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TIME TRAVEL – Where would you go?

Things the Queen has seen

Week 5 – still!

Our Explorers blog has a few more posts – please take a look and please feel free to make a comment, I would LOVE to know what you think/impact this initiative has had on your child  – good, bad or ugly!


Week 5

As we are hurtling towards the end of term, I can assure you that things have not wound down! What a super week we have had – both the highs of super sentences and lows of a slight lack of motivation from the crew this week.  Alas, that is learning and growing up.  We have introduced a new incentivised scheme to work on the motivation this week – ‘Most Improved Learner Awards’.  We only started it yesterday but even the mere mention of a competition and the Year 1 crew were on it!! I am sure the desire to be the best learner they can be right up until the last minute of term will be oozing from the Year 1 team!

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing their lids in – we will be using them next week in preparation for our Enterprise Week which is in the final week of term.  Also in our final week of term is the Year 1 Crew’s opportunity to shine at our family worship.  Letters have gone out with information on (I gave more out again on Tuesday), I do need the permission slips back in ASAP to let me know if you are collecting your child from West Wick or they need to come back to Hewish.  I have most of them – but not all – yet.

Your child’s end of year report will come home with your child on Friday, can I take this opportunity to say what a privilege it was for me to write them, I am exceptionally proud of your children as I know you are.  Please keep reading with your children, I know the evenings are warm and long at the moment – read outside, take a book in the garden or the park – enjoy the summer (whilst we have this current spell) and bring the joy of reading to all areas.

Until next week.

PS.  I do apologise if you child has come home singing ‘Agadoo’ it was our wake and shake up song from last week as we were doing hits of the 80’s. They loved it so much we have used it again this week. Sorry.

Week 4

EEK! Week 4 already! We have had a super-busy time since our half term break and we have been doing lots of exciting learning.  Our historical theme of time travel has brought slightly more up to date with a focus from 1926 to the present day (Queen’s birth –  1926) and we have been looking at how everyday activities have changed over history.  We looked at transport from horses and cart, bicycles, cars, buses, train and aeroplanes. We have also found out the history of some of our favourite toys (Lego) which was created in 1932 so we think the Queen herself would have played with it when she was in Year 1! The books we have been working from have had a rather regal feel to them The Queen’s Hat and The Queen’s Knickers!  The children have been busy designing their own item of clothing to feature in their own story inspired by The Queen’s Knickers this week.  In maths we have been getting a little but damp with a focus on capacity and volume.  The children have been sing their estimating skills to work out how big a puddle certain amounts of water will make, as well has creating potions (and deciding what they could do!)

A letter went out on Friday with details of our class assembly which I hope you will be able to attend.  Can I please have your reply slips back by this Friday (30th) at the latest? Thank you.  I also sent home a list of words – these are our tricky of challenging words that children should be able to read and spell at the end of Year 1.  I know I have sent things like this home before, and thank you to all of you who practice with your children, so it is just a recap of what the words are.  Also to any parents/carers out there who want  reminder of how our pre-cursive letters are formed – here is a link to the powerpoint presentation for each letter: handwriting powerpoint without rhymes

One final request – can you please collect the lids off your milk bottles please! It is for Enterprise Week and each child will need at least 8, but it would be good if we have some spares. Thank you!

Smouldering 1666

Week 5

What an amazing group of children we have in our Year 1 crew.  We have been mathematicians, writers, poets, architects, athletes, designers, artists, dancers, and historians this week.  Phew no wonder they are all tired!

Here are a few shots of the children making their wonderful Tudor houses.  I am sure you’ll agree they looked very engrossed in designing and building their houses.

Now, we are all scared of something…I admit I am a little scared of spiders. But one young lady in our crew has shown enormous bravery this week.  She wanted to have a go at our equipment – on her own, which is a big deal for her.  This picture says it all.   We are all very proud, well done Tiffany!

It is sports day tomorrow and supposed to be HOT HOT HOT.  Plenty of sun cream and don’t forget your hat!!

Week 4

The children did a magnificent performance of Toby and the Great Fire of London to Busy Bees.  I was immensely proud of how much they remembered (it was quite a long story) and all the actions too! Well done Year 1 – give yourselves a WHOOSH!

This week we have had a visit from Mr Samuel Pepys and the children got a chance to ask him questions about his diaries.  Afterwards the children then wrote their own versions of his diaries, as the man himself.  Some super writing skills are showing in the class – some great thinking is happened (I can hear it!)

In maths we have had a focus on the relationship between adding and subtracting using the bar modelling method to help us ‘see’ it.  We have also worked on some tricky missing number problems, so the children have used all their detective skills to work out what is missing and are getting very good at explaining why.

Next week we have  exciting things planned including painting and fire as well as learning the final moves to their ‘fire dance’ in PE, which is truly amazing  – a big thank you to Miss Matthews for all her hard work with that.

Still need any cereal or cardboard boxes ready to make our Tudor houses next week please!

Next week is Sports Day (weather permitting) Thursday 25th. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school, thank you.

Keep reading, keep practising those phonics!

Weeks 2 and 3 

Place value in maths has gone brilliantly this week, with the children really getting to grips with how many groups of 10 are in larger numbers.  Many of the children challenged themselves to find out how many groups of 100 are in even larger numbers too.  This week we are revising all our skills within addition, subtraction, dividing and multiplying.  It wasn’t too long ago we learnt different strategies to work these operations out – what can your child remember?

English has been all about Toby and the Great Fire of London.  All of this week the children are writing a recount of the story in their own words – so far so good – in fact some super starts have happened already.  Each day the children get to write a little bit more, then every morning they edit their work after it has been marked, and then have a chance to write some more…until Friday when it should be completed and we will ‘perform’ the story to another class.

I have had to change our PE days for this term – PE will now be on Monday and Friday.  Please make sure your children have a PE kit with them – it is really good practice for them to get into the habit of changing for PE and I am delighted how quick the Year 1 crew are doing it now – well done everyone.

We have started doing dancing as part of our PE.  Wow! The Year 1 crew have got rhythm, I am very impressed.  They are learning a short routine all do to with fire – I am really looking forward to how our dancing develops over the next few weeks.

As you know we have our Year 1 phonics screening coming up in June.  Can I please ask that you go the extra mile over the next few weeks and keep practicing all the 40 sounds with your children, in real and alien words – see and some practice of alien words. If you need further help, please ask me!  I really want to children to be confident in showing off just what fabulous readers they are and the more practise they get the better and better they are becoming – thanks again for all your support.


Week 1 – some more details!

We kicked off the term by making bread! We also had a role-play bakery set up for children to let their imaginations fly!  No prizes for guessing which significant event we are focussing on over the coming week…yes, the Great Fire of London.  The children loved getting their hands mucky with the dough.  Needing it, forming it, letting it rise and baking it.  All the children got to take home their rolls.  The feedback the next day, was thankfully positive – “delicious”, “yummy!”, “it was just like normal bread!” – phew!

We have also started learning a story – Toby and the Great Fire of London. The children are learning actions to go with the story, and will know this story very, very well.  It is known as a Talk 4 Writing approach, which has been proven to improve writing skills.  The children will therefore learnt the words, actions and there are pictures to support it all.

We are also learning the prefix ‘un’ so anytime you can use this in conversation -e.g. undress, or undo, undone, untie, unwrap etc that would be great.  Any real experiences you can provide for your children relating to fire in terms of getting them to notice smells, what they can see, what they can smell will all support what we are doing in class – sadly this is something I can’t do in class! However we will be making our own Tudor houses which, hopefully, we will be able to burn down – just like in the Great Fire.
If you can please start saving your cereal boxes ready to make houses that would be brilliant – thank you.
Over the next two weeks our maths focus is on place value – knowing how many groups of ones and tens are in numbers.  Really embedding the children’s’ number knowledge.  Some children find it really tricky through ten and into the teen numbers, so we are doing lots of work on that to ensure no child is left unsure.  Any counting you can do with your children helps – not always from 0 or 1, use a house number to start and go up and back from there – the children will love to show you what they can do.
I am delighted that our Explorer sessions that started last term are continuing till the end of the year.  I encourage all of you to take a look at the blog – it is building and I invite you all to make a comment, make a suggestion, let me know if you notice any impact it may be having on your child – I’d love to know! I would like this to be a joint experience, so please don’t be shy!
Please keep reading with you children, it really is making a big difference, thank you. Many of you have asked for phonics advice with regards to the sounds – by the end of the week I aim to have a video of the sounds for you to refer to.  In the meantime please take a look at: or for games and activities to help support your children.
Until next week.

Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful relaxing break and are ready and raring to go with this speedy term – just five short weeks!

Our learning theme over the next two terms is all about history – starting way back in the 17th century up to the present day.


Week 7

LOOK AT LEARNING – you are all invited to come in from 2:45 on Friday 7th (tomorrow) to have a look and a chat with your children about the wonderful learning they have been doing this term.  A letter should have gone home last night about it.  I am really sorry for the late notice,  I totally understand if you can’t make it, I will take lots of photos of their work and post them on here too.  I assure you there will be other opportunities to come in and see what we’ve been doing before the end of the year.

I hope to see as many of you as possible.


Programming, debugging, algorithms…that’s what we’ve been learning about this week.  To start the children ‘programmed’ each other in the classroom; then working in pairs the children used their programming skills to collect as many stars as they could.  The website we used is which is free to use and their are specific programming games all ready and waiting for you and your children to play.  I would highly recommend having a look and playing these at home – lets build the next generation of computer programmers!

Other learning this week has been multiplication, division, measuring (both non-standard and standard units) – WOW! the children have loved their maths this week, I have seen them grow into mathematicians before my very eyes! Many times have I heard, “I love maths!” , “Can we do more maths?”, “Yeah! Let’s use arrays again!” Remarkable, well done Year 1!

In English the children have been poets this week, learning how to write and use similes to help their work become even more interesting to read and perform.  They have written beautiful work all about their chosen creature – some of the children came straight back to the classroom after eating their lunch asking if they could write more!  I cannot fault their enthusiasm.

We are beginning to see super team work in the classroom this week, the children are really beginning to understand what a good need member needs to do, what it looks like and sounds like…see our Explorers page for more details about this

PLEASE remember to keep reading with you children, I cannot stress what a difference it is making to their learning – thank you!

A few shots of their brilliant learning this week:

Arrays 1 Arrays 2 Enjoying poetry 1 Enjoying poetry 2

Week 5

Explorers are off!  We have made a start with our Explorers.  The Year 1 crew will ALL get the opportunity to work on key skills EVERY week, outside in a small group.  I have set up a blog just for the Explorers, which has more information and links to articles and research that supports why we are doing it.  I would be really keen to hear your views and give feedback on Explorers, anything that your child says about it.  Take a look at the blog, we will updating it every week – the idea is that in time the children will help me write the blog on a Friday as a shared writing exercise.

Week 4

What a fabulous trip we had to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm! The children were an absolute credit to the school, I couldn’t have been more proud.

Well done Year 1 crew.

Here are  few shots from the day:

Braver than me!

Braver than me!


Braver than me as well!

Braver than me as well!

'Sticky feet'

‘Sticky feet’

Super Day!

Super Day!


Week 3

What an amazing World Book Day we had last week.  The children loved sharing their favourite books, they had a visit from Miss Wheatley how read them her favourite story and the children joined in with ‘STOP AND READ’ every time they heard the maraca shake!  It was a fabulous day.

As you know we have a school trip tomorrow to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.  We are awaiting permission for a few of the Year 1 crew, please contact us ASAP regarding this.

Clothing tomorrow.

Wellies, trousers (jeans/joggers – no thin leggings please), school jumper or cardigan.  Appropriate outdoor wear.

The children DO NOT need to bring their own packed lunch, one will be provided.

The rest of our learning this week has included quest story planning and writing, multiplication, learning about birds, which involved designing feathers and all about the Qur’an in RE – and it is only Wednesday!  We are planning to hold an exhibition at the end of term of the Year 1 crew works of art they have been producing based on the different animals they have been learning about.  More details to follow.

There will be lots of photos coming from tomorrow’s trip – weather forecast is looking better – fingers crossed!

WORLD BOOK DAY – 2nd March 2017 – TOMORROW!

There was information in the newsletter, but just a quick reminder for the Year 1 crew.  Please bring in your favourite book to share on Thursday (tomorrow).  Also, if you can – send in a picture of your child reading in an unusual place.  Can’t wait to see them!

Week 2

Lots of positive progression this week from the Year 1 crew, I am been very impressed with the way they have started to use their maths language – we have a room full of mathematicians and it certainly sounds like it.  Both Mrs Dadds and Mrs Webb came into see the children hard at work during maths this week and both were wowed with how the children and beginning to explain  their understanding – well done the Year 1 crew.

Our new literacy focus for the next few weeks is the class – The Jungle Book, which is brimming with wonderful story language and links in brilliantly with the amazing animals we are focusing on until Easter.  So far, the children have been finding out about mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and fish – some incredible artworks have been produced in readiness for our exhibition before the Easter break – details to follow.

Call out to any parents/carers/grandparents who would like to help us out on our trip to Noah’s Ark next week…we need two more people if possible – if you can help please let me or the office know – thank you!

O n a slightly less positive note, I am sure you are all aware of the problems we have been having with key rings and toys on the children’s book bags being taken and in some cases put down the toilet.  I am as upset and shocked at you are about this behaviour and can assure you that measures have been put in place to stop this happening.  I am very disappointed that this is an issue in our class and we will get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime can all book bags come into the classroom and use of the toilet during our learning time is very limited.  Can I please ask that key rings etc do not come into school, the children are aware of this as I have asked them many times – I would appreciate your support with this matter, thank you.

Week 1

I do hope you all had a restful and enjoyable half term.  I have been hearing about lots of activities that the Year 1 crew have been doing during their week off.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Learning Review Meetings in the last week of term, it was a real pleasure talking to you all about your children.  If anyone couldn’t make it and would like to arrange to come in and have a chat about your child’s progress, then please drop me a line or leave a message in the office.

Letters went out at the end of last term about our exciting school trip to Noah’s Ark in March, thank you for your offers of help for the day – if anyone else would like to come along and help us for the day, please let me know.  If you didn’t receive a letter, please let me know and I will make sure one gets to you ASAP.

This week the children have been wowing me with their use of exclamation marks! Ask your children when we can use them (I heard lot’s of parents voices when it came to giving commands, for instance ‘Go to bed Bailey!’

In maths we have been practicing breaking down our numbers (partitioning) firstly in to part/part/whole and then moving on to hundreds/tens/ones – super work by the Year One team with many children stepping up and challenging themselves with Challenge 3.

I said to many of you at our Learning Review Meetings how well the children’s reading is coming on, ALL the support you are giving at home is making a real difference and they are flying – well done and keep it up!!

I have been doing some research on websites that can help support reading.  Try these at home (some you may have to register with, some you can use straight away but all are free)


Week 5

The Year 1 Crew have blown my socks off this week with how well they have learnt time.   Give them a big hug from me!   If you hear your children  saying ‘when it’s at the top it is O’clock, when it’s at the bottom it is half past’  we have been saying it every day, several times a day to get the children understanding where the minute hand on a clock goes.

NSPCC DRESS UP FOR DIGITS day, children can wear their own clothes with numbers on, for a £1 donation. Friday 3rd February 2017.

We have our Learning Review Meetings  next week, and I am really looking forward to seeing you all.

Week 4

Another brilliant week with the Year 1 crew. More fractions, poetry, self-portraits, just to name a few of the things we have been learning to do.

Next week we will be starting on time – O’clock and half past, minutes, seconds and hours – talk to your children about when things happen throughout the day to get them used to thinking about time. For instance when they go to bed, what time is dinner/tea?

Thank you to all who have signed up for our Learning Review Meetings for the week after next, not too late to sign up!

Week 3

Phew! These weeks are zooming by! Our learning theme has continued with the Year 1 crew having a visit from Lizzie, a nurse who came and talked about the human body – and made a fantastic ‘Archie’ for us to hang on the wall (photos to follow).  From this the children put their animation-hats on and had a go at drawing a comic strip of how our hearts and lungs work – tricky stuff but they rose to the challenge.

Our focus for RE this term is generosity.  This week we have been talking about praying, why and how we do it.  The children loved role-playing scenarios in which they had to demonstrate saying thank you, sorry and please to God.

In maths it has been a fractions focus.   The children have been finding halves, quarters and three-quarters of amounts – a tricky concept – but again the Year 1 crew surprised me with how well they understood and could demonstrate and explain their thinking.  Ask you children about fractions – see what they now know, they’ll love to show off their understanding.  Next week our focus will be on time.

Well done and thank you to all of you who are supporting your children so well at home with their learning – the children’s reading is REALLY coming on and all your time and effort spent at home is certainly paying off, thank you. Until next week, stay warm!

Week 2

Our learning theme for this term is ‘How amazing are we?’ and I think it is fair to say that the children in the Year 1 crew are loving it.  I have been exceptionally impressed with the enthusiasm and focus on our learning so far.  Last Friday we had a visit from St John Ambulance who taught us all the recovery position.  The children were totally absorbed in the activity and happily put their ‘casualty’ friends in the recovery position.  We followed this up by writing up instructions as part of our English task – getting bossy with verbs and clever with adverbs too!

p1090259 p1090262 p1090272 p1090273 p1090275

In maths we have been getting foodie with fractions.  The children thoroughly enjoyed cutting their square bread into halves/1/2  and quarters 3/4, and having to identify 3/4 before the bread could be buttered!  Today we made a circular pizza (paper plate) and cut that in half and then quarters too.  We all enjoyed ourselves a great deal – happy children = happy learners!

Keep it up with all your fabulous support at home with reading, it is really making a difference to your children’s progress.   If you would like to know any further ways in which you can support your children n their home learning, please ask  – I am more than happy to help  As you all know by now (I hope) that my door is always open and if you would like to come and have a chat to me about your child then just give me a shout.

Spellings sheets for words to be learnt by the end of year 2 are going home in book bags tonight and here is a copy end-of-year-2-spelling-list too.

Week 1

Welcome back!  I do hope you have all had a wonderful break over the Christmas period, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Also a big thank you for all your kind gifts, cards and words before Christmas I was really touched, thank you.

Our theme for this terms learning is ‘How Amazing Are We?’ and until Feb half term we will be focusing on humans, then on to animals.  Today we drew round four volunteers in the class and the children added (wrote or drew) what they knew about the human body – inside and out.  Then the whole class came up with a long list of thing they would like to find out about and we will spend the next 6 weeks answers these, and many more questions.  We try as much as possible to link all our learning to our theme, therefore English, maths, science, art, history, geography, PE, music, PSHE, and RE will all tie in with our theme.

One area that I am very keen that we maximise this term is outdoor learning.  With the money that the Year 1 crew (then Busy Bees) raised during their Enterprise Week, we have bought x 15 pairs of waterproof trousers so we can get outside what ever the weather.  I would really appreciate your support with making sure your child has a warm coat, wellies, hat and gloves if necessary, on the days we will be outside.  I will make sure I give you as much notice as possible as to when your child will be needing these items and the idea is they don’t have to stay in school – but bring them in as and when.  I am more than happy to chat through this with any of you or indeed if you have suggestions of how we can do this I would appreciate it your thoughts.  The benefits of outside learning are phenomenal and I feel it would benefit your children enormously, I do hope you will support me in this.  I hope to start this next week.

This term,  I won’t be sending home weekly spelling lists, what I will do however is send home one list of all the words children are expected to learn by the end of Year 1.  The children will be learning and practising these in the class as well but any support at home to learn them would be brilliant. Thank you.


That’s all for now! Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated.



What a panto-tastic week we have had  – (oh no you didn’t) Oh yes we did!  I am so very proud of all of the KS1 children for being so open to new experiences, enthusiastic and patient at the Blakehay Theatre this week when we watched Weston College perform Babes in the Wood.  The Year 1 Crew received a headteachers award today for being fabulous.  A big thank you to all the parent helpers who helped us out on Wednesday also, without your support these trips could not take place, thank you.

As you all know it is the nativity next week – Tuesday 13th at St Andrews Church in Congresbury.  We haven’t had all the permission slips back from everyone yet, I sent more home yesterday with children – please can we have them back ASAP.  If you need a copy of the letter, please contact the school office, thank you.

Get your Christmas jumpers at the ready….it is also our Christmas celebration day at West Wick on Wednesday next week.

I will be updating the website again very soon, to fill you in on news for next term.



Once again I am very pleased to say we have had a fabulous week with the Year 1 crew this week.  In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers as well as learning about the ‘<‘ less/fewer than and ‘>’ greater/more than, and ‘=’ equal to/same as symbols.  Why not ask your children to teach you all about them!

In English we have been going back to basics and reminding ourselves what a sentence is and how to write a quality sentence.  As part of our learning theme until the end of term, we are learning about Christmas in the UK,  a tradition in lots of our houses is watching a family film together.  With that in mind we have tied that in with our writing and watching short films to help us use all our sense in our writing.  Next week we will be making a Christmas decoration and writing instructions on how to do this to share with our friends at West Wick in our Christmas celebration day.

A few letters have gone out recently about the various Christmas activities we have coming up (panto, nativity, Christmas celebration day) then please let me know and I will make sure you get them.  Just a reminder about nativity costumes, they need to be a named bag ASAP.

Spellings this week: there, school, love, come, ask, pike, huge, later.

Please keep reading with your child, it is REALLY making a difference, thank you!

Week 4

WOW! what a lot of learning going on with the Year 1 crew this week! The class are putting their story-writing skills into practice and have started writing their own stories, having planned it and spent time on developing their characters and settings, problems and solutions.  I am hoping they will be able to have a story time with the Busy Bees before the end of term.

Maths has been all about shape and positional language this week.  We have been learning about the properties of 2 and 3D shapes as well doing whole turns, 1/2,1/4 and 3/4 turns, to the left and the right, forwards and backwards – it was like strictly in our class!

Our learning theme of ‘Where in the World am I?’ comes to an end this week and to finish off we have been cartographers – drawing maps of the classroom with a key and using our 2D shape knowledge.  For the last 3 weeks (yes just 3!) until the end of term we will be focusing on Christmas in the UK.

Can I please remind children that unless you have the show and tell bag, which comes in on a Monday, please do not bring your toys into school.  Unfortunately they get lost or broken and we don’t like to see you so sad if this happens. Thank you!

Spellings this week: knee, know, happy, lazy, tiny, your, here, very.

Week 3 

Many apologies for the lack of website updates last week.  We had such a busy week full to the brim with learning – before we knew it, it was Friday. More to follow next week I promise!

Spellings: grey, they, was, is, oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked.

Week 2

We have had a very busy week with our writing this week – we are using the Snail and the Whale to develop our describing skills.  We are using adjectives and alliteration to describe characters and settings.  The children will be writing their very own stories in a few weeks, so they are building on their author-skills.   Like all Julia Donaldson books, the stories our children are going to be writing need illustrating, so the Year One crew have started sketching out ideas for their own characters.

Phonics and guided reading takes place every day in Year One, in fact phonics takes place twice and day.  The Year One crew are really absorbing their sounds and this is really beginning to show in their writing – keep at it team!

In maths this week the children have been embedding their subtraction skills.  The whole class have ‘blown my socks off’ with their understanding and use of numbers lines, pictures or objects to help them. Well done everyone.

In our themed learning we have been finding out about our home countries – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  The children have woven their own tartan, learning Welsh, Irish jigging and making an English rose.  Photos to follow!

Provisional date for the panto at Weston College is the 7th December at 1pm.  This will be confirmed ASAP.  We will be on the lookout for helpers….please – let any member of the Year One staff know.

Spellings this week are: grey, they, was, is, oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked.

Until next week!

Getting to know the girls!


Learning to use a compass.


Week 1

A very warm welcome back to all of the Year 1 crew this week.  We have jumped straight back into learning with our first BIG WRITE on Tuesday – the children used all their persuasive language skills to say why another school should visit Lower Stock Farm.  Some great reasons, and the ‘laughing’ horse featured heavily!

In maths we have continued our focus on addition and subtraction, and have been honing our taking away skills.  For the next two weeks the children will be developing their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills within these two mathematical areas.

Following requests for support with our pre-cursive handwriting, I have sent out today (in book bags) a guidance sheet that can help you with helping your children practice their handwriting.  Don’t forgot I also posted up last term a power point presentation with the ‘magic’ pencil showing the letter formation. (see below for link).  Regarding spelling – we do not test children on their spelling, however if you could support your child in familiarising themselves with these words, spotting any ‘special friends’ (a term we use in our twice-daily phonics sessions) writing these down or telling you how they are spelt – all helps with developing their spelling and writing skills. Thank you.
Spellings this week are: bake, cake, lake, take, came, game, same, snake, to, today.

In our learning theme over the next few sessions we will be focusing on our home countries and learning some map making skills from an expert cartographer.   Watch this space for details.

Our trip to Lower Stock Farm and our Dress as a Farmer day were fabulous – see below some snaps from the day.

Until next week…

Week 7

Thank you to all of you who came into school this week for our Learning Review Meetings.  I am sure you will agree that they are extremely valuable to your children’s learning and progression through school.  Thank you all and sorry to those of you who were so patient.

What a busy last week of term we’ve had, with our first school trip as the Year 1 crew and a big focus on maths throughout the week, and finishing off with our ‘Dress as a farmer day’ on Friday.

Spellings for this week:

there, where, love, one, come, some, once, ask, friend, school.

As I promised I would, here is the handwriting presentation I have been talking about this week so you can help your children with their letter formation at home.


A huge THANK YOU! 

To everyone who has offered to help with our trip next week – we have enough people now.  I do appreciate that many of you would love to offer but simply can’t – we do understand.

Week 6

I am delighted with the Year 1 crew this week they have ‘blown my socks off’ with their approach to ALL their learning.  In maths we are continuing with developing number sense with finding 10 more and 10 less (some 20 more and 20 less and even 100 more and 100 less) of a given number, we are counting in 2s and 10s (counting in two monkey song and counting by 10s walrus song available on youtube) and the children have a great deal to be proud of.

In English we have been learning about how to persuade (sorry!) and they have given some brilliant reasons, using super language as to why Zephyr (character on our book Journey on a Cloud) should see the world, and why he shouldn’t.  Using our book as inspiration, we have been designing our own stained glass windows based on the artworks of Chagall.  This time next week I will post up some pictures of them but I am sure you will see them on our windows very soon.

We have a busy week next week with our trip on Tuesday and parents evening on Tuesday and Thursday and I am aware that nearing the end of term the children are getting very tired – homework of early nights!

Practising spellings at home is making a real difference, thank you.  This weeks words to work on are:











Thanks again, until next week….


Would anyone like to join us on the KS1 trip to Lower Stock Farm, Tuesday 18th October?  We would really appreciate your help on this trip, please let one of the Year 1 teaching team know ASAP! Thank you!

Half way through term 1!

Where in the world am I? 

Week 5

Our focus in all our writing this week is our ‘ETWW’ skills – Every Time We Write.  The children have been focussing on these key points to help with all their work.

CAPITAL letters, finger spaces, full stops . , question marks ? or exclamation marks!  at the end of a sentence, writing on the line, careful letter formation.  The children have absolutely blown me away with their use of these skills this week. Well done Year 1!

Maths has been all about place value again this week, already I can see a deeper understanding of our number system and are beginning to reason why and how they reached an answer or solved a problem.  Developing the children’s reasoning skills has been proven to dramatically improve their mastery of maths and we believe that every child can learn and use these skills effectively and the Year 1 crew are demonstrating it in class. Again, well done Year 1.

Brilliant Brunel!  last Friday we had to culmination of an engineering project where the children were looking at bridges, including those designed by Brunel and the materials used.  We had a BIG BUILD on Friday when the children all built their bridge.  I am sure you will agree there are some budding Brunel’s out there.


Bridge Builder!


Excellent Engineer!


Dedicated Designer!

Spellings:  This weeks spelling are:











Week 4

Numbers, numbers, numbers!  We have had a great week with all our numbers over the last week.  We have been ordering numbers, finding more and less, practicing our number bonds, to 10 and 20 finding patterns and explaining  why AND , if that wasn’t enough we have made a very promising start to place value. Phew!

To support your child at home with place value, keep asking them questions like, ” how many groups of ten are there?” (on a house number for example) or “which side is the units column?” Next week we are continuing with place value as it is such an important area to fully understand and help to develop number sense.

In English this week we have been learning to find and use personal pronouns (I, my, me), time conjunctions (firstly, then, after that, next, finally) and adjectives (red, wooden, pointy etc) from an extract from Molly’s diary.  Molly is our character in the book Journey, and she get up to all sorts of adventures with the help of red crayon.  Next week the children will be writing their own diaries using all the fabulous language and skills they have been absorbing.

We have been engineers all week too – with designing and planning our own bridges.  The children will be donning on their hi-vis and hard hats to build bridges of all different materials.  Photos to follow next week.

Spellings:  A list of spellings will be going out in book bags this week, can you help support your child in learning these.  We work on them in class also, but practice makes perfect!











Reminder about reading books for the children.  Can every child please put their diary and books in the box every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, even if they don’t need changing.  We will make sure that each child has two books, and they really do need to read them three times before changing them.  If you would like to talk to any member of the team about this, you are more than welcome in the classroom.

Thank you all very much for your continued support, it is very much appreciated and your children are brilliant, a real joy to have in the class.

Week 3

Another week has flown by and the children have been learning about time conjunctions in English (first, next, then, after that, finally etc) and writing some super sentences to go with our book ‘Journey’.  In maths we have been finding one more and one less of a given number and practicing our number formation and ordering.

On Friday last week we had a very special visitor, two in fact.  Mrs Mitchell (and her two-week old baby) came in to talk to us all about growing up in Zimbabwe.  The children were fascinated to hear about Victoria Falls, volcano-formed rocks and the Zambezi river as well as all about her swimming in lakes with crocodiles in! All quite different from Somerset. Thank you for coming to see us Mrs Mitchell!


Mrs Mitchell talking about Zimbabwe.


Very enthusiastic KS1 children absorbed by Mrs Mitchell’s stories.


Next week we’ll be working starting on place value in maths and in English bringing all the skills we have learnt so far together to write a diary entry.

Reminder about reading books for the children.  Our book change days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We will make sure that each child has two books, and they really do need to read them three times before changing them.  If you would like to talk to any member of the team about this, you are more than welcome in the classroom.

Until next week…bye bye from the Year 1 crew.

Weeks 1 & 2

What an amazing first two weeks we have had with the brand new Year 1 crew.

The children have been shown such willingness to come straight back into school after the summer break with a fantastic positive attitude.

As Neave rightly says, “we’re an ‘I can do class’!” which is spot on, yes we are!

To kick off our learning theme ‘Where in the world am I?’ for terms 1 and 2, we had a WOW day last week when the children ‘visited’ both the jungle and the city.  A few were a little nervous of flying with St Anne’s Airways, but the cabin crew kept them safe on their journey.

Here are just a few of the images from our journey, which has inspired the children in their learning.  We have many more exciting activities planned for the coming weeks – so keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.


Town planners in action!


Jungle fever!


Boarding the St Anne’s Airways flight to…


Our city

They are so BIG up close!

They are so BIG up close!




Week 1More of our city



'Sticky feet'

‘Sticky feet’

p1080782Even more of our city, well done planners!


Just a quick reminder about reading books for the children.  Our book change days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We will make sure that each child has two books, and they really do need to read them three times before changing them.  If you would like to talk to any member of the team about this, you are more than welcome in the classroom.