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Year 2 @West Wick 2016-17

Term 6

Week 7

Wow! What an emotional day!!! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words, effort and support this year, we really couldn’t have done it  without you. We are extremely proud of each of the children in our class, they have come such a long way.

Please find below a like to the PowerPoint of photographs this year. If you’d like to make it a little more emotional and play the song too, search Take That Greatest Day on YouTube!


Thank you once again for everything, it’s been an unforgettable year. Enjoy the summer, making memories with your amazing children.


Week 6

We may be in the penultimate week of the school year but in Year 2 we are still working hard. This week has been enterprise week, we have been given £20 by the office to make and sell a product, if we make a profit we get to choose something new for our4 classroom. We have been researching, collecting data, sketching and making our product. As a class the children decided to make tic tac toe games and research which designs the children in the other classes would prefer. They are very excited for you to see their product and work out how much profit they have made. They will be selling their wares on Wednesday afternoon 2pm-3pm along with the children in the other classes.

Next week we will be rehearsing our Celebration of Learning ready for you all to see on Thursday morning.

Have a good week… 5 more get ups!

Week 5

Today was an exciting day in Year 2.  Our new teacher for year 3 came to visit us, her name is Miss Byers. Miss Hockey, who currently works at our Hewish site will be our Learning Support Assistant next year.

The children have had their school reports today. Please share them with your children as they played a large part in writing them too. We welcome any feedback you have and if you have any questions concerning their report please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Courage shields are flying into class thick and fast and they are amazing. Take a look at some of them below…


Week 4

Learning Without Limits is a core belief at St. Anne’s and this week we have been thinking about what it looks like and how we can draw it. We were really proud of some of the thing that the children said…

‘Learning Without Limits would look like circles because they are never ending like our learning.’

‘The dark colours will show when I am stuck in the learning pit, the light colours are for my thinking time and the bright colours show my bright ideas.’

‘I’m going to colour mine in with lots of dots because my learning is made up of lots of little bits.’

Thank you for returning all raffle tickets and white bags as well as bringing in tombola prizes today for the school fete tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you lots of you there and performing some of our music festival songs for you. It is always a great event which raises money to support our school. Se  you there!

Week 3

What a hot week it has been! Thank you for ensuring that your children were equipped with sun hats and water it really has helped.

As we are nearing the end of the term the final piece of homework is a little different. We are asking the children to design and make a courage shield. We have asked them to think about what the courage means and what that may look like. They can present their work in any form they like… they can really push the boat out! Homework I due in next Friday (30/6/17).

Coming home with the children tonight are raffle ticket books. There are some great prizes and the raffle will be drawn next Saturday at the fayre. A reminder too that the white bags that the children came home with a week or 2 ago are due in on Tuesday.

Take a look at the photos below of using doing some art work outside in the playground.

Week 2

We created our own little bakery on Monday to make scones. In our learning theme we have found out that The Great Fire of London started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. We followed a recipe to make them, took pictures and then wrote our own instructions for others to follow.

On Tuesday we welcomed children from other schools to join us in the annual year 2 music festival. We came together, in our summer clothes to sing songs about the summer and our holidays. The songs were from a variety of genres and some of us even got the chance to play percussion instruments along to the beat of them. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was lovely to meet other children from local schools.

We have been taking advantage of the good weather this week and we have been learning how to play rounders. With a partner we have been working on sharpening our throwing, catching and batting skills, we are really good at the first 2 and we are working hard to develop the accuracy of our batting!

Week 1

Welcome back!

We have revisited ‘time’ in maths this week.  We have revised o’clock’ quarter past, half past and quarter to. We have found that we are much more confident with this now and can explain our learning clearly.  We have used clock to make given times as well as drawing them in our books. We are starting to explore times where the minute hand moves in 5’s such as 10 past 3 and 25 minutes past 10.

Our ‘Time Travellers’ learning theme has moved on a year and we are now learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be looking at how it started, the events, what effect it had on the plague and the damage that it caused.

From next Friday the book fair will be in school.  It will be available in the hall Friday- Tuesday after school. Any profits that are made will enable us to purchase books for the school so your support would be gratefully received.

Term 5

Week 5

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our annual sports day on Wednesday. The weather was amazing, the children showed great sportsmanship and there were lots of yummy looking picnics around. It was lovely to be able to have a sports day at West Wick this year and the children really shone.

The school disco is going ahead tonight (Thursday), there are still tickets available from the school office for anyone wishing to purchase them.

There is no homework over the half term other than spellings, have a lovely 9 day break and we will see you all back on Tuesday 6th June.

Week 4

Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the children for all your hard work on the lead up to SATs, it really has paid off.

As well as SATs this week we have been busy writing about the plague. They have learnt lots about the plague during this terms learning and theme. Our ‘Time Traveller’ topic will continue after the half term break and will be exploring The Great Fire of London.

Next Wednesday, weather permitting will be our KS1 sports day and picnic. The children have been busy practising their summer themed races and we are looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Next Thursday after school there will be an end of term disco (Inset day on the Friday), tickets are available from the school office.

There is no homework this week so enjoy the rest and have a wonderful weekend.

Week 3

This week has flown by and can you believe that there are only 2 weeks of term left to go?

We are currently busy learning summer songs for a music festival in June that we will perform with other schools. We will come together to perform a variety of summer themed songs we have  been learning in our own schools. The favourites in our class seem to be ‘Summer Holiday’ by Cliff Richard and a picnic one… yum yum!

As well learning songs we are also practising the races ready for sports day. He have a seaside relay, a summer obstacle race as well as other races too. Don’t forget to wear your trainers for the hottly anticipated parents races!

You children may have come home talking about S.A.T’s in the last few weeks; these will be taking place over the next couple of weeks and will be finished by half term.  It’s really important that our attendance is really good during this period to ensure they are completed. The children are really excited at the prospect of showing off the skills they have learnt this year in maths and English .  Your children are inquisitive and hard working and we are all immensely proud of every single one of them; each one of them is unique and talented.

Have a restful week and see you all Monday

Week 2

It was great to have a 4 day week this week but boy have we managed to fit a lot in to them!

We have combined out English learning and topic this week.  We have been learning lots about the plague and the children have been shocked by how people lived back then. We have used our learning to write letters describing what can be seen and heard to a friend. They have been successfully self assessing and editing their work to ensure they are using conjunctions, contractions, exclamation sentences, questions, commands and suffixes. We are very proud of the writing that has been produced, it has shown deep thinking and an eagerness to improve.

This afternoon We thought about what it means to be proud and what traits we might be proud of. Each child made a class member a certificate detailing something positive about them. We then held our own awards ceremony where the certificates were read, awarded and hands were shook. It was clear to see that they know each other extremely well!

Have a great weekend making memories.

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely break and are feeling refreshed and revitalised. The children came back on Monday full of energy and ready to learn.

We have started our new learning theme this week ‘Time Travellers’. During this topic we will be looking at historical events such as the plague, the great fire of London and different kings and queens throughout history. This week we started a book called’ The plague- a knock at the door’ and wrote questions about what we would like to find out about it. We have also set up a writing den in our role play area where the children can use albums of old photographs and quill pencils to write about the similarities and differences they can see to the modern day in the photographs.

In maths we have been extending our learning of multiplication and division. We know that each are the inverse of each other and can be used to find the missing numbers in our calculations. We are learning that our working outs can be drawn as pictures, as arrays, repeated addition/subtraction and now the bar method.

Please look out for the letter that is coming home tomorrow that describes this terms learning theme in more detail. Have a great weekend.

Term 4

Week 7

We had an eggcellent time in Year 2 today!

We have been retelling the Easter story, talking about the significance of eggs, been Easter egg hunting and even found time to make Easter cards and try some hot cross buns!

IMG_1612 IMG_1617

We’d like to thank the PTA for another great hunt and the parents who came to help hide the eggs.

We hope you all have a great Easter together and we will see you in 2 weeks!

Week 6

We started the week with our class worship. It was all about trust and how we trust each other. We retold the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah and they had to trust in God when he told them to move to another land. We were all nervous at first but we enjoyed it too. Thank you to everyone who came along to watch us.

Our maths journey continued this week with the bar method. We can show how 2 numbers put together can make a bigger number. We draw it in our books using boxes.

Non-chronological animal reports have been coming together in our classroom this week. We have researched some of the animals we saw at Noah’s Ark and been writing our own reports about them. We have used titles, sub-headings, bullet points, introductions and conclusions to make them of an excellent quality.

Week 5

Year 2 chatter this week has been all about trust and the people we put our trust in. We have used this work to prepare for our class worship on next Monday and we hope that lots of you are able come to see our hard work.


Today has been a funny day. It’s been full of funny looking children with red noses who tell some very dodgy jokes! Here are some of them…


Why did the koala bear fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead!


Why did the lobster blush?

Because the sea-weed!


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Doctor who?

You just said it!

We have been revising how to subtract on a numberline this week and the children have been great and havemanaged to move their learning further along, some have been taking away in columns.

Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday

Week 4

Our maths learning this week has been focused on shapes and their properties. We have spent time looking at both 2d and 3d shapes and their properties. We spent the first half of the week counting edges, vertices and faces before moving onto symmetry and repeating patterns.

In our writing we have been innovating the story of Max the Hodgeheg. The children have planned their own versions of the story and started to write them today. They have become brilliant little authors by remembering to include similes, adjectives, conjunctions and much more. We are very proud of them.

IMG_1531  IMG_1536 IMG_1532  IMG_1539  IMG_1539  IMG_1538IMG_1537    IMG_1533  IMG_1535    IMG_1540  IMG_1534

I’m sure that your children came home telling you all about our special visitors this afternoon! We were very lucky to have two ladies from Warburtons education team come in and talk to us about healthy eating, how bread is made and different food types. The children listened really well and our visitors even commented on what good manners they had. We hope their sandwiches all got home in one piece and were enjoyed. Pictures to follow tomorrow!



Week 3

We went to the zoo…

IMG_1500 IMG_1507 IMG_1495 IMG_1498 IMG_1494 IMG_1475 IMG_1491

We had lots of fun and lots all of us saw animals we had never seen before. We took part in a workshop and found out all about the different habitats animals live in and how they’ve adapted; we looked at grasslands, savannahs, deserts and rainforests. At the end of the session we got the chance to hold a 2 year old corn snake called butter cup and giant hissing cockroach.

Thank you to our parent helpers who came along with us too.

Week 2

We started a new book this week, called Hodgeheg. It is all about a little hedgehog called Max who is intruiged about the human world. We have discussed what we know about hedgehogs and even designed road safety poster to help him cross the road.

In maths this week we continued looking at scales but this time on a clock. We have been telling the time to quarter past, half past, quarter to and o’clock. Some groups have even been looking at digital times- Mrs Gray’s group even managed to unlock the secret of time!

At the beginning of the week we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. We looked at the Bible story that told us about Jesus going in to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Christians put a spot of ash on their foreheads to wash away the bad things they have done, they say sorry to God.

On Thursday we spent the day sharing our favourite books because it was World Book Day. We showed our books to our friends and the teachers even shared some of their favourite books too. If you have taken any pictures of your children reading in unusual places please bring them in to school next week to be displayed.

Week 1

This week has been all about scales, those that you use to measure and those on a dragon!

We have spent our week writing dragon poems in English. We have been challenged to see if we can include alliteration, similes, adjectives and a power of three! These are some of the phrases we have used and are really proud of…

‘His eyes look like exploding volcanoes.’ Riley

‘ The dragon has claws that are as sharp as a cactus.’ Freddie

‘The dragon has teeth that are as shiny as a Gold Po Yo (Pokeon)’ Romey

‘His claws are  white, beautiful and precious like a  pearl.’ Ava

‘His claws are like vampires teeth.’

In maths we have been measuring capacity, weight and temperature.  We have been learning lots of new vocabulary such as millilitres, litres, kilograms, grams and Celsius.

Thank you to everyone who has paid for our tip to Noah’s Ark Farm on Thursday 9th March, if you haven’t already done so please could you do it ASAP, many thanks.

IMG_1443[1] IMG_1442[1]


Term 3

Week 6

It’s the last week of term and we are now half way through the school year! Time is Year 2 is whizzing by!

Safer Internet Day was celebrated globally on Tuesday and in Year 2 we spent time looking at how we can keep ourselves safe when online. We talked about who can see the things we put online and that we should never share personal information such as our names, addresses or even the school we attend. We looked at lots of resources online and then designed our own posters to promote internet safety. They were bright, colourful, and full of information. Your children should be able to share what they have learnt with you but if you would like to discuss it further with them at home you may find this link helpful…

On Thursday we spent an hour playing wheelchair basketball. Lots of us had never been in a wheelchair before and we found that very exciting. We found the chairs very tricky to control and steer around each other.  We learnt that you have to put the ball under your chin and use your hands to push the wheels and stop us because there were no brakes!

IMG_0845 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0855 IMG_0857









We hope you enjoyed coming to your children’s learning reviews this week. They have had a great 3 terms in Year 2 and they really enjoy sharing all of this learning with you. They have been really honest about their learning and they know exactly where they are in their learning journey. Thank you to all of you that came.

Have a great break and we will see you on Monday 20th March!

Week 5

We have had a super busy week and it has flown by!

On Wednesday Judith and Graham came from Tesco to visit us. Judith showed us some sugar cubes and  told us that you should only have 6 cubes of sugar a day. This might sound like a lot but it is only the same as 2 squares of chocolate! Surprisingly, 100g of cheesy bites has more sugar than 100g of Haribo. Some of us were brave and tried foods that we had never tried, there was prunes, blueberries and carrot sticks. Graham is a fishmonger and he showed us mussels and fish. He told us that some fish come from the top and the bottom of the sea; they were different sizes and colours because of this. We liked it when he gutted them and showed us their insides!

IMG_1373   IMG_1363   IMG_1368


Today we have spent a lot of time looking at numbers and completing challenges! Mrs Dance explained in assembly that today is digit day and it is to raise money for NSPCC. They help children who don’t have food, drink, people to talk to or anyone to keep them safe. In our class we used our maths learning from the week to help us add up how much money we had raised. It was £34.90. A big thank you to all of you that donated today.

IMG_1386[1]    IMG_1380[1]

Week 4

Money, money, money!  On Thursday this week we started to look at money and the different coins. We found out that some were different shapes and sizes. We also found that there isn’t a coin for every number so you have to use the smaller amounts to make them. We are going to be carrying on with this next week.

At the beginning of the week we finished our superhero non-chronological reports and started a new book, Fantastic Mr. Fox.  We looked through the text for noun phrases and highlighted them. Today we are going to be thinking of some descriptive sentences to describe the cruel farmers.


IMG_1316   IMG_1317   IMG_1315


The pictures above show us editing and improving our work. We had 4 stations that we moved to where we looked for different things like capital letters, full stops, spellings and grammar.

Week 3

Do you know how to look after a superhero? Well, we do and we have been writing all about it. Some superheroes never die, some can go to bed and mop the floor at the same time and some can even fly! We have been putting all this information into a non chronological report, it sounds trickier than it is.

We have been continuing to learn all about fraction this week too. We are now finding fractions of a number. We found out that it is a lot like dividing and sharing, you have to use arrays or counters to share your numbers out.

We hope that the sun continues to shine this weekend and you all have a lovely, restful weekend. See you Monday!

Week 2

This week has been all about fractions. We started by looking at how you can cut up and share pieces of a shape, as the week moved on we progressed to halves, quarters and thirds and how we write these using our numbers. Today, we will be looking at equivalent fractions, is 234/468 the same as 1/2? Ask us we know!

               IMG_1294[1]            IMG_1293[1]

In our writing this week we have started to learn about non-chronological reports. We are getting ready to write our own report about super heroes. Today we will be looking at the features of a report and hopefully we will find captions, headings, sub headings, pictures and possibly even a fact box.

Week 1

Happy New Year, we hope you all had a lovely restful break and had  thoroughly enjoyable Christmas.

We started our new topic theme this week ‘How amazing are we?’. We will we looking at the human body, our senses and healthy eating.  In our learning this week we have been thinking about the types of things we would like to find out during this term and we have even met a lady who taught us some first aid. We are now experts in the recovery position, how to help someone when they are in danger and need our help and even how to bandage someone up! We had a great time and learnt so much.  Please ask us all about it and we will be able to tell you.

‘I had lots of fun learning how to put bandages on people’ Riley

‘I liked learning about first aid because now I know what to do if someone hurts themselves’ Ava

‘We had lots of fun doing bandages on each others arms’ Rosie

‘I liked doing the recovery position, it helps people to breath when they can’t’ Freddie

‘We all learnt about what to do if you have a nose bleed. You have to pinch your nose and put your head down for 10 minutes. ‘ Katie

img_1267   img_1252   img_1233


For those children that started forest school before the Christmas break, there are 3 more Monday sessions left and these will start again on Monday so please remember to dress your children in warm clothes and wellies, many thanks.

Term 2

Week 7

We made it! Two terms down and amazingly a third of the way through the school year already! We’ve had a great week celebrating Christmas together. We started the week decorating Christmas cakes and continued throughout the week with calanders, cards, wreath making and so much more!  Make sure you have restful 18 days off and we will see you all in the new year. Cherish your time together and make memories xxx

Week 6

img_1928 img_1929 img_1931

You wouldn’t believe the mischief our elf has got up to this week! He has written on the toilet mirrors ‘Elves are great!’ and even wrapped our Christmas tree in toilet paper! As well as the mischief he brings each morning he has also brings us missions. Every day he brings us an act of kindness we have to try and show to others, today he asked us to ‘Hold the door open for others’.

This morning we all came into class a little bit tired but buzzing from our day in the spotlight yesterday! We had great fun showing you all our nativity, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We would like to reiterate what Mrs Dadds said and thank you all so much for the wonderful costumes and support you gave your children in learning their song lines and again when watching the performances.

Yesterday was a busy day, not only were we great performers but we were also master chefs. We were making fruit cakes for our Christmas cakes. They are all baked and ready for decorating and bringing home next week. Today, the Christmas celebrations continue as we finish our holly wreaths, write Christmas poems and make our Christmas cards. One week of school to go!

Week 5

This week we went on a trip to the Blakehay theatre… oh yes we did! We went to watch Weston College students in their production of Babes in the woods and for many of us it was our first time inside a theatre.  We all had a great time and laughed lots, especially at the dame and her funny jokes! We liked the songs and the dancing, we even knew some of the songs and sang along to them. All of the children were incredibly behaved and we were very proud of them. A big thank you to our parent helpers who came with us.

This Thursday is our Christmas nativity and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. We did a dress rehearsal for the :Little Learners this week and they really enjoyed it so we think you will too!

Week 4

Over half way through the term already and rehearsals are well under way for our yearly nativity. We have been learning songs, dances and words to make it as perfect as possible. We can’t wait to show you all of our hard work! We are also very excited to be going to watch a Christmas pantomime next Friday.

We are really looking forward to the start of advent next week… we may even have a few Christmas surprises up our sleeves for the children on the good list! Can we please remind you to return any allergy forms to us as soon as possible so that we can start the shopping for our mini Christmas cakes.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Christmas fete tonight. Our PTA do such a wonderful job organising our fundraisers and without them we wouldn’t have many resources that our children have. Have a lovely weekend!

Week 3


What another busy week it has been this week. Today we have spent the day learning about the word koinonia! We now know that it means fellowship, working together and being a crew. We also looked at how Children in need,  need us and how we can work together to raise lots more money. We have watched some children’s stories and how Children in need have helped them and made them smiled again.


This afternoon we also got to go on the new gym trail, we were really excited and we can’t wait to use it properly next week.


The children are coming home tonight with raffle tickets for the fayre next week and a letter with all the details about our trip to the pantomime.

Week 2

Today we have been busy! We have been learning about Remembrance day and why we have it. Did you know that we have poppies because they are the flower that grew in the battlefields after World War 1 had finished. We have learnt lots of information including where our poppy money goes after today. At 11 o’clock we joined the rest of the school in the hall for a 2 minute silence, it gave us time to think about soldiers that protect us and keep us safe.

img_10891 img_10901 img_10931 img_10941 img_10951 img_10881

A note for your diaries! On Friday 2nd December we will be going to watch a pantomime being performed by students of Weston College. A letter with details will follow soon.

Have a good weekend!

Week 1

We hope that everyone had a lovely half-term and is feeling refreshed and ready to learn!

It has only been a 4 day week but we have been busy, busy, busy! This week we started learning the songs for our Christmas nativity and we are really excited about it! It is already sounding amazing.

In our learning we have been looking at multiplying, we have found out that it means adding lots of times. We have used counters to make arrays to help us but we are moving our learning journey forward now and we do not always need the counters.

This week finished looking at the book The Princess and the White Bear King and started Oliver Twist. We have read the first part of the book which showed him in workhouse. We decided we wouldn’t want to live there.

“I wouldn’t want to live there because we would have to do loads of work all day long” Ava

“You have to do loads of cleaning in the workhouse and it will make you really tired.” Rosie

“You have to eat horrible porridge in the workhouse.” Brandon

We are looking forward to learning more about Oliver.

Term 1

Week 8

First, we would like to thank you for coming to our Learning Review meetings and listening to our thoughts about our learning.  We are enjoying our learning journey even if we find it tricky sometimes.

Yesterday we went on a trip to Lowerstock Farm. We learnt about animals, directions, how to use a compass, landscape features and map symbols. We had great fun and even managed to squeeze in 2 tractor rides! We met Farmer Nick and Liz, they showed us around the farm and taught us lots of games

img_09431   img_08631   img_09601   img_09051

img_09041   img_08841

‘Farmer Nick and Liz taught us about different animals. We really enjoyed ourselves’ Adelaide

‘My favourite part of the trip was meeting the cows, they were a bit smelly’ Alexia

‘When we went on a tractor ride we saw lots of turkeys’ Alfie

‘The turkeys were racing the tractor along the fence;’ Jack. M

Today is another exciting day in Year 2. We have come to school dressed as farmers to raise money for Farm Link, we think we look absolutely amazing! We will be meeting the chickens that we hatched when we were in Busy Bees as well as some calves that are coming on a tractor to our school! We know that farms are very important and without them we wouldn’t have fresh meat and vegetables to eat.


We hope you all have a great half-term with your families. See you on Tuesday 1st November


Week 7

It has been an exciting week this week in Year 2, we have become Lunchtime Games Co-ordinators! Each day a team of children from our class run some activities at lunchtime for the other children in our school. We have used the parachute, hula hoops, tennis racquets and footballs. It is lots of fun but we have found that it is fairly tricky to be teachers as not everyone always listens!

img_08391   img_08411   img_08321

In our number work this week we have been learning to add numbers along a blank number line. At the start of the week we found this really tricky and found ourselves stuck in the learning pit but as the week has gone on and we have practiced more we have found ourselves succeeding. We know that if you try, try, try again we will all get there in the end.

We have started a new book in our writing this week ‘The Princess & the White Bear King’. We started the week by looking at objects from the story and trying to predict what would happen. Since then we have designed crowns and used our great writing skills to write descriptions of them. Some of them are up in the classroom.

img_08171img_08221   img_08191


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at parents evening next week.

Week 6


This week we finished looking at the Snail and the Whale book by Julia Donaldson. In the last 6 weeks we have used the book to research animals, write fact sheets, innovate our own stories, make a newspaper and create descriptive texts. Have a look at our Learning without Limits classroom display!


img_06881 img_06831 img_06891

We carried on working as bridge engineers this week. We used the information we found out last week to help us make our own bridges. We used resources like newspaper, sticky tape, string, straws and sticks. Working as a team was fun but quite tricky because everyone had lots of ideas that we had to all listen to. We have nearly finished them and we think they are pretty awesome!

On Thursday we started making Christmas cards! They will be coming home soon so that you can order them in time for Christmas, ho ho ho!

Week 5


This week we were engineers! We had to design a bridge to go over water. First, we looked at other bridges from around the world, we had to look at the materials they were built from. Some were made of bricks and others were made of metal. Then, we designed our own bridges. Some our bridges were for vehicles but others were for people or trains. We think that being a real engineer would be tricky!

In our maths this week we have been swapping numbers around and doing the inverse operations. It was tricky at first but we are getting there!

We have started writing character descriptions. We are trying really hard to include adjectives, alliteration and a power of 3 in our writing.

Week 4

Wow, we are half way through the first term already! This week has been very busy.


In our writing we have been writing newspaper reports about when the whale got stranded on a beach (Snail and the whale)we found out that reports have captions,  headlines, main bodies of text, photographs and orientations!

“We have been learning about speech marks, they look like a 99 and 66!” Ellis

” We use them when someone is talking, they were a bit tricky to use but we managed it” Jack. M


Last week we started learning about Zimbabwe. This week we followed it up by creating our own cave paintings.

” We used charcoal and different coloured chalks to draw on the ground” Freddie

“Our pictures had cavemen and animals in them” Chloe. B

Week 3

In maths we have been learning to find numbers that are ‘greater than’ and ‘smaller than’. We found out that the symbol looks like a crocodile and always eats the biggest number, yum yum!

Our journey continued with the snail and the whale this week in our writing. We were writing an advert to try and persuade somebody to take us around the world. We used conjunctions (because, so, although, or, but), adjectives (power of 3), wow words, question marks and exclamation marks to make our writing even better.

On Thursday afternoon we had the best P.E lesson… EVER! We tried really hard to work as a crew and we did a pretty good job. We were learning football skills by playing games and scoring points. We were working on dribbling and passing.


Fun Spelling Activities (to help with homework!)



Homework Grid

Term 1 homework grid, 1 challenge is to be completed weekly in addition to spellings and reading in their homework book. Books will be given out every Friday


Week 2

This week was our first full week back at school and we are all very tired!!!

We started the week by reading ‘The snail and the whale’. We then researched and found out information about snails and whales so that we could write our own fact sheets. Did you know…

“… that snails like to eat juicy leaves?” Mya

“… that snails can live for up to 25 year?” Imogen

“… the biggest whale is the blue whale?” Adelaide

“… the biggest whale is bigger than the biggest dinosaur?” Romey


On Thursday afternoon, the Year 2 children from Hewish came to visit us! We did some of our topic learning together. We played some map reading games. We had to look at the map and work out which way to go. It was quite confusing and at first we got in a bit of a muddle but we had lots of fun and it was goo to see the other children.


img_1058     img_1050    img_1055


Week 1

We had a great first day in Year 2!

We started our day with a challenge, we were given a bag with spaghetti, a plastic egg and some jelly babies in it. We had to work in a group to build the tallest tower that balanced the egg on the top. It was tricky because it was so wobbly and the spaghetti kept breaking. Only 3 groups managed to balance their egg but we all had lots of fun.

“We had to squish the jelly babies to make them soft” Romey

“We had to push the spaghetti into the jelly babies very carefully so it didn’t break” Ava

” I laughed a lot doing the challenge. I liked having my friends to help me” Jude

“It was really funny  when the egg kept falling off” Ellis


IMG_0596 IMG_0601 IMG_0594 IMG_0610

We think Year 2 is always going to be fun!