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Year 3 @Hewish 2016-17

Term 6 

Week 7

The final week of the school year….the crew were delighted with the results of their hard work and the money they raised on their enterprise stall.  This money will move with them to Year Four, where they will decide what they would like to spend it on. Thank you for the kind messages, cards and gifts we have received, we really do appreciate them.  Finally, thank you Year Three for being such a great group of children to learn with, we wish you all a very happy summer holiday with your families.

Week 6

An enterprising week!  The crew have risen to the challenge and have been busy preparing their goods for sale next week.  Thank you for sending in  empty jars and old clothes for your children to paint in….the results are looking good!  We look forward to seeing you at our Enterprise  afternoon on Wednesday, 2 -3 pm.

Week 5

This week saw the end of our learning theme ‘What lies in a hidden world.’  On Friday afternoon we joined with the Year Four Crew to look at the displays of class learning, Mayan masks and the superb home learning projects.  We had one last taste of South American food, Salsa dancing (I think there could be some professionals in the future!) and then returned home to England!


Next week sees the start of our Enterprise week, please send in any clean jam jars you may have, thank you.

Week 4

It has been lovely hearing the children talk about their home learning projects, we have seen a few examples already and look forward to sharing more next week.

Mrs Coulton our Art Leader set every class a challenge; to create a class piece of artwork that reflects our school ethos of ‘Learning without Limits’.  The finished results will be on display soon, together with the children’s thinking behind the picture.

In maths we have been using the skills we have learned to solve problems and in English we have used the information about deforestation to write a balanced argument.

We are very fortunate to have a cricket coach teaching us once a week, please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school, including a change of shoes, thank you.


Week 3

If we had to choose one word to describe this week, it would be ‘hot!’  We have made the most of the amazing weather (and the shade!) and used the outdoors for a lot of learning this week.  The maths focus has been measure; length, weight and capacity, you may have noticed lots of measured chalk lines around the playground.  To quote one member of the Year Three Crew,

“I love it when we learn maths like this, it’s the best type of maths ever!”

In English we have been debating the right and wrongs of deforestation of the rainforest, the children showed a really mature and respectful attitude. In music we have been learning “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and discovering more about reggae music. This week in PHSE, we discussed what it is like to feel guilty and how we can say sorry.

Our class reading challenge is still ongoing, we would like every member of the class to have read at least three times at home in a week and record this in their partnership books, we check these every Friday. Thank you for supporting your children in this.

Week 2

Poetry and shape have been the focus this week.  In maths the children have revisited 2D and 3D shapes, describing their properties, accurately drawing 2D shapes and making 3D shapes.  In English, we have studied different types of poems, performed and written our own.  On Friday we  joined the Year Four Crew, who shared their ideas and helped us with our rhyming poetry.


‘The Magic Box’ By Year Three  (Based on the poem by Kit Wright)

I will put in my box,  

A handful of sweet scented lavender,

A brilliant blue bouncy ball,

A majestic flaming phoenix feather, sparkling with sound,

A piece of classic chocolate, melting magically,

Soft sand slipping through my fingers.


Week 1

It has been a short but busy start to the final term of the year. The maths focus has been on different angles and lines, the class have really enjoyed learning a rap to help them remember the difference between perpendicular and parallel lines.  They have completed their Mayan masks, and in English have written instructions on how to make these.  This term the Year Three Crew are very fortunate to have two external coaches for PE, cricket on Tuesday and Quad Kids Athletics on Thursday, please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school for this.

Term 5, Week 4

It has been lovely to see the children’s enthusiasm for reading again this week, we are so close to meeting our class challenge…we will keep persevering!! We are continuing to read ‘Varjak Paw’, and have produced our newspaper reports on the ‘Mysterious Vanishings’, we’ve also written diary entries in role as one of the characters.  In maths the focus has been problem solving, using fractions.  The home learning challenge this week revisits looking at reading  and telling the time.

We have also been practising our French, learning about some of the different Hindu gods as part of our RE, developing our cricket skills in PE and continuing to make our masks as part of our art and DT!

Looking forward to a busy week ahead….on Monday we will be leading Worship, we look forward to seeing you at West Wick. On Thursday (weather permitting) it is our Family picnic followed by KS2 Sports Day.  Have a lovely weekend.

Week 3

Another busy week in Year Three! The children have continued to read and study ‘Varjak Paw’, written poems to describe the ‘metal monsters,’ become radio or television presenters reporting on the ‘Mysterious Vanishings’ and started to plan a newspaper report.  In maths the focus has been ordering and comparing fractions.

As part of our Learning Theme, we have learnt about ‘biomes’ and studied the different layers of the rainforest. The children are enjoying designing and making Mayan masks using the milk bottles collected at the start of term – thank you for collecting and sending these in.

We almost  met our class reading challenge. (For every member of the crew to have read at least three times and have this recorded in their home school partnership books) Mrs Dadds will be checking again next Friday, thank you for supporting your child achieve this whole class challenge.

Week 2

This week the focus in maths has been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, we have used the bar method to demonstrate this. The children are becoming experts…ask them to show you!

In English we are continuing to read ‘Varjak Paw.’ We have focused on punctuation and using speech marks correctly, decided whether Varjak should stay or leave the house, visualised and described what the ‘outside world’ may look like.

Each week in school the children read to an adult as part of a guided reading group, they share and discuss the text.  We expect children to read individually at home at least three times during the week, and for this to be recorded in their home school partnership books please.  Mrs Dadds has set the Year Three Crew a reading challenge, next Friday she would like to see the whole crew achieve this!  The children are very keen to do this and have thought of ways to help each other.  If the challenge is met, they will be adding marbles to the jar!  Thank you in advance for supporting your child with this.


Week 1

Welcome back!  As part of our introduction to our new learning theme ‘What lies in a hidden world?’ we joined Year Four on the St. Anne’s airline to South America. Prior to departure the crew had to use their geography skills and locate our own country, the route we would take and the countries we would be visiting.  We experienced what it would be like to take off, aerial views from the plane and then landing.  We started to make comparisons with the landscape of our area and that of areas like Belize in South America. On arrival we had the opportunity to try traditional dancing, listen to panpipe music, design our own costumes and try some traditional food. The extra hot salsa and quinoa were a real hit!  Well done to ALL the Year Three Crew for joining in and trying new experiences.

wow day 002    wow day 004   wow day 030   wow day 027

Term 4

Week 7

This week we have revisited some of our learning in maths, in particular time and fractions.  We finished the week with a fraction challenge involving coloured Easter eggs! In English, we have been writing and performing Easter poetry.  Our audience, the Year Four Crew, then shared their poems with us.  The home learning challenge for the holidays is to continue with the brilliant reading, keep practising the times tables and telling the time!  Have a lovely Easter break, we look forward to discovering ‘What lies in a hidden world’ next term!

Week 6

Amazing scientists this week! We dissected daffodils to find out about the different parts of a flowering plant, we’ve made predictions about how plants get water and set up an experiment to test this.  In English, we’ve been looking at the language used to persuade and then writing persuasive letters.  The home learning challenge is to try and persuade the Year Three Teachers that the crew deserve a treat…we look forward to reading the results! Please continue to hear your child read regularly at home and record this in their partnership books.

Week 5

In maths this week, we have been continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of time; reading the time to the nearest minute, knowing the number of days in the week, months and days in the year and then using these facts to solve problems.  The crew are really enjoying their tennis and golf lessons with external coaches, please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school, thank you.

Week 4

This week the children have been studying a new book ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker.  It is a picture book that uses the same view from a window to show how the landscape changes from rural to urban over time. The children have been discussing the pros and cons of living in the city or countryside.  We had a class debate, it was lovely to see each member of the class able to confidently share their views and be listened to respectfully by the rest of the crew.

Week 3

Year 3 creating artwork inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Picture 144 Picture 141 Picture 142 Picture 143

Our plants are doing well!

Picture 140 Picture 139


Week 2

Maths problem solving.

Picture 137 Picture 136

Year 3 planting seeds.

Picture 134  Picture 133 Picture 135

Week 1

We have been exploring the journey our food makes through our body.

Picture 129 Picture 131 Picture 130 Picture 132

Term 3

Week 6

What a fantastic term Year 3 have had. Their fantastic learning attitude is really paying off and they are producing some really high quality work.

This week the children have been publishing their story books; the final product really shows ho much effort they have put in.

Picture 659Picture 660Picture 661

They really enjoyed sharing their stories with the Busy Bees

Picture 663 Picture 664 Picture 665

Here are some pictures of The Year 3 crew trying wheelchair basketball. We had so much fun!

Picture 649 Picture 650 Picture 651 Picture 652 Picture 653 Picture 655 Picture 656 Picture 657 Picture 658


Week 5

Year Three are learning about the digestive system and really enjoyed experimenting and finding out the journey food makes through our bodies.

Picture 648 Picture 647 Picture 646 Picture 645 Picture 644 Picture 643 Picture 642 Picture 641

The children have been working really hard on their story books, writing, editing and redrafting  and publishing each chapter as they go. The children are really looking forward to showing their families at the learning review meetings next week.

Week 4

We have been learning about fractions in Year 3. This week we used sweets to help with our problem solving and reasoning skills. The children had to choose which table to sit on and then share out the sweets equally with the other children on their table.

“I chose the table with only a few sweets because I knew no one else would choose this table so I’d have less people to share with and more sweets.” Rowan

Picture 640 Picture 639

Week 3

Year 3 are getting really fantastic at telling the time. All the practice they are doing at home is really helping!

Picture1 012 Picture1 006 Picture1 008 Picture1 011

Weeks 1 and 2

Happy New Year!  The new learning theme for this term is ‘What goes in, must come out!’  The children have been discovering what makes a living thing ‘living’, and what our different food groups are.

In maths we have been focussing on time, reading and writing times on an analogue clock.  You can check this with your child at home.  We’ve also been learning about fractions.

Our new class text ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ has already inspired some brilliant descriptive writing.  Well done Year Three Crew!

This term we have PE every Tuesday and Thursday, please ensure your child has a complete PE kit in school at all times.  Thank you.

Term 2

Weeks 5 and 6

The children have enjoyed learning about the different traditions of various countries in Europe at Christmas time.  They continue to learn new French words and enjoyed asking for, and tasting croissants and pain au chocolat!

We were immensely proud of the way they sang and performed the Christmas poem at the Key Stage Two carol service. It was a lovely way to end the term, thank you to all those who supported it.  We wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

Picture1 001

Week 4


term-2-website-027 term-2-website-026 term-2-website-025 term-2-website-024 term-2-website-023

Week 3

Artwork inspired by fossils.

term-2-website-032 term-2-website-031 term-2-website-030 term-2-website-029 term-2-website-028

Week 2

Historians exploring Caerleon

term-2-website-018 term-2-website-016  term-2-website-011 term-2-website-009 term-2-website-008 term-2-website-020

Week 1

Introduction to the Romans – role playing a chariot race.

term-2-website-004 term-2-website-003 term-2-website-001

Term 1

Week 5

What fantastic home learning we’ve seen already! Keep it up Year 3.

website-wk4-002 website-wk4-001website-wk4-004  website-wk4-003

Week 4

Year 3 enjoyed having 2 artists from Year 4 come and show them how to make effective pictures of Stonehenge. Whilst they drew, the children discussed what Stonehenge might have been used for and how strong Stone Age men must have been to move such massive rocks!

website-wk4-009 website-wk4-003 website-wk4-004 website-wk4-005 website-wk4-006 website-wk4-007 

The children have worked so hard on their non-chronological reports this week and they’ve  finished their first drafts. By next week we should have the finished reports ready to share!

Week 3

This week Year 3 have decided they would like to become experts about The Stone Age so they are able to excite and enthuse others with all their knowledge.

They are preparing  to write a non-chronological report by researching information about sub-headings they have chosen.  They are becoming excellent at quality note taking!

picture-598 picture-596 picture-597

Week 2

What fun Year 3 have had this week! Weekly ukulele lessons have started and it is amazing what the children can do after just one lesson. This week they learnt about strumming and picking, and learnt to play a C major chord. They can sing and play along to so many songs already! Their quality listening skills really helped them during this

Week 1

What an exciting start to the year! On Friday we had a fantastic day learning lots about the Stone Age and Iron Age. We looked at lots of artifacts, had a go at cave drawing and even got to dress up in outfits people might have worn back then! The children were so engaged and enthusiastic, coming up with lots of brilliant questions to ask the experts visiting us.

picture-550  picture-552  picture-549










In the afternoon, we made our own Stone Age paint by crushing charcoal with stones and mixing it with water. The paint the children made was really effective and they used it  to create cave paintings whilst sat in their own cave.







picture-563   picture-564   picture-561