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Year 4 @Hewish

TERM 1 2016

Welcome back to the new Year 4 Crew who have settled in really well to school routine once again.  The class were introduced to their Learning Theme for Terms 1 and 2 with a WOW Day visit from Weston Museum staff.  They had a fascinating time looking at Stone Age and Iron Age weapons and tools; weaving with wool on looms, learning about the animals that would have been hunted for food during the time periods  and doing cave paintings. They finished their session by dressing up in clothes typical of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and learned the reasons for the changes in the fabrics used. They had a wonderful time and it was great to see how engaged they all were.




END OF 2015-16

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Term 6 Week 1

It has been an enjoyable week back after half term and the children have shown a fabulous attitude towards learning.  As part of our learning theme, we have been super scientists using force metres to measure the force needed to move different objects.  We all learned that we measure forces in Newtons and were able to relate the force to the weight of the object.  The children have also been making musical instruments and this week it was the turn of the wooden ones! So with hack-saws and G-clamps at the ready  we took on the challenge of carpentry! They were very enthusiastic but sensible and showed great teamwork skills.

” I feel like a real carpenter now!”    William

“Sawing is a lot harder than it looks.”     Lucinda

 Term 5 Week 6

Sound, music and design technology were a big focus this week with the children designing and making musical instruments.  The aim was to create drums, shakers or rainmakers which were made from boxes and tubes of all shapes and sizes. Next step is to create a wooden instrument!

In English the children have worked incredibly hard on their stories based on ‘The Wolf’s Footprint’.  So, we now have  a whole variety of stories ‘ The Leopard’s Footprint’ ; ‘The Bear’s Footprint’ and so on.   

Term 5 Week 4

In English we are reading ‘The Wolf’s Footprint’ which has really captivated the children and they can’t wait to write their own version.  We have used drama and role play to understand how the characters were feeling and used a conscience ally to think more about the decision the dad had to make in the story. Should he leave his children in the forest to be eaten by wolves, or take them home and watch them starve? Lots of interesting discussion took place and fabulous diary entries  have been written by the children pretending to be the father in such a terrible situation.

Term 5 Week 1

Great week for our Year 4 Crew with an amazing Chemistry demonstration in the hall from Chem Labs which was really exciting and got the children literally bursting with enthusiasm for chemistry.  We also had a science day on Friday to introduce our Learning Theme ‘Why is science so shocking?’.  The children explored sound by creating xylophones from bottles and water, guitars using plastic containers and elastic bands and various other activities. 

Term 4  Week 5

The children had a  trip to Bristol museum this week which was a great experience to handle Egyptian artifacts and learn much more about the fascination civilization. The children loved being archaeologists and were amazed at what they could see up close.  They really did us proud behaving beautifully whilst exploring the Egyptology section  and the rest of the museum and art gallery.



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Term 4 Week 3

This has been another busy week for the Year 4 crew where we have been learning to take part in some excellent debates.  One topic debated was ‘Should children be allowed to watch whatever they like on TV?’ which raised some very serious issues.  I am pleased to tell you that the outcome of the debate was that children should definatley NOT be in charge of what they watch on TV although there were a few that think the opposite!  Another topic the children addressed was ‘ Should bullies be punished or helped?’  I was so impressed by the maturity shown by many of the class in their discussion and the way they listen with respect to  each others opinions.  Well done year 4.  All of these debating skills will be used in written discussions  next week where they need to present both sides of an argument.  

Term 4 Week 2

World Maths Day  this week saw our children do brilliantly in their tables challenges. Many of the class achieved scores an adult would be proud of! Thank you to everyone who has already collected their sponsor money. Children spent alot of the day exploring the number 4, writing statements and devising calculations which would make 4.   It was also World Book Day this week with the children excited to come to school dressed up as a favourite book character. We discussed our chosen characters and drew pictures along with some excellent written character descriptions.  The children learned alot  from watching various authors on the internet who shared some of their top tips for creating characters you really want to read about. 

Term 4  Week 1

The children have covered a variety of things in their learning this week including how to use alliteration and similes in their writing and finding factors of numbers in maths.  We have had fun playing hockey and rugby which has been taught by superb coaches in each of the sports.  The children are  starting to develop the skills needed to be rugby players.  In addition to all the physical activity, we have been creative by learning to do weaving with wool in order to make mini-rugs.  So not only can we walk like an Egyptian, we can weave like an Egyptian too! Watch out for the  finished results.  


Term 3  Week 4

It has been a terrific week where the Year 4 crew have been amazing authors, excellent editors, imaginative illustrators, hungry historians, dynamic dancers and magnificent mathematicians.  We have been writing the second draft of our stories based on a lovely book called ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’.  The children have had fun writing their own versions and drawing illustrations to go with it. We will be sharing the finished stories with the Year 2 crew very soon.  We have been very lucky to have a former student with us this term, Bella Febry who is an excellent dancer and with her help we have now completed an Egyptian dance routine which we will film  next week.  We think it needs one more practice!

Term 3 Week 3

As part of our Learning Theme ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’, we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and the importance of the River Nile to the people living along it’s banks thousands of years ago.  The children examined papyrus and learned how the ancient Egyptians used the reeds that grew on the banks of the Nile to make this ancient type of paper.  It inspired us to have a go at  paper weaving which was a great success. We also made lovely Egyptian  collars which would have been worn by the rich in those times.

Maths has been all about adding decimals and applying the skill to calculations invoving money.  The children worked from menus and worked out costs of meals chosen which should prove to be quite helpful in future!

English this week has been all about using complex sentences in our story writing and we are so pleased to see many of the children using this skill correctly to create more extended sentences.

In Religious Education, we have been learning about Pilgrimages made by all faiths and have reflected on why people make these special journeys.  The children were fascinated by videos of the thousands of people on the Hajj to Mecca and Christians who visit Lourdes.


TERM 2  Weeks 3 and 4.  Year 4 have worked incredibly hard  this week and have had a lot of fun too.  In Maths our focus has been on securing written methods for multiplication and division. Many of the children thought it was so much easier than they  expected it to be.  We are making time in class to learn the  6x and 8x tables so please help your children to practise as much as possible.


In English, we have learned how to present a balanced argument and several of the children have shown a talent  for this. In addition, we have been reading and writing instructions. The children have had a great time learning how to make bread as part of our instructional writing and learning theme.  This work was linked to the questionnaire that the children did with the public whilst on their trip  to the seafront.  Several people suggested Weston could benefit from a Healthy Eating cafe/outlet. Surprisingly, some of the children agreed as long as fish and chips shops would remain.

Check out the video of our budding actors during our learning about schools in Victorian times.  



TERM 2  Week 2:  What a fabulous week we have had. We spent alot of time learning about Weston-super-Mare in the past by studying the changes in transport since the 1840s.  Children had to use team work skills to decide the order that the transport would have arrived in society in England.  We were amused by some of the first cars and thought that they would not have got us very far from Weston!  

In English we have been learning about balanced arguments and have been debating various issues such as Should children wear school uniform? and  Should animals be kept in zoos?  The children were amazing at debating and were able to come up with excellent reasons for and against the issue being discussed.

Week 7 :  The children have been learning about adding and subraction this week and are beginning to enjoy the short written method.  On Thursday the children had a great day on the seafront at Weston super Mare learning more about the human and physical Geography of the area.  They did some sketching and carried out questionnaires on the public.  They also gathered information about the business types located on the seafront.  In class, they will be doing follow up work on the information gathered as well as writing letters to the local council to share their findings.


Week 6:      Another busy week with the children writing some fabulous stories based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.   We have been learning how to write descriptively and the children are impressing us so  much with their ideas.  Here are a selection of sentences taken from their work.

In the distance, you could see a towering castle that was engulfed with mist and grey coloured clouds. ( Ellie)

The frosty trees stood silently watching over Hollie as she lent against the lampost.   ( Shelby)

As she took a deep breath in, it sent a chill through her body.    ( Alexa)

In the distance, Rainbow could see a towering castle and it touched the clouds with the tips of its turrets.    (Zachary)


Week 5:      The children have been learning about Hinduism this term in our RE lessons.  They enjoyed a visit this week from one of our parents who shared many interesting facts with the children to deepen their understanding.  They asked lots of questions and had a fun time learning about occasions when the stunning clothing would be worn.  Many thanks to Jai and his  mum, Arti.


Week 4 :  We have been learning about the location of Weston super Mare in relation to the rest of the south west.  The children are developing their map reading skills and were using grid coordinates to locate various points of interest.  

The children showing how to be a Quality Audience.

The Year 4 Crew have had a very good week settling back into school life and have enjoyed taking part in  lots of community building activities and games as well as learning about Poetry. We chose the Christian value of Friendship and read poems with this theme. Some poems were more free verse and others had a lovely rhyming pattern which the children voted on as a f avourite.  The children have written their own individual poetry based on friendship and we have put some of their verses together to make a class poem called ” A Friend is a Treasure”.

We have also focussed on Fellowship and Responsibility which are our Values for the whole school.  We read a story which demonstrated how some people act when newcomers want to a part of a community.  The children  acted this out to try and understand the power of body language and facial expressions. Following this the children wrote their own ideas on how they would make someone new to the class feel welcome.  Here are a few pictures of our budding actors.