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Year 3 @Hewish



Term 5 

Week 4 

In Year 3 we have been reading ‘The wolves footprint’  to help inspire our writing. The children have just written a diary entry in role as the father in the story.

Using a conscience ally, we thought about the decision dad had to make. Should he leave his children in the forest to be eaten by wolves, or taken his children home and watch them starve?

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 Week 3

The children are really enjoying golf this term.

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Week 2

This term’s learning theme is ‘Why is Science so Shocking?’. The children have been exploring sound and how it is made. In week 5/6 the children are going to make their own musical instruments. Therefore it is really important for them to understand the science of sound so they can produce their own quality instrument.

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Week 1

When the children entered the classroom on Tuesday they found something wrong with their number squares. All the numbers had fallen off onto the floor. The children used their problem solving and reasoning skills to find the quickest way to put the number squares back together. We found that using our place value knowledge made the process much faster!

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This term Year 3 are lucky enough to have 3 PE sessions each week, tennis on a Tuesday, dance on a Wednesday and golf on a Thursday. Please can you help the children remember their PE kits in school at all times to avoid disappointment on the day.

Term 4

Week 6 

Year 3 were very excited to have one more gym session.  The children worked in pairs to do ‘acrobatic gymnastics’ and were surprisingly good at balancing!

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We have been doing lots reading and writing time over the past weeks. This week we have been writing digital times and the children are working really hard in their learning.

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The children ended their learning theme reading the Egyptian stories they have written to  the Busy Bees. Well done Year 3!

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Week 5

Our trip to Bristol museum was fantastic this week. We had time to explore the museum and Egyptian gallery and then became archaeologists in a workshop afternoon. The children looked at artifacts and worked out what they might have been used for and where they might have been found.

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This week the children did a brilliant job of leading a  worship on compassion to the rest of the school and to their parents. As a class we rewrote the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and then used it to illustrate the importance of compassion.

The children were fantastic at organising and then performing their worship. From writing their scripts, to making the PowerPoint presentation – the children did it all! They should be extremely proud of themselves.

Thank you to all the parents that came to watch and Well done Year 3!

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Week 4

As a crew we collected enough popcorn to enjoy our treat together. On Friday afternoon the children enjoyed watching ‘Despicable Me’ whilst eating popcorn. Their teddies really enjoyed a day in the classroom too!

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This Tuesday we enjoyed our last Gym session for the year.  The children have really enjoyed the sessions and have learnt lots. This week they were practicing cartwheels off a bench!

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In English we are writing a discussion ‘Was Howard Carter right to have gone into the Tomb of Tutankhamen on his own or should he have waited for the Egyptian inspector?.’


Week 3

Our value for this term is compassion. On Friday afternoon Year 3 and Year 4 worked together exploring how God shows compassion and how Jesus taught his followers to act compassionately.  The children looked at the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and then wrote their own versions to act out. The children came up with some fantastic ideas about when they might choose to act compassionately!

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In English this week we have been looking at discussion texts.  The children are exploring the title ‘Should bullies be punished or helped?’ and writing their own discussion text on the topic. We have spent lots of time this week debating and the children are becoming really skilled at being part of a debate team.

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World Book Day

Picture 229 Picture 228

The children came dressed in so many fun costumes and were great at describing their characters. We spent the morning talking and writing character descriptions of the characters we had dressed up as and then the children created their own characters

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During the afternoon we retold the story of ‘Jonah and the Whale’.  The children made puppets and retold  the story to Year 4.

Picture 245 Picture 248

World Maths Day

The children really enjoyed taking part in the times table  challenge. It took us a long time to get all the questions answered but the children persevered and were proud of themselves afterwards!

We then took time looking at the number 3 and discussing different facts we know about it.

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Week 2

In R.E. the term we are learning about special journeys and pilgrimages people choose to go on. This week we took some time out of the classroom and went for a quiet walk around the school. The children then reflected on what this was like and why this might be similar to people choosing to take the time to go on a pilgrimage for their religion.


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Week 1

Our new tables have arrived!!!

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Term 3

Week 6

This Friday Year 3 learnt about Leon’s racing pigeons. We got to watch Leon release the pigeons from the school playground and then we learnt about how he looks after them at home.

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Week 5

This week we made covers for our ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ story books. Jack showed us how to make the pictures look really old using tea bags.


This week we made model pyramids. We spent a long time investigating the accurate net to make a pyramid.

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Week 4 

This week we have been writing explanation texts. We watched ‘Deadly 60’ as inspiration and then invented our own deadly animals. The children spent lots of time explaining their creatures to their peers before they started writing.

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Week 3

Year 3 became fashion designers this afternoon during Sophie’s lesson. We collected lots of things from outside in the morning and then Sophie showed us how to create dress designs using all our different materials.

Picture 203

James brought in some wool from his sheep and we all had a go at making yarn. We had to do lots of teasing and twisting! He even told us a funny joke while we worked.

Picture 208  Picture 209

Clayton taught us all about the Airbus 350. He had prepared a PowerPoint with lots of information and then we had to draw a picture of the plane. He made us all work in silence to ensure we could concentrate and produce a quality piece of work.

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Week 1

Our learning theme this term is ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ so this week we have been thinking about what we already know about Ancient Egypt and what we would like to find out. The children had 3 questions to discuss (What do I already know? What would I like to learn? What activities will help my learning?) and came up with some great ideas to help their learning.


In maths this week we discovered that the way the Ancient Egyptians wrote numbers can help us learn place value.

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Term 2     

Week 6

This week Louis had a turn at being the teacher. He gave the children lots of mental maths questions to work out in pairs. He then took them home to mark and give feedback.


Week 5

This week we started to make christmas decorations. We made paper chains to represent the fractions we have been learning about, and now we will join them all together to make our classroom look festive!

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Week 3

This week we earned our class reward and had fun making pizzas. We used our measuring skills to weigh out the ingredients and also had a chance to follow instructions before we wrote our own later in the week. The pizzas looked really tasty!

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Week 1  

This week Year 3  were lucky enough to have Aspire band in for an afternoon. The band played lots of instruments and had the children singing and clapping along. The next day the children were then given the chance to become a band themselves and all had a go at playing an instrument. It sounded great!!

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Term 1

Week 8

This week we have used the data we collected on our trip to produce bar charts and draw conclusions about what facilities are needed in Weston – super – Mare.


Week 7

On Thursday Year 3 had a great trip to Weston sea-front. The children collected lots of information about the local businesses and even used questionnaires to ask the pubic about their views. We are now looking forward to using this data in the classroom and creating some findings from our research.


Week 6

This week we had a go at drawing our own map with a key. The children worked really hard to produce a quality piece of work- even choosing to start again when they thought they needed to.


Week 5

In science we have been learning about rocks. The children were really excited to be learning about fossils and we had great fun looking at some that  Charlotte found on the beach.


Week 4

This week we looked at maps of the local area. Year 3 were great at locating the school, their homes and many other places they have visited before.

Picture 083

Week 3

Year 3 are really lucky to have ukulele lessons once a week and so far they have really enjoyed them! This week the children learnt to play a G major chord and can now play and sing along to lots of songs!


Week 2

This week Year 3 have worked really hard thinking about what it means to be courageous. We have looked at the story of Daniel and  the Lions and created out own courageous lion. This week children have also written some great poems about what they think courage is


Week 1

We have really enjoying getting used to being a Year 3 class! This week we have set our expectations of behavior by writing a class Magna Carta!