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Year 4 @Hewish 2016-17

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TERM 5  Week 1

Welcome back!  A fun day was had as part of the introduction to our new learning theme ‘What lies in a hidden world?’ when we joined Year Three on the St. Anne’s airline to South America. The children went through passport control and experienced all the safety checks they would see on a real aircraft. Prior to departure, the children used their geography skills to locate the UK, the route we would have to take and the countries we would be visiting.  By using video clips online, we all shared the experience of what it would be like to take off,  the aerial views from the plane and landing.  We also began making comparisons with the landscape of our area and that of the country of Belize in South America. On arrival, we all took part in traditional dancing, listened to panpipe music, designed our own costumes and tried several traditional foods. Surprisingly, the hot salsa and quinoa were very popular.  Well done to everyone in Year Four for participating so well all day.











Term 4 Week 3

Fabulous learning this week in maths where the class have worked hard to get to grips with dividing numbers by 10 and 100 and tackled problems which challenged them to go deeper in their thinking. Great to see such positive attitudes to their learning.

We have had two excellent sports coaches in to teach the children golf and tennis. Year 4 certainly has quite a few children who displayed great control with their tennis and everyone had fun playing the coach and Mrs Clark.

Sophie getting top tips.IMG_1510[1]





Explorer Dome visit and learning about the human digestive system.

Explorer Dome visit and learning about the human digestive system.

IMG_1452[1] IMG_1461[1]TERM 4 Week 1

Hopefully, you had a good half term holiday and had fun with your children.  In maths, the crew have been getting to grips with decimals and the 8 times table.  A fantastic learning experience was had with a visit from Explorer Dome who presented a very exciting and interactive workshop inside the giant dome.  Great fun and something we will always remember…especially the 9 metres of pretend intestines being held by year 4.





TERM 3 Week 6

The children have been working so hard this week to finish their own stories based on ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ which was our class text for the term. The book has really inspired the children to produce some of their best writing so far this year.  Look out for the finished versions which will be heading home soon.

TERM 3 Week 5

The learning theme ‘What Goes In …Must Come Out’ has created a lot of laughter this week. The children learned how food gets digested and travels through the body by using tights, plastic sandwich bags, crackers and orange juice!  Just ask your children to tell you more.

Learning about the small intestine.

Learning about the small intestine.









TERM 3 Week 4

Our creative side was in full flow this week when the children turned their hands to clay modelling. We used air drying clay to make faces and then painted them to add further details.


Week 6

Another busy week in Year 4 with the children using the Waitrose advert ” Coming Home” and the matching book to inspire their writing in English.  They have created their own story map based on the book and worked with their learning partners to discuss and share ideas. We were impressed with the use of discussion to think through the sequence of events in their own stories.










Week 5

The children have finished painting and strengthening their Roman shields this week which look amazing. We marched around the playground calling out “sin , dex, sin, dex” which is Latin for “left, right, left, right”. Well remembered  from our trip to Caerleon!


Week 4

We have had a great week of learning in Year 4 which included learning how to divide two and three digit numbers and apply this to everyday problems such as dividing a restaurant bill by 4 or 6 . Hopefully, your children will be able to help you now.  We have been writing stories based in Roman times and I have been impressed by the way the children have picked up how to do paragraphs correctly and speech. We all loved making our Roman shields which we painted them in the style and colours that the Roman army.

The class had a fantastic gymnastics session coached by our experienced Coach this week too.img_1083img_1099img_1089

img_1130 img_1107 img_1146 img_1151



TERM 2 Week 2

We had a wonderful trip to Caerleon in Wales on Tuesday to learn more about the Roman Army. Caerleon is the furthest outreach post in Britain that the very successful Roman Army settled.

The children were able to explore the museum and see real Roman artifacts which were 2000 years old.img_09991   img_12941      img_13201

This was followedimg_13131 by getting to see what life would have been like for a soldier in the mock up barracks room. Great fun was had dressing up in the armour too.  After this the children took part in role play with further dressing up as school children.  Did you know that only boys went to school in Roman times?Our girls were shocked to find out that the girls stayed at home!  The day ended with a look around the remains of the real Roman amphitheatre and the army fortress.





More models have been created by some of the children at home which are incredible.  We’ve also had a beautiful story from Madison and a number of great historical reports.  Thank you all for your continued support with your children’s learning. Our learning theme has moved onto the Iron Age and the children learned all about what it would have been  like as a villager in those days. In maths we have been solving word problems involving one step and two steps and are moving onto designing an Iron Age fort using previously learned maths skills.













We  have been using drama to explore the characters in our text ‘Ice Palace’. The children took part in a ‘conscience alley’  to think more about the feelings and emotions of the main character Ivan.

I’ve been so impressed with the amazing Home Learning the crew have been bringing into class over the last few weeks.  Look at Niamh’s fabulous cake in the shape of a Stone Age home and Poppy’s super Stone Henge model.



img_11861                                               img_11901                  img_11911                                           img_11931


img_11801                                        img_11821



This week the children have been learning how to write non- chronological reports and have been planning to do a special one about the Stone Age.  They used the internet to do research and made notes about homes, clothing and foods they ate.

The crew had a great time developing their football skills further in PE this week with our expert coaches. The children learned how to keep looking around for space and the importance of listening to team mates.

img_08621 img_08611 img_08601 img_08541 img_08521 img_08571

Week 2

The crew have been out in the sunshine using the playground to do maths this week. The hundred square has been a fun way to become more number confident and the children have really enjoyed doing various activities to enhance their learning whilst moving around.


TERM 1  2016   WEEK 1

Welcome back to the new Year 4 Crew who have settled in really well to school routine once again.  The class were introduced to their Learning Theme for Terms 1 and 2 with a WOW Day visit from Weston Museum staff.  They had a fascinating time looking at Stone Age and Iron Age weapons and tools; weaving with wool on looms, learning about the animals that would have been hunted for food during the time periods  and doing cave paintings. They finished their session by dressing up in clothes typical of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and learned the reasons for the changes in the fabrics used. They had a wonderful time and it was great to see how engaged they all were.