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Year 6 @Hewish 2016-17

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your absolute best today.”

Term 6 Week 7

We could not be any prouder of our Year Six Crew than we are this week. On Tuesday, they gave an absolutely outstanding performance of ‘The King of Lions’ at our West Wick campus to their families and our extended St Anne’s community of staff and friends. Feedback was that it was among one of the best school productions seen with superb acting, singing and dancing. What a fantastic way to end the term Year Six. You have been a joy to teach; we will miss you very much and wish you every success in your respective schools and look forwards to hearing about how your learning continues over the next few years.

Term 6 Week 6

The crew learned some valuable lessons at Life Skills Bristol this week which they followed up with discussions and activities back at school. Our Y6 pupils also made the most of the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery whilst in Bristol where they came face to face with some strange animals and fabulous artwork. The crew are still working very hard on their production and can’t wait to share it with you all next week.



Term 6 Week 5

This week the crew have impressed us so much. Tuesday bought the news of their amazing end of KS2 test results for which we are extremely proud of our entire Year Six crew. They also wowed Mrs Clark (who as well as teaching Y4 is our Spiritual Team Leader) with their independent presentations about either Shinto, Animism or Catholicism. She reflected that she learned much about these religions, which children had been studying for the past few weeks in order to present, using their oracy skills. As well as receiving feedback from Mrs Clark, the crew evaluated their peers based on success criteria they had created. 

Term 6 Week 4

It has been a busy week full of learning in Year Six. The crew learned about South American artist Frida Kahlo and have started some wonderful self portraits of their own. On Thursday, they undertook a whole-day STEM challenge to try to find out if they could match the top speeds of their King of Lions counterparts! See our learning examples below for some amazing Secondary Learning already!

Term 6 Week 3

It’s been an arty week this week with some fantastic buffalo masks being designed and painted by the crew. On Thursday, we spent the entire day @ West Wick staging our production (which is looking absolutely fantastic as you can see below). 


Term 6 Week 2

It has been an exciting week of STEM (science, food technology and maths) this week in Year Six with complete immersion in our investigation into viscosity. The crew began the week by investigating how viscous various liquids were before planning and undertaking an experiment to find out how much milk allows for the best consistency of chocolate. This links to our learning on South America and Fair Trade and provides an excellent real-life learning context for our crew, who will be making and selling the perfected chocolate products at their performance at the end of term.

Term 6 Week 1

How quickly our final term has arrived! This week we have been busy rehearsing for our production and we are so impressed already with the standard of acting of our eldest pupils. We know it will be a fantastic performance! 

We continue to work on our class text ‘La Mariposa’ and in maths have been using Pokemon as inspiration for some data handling-style investigations. 


Term 5 Week 5

This term has just raced past but what a lovely way to end with fantastic weather and a successful sports day. Sport has been on the menu all week with the crew indulging in a whole-class rounders festival @ Uphill Cricket Club on Wednesday where they demonstrated once again their fantastic teamwork skills, making it all about everybody. 

Pupils this week completed their PSHE learning about relationships and sex (RSE). They were extremely mature and asked some very sensible questions. Parents and carers, please talk to your children about these sessions at home to find out what they know. 



Term 5 Week 4

Just because SATs is over, it doesn’t mean there is any less learning taking place in Year Six. This week has seen us kick start our new learning theme ‘How Fair is Trade?’ with some fantastic map skills, writing inspired by class text ‘La Mariposa’ and some challenging maths based on fair trade prices and the cocoa chain.  You can see already from our working walls below the quality of learning that has been happening so far. 

Also this week, the crew were delighted to receive their new scripts for our upcoming production in July. See our image section for early morning rehearsals taking place today!

Term 5 Week 3

We are so very proud of our Year Six Crew this week. They have tackled their tests with maturity, amazing attitudes and smiles on their faces. We celebrated the end of the week with a lovely High Tea and a very energetic water fight! Despite having worked hard all week, the children were still happy to spend time editing their writing which will now take centre stage as we being our new learning theme ‘How Fair is Trade?’

IMG_0889 website pic

Term 5 Week 2

The crew have been working incredibly hard this week to prepare for next week’s challenges (in a variety of weird and wonderful ways seen below).

Children have practiced spelling patterns, arithmetic, maths reasoning and problem solving as well as reading strategies. We wish them lots of good luck for next week; we know they will try their best to apply everything they have learned so far.

IMG_0887 IMG_0888

Term 5 Week 1

What a fantastic day of achievement it has been today; four of our amazing archers (Charlie, Eleanor, Jacob and Brooke) used their skills to earn the title of North Somerset Champions whilst our netball team came 13th out of a number of schools in their tournament. We have just seen the Y4-5-6 dance troupe finish a stomp-tastic rehearsal in preparation for tonight’s Dance Festival. What talented children we have!

IMG_6166 IMG_6177 IMG_6180 IMG_6181

IMG_6185 IMG_6190

Term 4 Week 7

We end our fourth term with exciting news this week: we were contacted by BBC Radio Two’s team to inform us that Alice’s story has made it through the first round of judging (out of over 137,000 entries) into the final 5000. Please click on the link below to read it.

Goodness Gracious by Alice

Children will be bringing home some practice papers tonight. It is really important that the children have a good rest and return to school reinvigorated and ready to learn so please dip in and out depending on what works for your family. Happy Easter from the Y6 Team.

Term 4 Week 6

After coming to the end of our learning theme last week, we are now immersed in our Easter learning. The crew examined artwork from centuries ago and tried to find links to key Christian concepts. Alice’s and Tilly’s learning below demonstrates not only great observational skills but an understanding of the Resurrection story.

IMG_0883[1] IMG_0884

Term 4 Week 5

Although this term is whizzing past at great speed, the crew are working their socks off. We continue to be impressed by their stamina for writing and this week’s first drafts simply prove how much progress our children have already made this year. This week saw the emotional end of small village Lescun’s narrative during the German occupation of France in our class text ‘Waiting for Anya’. Please talk to your children about the story line and how they felt about the end. 

Last week we reported how proud we were of our Year Six archers; below demonstrates why!

IMG_0836 IMG_0841

IMG_0843 IMG_0844

Term 4 Week 4

This week has seen some more amazing writing from the crew, this time in role as one of the characters from class novel ‘Waiting for Anya’. Our eldest children have tapped into the emotions of the young Jews desperate to escape over the French-Spanish border. We also celebrated a victory with Brooke, Eleanor, Charlie R and Jacob taking Gold at the archery event today. Well done!

We continue to tackle algebra in maths and the crew are progressing well, using the recently-learned bar model to problem solve. Fantastic learning was shown by Ted, below, who volunteered to explain his way through a tricky problem in order to support others in their learning. #everybody

Staff from a neighbouring school were also impressed last night with the quality of our children’s ability to explain themselves mathematically, as demonstrated by Matthew’s learning below. 

IMG_0805 IMG_0806

IMG_0828 IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0832

Term 4 Week 3

It is still lovely to see ‘show and tell’ in Year Six. This week Chanel brought in an artefact found by her Great Grandfather. The pocket-watch, handed down through generations of her family is believed to be a German war token bestowed upon soldiers during WW2. Chanel researched this herself and presented her learning to the class.

IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780

Also this week, the crew have been busy building shelters. After appraising existing shelter designs and testing new 3D shapes, the crew formed mini design teams and created their own unique shelter specifications. They were then given a different group’s shelter to build! Keep watching for final products.

Term 4 Week 2

We celebrated World Book Day this week by sharing our favourite books and authors. Children listened to the first chapter of Mrs Webb’s all time favourite – Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The Crew then put their writing skills to the test, creating stories by completing a sentence starter set by Mrs Cockram. 

We also enjoyed putting our ratio learning into good practice this week when calculating the correct measures to make pancakes using WW2 rationing rules!

IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0761            IMG_0759 IMG_0758 IMG_0747

Term 4 Week 1

Back to school already and we have seen our Year Six crew return with even more enthusiasm for their learning. We were blown away by the quality of the home learning handed in just before the half term break. Children were each given a book, chosen personally for them by their teachers. In addition to reading it, they were asked to produce a detailed synopsis as well as answer some key questions about the themes, the characters and the author’s intentions. Lottie and Jacob in particular really demonstrated excellent comprehension skills in their understanding of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and ‘Treasure Island’ respectively.

Matthew spent time over half term with a WW2 Veteran-family-friend, who he interviewed extensively about his experiences during the War. Matthew then fed back to the class a very personalised and empathetic reflection of his research.

This term, our learning theme takes a STEM (science, maths and design engineering) focus and centers around WW2 shelters. Our end goal will be to design and build our own prototypes. Today’s lesson was all about identifying and testing effective structures (as seen below). 

IMG_0736 IMG_0740 IMG_0737 IMG_0741

Term 3 Week 6

A fantastic end to the term this week with our learning conversations which really demonstrated our strong relationships between home and school. The crew really know themselves as learners, stating exactly where they need to improve, how and who can help them do this. We are now half way through Year Six!

We are also coming to the end of this term’s value ‘Generosity’.  We are so proud to share that one of our crew members, Lucy, has been doing jobs at home in order to earn money. She has used this money to buy toiletries and blankets which she intends to distribute among the homeless in Weston super Mare. What a fantastic example of generosity Lucy is demonstrating! 


Term 3 Week 5

This week our crew have been tasked with the challenge of writing 500 word stories for the BBC annual competition. We have had some amazing ideas from toilet gaming portals to The Blitz written from the point of view of a dog. We look forwards to the task of editing them next week…

Also this week, we were really impressed with the maturity of our Y6 crew yet again when tackling the sensitive subject of The Holocaust. Children responded artistically to a moving poem with some beautiful learning.

Please see below for an amazing wagoll (what a good one looks like) home learning from Lauren. She has completely engaged with the novel that was chosen for her and has reflected on it beautifully. Well done Lauren!

IMG_20170201_213530586[1] IMG_20170201_213554170[1] IMG_20170201_213621468

Term 3 Week 4

We have been so impressed with the maturity of our Y6 crew both in terms of thinking and reasoning skills this week. The problem below (the hexagon/ squares/triangles) was given to the children this morning.  Our mathematicians applied their reasoning skills well and were able to work it through, Can you?


In our Learning Theme, we have been learning about the persecution of the Jews during WW2. Despite this being a sensitive subject, the crew have treated it with maturity and respect. Today, children developed their speaking and listening skills through a discussion about the laws passed against Jews in Germany. They were asked to consider whether or not they would risk opposing them for something they cared about.

Chanel W reflected that if she were not allowed to attend school, she would want to because she understood the importance of getting an education.

Amiliya and Mason felt sad that Jews were not allowed to marry non-Jews and reflected that they would risk anything, if just for ‘one day of happiness’.

Term 3 Week 3

We have seen some absolutely amazing creative writing from ALL the crew this week. Below are just three examples  (to see all published work, please come in and see our English display!) It is so fantastic to see our punctuation and grammar learning from last term being applied so well in the form of noun, adverbial and prepositional phrases to describe.  Click on individual photos to enlarge.

IMG_0700[1] IMG_0702[1] IMG_0703[1]

We continued our learning about WW2 this week by delving further into The Blitz, where pupils used their ICT skills to create PowerPoints about this major event in the War. The seriousness of the lesson was interspersed with a few air raids to keep the children on their toes. Can you spot any scared children using their tables as make-shift shelters in our image section?

Term 3 Week 2: The Secret Trip!

The secret was finally revealed today as three billeting officers took 21 scared and lonely evacuees all the way to Swindon Steam on the train! The children had a fantastic time role playing being evacuated without knowing where they were going.  We even met a lady on the train who was evacuated herself! They had the opportunity to explore the museum, looking particularly at how the war affected the Great Western Railway and took part in a real-life Air Raid where we ‘spent the night’ in a public shelter. As every, our crew were on their best behaviour and represented the school fantastically. A huge thank you to our parents for their fantastic efforts with costumes and props!

img_1566 img_1568 img_1582 cropped img_1615 img_1631img_1602 img_1611

Term 3 Week 1

Happy New Year and a huge welcome back to our new term. The crew have jumped straight into their new learning theme ‘What made the World turn?’ with a timeline chronology of World War Two. This threw up lots of unexpected events, with many commenting on how surprised they were that so many countries were involved, how many events happened in such a short space of time and how Hitler eventually met his demise.

In the short time we have been back, we have already seen some excellent problem solving in maths, having started our Enigma maths coding challenges, and some fantastic reasoning in English in response to our new core text, Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Waiting for Anya’. 

picture-002 picture-001

Term 2 Week 7

Gosh, another term nearly over and what a lot of learning in Year Six. In our Christmas learning theme we have explored The Transfiguration text from Matthew and Luke’s Gospel in comparison with Raphael and Bellini’s painted depictions. Children have written about how to make Christmas ‘more about Jesus than the Jingle Bells’ and we have seen amazing writing, inspired by the short film ‘Christmas Truce’ to depict the ceasefire in the trenches during The Great War. Thank you to all our Year Six children who sang their hearts out, read beautifully, created (and organised) the Power Point and led the Carol Service at West Wick tonight.


Term 2 Week 6

Christmas finally arrived in Year Six this week with the arrival of our tree, calendar and Christmas learning about the festive period during 1940 to prepare for our learning theme centered around WW2 next year. 

In RE, we asked the question ‘was Jesus the Messiah?’ and became investigative journalists for the afternoon, creating an amazing ‘crazy’ wall of evidence to support Christian’s claims that Jesus was our saviour. 

fg jhj

Term 2 Week 5

What an amazing end to the week with the crew sharing their performances of understanding. They were required to answer the question: what is the World’s worst natural disaster. From volcanoes to earthquakes, diseased to global warming and even asteroids, we learned new things and consolidated our understanding. The answer…. you decide!


Matthew’s amazing depiction of one of Earth’s tectonic plates separating. 

Term 2 Week 4

A huge congratulations to our eldest pupils who won the award for highest attendance in Term One. Great to see our children making the effort to be in school for their learning.

To alleviate the growing pressures of Year Six, we have indulged in some Yoga! The crew have embraced this wonderful way to stretch, improve core strength and relax and are really developing their poses. Check out the wagolls below.

picture-018 picture-007 picture-009 picture-012


Term 2 Week 3

It was all about the maths towards the end of the week as the crew bravely took on the Primary Maths Challenge, a set of tricky non-routine questions designed to make them think hard and apply their existing skills. Top scores of 16 were achieved by Ted and Alice.


In Year Six, we teach a problem solving approach to maths, highlighted below in the task undertook by a group earlier in the week. They were trying to find out how a sandwich was cut if it left the two recipients with differing fraction representations!

picture-005 picture-003 picture-004

Term 2 Week 2

We have continued to tackle fractions this week, learning how to simplify, order and compare. We continue to be really impressed with how the crew are able to explain their mathematical thinking using pictures, diagrams and calculation examples. The children have produced some amazing writing also this week, demonstrating great insight into the thoughts and feelings of the characters of ‘Floodland’, our core text.

We have also explored the issue of global warming over the past week or so in our learning theme sessions. Today, the crew were set a whole class ‘everybody’ task of working as a team to create a class pledge of what they can do to protect our precious planet.

picture-008  picture-009

picture-010  crew-pledge

Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back to our second term. We have returned to some fantastic home learning efforts (shown below). Chanel S created a beautifully decorated working volcano and Chanel W crafted a scene depicting the awful aftermath of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii where villagers were suffocated by clouds of ash.

We have started our new topic tackling fractions and the crew made a fantastic start to their yoga learning by learning the art of breathing (dirga) and the corpse (or Shasvana) pose in order to calm the body!

picture-001 picture-002

picture-004 picture-003

Term 1 Week 7

Another successful week which started with our crew’s wonderful worship to the staff, parents and the children in our school. Well done Year Six! We have also enjoyed listening to our oldest children reflect on their learning at our review meetings this week. It is great to see not only such mature and positive attitudes to learning but also the skill with which they reflect, demonstrating great understanding of their own learning.

Charlie R: “I’m proud of my English this year because I’m pushing myself to the limit… I know my maths has improved because we started learning the long division method and I got the hang of it straight away… I can do more because I want to be the best that I can be.”

Melissa: “This term I have really improved at maths; now I know how to do long division and multiplication.. I am doing so much better in my writing than last year…I need to practice more at spelling because I have been focusing so much on maths I forgot… but I am nearly there!”

The crew enjoyed dressing as farmers today to support a worthy cause. They also calculated some tricky maths to ascertain how many cows we would need to provide all our children with milk…


Term 1 Week 6

Preparations are well under way for the Year Six Crew’s ‘Truthfulness’ Worship taking place on Monday @ Hewish and West Wick. See below for a sneaky peek!

img_0618 img_0619 img_0625

Also this week the crew have been working hard on learning the rules of operation (or more specifically BODMAS). We have seen pupils successfully identifying the correct place for brackets in complex calculations. In English, we continue to study our core text, Floodland and have been using it to craft effective sentences. Lottie’s ‘wagoll’ ones made it to the Wall of Excellence.


Term 1 Week 5

Another busy week… we started our new class text, ‘Floodland’ which the children are really enjoying. It tells the story of a young girl living on the island of Norwich in flood-wrecked England! If your children ask you ‘does Macdonalds sell cheese burgers?’ then not to worry, they are simply practising the steps to success for the long division method we started tackling today!

Thursday brought much excitement in the form of a large black van carrying several surf boards and one surfer (without dreadlocks as they had predicted incorrectly!) Phil Williams from Christian Surfers UK led a worship and talk with our oldest pupils, sharing his relief work which helped the survivors of the Boxing Day Tsunami. He also told (and showed) them about surfing the Severn Bore. Many children reflected that not only are they inspired to try surfing but also want to raise money or help others in need, as Phil does.

Jacob said, “After meeting Phil, I have learned that the two best ways to survive a tsunami are to: climb a palm tree because the roots go in as much as they go out or go out to sea.”

Ella said,  “Phil has definitely inspired me to try surfing when I’m older. Phil said that if a tsunami occurs the best place to be would be up a high tree or actually in the ocean. I would like to raise money to sponsor people that have been through a tsunami.”

Details about Phil’s organisation can be found @

img_0775  img_0776img_0765 img_0777

Enjoy watching ‘The Year Six Crew Presents… Tsunamis’



Term 1 Week 4

Although last week was not to be topped, the crew have worked incredibly hard this week. We are especially proud of their number work – EVERYONE has progressed in their learning of the long multiplication method. Thursday afternoon saw the crew becoming You Tubers by creating their own mini videos to explain the occurrences of tsunamis.

img_0609         img_0611

img_0610  img_0613

The crew also impressed their football coaches this week; they were taught advanced skills often used with Secondary age pupils due to their good listening and ability to apply skills learned immediately to game situations. Well done Year Six!

img_0595 img_0596 img_0599 img_0600

IMMERSION WEEK (Term 1 Week 3)

Friday ~ the crew (plus their teachers and Miss Hunt) survived a night out on the school field, despite the constant disruptions from the freight trains and one lone night visitor (allegedly a hedgehog). The crew all worked hard to put up (and take down) their tents, prepare and serve their dinner and have a jolly good time. Amazing teamwork, fun, laughter and grit demonstrated by our oldest children. A huge well done!

img_1836  img_3319 img_2733            img_3484

Wednesday ~ Another amazing day spent immersing ourselves in the topic of survival. Today was all about water safety with the crew learning how to jump in, swim, tread water and save their peers, all wearing heavy onesies or clothes! They then learned how to check a casualty for breathing, put them in the recovery position and were taught the basics of CPR.

picture-047     picture-061

picture-063 picture-066

picture-006         picture-020

picture-009  picture-003

Monday ~ Surviving the elements was the order of the day today when the weather man obliged us with a torrential downpour! The crew used maps and compasses to navigate their way through Weston Woods and put themselves in the middle of a survival situation. This required them to think about shelter, building fires and finding food. Great positive attitudes from the crew; despite the wet weather, we all stuck it out and survived!

orienteering-072       orienteering-046

orienteering-077 orienteering-107

Term 1 Week 2

This week has been all about earthquakes. Having learned about them through videos and topic books, the crew have written fantastic explanation texts to inform others about how such natural disasters occur. Words like ‘continental drift’ and ‘tectonic plates’ were being widely used! We have also been studying negative numbers and today put our maths skills to good use in order to find grid references and work out distances on a map of Weston Woods in preparation for our orienteering trip next week.

Our hard-working crew have now completed their second Parliament session which focused on our termly Christian value, truthfulness. In this morning’s worship, Rowan reflected that his parliament leaders (Charlie and Eva) were “just amazing”. Below are some photos of them in action.


dsc06709 dsc06730-copy

Term 1 Week 1

Our first full week back and we are well into the swing of things. Below is the crew thoroughly enjoying learning a rap/ song about the layers of the Earth (sorry to those who have heard the chorus repeatedly at home over the weekend!)

Congratulations to Tilly for being the first person to have learning displayed in our gallery of excellence – her tectonic plates map really was presented beautifully. Also in our image section is Chloe being congratulated by Mrs Dadds for her trophy!

img_20160908_194402018 picture-007


Welcome To Year Six!

The crew have come back with a bang after the holidays and are raring to get going on our exciting new learning theme ‘What happens when the World gets angry?’ We have welcomed new crew member Lucy to St Anne’s and she is settling in well. So far the crew have been responsible risk assessors, planning their safety for a week of adventurous activities to support our learning theme.

Children have been given their new home-school partnership books and home-learning folders which contain weekly spellings, maths challenges and our usual take-away home learning menu.