home as this will help us when writing our own discussions next week  to answer our enquiry. We have also been looking at non-fiction texts in our reading sessions and learning interesting facts about Skara Brae. Did you know Skara Brae is Europe’s most complete Neolithic village?


During our maths sessions this week, we have been learning to count, represent, multiply and divide multiples of 3 and 6 and will be continuing to look at patterns next week whilst looking at the nine timetables


Have fab weekend.



Week 3

Another wonderful week for the Year 3 crew despite the wet and cold weather.

This week we launched our final learning enquiry for this term ‘ Where would you rather settle Cheddar Gorge or Skara Brae?’ The children have started researching interesting facts about Cheddar Gorge and Skara Brae in preparation for answering this question where we will be writing a discussion text over the coming weeks.  If you would like to do any additional research at home too – we would love to see it.

In English this week, we finished writing our play scripts, written a dialogue using direct speech and revised how we can use subordinating conjunctions and fronted adverbials to make our writing more exciting.  We have been really impressed with how the children have picked up and applied the new Key Stage 2 SPaG content over the last couple of terms – the children are now beginning to confidently use commas to separate clauses!


In Maths, we have started our multiplication and division unit. We have been learning how to represent equal groups and how to count, represent and divide multiples of 2, 4 and 8. Knowing and being able to recall our number facts really helps us when solving challenging maths questions so please help us by continuing to play TTRS at home too!

On Friday, we took part in the Raise the Roof festival at Castle Batch. The Year 3 crew sang with such enthusiasm and represented St.Anne’s beautifully – a big thank you to all of our parent helpers too we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Finally,  Don’t forget it is the Christmas fair  next Friday at WW .  During the lead up to Christmas we will be reminding children of the meaning and stories behind Christmas . Our KS2 Christmas Carol service will take place on Thursday 19th December – all families and friends are welcome.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Week 2

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit ”  –Read Psalm 34:18

What a busy week it has been. There has been lots and lots going on in school this week and the children have been fantastic.

On Monday, we wore our poppies in remembrance of all of the soldiers that have fought for us. It was fantastic to see the children really thinking about the meaning of remembrance day during RE, where they wrote beautiful poems. All of the children took part in the 2 minutes silence too – thank you so much for showing so much respect. It was noticed by many.

On Tuesday, we wore odd socks to represent the start of anti-bullying week. We discussed how it is ok to be different and how we are all individual and unique.  On Thursday, we went even deeper and discussed how we could ensure that everybody felt supported, safe and happy within our school.  We know now that The Change Starts with US. We then created friendship bracelets to unite us as a crew and to symbolise unity.

In English and our afternoons this week we have been scientists.  We have launched our next enquiry ‘ What is important about a load of old bones?’ Firstly, we revised our knowledge on the cheddar man and discussed why he was significant in history. We thought about what  scientists and archaeologists could find out from bones and then started learning many interesting facts about the human body – focusing on nutrition, bones and muscles. The children have been soo engaged and it has been great to see them adopting and learning new scientific language which they can now confidently use when describing parts of the body and how bones and muscles move, support and allow movement.

In Maths, we have finished our addition and subtraction unit and the children are now able to confidently add and subtract three digits, solve missing number problems, estimate and use the inverse operation to check their answers. Next week, we will be starting multiplication and division.

Finally, today we have been celebrating children in need.  Thank you all for you kind and generous donations – half will be donated to children in need and the other half will be donated to charlie’s memory – TPLT charity of the year.


Many thanks for your continuous support.

Enjoy your weekend!


Week 1

We hope you have all enjoyed and made the most of your two week break. We are really looking forward to seeing everybody on Monday 5th November. Please ensure children come to school with their partnership books, PE kits and water bottles too!

Wow what a fantastic start to Term 2 the Year 3 crew have had.  We have launched this week with our next enquiry ‘ How were the early settlers creative?’ Throughout the week, we have explored and examined cave art, discussed the meaning behind it as well as learning how to create paints and paintings using natural materials and tools. It has been wonderful to see the children working collaboratively and being so creative. Next week we will be launching our next enquiry ‘ What is important about a load of old bones? ‘

In English this week we have finished reading the Iron Man and have written cracking reviews. We would highly recommend it!  We have also started our new text UG by Raymond Briggs. The children have predicted what they thought the story might be about using a wide range of subordinating conjunctions and have related to their characters using their inference skills.  Lastly,  we used our SPAG knowledge to write a letter to UG to explain what life was like in the future. WOW – how fantastic this was to see too! Well done Year 3.

In Maths, the children have been continuing to solve challenging missing number and word problems when using the standard written method for addition and subtraction.  Many children have been stuck in the learning pit but it has been great to see such determination and perseverance to succeed.

We launched our next unit in PSHE on Friday which is celebrating difference. We discussed different families and how they are just as important to each individual. This has prepared us beautifully for anti-bullying week next week! Don’t forget your odd socks!

In PE, we have started our social cog as we are focusing on how we can praise, support and encourage others this term. We are learning the new skills of a seated balance  and jumping and landing in our REAL PE lessons and we are applying these skills in gymnastics too.

Another great week filled with wonderful learning.

Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

Term 1
Spellings –>
Spellings Term 1 Weeks 1-7

Week 7

Wow! What a cracking term we have had in Year 3. The children have started the year extremely well and have taken on their roles as Year 3 crew members fantastically. The children have started taking  on more responsibility for their learning, behaviour and actions which is having a positive impact and they are being fantastic role models to other children.  A big thank you to all of the families that joined us this week for parent review meetings.

During our RE lesson this week,  we discussed the meaning of trust, the people we trust and why and thought about the promises of God and how Christian’s trust God so that they follow him. The children shared their ideas fantastically and created beautiful pictures to represent trust whilst considering the colour of trust, the messages from God in which Christians follow and how trusting somebody makes you feel.

2 Samuel 7:28

’28 Sovereign LORD, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant.’

In English, we have been continuing to read the Iron Man. We have now finished chapter three. We have been practising our retrieval and inference skills, learning how to ask questions and make predictions too! The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning new vocabulary  – this has been a real focus for us this term.  We have learnt new words such as, dangling, cogs, unfurled,  groping, wondering,  gazed and much much more! We are really looking forward to continuing this reading journey next term.

In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of carrying and exchanging when adding up to three digits. The children have securely demonstrated a fantastic understanding of place value when using the standard written method. Next term, we will be learning how to solve missing number problems and we will be continuing with subtraction before going on to multiplication and division. We have been SUPER impressed with the number of children practising their time tables times using TTRS. Keep this up over the holidays – we will be watching.

In PSHE this week, we have been learning how to work collaboratively with each other.  We revisited our Jigsaw charter and our calm places in preparation for learning. Then we discussed how we work well as a group, take on leadership roles and listen to others. We then took on the challenging of making each other hats and discussing strategies in order to ensure our groups were successful.

A BIG thank you to Jacob’s Granddad for baking a delicious Stone Age treat for us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We have now finished our final learning enquiry for this term ‘Why do people live together?’ and we have  reflected and revised on all of our learning from this term and Miss Bradley has been super impressed with all of knowledge that is sticking. Continue to use your knowledge organiser at home too if you are looking to do some additional home learning.

Have a wonderful  and well deserved half term break. We we look forward to seeing you on the 4th November.


Week 6

‘To learn and relearn with the children is our line of work. We proceed in such a way that the children are not shaped by the experience, but are the ones who give shape to it.’

(Malaguzzi, 1997:86)

 How have we only got one more week until the end of term?

This week the children have been trying extremely hard to remain calm and focused to maximise learning time.

During English, we have learnt how to write a set of instructions using time connectives and adverbs. We learnt our text map ‘ How to look after a pet mammoth’ using talk for writing and imitated this text using our own ideas. The children have been working so hard and it has definitely paid off.  We have been super impressed with the high quality of writing and we can’t wait to see what the children create during the invention stage of this process next week.

In Maths, we have been continuing to add and subtract up to three digits using the standard written method. The children have really started to grasp the concept of carrying and exchanging across the place value grid. It has also been fantastic to see all the children trying really hard to present their work neatly.

Don’t forget we complete a weekly ‘Times Tables Olympics Challenge‘ in Year 3. Every Friday we  are each set the challenge of answering 20 multiplication and division questions within 5 minutes, and we need to get them all correct before moving onto the next level of times table. The sheets will be sent home every week so you can celebrate success and keep on practising.Do log on and play TT Rockstars as much as possible – this is expected for your homework every week and will only help you get even better with your times tables and division….and hopefully we can close the tournament gap with the Year 3 Crew @ Hewish!!!

This week, we launched our new enquiry – ‘ Why do people live together?’ We started to think about civilisation, settlements and how they used to live during the Stone Age.  We will be unpicking this more next week too!

Next week is the last week of term and I am looking forward to seeing you all at the learning review meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Week 5

Time is flying by – another great week filled with wonderful learning  in the Year 3 classroom.

Acts 20:35
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

This week during RE we carefully considered how our school value ‘generosity’ was portrayed within the story of Noah.  During our worships this week, we have also considered how we can be generous and listed several ways in which we could be generous throughout the school day. Mrs Hardy Smith reminded us that being generous doesn’t have to cost anything and we have decided as a crew that we would like to give more!  Next week we will be celebrating harvest.

This week we celebrated the National Poetry Day on Thursday. We explored ‘ The Coming of the Iron Man ‘ By Brenda Williams by recognising poetic features, practising our performance skills and writing our own acrostic and list poems. The children thoroughly enjoyed being artists using chalk pastels to illustrate and present  their poems. We definitely have some poets in the making within our crew!

In Maths we have started our addition and subtraction unit and have learnt how to carry and exchanging tens and ones when adding and subtracting one digit numbers and three digit numbers. It has been fantastic to see the children taking so much care with ensuring they align their place value columns to ensure they are making accurate calculations. We will be continuing this next week when adding and subtracting up to three digits.

In PSHE, we have been discussing rights, responsibility, rewards and consequences and considered our feelings around these topics. As a crew we have decided that is our responsibility not to do things for a reward but to do it because it is the right thing to do. 

Learning Review slots are booking up quickly – please don’t forget to book your slot. Please feel free to pop in a see Miss Bradley if you are unable to make it and would like to arrange and alternative.

Keep practising times table rocks stars as our times table Olympic results are improving week on week!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Week 4

Another great week  for the Year 3 Crew.

As we couldn’t go back in time to the Stone Age, we brought the Stone Age to St.Anne’s. We learnt the difference between foraging, hunting and gathering, the difference between the animals they hunted during the Mesolithic and Palaeolithic times periods and how they used to prepare and cook Mesolithic stew and stewed fruit too. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Stone Age cooking and tasting experience and many said it tasted great!  Following on from this, we learnt how the Neanderthals learnt to farm during the Neolithic time period and the difference between domesticated and wild animals.  We are loving our enquiry – ‘What do we know about the Stone Age?‘ and there is lots more to learn too.

In English this week, we have been creative authors and have written our own innovated story of the Stone Age Boy. We have learnt how to use subordinating conjunctions as well as fronted adverbials of time and place and we are even remembering to use the correct punctuation.  We have spent a lot of time this week learning how to reread our learning, check for missing punctuation and respond to feedback using our purple pen of progress. The children have been so motivated to improve their writing – we definitely have some budding authors amongst our Year 3 crew!

In Maths, we have finished our place value unit after revising ordering and comparing numbers up to 1000, recognising numbers on a number line and finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less of a three digit number. We have also been practising our times tables using a variety of different resources such as TTRS, times table wheels and other games too! Remember to encourage your children to practise their times tables at home so they can beat their personal best in their weekly times table Olympics challenge on a Friday.  Next week, we will be starting our addition and subtraction unit.

During our PSHE session this week, we thought about what contributes and makes a ‘Dream’ school. We discussed what the best things were about our school and how we appreciated the fantastic learning environment in which we learn in. It has been fantastic to see more and more children contributing to our whole class PSHE discussion – Jigsaw Jino has really helped us to listen to one and others thoughts and feelings.

In RE, we have continued to think about the story of Noah relating to our value generosity.  We have dug deep into its meaning this week during our worships, parliament and class discussions. How could you be generous this weekend? Are you a happy giver?

Have a fantastic weekend.

Week 3

The weeks are flying by now aren’t they? This week the Year 3 crew have been trying really hard to work more independently and stay focused on their own learning tasks. Keep this up! During the week, we  have noticed some children are forgetting their partnerships books please remember that both reading books and partnership books need to be in school every day.

In English this week, the children have learnt how to use subordinating conjunctions to expand their sentences and to describe character, a setting and what life would have been like during the Stone Age.  The Year 3 crew are working really hard to join all of their letters when writing but any extra practise at this at home would be great too. Next week, we will be innovating and planning our own adventure story based on the Stone Age Boy. The  children have been really enjoying this book  – we would highly recommend it! During our reading sessions, we have read the next chapter of the Iron Man. This week we have been continuing to develop our retrieving skills as well as making inferences. The children are following the text so carefully and have been able to tackle tasks with little support. What a great start to our whole class reading sessions.  Please continue to read with your children at least three times a week as this does really make a massive difference.


In Maths, we have been learning how to find 1 , 10 and 100 more or less of a three digit number. We have been using practical and pictorial representations as well as tackling challenging reasoning questions. We are know beginning to explain out thinking in much more detail too!

During our PE sessions, we have been developing our personal skills. Thinking about how we tackle challenges, ask for help and push ourselves. It has been great to see children taking ownership over their learning and developing their coordination skills whilst learning different footwork patterns.

Whilst being historians, we have learnt how people used to make clothes out of animal skins, explored facts about Stonehenge and revised Cheddar man.  Why don’t you continue researching Stonehenge as a home learning task? or maybe even take a visit? The children are thoroughly engaged in our learning enquiry  – we are absolutely loving it.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Week 2

Another great week filled with fantastic learning. The Year 3 crew thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Cheddar Caves on Tuesday – the highlight of the week for sure. We were given the opportunity to explore Gough’s Cave and learn about Cheddar Man, visualise what life would have been like in the Stone Age and much much more! The children were exceptionally  well behaved all day and were great representatives of St.Anne’s. A BIG thank you to all of the parents and carers who took the time to help and support us on Tuesday as these fantastic learning opportunities would not be able to happen without you.

This week, we have finished answering our first enquiry – How do we find out about the past and is it true? The children have enjoyed learning about chronology, prehistory and primary and secondary sources. They have been great historians and archaeologists too! Next, we will be thinking about – What do we know about the Stone Age? We will be learning about what life was like and how people used to live whilst comparing this lifestyle to our own.

What a busy week we have had during our English lessons.  In writing, we started our new text Stone Age Boy. The children have made great predictions and have retold the story in great detail whilst creating story maps. It is crucial for our children to really know and understand a text to enable them to innovate it. Watch this space. In reading, we have starting reading our first anchor text – Iron Man. The children have enjoyed learning new vocabulary such as peered, dangling, strode and clung.  We also discussed why the author Ted Hughes  decided to use such powerful verbs to describe how the Iron Man repaired himself and we can’t wait to find out what happens next.

In Maths, we have been continuing place value. The children have been super creative when partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones and have been using their oracy skills to explain and reason their thinking.  What great mathematicians we have in Year 3!

During our RE session this week, we listened to the story of Noah and thought about his personality and great qualities he had.  We then discussed the meaning behind the story and God’s convent with Noah. The children listened carefully to each other’s ideas and share their own opinions in great confidence. It has been wonderful to see each child grow in confidence so much already during the last two weeks.

We hope you all have a superb weekend.

Week 1 

What a fantastic start the year the Year 3 Crew have had. It has been so lovely getting to know your children and watching them step so confidently into their new roles as Year 3 Crew members.

This week, we have launched our theme ‘ Who settled here first?’ and unpicked our first enquiry ‘How do we find out about the past and is it true?’. The children have learnt new vocabulary such as archaeologist, chronology, invaders, settlers, era and century and they were fantastic historians when stepping back in time and looking at British history too! It has been fantastic to see so many children asking questions about our new learning theme which we hope to find all the answers too throughout the rest of terms 1 and 2.

Take a look at our knowledge organiser if you would like to do some additional home learning –Who settled here first knowledge organiser


We have launched our LOVE for reading this week and thought carefully about how we take care of books. The children have all been assigned a new reading book which we have asked if they can read at least three times a week at home and record this in their partnership books too.  The children have also been given their spellings which they will be given regularly on a Monday each week. Please encourage your children to practise their spellings using spelling shed as much as possible too!


In Maths, we have been revisiting place value and unpicking hundreds. It has been fantastic to see so many children so motivated to succeed and climb out of the learning pit. We are now able to recognise hundreds, tens and ones, count in hundreds forwards and backwards and make a 100 in a variety of different ways.

During PSHE, we unpicked our three school rules and thought carefully about what we would see and hear around school by following them. We are excited for the Year a head and will be setting personal goals next week too.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend.