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Year 5@Hewish 2016-17

Term 5 Week 4

Another visitor to the crew. This time, Roz from the Parliamentary Education Service taught us about how political parties work and about some methods of campaigning. The crew created their own political parties with ‘The  Dabbers’ being elected due to their promise of introducing a gym! They then opted to form a coalition with  DBA (Dream, Believe, Achieve)IMG_0823 IMG_0825 IMG_0827 IMG_0831

Term 5 Week 3

A wonderful week which culminated with the South West Scorpions teaching the whole crew about wheelchair basketball. In maths, we learnt how to find missing angles on a straight line by subtracting what we know from 180 degree. This was then extended to finding missing angles from a circle by subtracting from 360 degrees.

IMG_0776 IMG_0755 IMG_0750 IMG_0742

Term 5 Week 2

It’s been an absolute pleasure to see the children develop their first drafts of their Wild Place recounts. As soon as they are published, I’ll upload some for you to enjoy. This week we’ve also completed our African continent map as well as develop our understanding of angle.

Term 5 Week 1

What a way to welcome in Term 5 with our launch event of the visit to Wild Place.  The sun shone, as did all of your children. They were knowledgeable, polite and well behaved. I’m sure your children have told you  all about the visit so here are a few photos which illustrate our day.IMG_0688 IMG_0696

IMG_0702 IMG_0727 IMG_0733

Term 4 Week 5

A busy week with representatives of the crew reaching the quarter finals of the rugby tournament. In class, bar modelling has seen all of the children learning to find percentages of numbers successfully whilst the week has culminated with a visit from paramedic Sarah, who taught the crew about her role and how children can keep themselves safe and alert.

IMG_0578 IMG_0592 IMG_0595

Term 4 Week 4

Another productive week. Working as designers, the children have researched, and designed a model which will communicate their science nice learning from this term. Some of these designs can be seen here.

IMG_0472 IMG_0474 IMG_0477

In English,  we’ve begun to analyse a story entitled  The Gas Mask, which will further develop the excellent writing skills the children are displaying.

IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489

Term 4 Week 2

Everyone in the crew can be a teacher. The photo below shows how the children worked together to learn more about equivalent fractions. In PE this week, we were joined by Glenn who began teaching rugby whilst the photos show the crew training like an astronaut.

IMG_0444 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457

Term 4 Week 1

This week, we have learnt to use visual representations to help our understanding of equivalent fractions. We have analysed persuasive texts and explored adverbial of time, linking them to the verb they are describing.  In guided reading, we learnt how to respond to persuasive guidebooks whilst in history we’ve learnt about the Human Rights of the Child.  The crew were surprised by done of the rights they have and the way they are written.

Term 3 Week 5

Thank you to all who attended our learning review meetings. I trust you found them informative and useful. Thanks also for the feedback given. Please remember to return the slips provided as your comments help us to do things even better. Please remember that you are more than welcome to discuss your child’s progress at any time. Contact myself or the office if you ever feel the need to discuss anything, including celebrating your child’s successes.

Term 3 Week 4

“Amazing, fantastic, so much fun,” are just some of the comments received from the crew who completed the mini-medics course this week (see photo’s below). Another busy week in class with the crew continuing to develop their biographies of Martin Luther King, learning more about fractions and producing some wonderful pointillism work based upon people they are inspired by. Can you guess who these people are?

pele queen zayn brunel

More visitors also. Here are the staff from Hutton Moor teaching the children to become mini-medics.

mm4 mm1 mm2 mm3

The children learnt about the recovery position, how to communicate with a patient, as well as how to develop skills of working together.

Term 3 Week 3

A week of inspiring visitors began with the crew working with Jo Richardson as she launched the Tim Peake Primary Project at St. Anne’s. The crew (in their role as space detectives) were set a challenge to design and make a craft that could support and protect an egg when dropped from height. Following that, on Thursday, we were visited by PCSO’s Pen and Piotr who worked to develop our understanding about crime and consequence. Included in this was key information relating to ages of responsibility. It’s fair to say that all involved learnt  a great deal.



Term 3 Week 2

We continue delving into the theme by studying Nelson Mandela’s biography. Home learning this week is in the form of a 100 word challenge which encourages the children to practise elements of grammar they have learnt this week. The crew also received the first hockey coaching session this Wednesday as we continue to develop the repertoire of sports the children excel at.

Picture 035 Picture 030 Picture 031 Picture 032 Picture 033

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back to school. It’s been wonderful to hear all the lovely experiences that have been provided for the children over the Christmas holidays. Our crew have begun their new theme ‘What made the world turn?’ by listening to and responding to Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech. We also learnt about the states that were mentioned in the speech and developed our knowledge of negative numbers by finding differences between highest and lowest recorded temperatures.  Don’t forget that you can keep right up to date with your child’s learning on our Twitter page Ian.Phillips@StAnnes_WSM

Jan 6 NM 4 Jan 6 NM Jan 6 NM2 Jan 6 NM3 MLK com 3 MLK com MLK com 2  Neg numbers Jack


Week 12

Really proud of our fantastic crew this week. Those of you who attended our worship on koinonia will have witnessed the culmination of a great deal of hard work. Thanks to all who attended and the children for their performance. Everyone together. Tuesday brought more sporting opportunities as Emilia, Samuel, Darcie and William represented us superbly in the kurling and boccia event.

Picture 185 Picture 183  Picture 184

Week 11

Another great week, finishing with sports hall athletics with Mr Turner. Great effort from all to improve hurdling and javelin skills. Properties of shapes were explored using keys in mathematics and the development of shape vocabulary.


Week 10

Thanks to everyone for the donations for Children in Need. In class, we learnt where some of the money goes and how it supports different people such as young carers.

Week 9

We acknowledged remembrance day by creating ‘found poetry’ from Stormbreaker. Earlier in the week, working as scientists, the crew explored the school grounds when looking for evidence of the five kingdoms of life.

Week 8


Week 4

Our volcanoes are now finished. We mixed weetabix with paint to make the lava. We have planned some fantastic stories which are based around adventures on a volcano. In maths, we’ve learnt to find missing numbers within problems.

Picture 113 Picture 114 Picture 115 Picture 094 Picture 095 Picture 096 Picture 097 Picture 111 Picture 112

Week 3

This week, we learnt about all the different parts of a volcano. We have also become experts at reading large numbers and using the inverse operation. We completed our full value contract. Everyone has agreed to use kind hands, feet and words.

Week 2

Very exciting beginning to the week as the crew turned up in their old clothes to begin their volcano challenge. We are building model volcanoes to help us understand how they work. We have also created poetry based on volcanoes using prepositions, similes and alliteration. Every word matters. The rain did not stop us from enjoying rugby with Mr Dixon.

Week 1

Welcome back to the new school year. As we will be using our brains to do a lot of thinking, we have made our own brain hats and learnt facts to help us understand our brains which we didn’t know before. April remembered that a dog brain is nineteen times smaller than our own whilst an elephant’s brain is 4-5 time bigger. Leonie learnt that the right side of our brain controls the left side of our bodies and vice-versa.