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Year 1@West Wick 2016-17


Term 6 – Time Travellers

This term in the Year One Crew we will be learning more about the Queen and the things that she has seen. We will look at how technology, toys and music have changed during her life time.

Last day of year 1!

What an incredible year it has been. We have absolutely loved coming in each day to learn along side your beautiful children. We are so proud of them all!

We have felt completely over whelmed with all the kindness you have shown us today in words, cards and gifts.  Thank you all so very much.

Enjoy making memories over the summer together and we look forward to seeing all you all in September.

Mrs Dance and Mrs Sheppard x

Tell me something about being in the Year One Crew….

‘I loved getting an ice cream in year 1.’  Sophia

‘I loved going to Noah’s Ark!’  Lizzie

‘I have loved every single day because I like it when the teachers challenge me.‘  Mia

‘I am proud of my writing and maths this year. I try at home and at school.’  Kloe

‘I really liked doing our family worship it was fun!‘ Elsie

‘I loved making the English rose.’ Tegan

‘I enjoyed making my stain glass window.’  Florence

‘I have loved everything!’ Evie F


Week 7

After getting twenty shiny pebbles in the jar yet again along with having such a great year of learning the children were treated to an ice cream. It was very exciting when the ice cream van arrived! We all shouted ‘ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM!’

The children have been working really hard at planning, designing and making their ‘Book Buddies’ these last two weeks in preparation to sell at Enterprise Fair.

What a great turnout! Thank you for coming and supporting us. The children now have a pot of money to take with them up to Year Two.


On Thursday we had lots of new friends arrive in our class. The Jelly Babies!

Each child chose, named and personified their jelly friend. They had to make items for their friend to live comfortably. We saw many homes with beds and chairs. The jelly friends talked to each other and played together. The children had to be responsible for their friend and make important decisions regarding if they came out for break or lunch and gave reasons for their thinking.

‘My friend is Pikachu, he likes playing tennis and tag and enjoys drawing. I made a rowing boat that transforms into a plane that he lives in. I decided not to take him out to break because he may melt in my hand George

My jelly friend is called Macie just like me. Jelly Macie loves gymnastics. I made her a castle to live. The castle has a carpet inside, a wardrobe, a light and a cot. She has words on the walls to help her learn them. I am going to leave her safe in her castle at lunch time.

‘I have made a bedroom for my jelly friend called Siena. I made a little pocket and then I made a snowflake and then I stuck my pocket on my snowflake for a pretty bedroom. I have to look after her and be really careful.’ Oona

‘I decided to take my jelly friend called James out to play because he wanted to meet some more friends” Ollie

I wonder who will decide to eat their friend at the end of the day!!



Week 6

It was so lovely to see so many of you at our family worship about courage. I am sure that you agree that the children should feel very proud of themselves as they acted, sang and spoke so clearly.

The Year One crew think that life is great when you try something new!

Take a look at our video of the Year One Crew having the courage to believe in themselves.

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

We have been reading the book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, have written descriptive sentences about them and designed a pair of our own. We have gone on to design items that will go in our own innovated story.

Puddle investigation. The children had a go at  predicting the size that the puddle will be when you empty out a container that is full of water.

We are learning to measure out amounts accurately in mls. If you and your partner both measure out each amount accurately the sales will balance.

The children have come up with ideas to represent ‘Learning Without Limits’ within art work. Keep your eyes open as they will be displayed shortly.

Week 2

Phonics screening has taken place this week in the Year One Crew. This screening has been done as a fun game that children are familiar with.

We have written our letters to the Queen. We had to search on the internet to find out how to open and close a letter correctly and find out the address that we would need to send the letter to. We really hope the Queen replies however we do understand she is very busy.

We have learnt  how technology has changed in the Queens life. We then used our creativity to design what we think a phone or a tablet will be like in another 100 years.


Maths games on the one hundred square.

How many times can you practise a spelling before the spinner stops?

We threw a bean bag as far as we could and measured the distance in metres and centimetres.

Some more photos of the week……

Week 1

We have been reading the story ‘The Queen’s Hat’ this week. We are working towards writing a letter to send to the Queen in order to find out more about her. We have written questions and role played using our best English to talk to the Queen. We decided we could say ‘Hi mate, would you like a cuppa?’ to a friend but to the Queen you might say something like  ‘ Hello Ma’am, would you like a cup of tea?’

We listened and danced to music from the 1950’s.

Whole school shared reading.

Term 5 – Time Travellers

Week 5

London’s burning!

What a successful day of fun at this years sports day. Thank you all for coming to support your children. It was so lovely to see so many of you cheering the children on and joining in with the school family picnic. I am so proud of the energy and enthusiasm from the children. They are all sports stars!

Week 4

Hot seating as Samuel Pepys (Above) to help us prepare to write a diary in role.

We saw how a flat net folded into a 3D shape as we made our model houses just like the ones that burnt in The Great Fire of London.

The story writing of Toby and the Great Fire of London’ has been incredible! Everyone has shown off their skills. The children continue to surprise me! Do come in and have a look.

Week 3



Back in the bakery this week making pizza!


Week 2

Guess what number is on your back by asking questions. There is a rule. You are not allowed to ask ‘What is my number?’

‘How many groups of ten has my number got?’

‘Is my number odd or even?’

‘Is my number greater than 50?’

‘Is my number a two digit number?’




Week 1

Welcome back to term 5! This term we are getting in our time machine and going back to London in 1666.

We arrived in a bakery. We thought about how our oven today is very different from an oven in 1666. We had to be very careful not to start a fire!


We took some scales back in the time machine!

IMG_1644 IMG_1645

There was also a play dough bakery.

IMG_1632 IMG_1635

The children wrote questions that they would like to find out about The Great Fire of London.

Who started the fire?

How many people died?

How far did the fire spread?

We have started learning a new story called ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’. We are learning the story off by heart with actions.


IMG_2878 IMG_2881 IMG_2880 IMG_2879

The children have enjoyed programming this week using a game called Kodable. If you would like to have a go at home all you need to do is search Kodable , the hour of code.


Term 4 – How amazing are we?

This term we will be learning about amazing animals.

Week 7

What an amazing turn out we had on Friday afternoon! It was absolutely fantastic to have parents and carers come in to school so the children could share their learning and school life with you. I know the children were excited all week about you coming in so thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a fantastic Easter break, have fun and try not to eat too much chocolate!

Week 6

Week 5

Year one mathematicians have been dividing this week. We learnt that the dividend means the total amount you have altogether. This is the first number in the divide number sentence. The divisor is how many groups you are sharing your dividend between. The children worked practically and pictorially and were able to represent dividing using cubes, dots, the bar model and calculations. I have been very impressed with the children’s growing ability to verbally explain their mathematical understanding.

Thank you for all the time that you spend listening to your lovely children read at home, it really does make a difference! We will continue to do guided reading with every child at least once a week at school but usually more often as we just love reading. The crew truly do put a lot of time and effort in to their phonics learning and are becoming phonics champions!  Please keep consolidating sound knowledge at home, practising reading and spelling sight words and enjoying all types of books.

We discussed the features of birds before using  scissor skills to make feathers. After we combined all our feathers into a beautiful piece of art. This term we have been learning about trust. We thought about who we trust, who trusts us and how we can show that we can be trusted and then included some ideas on the feathers.. The children named the art bird Trusty and made up a shared story about her. You can always trust Trusty to be a good friend!

IMG_2642 IMG_2644 IMG_2676

Curling fun!

IMG_2656 IMG_2651

Every Friday the school join together for celebration worship. Each class has a learner of the week and it is also an opportunity for certificates and awards achieved outside of school to be shared.


We had a good laugh at all the funny jokes the children told in support of Red Nose Day. The children really showed me how empathetic and caring they are through their discussions of helping others.

IMG_2670 IMG_2667 IMG_2663

Some more pictures of the week……..


Week 4

This week the children have applied  skills  they have been learning in to writing a quest story. They are fantastic!

The children have also been multiplying. We started with repeated addition and then recorded this as a multiplication number sentence. The children have used cubes and drawn arrays to help them find the answers. We then challenged ourselves to use our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to find answers.

If you want to find the total of 5 X 10 you can hold five fingers up and then count them like this. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty. I counted up 5 groups of 10.”  Riley

We were very lucky to have two ladies from Warburtons education team come in and talk to us about healthy eating, how bread is made, different food types and hygiene during food preparation. The children listened and contributed to discussions really well. We hope the children all enjoyed their sandwiches.




Sorting animals in to groups. Herbivore, omnivore or carnivore?

IMG_2594 IMG_2588 IMG_2595

The children researched an animal and then went on to write an animal fact file.

Week 3

Fun at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

IMG_2537 IMG_2527 IMG_2531 IMG_2518 IMG_2515 IMG_2511 IMG_2496 IMG_2480 IMG_2468

The amazing year one children reached twenty shiny pebbles in the jar again! Everybody has to work together as a crew to earn a shiny. As a reward the children chose to make a grass head. Make sure you keep them watered as we are very excited to see them grow. Maybe when they have long grassy locks the children can give them a new hair cut!



Week 2

We have been learning all about reptiles. We found out that they are cold blooded, lay eggs and are covered in scales. The children looked at the patterns with in the scales and then produce scale artwork with wax crayon and fingerprints.

IMG_2362 IMG_2381 IMG_2382

The year one crew have been enjoying gymnastics. Ask your children to tell and show you  some of the movements and positions that we have been learning.

IMG_2401 IMG_2398 IMG_2395

We have also been learning about fantastic fish. The children crafted fish from clay before painting them. We are looking forward to having parents in to see all the learning this term at our animal exhibition. (Date to follow)

IMG_2439 IMG_2433IMG_2447

Some more photos of the week.

IMG_2448 IMG_2441IMG_2386


Week 1

IMG_2322 IMG_2325

Partitioning numbers in to groups of tens and ones. The children have been encouraged to verbalise this out loud as every number has a story.

“The story of 52. – 52 is a 2 digit number, it has 5 groups of ten and 2 ones” Evie M

IMG_2342 IMG_2343

We role-played the story of a little mouse who thought that she could not help because she was only a mouse.

We told the mouse ‘believe in yourself’. After we thought about how amazing and unique we all are and what makes it ‘good to be me’.

IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353

We have been learning about mammals. The year ones can tell you that mammals have warm blood, fur or hair and produce milk for their young. We found out that most mammals give birth to their young apart from monotreme mammals that lay eggs. We then produced mammal art in the style of Eric Carle.


Term 3 – How amazing are we? – 

This term we will be learning all about our brilliant body.

Week 6

IMG_2288 IMG_2290


Week 5

IMG_2241 IMG_2238 IMG_2232 IMG_2229

‘We learnt all about the fish, I saw a spine and the fish had teeth. We even saw the eyeball come out! Fish are good for you to eat because fish feeds your brain and  helps you have strong muscles. We also got to hold sea muscles they were still alive!’  Sophia

‘This week I have been trying really hard to make my finger spaces the right size.’  Kloe

‘In my writing I have been using the conjunctions ‘and’ ‘because’ ‘so’ . I was writing about our circuit training.’  Isabelle

‘I have been learning how to get the letters b, d and h around the right way.’  Oona

‘This week we have spent time really trying to improve our handwriting skills. I can now write in pre-cursive and my letters all start on the line apart from capitals. My writing looks neat’  Macie

We have been learning about why the bible is special to Christians. Christians are people who believe in God and God s messages are in the Bible. The stories in the Bible help you to be kind and make the right choices.’  Riley

NSPCC –  Dress Up for Digits Day

‘Number day is all about helping children who might need to ring 08001111 – this is a charity phone to talk to children who need someone to talk to. We raised money by wearing numbers, having number fun and bringing a pound to be generous, kind and helpful.’   Evie M

We had lots of fun with numbers. Can you guess who won the bingo?

IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2265 IMG_2270 IMG_2274 IMG_2261

Week 4

IMG_2177 IMG_2176 IMG_2168 IMG_2167 IMG_2180 IMG_2193 IMG_2195


Week 3


We have had great fun playing in the role play area this week, we have been taking on the roles of doctors, nurses and even the patients. It has been great fun bandaging each other up and using the forehead thermometers to take each others temperatures.


Professor George brought in a microscope from home this week and showed us all how to use it! We found that it makes even tiny things look big. Thank you George for bringing it in to show us all.


IMG_2140IMG_2145 IMG_2151

In P.E this week we started circuit training! We learnt how to do the plank, high knees, squats, lunges and star jumps. We then went on to write about our session in our learning journals. To extend our learning we looked at suffixes and how these change our words. If you ask us we will be able to tell you all about ‘est’, ‘ing’, ‘er’ and ‘ed’ and how to use them.

‘Jack was the quickest

‘Mia jumped

Some more pictures from our week…

IMG_2165 IMG_2163


Week 2


IMG_2116 IMG_2118





IMG_2126 IMG_2124 IMG_2121



Week 1

Happy new year! I hope that you have all had an enjoyable break. It has been wonderful to see all the children back and ready to learn.

It has been a short but very busy week. We have started our new learning theme ‘How amazing are we?’ During this term we will be focusing on the human body and using this information to write a information book about our brilliant bodies.

The children impressed me whilst making  life size diagrams to show me what knowledge they already have.

img_2036 img_2037 img_2039 img_2019

We thought about questions that we could ask to find out more about the human body. We then learnt how to write quality question sentences using different sentence starters and a question mark. We now have our body questions ready to ask a visiting nurse next week and and then to continue to answer during this themes learning.. We have also been  lucky to have Miss Holland the human biology expert with us who helped answer some of the children questions with a demonstration.

Where does food go in side your body?

img_2092 img_2095


This is how long the intestine of an adult is!

img_2102 img_2104

Sarah from St John Ambulance came in and taught us how to put somebody in to the recovery position. The children had a go at practising this life saving skill on each other. We will have another go at this next week before writing up step by step instructions. Maybe the children could practice putting a family member in the recovery position at home.

img_2051 img_2056 img_2059 img_2062 img_2069



Maths – half and quarters


Thinking about how our senses help us to learn.


Looking forward to how the children will surprise me in their learning next week.

Term 2 – ‘Where in the world am I?’

Week 7

What a busy week we have had!

On Wednesday our friends from Hewish joined us for a day of Christmas fun. Earlier in the week we  made snowman  decorations and wrote step by step instructions for our friends to follow. The Hewish Year One children taught us to make a Christmas tree decoration.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch and then played party games in the afternoon with the whole of Key Stage 1.

Thank you all for your kind Christmas wishes, cards and gifts, we feel truly blessed!

Wishing all our St Anne’s families a very  happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing everybody in 2017!

img_1956 img_1958 img_1962 img_1974 img_1980 img_1983 img_1986 img_2002 img_2005 img_2007 img_2010


Week 6

What an amazing performance!

We certainly have lots of talent at St Anne’s!


img_1941 img_1940 img_1929 img_1928

Week 5

Week 4

img_1774 img_1776 img_1775 img_1774 img_1773 img_1769 img_1767 img_1766 img_1764 img_1763 img_1762 img_1761

Week 3

img_1731 img_1730 img_1751 img_1760 img_1759 img_1758 img_1757 img_1756


Week 2

This week the children have been investigating how number bonds to ten work in relation to subtraction. We found out that if 2 + 8 = 10 then 10 – 2 = 8. We spotted that it is same numbers in a different order and using a different symbol. We will continue to spend time on the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction next week.

Problem solving maths game.

img_1666 img_1667

Last week we learnt about the United Kingdom. This week we have found out more about England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

‘The capital city of England is London’  – Tegan

‘England also has a lion as a symbol’ – Bella

‘There is a red cross on the flag’ – Evie M

‘The rose is the flower of England’ – Sophia

‘England is at the bottom of the uk on a map’ – George

‘We made beautiful roses and we wrote facts about England on their leaves’ – Daisy

img_1674 img_1673


We had a look at some Irish Dancing.

‘ Its cool!’ – Max

‘There Is a pattern, slow, fast, slow, fast’ – Evie M

‘They are getting faster and faster’ – Evie F

‘Their feet sound like they are on a drum’ – Elsie

We then had a go at learning some of the steps.

img_1725 img_1687

Remembrance day

After learning more about remembrance day and joining in with the two minutes silence, Year One children spent time quietly reflecting and expressing their thoughts through pieces of art.


img_1704 img_1705 img_1706 img_1707img_1708 img_1710 img_1711 img_1712 img_1713 img_1714 img_1715

The Year One Crew have made excellent choices in their learning and behaviour and because of this they have quickly reached 20 shiny stones in the jar for a second time this year! To be able to get a shiny absolutely all the children have to work together to be the best that they can be. Well done everyone. As a reward the children enjoyed extra playtime with toys.

img_1718 img_1719 img_1727 img_1720


Week 1

We have been getting to know the story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’.

We acted out different scenes in a group and then took a freeze frame photo. After that we wrote on speech bubbles things that the characters might say.

img_1631 img_1629 img_1635 img_1636 img_1638 img_1639 img_1628

The children learnt about the United Kingdom. We found out the countries that are apart of the UK. We used maps and Google Maps to locate each one and pinpoint where the capital cities are. We remembered what we learnt about compass points whilst orienteering at the farm and added these compass points to our maps.

img_1609 img_1610


img_1613 img_1614

Term 1 – ‘Where in the world am I?’

Week 8

Have a look at the photos from our trip to Lower Stock Farm.

img_0486 img_0492 img_0506 img_0516 img_0519 img_0526 img_0533 img_0534 img_0540 img_0541 img_0551 img_0531 img_1589 img_1583

Week 7

The lovely Year Twos have been setting out games for us to play.

img_1507 img_1506 img_1505 img_1501


Football fun!

img_1491 img_1489 img_1488 img_1486

We have looked at artwork by Chagall. His artwork inspired the illustrations of our class book ‘Journey on a cloud’. The children noticed that in his piece called ‘The bride and groom at the Eiffel tower’ there were different features; a building, people and  musical animals. It took a long time to make our stain glass window as to begin with we did three drafts of each part of the picture. We then had to put it all in to one picture and trace the black outline on to the inside of a laminating sheet. We then added colour before displaying on our classroom window.  The sun shining through has made our classroom very colourful!

Our art included:

A RNLI man in front of the Golden Gate bridge

King Henry the eighth by a tower with a musical lion.

A princess by the Eiffel Tower with a musical animal.

img_1596 img_1598


Week 6

The ‘Big Build’

Wow! What incredible design engineers the Year One Crew are. The children built bridges from the knowledge and designs that they worked on last week. They were successful because not only did they apply their knowledge but also were able to work effectively together using their communication and collaborative skills. I really was impressed. Well done Year One! Your bridges could make efficient connections around the world to help people travel just like how Brunel helped design the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

img_1432 img_1430 img_1426 img_1423 img_1418 img_1413

In Maths we have been deepening our understanding of place value. Challenge your children to notice how many groups of tens and how many ones in numbers in the environment. For example door numbers, shoe size, prices and tickets. Encourage them to explain how they know and what that means. Maybe have a go at counting out numbers and making groups of tens at home and linking this to the tens and ones column.

In school the children have been making towers and then counting up the value of their towers.

‘My tower has 7 groups of ten so I write 7 first and then I count up my ones. I have 7 ones so I write seven. My tower is 77. I can check by counting them up in tens like this…..10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77. It is 77!’ Daisy

We have been encouraging the children to explain their understanding and check.

Next week we will be moving on to addition and developing strategies to support this.

img_1455 img_1453 img_1484 img_1466

This week we have been concentration on those important skills that we need to remember every time we write.

The children know the skills that they need to include.

‘Capital letters’

‘Full stops’

‘Finger spaces’

‘Using phonics to sound out’

‘Spelling sight words’

‘Sit letters on the line’

‘Neat handwriting’

‘Read back to make sure it makes sense’

Mrs Dance and Mrs Sheppard are learning pre cursive handwriting together with the children. A letter formation sheet to support this came home on Friday in your child’s book bag. You can also access multiple copies of this on our website to print.

Writing  at home (for example in a diary) will give the children opportunities to practice their every time we write skills. Being specific with feedback will help move your child’s learning on.

Practice makes perfect so get writing!

Attached here is the common exception words that your child is learning to read and spell.



Calling all parents, carers, grandparents who have time to invest in supporting the children in KS1, even if its just half an hour. We would absolutely love to have you join us in the afternoons to listen to readers. If you are interested please speak to any member of the team.


Week 5

This week we discovered the lost diary written by the character in the book ‘Journey’.

We were word detectives as we searched with in the diary entry for all the skills that we have been learning. We found adjectives, time conjunctions and noticed that it was written using personal pronouns. We later challenged ourselves to write a diary of the day the Year One Crew went on a journey on an aeroplane.


We have also been learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and how his designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering. We were interested to find out that Brunel played a part in the design of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and when we looked at photos got very excited as many of us have seen or even crossed the bridge. Inspired by the amazing bridge we have become construction engineers! We have researched other bridges to help us design our own. Next week is the big build!


In maths we have been developing our number sense and learning the value of numbers in the context of tens and units. We have used straw to practically count out a number. We then bundled the straws in to groups of ten. We have found out that the number in the tens column represents how many groups of ten. We used this knowledge to buy items from the shop finding how many tens and units an item cost and then paid using ten pence and one pence coins.


Some more photos…..



Week 4

What a busy week of learning we have had in the Year One Crew. We have been learning how to use time conjunctions in our writing in the context of sequencing a story.

After our visit from Mrs Mitchell last week we were so inspired by the cave paintings in Zimbabwe that we had a go at creating some of our own.



The big question – How many ways can you add two numbers together to make ten?

We spent time learning all about number bonds to ten to be able to answer the big question.

Later we worked systematically and looked for patterns in the numbers. Some of us challenged ourselves to make number bonds to twenty and investigate to see how the pattern works.

img_1246 img_1244 img_1187 img_1250

Some more photos…

img_1267 img_1266 img_1265

It has been fantastic to see how many of the children have been regularly reading at home. This truly is having a positive effect on their continually developing reading skills. Book changing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The children choose the books themselves to encourage a love of reading for pleasure. This week the children have a spelling list in their partnership book. Please spend time learning these spellings, discussing the phonics sounds in the words and learning which words need to be learnt be sight. There will be a new list each week to keep us all challenged.

Week 3

This week we have been learning about amazing adjectives. We have used them in our writing to describe what we could see in the illustrations in the book ‘Journey’.

We have also come up with interesting adjectives to describe items in the treasure tin.

img_1130 img_1126

The children took it in turns to tell the story from the wordless book ‘Journey’. The challenge was to include lots of adjectives with in their story telling.


We have been learning the difference between human and physical features. We went on a walk to look for the different human and physical features that they could find around the school.  We documented what we found and used our adjectives to describe them.

img_1085 img_1087

Mrs Mitchell came to visit. She grew up in Zimbabwe. It was a fantastic opportunity to compare and contrast the human and physical features of Zimbabwe to Weston-Super-Mare. We found out lots of interesting information and asked many questions.


Year One Mathematicians have been ordering numbers. We know that we can order numbers in different ways and that we do not always have to have all the numbers to be able to put them in an order. They have also been using counters and a one hundred square to find one more and one less than a number.

img_1132 img_1135 img_1137img_1121

Our family chains

img_1144 img_1147 img_1149 img_1152

Week 2

The children enthusiastically shared their summer holiday experiences with each other. They had been so many places. “I was so excited to show everybody my pictures of where I had been” Daisy

img_0954 img_0953

We are going to go on a aeroplane journey together as a crew so need passports and tickets. I wonder where in the world we might go?


After having our passports stamped we boarded the plane. It was a bit of a bumpy ride!

Our pilot and crew kept us safe and fresh fruit was served from the food trolly.


We arrived in a city. The children discussed what we already know about being in a city and learnt that every city has a cathedral. We thought about physical features that we might see and as a crew built shops, offices, bridges, travel networks of road and train track, churches, castles and of course a cathedral. St Annes City was very busy!


After another turbulent plane ride, we visited a jungle. We listened to a story and made masks of the animal characters in the book. We are fantastic at acting out stories.

img_1047 img_1040

This week we have been looking at a wordless story book called ‘Journey’. The children shared their ideas of what was happening in the story and then predicted what they thought would happen on the next page.

Oh no! They have locked the bird in the cage’ – Oona. ‘Maybe it is their bird and they are trying to look after it’ – Macie.

img_0951 img_0946

Some more pictures….


Week 1

Welcome to the Year One Crew!

What an enjoyable first two days back. The children have settled in to learning in their new class really well and we have played many fun games to help get to know each other better.


What you like about being in your new class?

“I like my new classroom. I really like the cupcakes because they are pretty and my birthday is on the August cupcake” Isabelle

“I really like our activities” Evie M

“I like my new teachers” Ollie

“I like that we have a tree in our classroom because it is really beautiful” Elizabeth

“I like the bunny that hops along on the different things we are going to do” Tegan

“I like clapping and moving to the rhythm” Ellenore