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Year 2 @Hewish 2016-17

Term 6

Week 1- It has been a lovely first week back. We have been writing recount about our holiday this week. We have really enjoyed setting out our writing using paragraphs. This is a new skill for us and we have really enjoyed learning about this. I have been very impressed with the enjoyment that the Year 2 crew have taken from talking about their holiday. In our P.E lessons we have been learning how to play rounders, we have been learning about throwing and catching!

Week 2 – This week we have been learning about the Great Fire of London, we have learnt about what happened and the reasons behind it. We have really enjoyed starting to read the follow on text from our text on the plague which is excellent. We have continued with our work on our rounders skills, we have learnt the best way to catch the balls by having our hands like a net shape. We also practised throwing the ball over arm and under arm, we finished with an excellent game of rounders!

Week 3 – This week has been incredibly hot! The classrooms have been very hot but the children have been working hard despite the weather. Please can all children come to school with sun cream on, a sun hat and a drinks bottle filled with water. We do have a tap in the classroom where children can refill their bottles. It is really important that they bring their bottles as although we have a tap in the classroom we do not have a great number of cups.


Term 5!

I think the summer term has to be my favourite term of the whole year! It is the term where the children really start to apply what they have learnt and make their work even better. We will be working on editing and improving our work a lot more this term. We have been learning about different types of mistakes such as sloppy mistakes so that when we edit our work we can identify the different types of mistakes we are making. 

Week 2

Maths- This week we have been deepening our understanding of finding fractions of amounts. We have been problem solving and finding missing number problems. We have also been recapping on the maths that we have completed throughout the year between 8.30-8.55 each day. We have been looking at partitioning numbers in different ways and 2D and 3D shapes. IMG_1537[1]

English – We have been continuing our learning on the Plague this week. We have been writing excellent setting descriptions using lots of skills that we have been learning. It is lovely to see everyone using the skills that they have learnt this year to improve their writing. Over the last two terms we have been developing our abilities to edit and improve our work, this is a vital skill to learn for later in life. It has been amazing to see  the care and consideration that everyone has shown this week and after editing our work has improved a lot! Well Done Year 2 Crew! I am very proud of you all for the hard work that you put in  and your lovely characters! You make it such a pleasure to teach you each day.

Week 1:

English and Themed – Our learning theme this term is ‘Time Travellers, where would you go?’ We have started off by going back in time to 1665 and we have been learning about the plague! It has been great to see the children so excited and inspired by their learning theme that we have been getting some really high quality work completed! We have looked at Tudor houses in the afternoons this week, we have learnt how they were built and have even had a go at making some ourselves using paper. We have them up on display in our classroom and they look fantastic!




Maths – We have been consolidated our learning on multiplication and division this week. We have been looking at the big question ‘Do we always use the inverse to solve missing number problems?’ We have been exploring this problem using multiplication and division and everyone has found a rule/pattern for when we use it! Well done Year 2. As a class they chose their learner of the week and Zac’s name was chosen for his excellent maths this week! His friends thought he had been really persevering and showing excellent understanding. Well done Zac!

PE- It has started to get very exciting for the Year 2 crew as we start training for a very important event… SPORTS DAY! It will be taking place the last week of May and we have started preparing!




Term 4

Homework- I have been asked a lot recently about homework, we are still using the Nando’s takeaway menu which every child will get this week. It has been stuck into their orange homework books. They can complete one activity per week of their choice and all homework needs to be in by Friday. It is still really important that every child reads each night and it is recorded in their partnership book. In school every child gets heard reading at least once a week and it has been lovely to see everyone really enjoying their reading and making progress!

Week 4 – This week we have done a reading and maths practise SAT’s paper, it was great to see all of the children so excited and motivated to show off their learning. I am really proud of all of the children in the Year 2 crew! This week we have been writing exciting quest stories about characters of our choice. We used different skills that we have learnt this year to write our stories. These included noun phrases, speech marks, contractions and an apostrophe for possession. If you want to come and see the amazing writing then feel free to come and have a look any day after school! They are wonderful! We have had a week of shape in maths and we have been deepening our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. An idea for an activity this weekend would be to find different shapes around them!

Week 3- We have been extending our learning of animals this week and we have learnt about what different types of animals eat. We learnt about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. It was really great to visit Noah’s Ark Farm this week, we have some lovely photos which show the children really enjoying themselves! They have been full of facts since they came back. We will be using our learning from the trip to write non-chronological reports in our English very soon! This week in maths we finished learning about time and showcased our learning by exploring word problems. It was really great to see everyone applying their new learning. Please feel free to come in and see their amazing work after school anytime! 







Week 2 – This week has seen the start of our new story in English, it is called the Hodgeheg. We have really enjoyed learning about a small hedgehog called Max who decides to learn how his family can cross the road safely. We started by learning about road safety and we wrote explanation texts for this. We also learnt about animals this week in our learning theme, we learnt about ways that animals are classified. We learnt about mammals, birds and many more! We are all really excited to be going to Noah’s Ark Farm next Thursday on our school trip!

Week 1 – This week has been an exciting first week back. We started our week by learning about poetry, specifically dragon poetry! We have been developing our vocabulary and learning new words to create our own word banks. The children have written the most amazing poems. We will be writing these up in neat and displaying them outside of our classroom so please come to have a look! In maths this week we have been learning how to read scales, we have been looking at scales going up in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s. We have learnt the different units we measure different things in. 

Reminder- We have had letters go out about our trip on 9th March 2017 to Noahs Ark Farm. If for any reason the letter did not get to you then please write it in the partnership book and we will get one handed out.



Term 3 

Term 5

What a week! We had the pleasure of having a wheel chair basketball lesson on Wednesday which everybody really enjoyed. We all picked it up really quickly, even I got to have a go! We were really lucky again Wednesday morning as we had the lovely Judith from Tesco come in to teach us about the Farm to Fork project. We learnt all about which foods we should eat to stay healthy and we even got to taste different foods. We tried pickled gerkins, prunes and pomegranate seeds. It was really great to see everyone so willing to try different foods that they might not like! Well done Year 2. 

Week 4

We have been really interested this week in what goes into our food! We thought about our favouite snacks and we then investigated the amount of sugar in each one. We have them all displayed in our classroom. We have been then looking at the amount of sugar in the snacks we bring in each day which we have found very interesting! 

English- Another fantastic week of learning with Fantastic Mr Fox. We have been totally engrossed in the story and everyone looks forward to reading the chapter. We have been retelling two chapters from the story and I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the work that has been produced!

Week 2 

Learning theme- We had a very exciting visit from Liz who works at Bristol Children’s Hospital. She came in to talk to us about our bodies. We learnt about our organs such as our hearts, kidneys and even our spinal cord! The children were fascinated by the amazing body parts she had drawn and had lots of interesting questions for her. These questions included “How do your eyes grow?” and “What happens when you have a sore tummy!”

English – Our story that we are using in English at the moment is called Max, it is a really lovely story about a superhero baby who is learning to fly. The children have been enthralled in their learning and have been writing wanted posters for superheroes! They have thought of some exciting super powers that they would need and the gadgets that they would wear. 

Maths – This week has been filled with finding fractions of shape. In Year 2 we have been learning about halves, quarters and thirds of shapes. We have been challenging ourselves to find different fractions such as 2/4 or 2/3. 

Week 1

Happy NImage result for happy new yearew Year!  

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. 


We have had a very exciting start to our learning theme which is ‘How amazing are we? We are going to be learning about the human body and animals and their habitats. We started by learning about our senses this week. Mrs Poole taught a very exciting lesson about hearing, I came into the classroom to find them all brimming with excitement and talking over their telephones that they had made using paper cups and string. We were very lucky to have Mr Cooksley with us that day and he could tell the children all about the ear and how their phones worked. They really loved it!

dscn1450 dscn1451








We also had a visit from the lovely Sarah from St Johns Ambulance this week. We had a two hour session learning about what to do in an emergency, the recovery position, bandaging arm and hand wounds and treating a nose bleed. The children were beautifully behaved and really engaged in what they were learning about. They all enjoyed taking part being someone who was injured and being bandaged up! 

dscn1471 dscn1472 dscn1473 dscn1478 dscn1493 dscn1496 dscn1505

Term 2

Week 6

We have been very busy this week with Nativity practise. It is looking fantastic and is really coming together. If anybody wants to come and see it then it is on Tuesday 13th December at 1.30pm and 6pm @St Andrews Church. 

Week 5

This week we have completing practise SATs papers in maths and reading. It has been amazing to see all children using what they have been learning over this term to help them solve the problems. Well done Year 2!

Week 4

Thanks to everyone for the donations for Children in Need. In class, we learnt where some of the money goes and how it supports different people such as young carers.

Week 3

This week we have been learning all about multiplication and division. Well done to Kyan this week who has really impressed us all with his amazing multiplication skills!

Welcome back! I hope that you have all had a lovely half term.

Week 1 

We have started our English learning this week with a lovely new book. We have started reading the story Oliver Twist. The children have loved unpicked the story and comparing their lives to Olivers. We started by asking questions that we would like to have answered by the end of our learning in a few weeks time. We have also spent some time learning about what children would have eaten during this time. We saw a really good video of a cook explaining what a boy like Oliver Twist would have eaten in a week! 

Maths- This week we have started our new topic which is multiplication. We have learnt a new word which is commutative. We have learnt that multiplication can be done in any order! We have been learning how to answer multiplication equations using our knowledge of the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times table. Something that can be continued at home is counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and writing out our times tables! 


We have been working together this week in pairs using counters to create arrays and repeated addition sentences to secure our understanding of multiplication. 

There will be a new homework menu going out next week. There will be more than 1 this term as so many of the children have been wanting to do homework so I will have an additional activity that they can choose to do each week. We also have new homework books that will start coming home as of next week. It has been really lovely to see the children so excited about their home learning. 

Week 7

What an exciting farm filled week it has been. We started our week with an amazing trip to Lower Stock Farm in Wrington. It was an amazing trip filled with loads of fun orienteering and map reading. We also went on a tour of the farm to see the calves in the field. We were really excited to learn about compasses and how to identify North, East, South and West.

Dress as a farmer day – What an amazing day! We had so many farmers in our class this morning, Henry and James Hutchings brought in their 3 calves to share with the children. They also brought their tractor and let the children take their photo in front of the tractor. Some were also lucky enough to have time to sit in the tractor!

img_08671 img_08191 img_08101

For any information on handwriting please see the Year 1 website as there is a really good PowerPoint showing the precursive letter formation.


Week 6

English – Our current book in English is ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’. It is a lovely tale that has been adapted from different folk tales. The children have been exploring the settings of the story and writing really powerful descriptions. We have been challenging ourselves to use similes and alliteration in our writing which we have all been doing!

Maths – Over the last few weeks the Year 2 crew have been set a challenge to learn different ways to add and subtract. We have learnt how to use a number line, 100 square, a blank number line and using a partitioned form of the column method. Now these are all very challenging and the Year 2 crew have had wonderful learning attitudes and they can now use lots of different methods to support their adding and subtracting. I set a super challenge this week to use these methods to add and subtract two 3-digit numbers! It was exciting to see which methods were chosen. 

Additional Information – Next week we have got a very busy week with our school trip on Tuesday. We are going to be heading to the amazing Lower Stock Farm in Wrington. We are going to spending our time orienteering, using compasses and exploring the working farm. We are really excited about going!

It is also Learning Review Meetings next week, I have got lots of slots still available on both Tuesday and Thursday. It is a really lovely experience to hear the children talk so happily about the learning that they have been doing and where they want to improve. 

Week 4

It has been lovely this week to see how much reading is going on at home! The children are very motivated with their reading at the moment. We have got some really new exciting books for guided reading that we have been really loving reading! 

English – It has been a very exciting week in the Year 2 crew this week. we have been reading the story of the snail and the whale and to finish off the story, we decided to write our own versions! We have been changing the character combinations and we have had some really exciting ones, such as a cat and a fox or a caterpillar and an ostrich!

We boxed up the story into 5 parts which we did really well! These are some amazing examples. We then began writing the story using different skills that we have been rehearsing. We have used alliteration, similes, adjectives and ly openers. 



Week 2

It has been another great week in the Year 2 crew this week. Every single child in the class has tried their best to challenge themselves in all areas of their learning!


This week we have been using our text of the snail and the whale to help us complete a project. Our project was to create a newspaper article that discusses the whale getting stranded on the sand! We looked closely at the features of newspaper articles and highlighted the title, facts, quotes and 6 key questions we were looking for. These were who, what, where, when, why and how. We then used this to help us plan our own newspaper article, we wrote quotes by interviewing each other acting in role as different characters. 


It has been a week of deepening and developing our knowledge and understanding  of place value this week in our maths. We have been looking at 2 and 3 digit numbers and studying what the value of each number is. We have been learning about the greater and less than symbols </>. The children will probably tell you a very interesting tale of Charlie the crocodile and what he likes to eat! 

Week 1

It has been great to have the Year Two crew back together. The children have come into school excited and motivated by their learning! They have been very sensible and are proving themselves to be excellent Year Two’s already! 


English – Our new story is ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and the children have been really enjoying it. We have been learning about noun phrases, conjunctions, facts and bullet points. We have been using the laptops this week to research facts on snails and whales. We then worked in teams to create an information poster


dscn1197Maths- We have started this week by consolidating our understanding of place value and extending this by looking at 3-digit numbers. We have been partitioning 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with a lot of confidence. We have also been looking at sequences of numbers and practicing our counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Now that we are in Year Two we are excited to start learning how to count in 3’s also. 

img_1054We had a really exciting end to our week by taking part in a WOW afternoon with the Year Two children at West Wick. We learnt about maps and the keys that tell us what something means. We also completed different orienteering challenges using maps and keys. 

“Thank you so much for bringing me Miss Haspell, I had the best day!” Lillie-Ann

“Miss Haspell, please can we come back again soon and do this again? I really loved the activities!” Jack